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Project your own hypothetical matchups, even pitting teams from different years against each other.  You can select any 11-man U.S. team from 2003 on, and any 11-man California team from 2001/2002.  You can even pit the older CA teams against later national ones, eg: 2001 De La Salle vs 2004 Southlake Carroll, etc.

"Projection" ratings are used on this screen, as opposed to the standard ratings seen on this site.  They can be seen here and are very much like the other ratings seen on this site, except that recent results are weighted more heavily and the "politically correct" moderately-low cutoff point at which margin of victory is no longer counted is eliminated.  Historical ratings of the teams (including head-to-head history) are a very small factor in projections.  In other words, predicting future outcomes and acknowledging to-date success are not the same thing.  Given that two different systems are used, yes, the results will be different in some cases.  You do not need to try to contact us every time you see Team A rated above Team B, but Team B predicted to beat Team A in a hypothetical or real game.  It happens.

First step: select the years and states of the two teams you want to project a score for...

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please realize that we project every game nationally (from September 15th on).  This screen is intended for you to be able to project hypothetical games (games not actually being played).  If you're trying to find our official projection for a game being played this week, please go here

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