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Upcoming Games
Thu 08/22  Glenn (Norwalk, CA) at Bassett (La Puente, CA), 7:00pm
Thu 08/22  Cerritos (CA) at Buena Park (CA), 7:00pm
Fri 08/23  Artesia (Lakewood, CA) at Cabrillo (Long Beach, CA), 7:00pm
Fri 08/23  Santa Fe (Santa Fe Springs, CA) at Pioneer (Whittier, CA), 7:00pm

Per Game Averages
Pioneer (Whittier, CA)0-0-54.5   
Glenn (Norwalk, CA)0-0-47   
Cerritos (CA)0-0-13.5   
Artesia (Lakewood, CA)0-0-39.9   

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Artesia (Lakewood, CA)
(Coach: Connor Crook, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Red/White, Nickname: Pioneers, Address: 12108 E Del Amo Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2023 Record2023 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23RoadCabrillo (Long Beach, CA)0-0-39.32-8-36.3Moore 7:00pm
Fri 08/30RoadKeppel (Alhambra, CA)0-0-85.90-10-74.9Almont 7:00pm
Fri 09/06HomeBolsa Grande (Garden Grove, CA)0-0-53.26-5-41.9Tango 7:00pm
Fri 09/13HomeOcean View (Huntington Beach, CA)0-0-36.96-6-32.9Sigma 7:00pm
Fri 09/20HomeMountain View (El Monte, CA)0-0-58.46-4-50.2Mission Valley 7:00pm
Fri 09/27RoadEstancia (Costa Mesa, CA)0-0-32.46-5-28.2Sigma 7:00pm
Fri 10/04HomeChannel Islands (Oxnard, CA)0-0-56.10-10-45.4Citrus Coast 7:00pm
Thu 10/17RoadGlenn (Norwalk, CA)*0-0-476-4-38.2605 7:00pm
Thu 10/24HomePioneer (Whittier, CA)*0-0-54.52-8-48.1605 7:00pm
Thu 10/31Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Cerritos (CA)*0-0-13.59-6-4.5605 7:00pm
Cerritos (CA)  (twitter)
(Coach: Demel Franklin, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Black/Gold/Red, Nickname: Dons, Address: 12500 E 183rd St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2023 Record2023 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 08/22RoadBuena Park (CA)0-0-22.36-6-10.8Omicron 7:00pm
Fri 08/30RoadGahr (Cerritos, CA)0-0-14.57-4-8.1Mid-Cities 7:00pm
Fri 09/06RoadPortola (Irvine, CA)0-0-27.74-6-9.9Omicron 7:00pm
Fri 09/13RoadValley Christian (Cerritos, CA)0-0-21.63-7-11.3Ironwood 7:00pm
Fri 09/20RoadWest (Torrance, CA)0-0-22.51-9-15.2Ocean 7:00pm
Fri 09/27Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Westminster (CA)0-0-6.89-4-2.9Kappa 7:00pm
Fri 10/11Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Don Lugo (Chino, CA)0-0-24.95-7-14.4Gano 7:00pm
Thu 10/17Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Pioneer (Whittier, CA)*0-0-54.52-8-48.1605 7:00pm
Thu 10/24RoadGlenn (Norwalk, CA)*0-0-476-4-38.2605 7:00pm
Thu 10/31Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Artesia (Lakewood, CA)*0-0-39.98-5-31.2605 7:00pm
Glenn (Norwalk, CA)  (twitter)
(Coach: Elijhaa Penny, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/White/Red, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 13520 Shoemaker Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2023 Record2023 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 08/22RoadBassett (La Puente, CA)0-0-59.15-5-43.9Miramonte 7:00pm
Thu 08/29HomeRancho Dominguez (Long Beach, CA)0-0-84.43-7-68.7Metro (Los Angeles) 7:00pm
Fri 09/06RoadUniversity (Los Angeles, CA)0-0-55.83-8-46.2Western (Los Angeles) 7:30pm
Fri 09/13RoadNorwalk (CA)0-0-24.43-7-13.9Mid-Cities 7:00pm
Fri 09/20HomeLa Quinta (Westminster, CA)0-0-44.26-4-38.3Tango 7:00pm
Fri 09/27HomeUniversity (Irvine, CA)0-0-29.24-6-18.2Omicron 7:00pm
Fri 10/04HomeGrace (Simi Valley, CA)0-0-35.86-4-31.5Citrus Coast 7:00pm
Thu 10/17HomeArtesia (Lakewood, CA)*0-0-39.98-5-31.2605 7:00pm
Thu 10/24HomeCerritos (CA)*0-0-13.59-6-4.5605 7:00pm
Thu 10/31RoadPioneer (Whittier, CA)*0-0-54.52-8-48.1605 7:00pm
Pioneer (Whittier, CA)
(Coach: Ramon Juarez, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Dark Green/Black/White, Nickname: Titans, Address: 10800 E Benavon St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2023 Record2023 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23HomeSanta Fe (Santa Fe Springs, CA)0-0-21.99-4-9.1Del Rio 7:00pm
Thu 08/29HomeLoara (Anaheim, CA)0-0-74.90-10-60.4Tango 7:00pm
Thu 09/05Western (Anaheim, CA)Magnolia (Anaheim, CA)0-0-72.81-9-65Zeta 7:00pm
Thu 09/12Western (Anaheim, CA)Kennedy (La Palma, CA)0-0-10.37-50.3Lambda 7:00pm
Thu 09/19HomeBassett (La Puente, CA)0-0-59.15-5-43.9Miramonte 7:00pm
Fri 09/27Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Savanna (Anaheim, CA)0-0-59.82-8-53.5Zeta 6:30pm
Fri 10/11HomeRowland (Rowland Heights, CA)0-0-43.22-8-37.9Gano 7:00pm
Thu 10/17Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Cerritos (CA)*0-0-13.59-6-4.5605 7:00pm
Thu 10/24RoadArtesia (Lakewood, CA)*0-0-39.98-5-31.2605 7:00pm
Thu 10/31HomeGlenn (Norwalk, CA)*0-0-476-4-38.2605 7:00pm
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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