2022 Golden Empire Standings    league preview
Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA)    preview    trend500100%92082%
Dixon (CA)    preview    trend41080%103077%
Pioneer (Woodland, CA)    preview    trend32060%74064%
Woodland (CA)    preview    trend23040%37030%
Rio Linda (CA)    preview    trend14020%37030%
Mesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)    preview    trend0500%55050%
Recent Scores
Fri 11/18  Sonora (CA) 49 Dixon (CA) 34
V Playoffs
Fri 11/11  Capital Christian (Sacramento, CA) 42 Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA) 35
IV Playoffs
Fri 11/04  Center (Antelope, CA) 28 Pioneer (Woodland, CA) 7
V Playoffs
Fri 10/28  Woodland (CA) 38 Mesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA) 14
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Per Game Averages
 Golden EmpireSeason
Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA)9-
Dixon (CA)10-3-13422.411.631.221.69.5
Pioneer (Woodland, CA)7-4-6.924.8186.824.916.78.2
Mesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)5-5-35.212.844.2-31.427.523.54
Woodland (CA)3-7-16.121.425-3.618.522.1-3.6
Rio Linda (CA)3-7-28.46.631.6-259.928.6-18.7

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Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: IV, Coach: Chris Horner, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/Silver/White, Nickname: Rams, Address: 9151 Oak Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/19RoadPlacer (Auburn, CA)10-116.15-62.8Foothill ValleyIIILost, 37-35
Fri 08/26HomeWood (Vacaville, CA)5-6-6.98-44.1Monticello EmpireIVWon, 50-0
Fri 09/02RoadLincoln (CA)6-65.18-319.4Foothill ValleyIVWon, 29-21
Thu 09/15RoadOakmont (Roseville, CA)2-8-22.44-6-12Foothill ValleyIVWon, 49-6
Fri 09/23HomePonderosa (Shingle Springs, CA)2-7-25.54-5-8Foothill ValleyIVWon, 51-7
Fri 09/30San Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)Mesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)*5-5-35.24-5-37.6Golden EmpireVWon, 70-0
Fri 10/07HomeRio Linda (CA)*3-7-28.41-9-38Golden EmpireVWon, 47-0
Fri 10/14HomeWoodland (CA)*3-7-16.19-33.2Golden EmpireVWon, 48-0
Fri 10/21RoadPioneer (Woodland, CA)*7-4-6.98-23.7Golden EmpireVWon, 28-12
Fri 10/28HomeDixon (CA)*10-3-17-4-0.6Golden EmpireVWon, 41-14
Fri 11/11HomeCapital Christian (Sacramento, CA)
IV Playoffs
7-614.97-321.4CapitalIVLost, 42-35
Dixon (CA)
(Division: V, Coach: Wes Besseghini, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/White/Black, Nickname: Rams, Address: 555 College Wy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/19RoadUnion Mine (El Dorado, CA)4-6-19.58-212.2Sierra ValleyVIWon, 27-21
Fri 08/26HomeWinters (CA)4-6-19.54-7-16.7Sacramento Valley (Northern)IVWon, 42-22
Fri 09/02RoadArmijo (Fairfield, CA)4-6-30.12-8-23.8Monticello EmpireIIWon, 28-26
Fri 09/16HomeWood (Vacaville, CA)5-6-6.98-44.1Monticello EmpireIVLost, 19-6
Fri 09/23HomeFairfield (CA)0-10-45.20-9-43.1Monticello EmpireIVWon, 47-6
Fri 09/30HomeRio Linda (CA)*3-7-28.41-9-38Golden EmpireVWon, 47-6
Thu 10/06RoadWoodland (CA)*3-7-16.19-33.2Golden EmpireVWon, 28-20
Thu 10/13HomePioneer (Woodland, CA)*7-4-6.98-23.7Golden EmpireVWon, 21-18
Thu 10/20San Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)Mesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)*5-5-35.24-5-37.6Golden EmpireVWon, 60-27
Fri 10/28RoadCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*9-210.17-53.3Golden EmpireIVLost, 41-14
Fri 11/04HomeFoothill (Sacramento, CA)
V Playoffs
6-5-21.12-7-38Greater SacramentoVWon, 24-6
Fri 11/11RoadLiberty Ranch (Galt, CA)
V Playoffs
10-12.47-4-0.1Sierra ValleyVWon, 28-21
Fri 11/18RoadSonora (CA)
V Playoffs
10-313.96-412.7Mother LodeVLost, 49-34
Mesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)
(Division: V, Coach: Lenny Casillas, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Forest Green/Orange, Nickname: Mavericks, Address: 7501 Carriage Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/27RoadForesthill (CA)2-6-49.48-2-30.9Sacramento MetroVIIWon, 25-8
Fri 09/02Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)Florin (Sacramento, CA)1-9-60.61-9-51.7Greater SacramentoIVWon, 42-0
Mon 09/12RoadSan Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)2-8-63.90-7-74.7Sierra DeltaVIWon, 53-0
Fri 09/16San Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)Western Sierra (Rocklin, CA)1-9-82.40-8-76.4Sacramento MetroVIIWon, 63-0
Fri 09/23San Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)Lindhurst (Olivehurst, CA)2-8-55.30-6-62FreelanceVWon, 28-6
Fri 09/30San Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*9-210.17-53.3Golden EmpireIVLost, 70-0
Fri 10/07San Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)Pioneer (Woodland, CA)*7-4-6.98-23.7Golden EmpireVLost, 40-14
Fri 10/14RoadRio Linda (CA)*3-7-28.41-9-38Golden EmpireVLost, 13-9
Thu 10/20San Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)Dixon (CA)*10-3-17-4-0.6Golden EmpireVLost, 60-27
Fri 10/28RoadWoodland (CA)*3-7-16.19-33.2Golden EmpireVLost, 38-14
Pioneer (Woodland, CA)
(Division: V, Coach: Matthew Bryson, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Vegas Gold/White, Nickname: Patriots, Address: 1400 Pioneer Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/19RoadWood (Vacaville, CA)5-6-6.98-44.1Monticello EmpireIVLost, 14-7
Thu 08/25HomeTwelve Bridges (Lincoln, CA)7-5-12.9  Pioneer ValleyVIWon, 41-17
Fri 09/02HomeRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)4-6-141-9-23MetropolitanIWon, 34-7
Fri 09/09HomeRio Americano (Sacramento, CA)3-7-20.81-8-13.1CapitalIIIWon, 35-14
Fri 09/23RoadWoodland Christian (Woodland, CA)10-2-0.410-1-16.8Sacramento MetroVIIWon, 26-14
Fri 09/30HomeWoodland (CA)*3-7-16.19-33.2Golden EmpireVWon, 27-21
Fri 10/07San Juan (Citrus Heights, CA)Mesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)*5-5-35.24-5-37.6Golden EmpireVWon, 40-14
Thu 10/13RoadDixon (CA)*10-3-17-4-0.6Golden EmpireVLost, 21-18
Fri 10/21HomeCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*9-210.17-53.3Golden EmpireIVLost, 28-12
Fri 10/28RoadRio Linda (CA)*3-7-28.41-9-38Golden EmpireVWon, 27-6
Fri 11/04HomeCenter (Antelope, CA)
V Playoffs
6-5-4.95-2-14.2Pioneer ValleyVLost, 28-7
Rio Linda (CA)
(Division: V, Coach: Jeff Freeman, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Knights, Address: 6309 Dry Creek Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/19RoadCenter (Antelope, CA)6-5-4.95-2-14.2Pioneer ValleyVLost, 27-0
Sat 08/27RoadKennedy (Sacramento, CA)0-10-40.42-8-29MetropolitanIWon, 12-6
Fri 09/02HomeCordova (Rancho Cordova, CA)2-8-43.13-7-33.8Greater SacramentoIIWon, 48-7
Fri 09/16HomeFoothill (Sacramento, CA)6-5-21.12-7-38Greater SacramentoVLost, 32-6
Fri 09/23RoadPlacer (Auburn, CA)10-116.15-62.8Foothill ValleyIIILost, 56-0
Fri 09/30RoadDixon (CA)*10-3-17-4-0.6Golden EmpireVLost, 47-6
Fri 10/07RoadCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*9-210.17-53.3Golden EmpireIVLost, 47-0
Fri 10/14HomeMesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)*5-5-35.24-5-37.6Golden EmpireVWon, 13-9
Fri 10/21HomeWoodland (CA)*3-7-16.19-33.2Golden EmpireVLost, 28-8
Fri 10/28HomePioneer (Woodland, CA)*7-4-6.98-23.7Golden EmpireVLost, 27-6
Woodland (CA)
(Division: V, Coach: Javier Marin, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Orange/White, Nickname: Wolves, Address: 21 N West St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/19HomeMarysville (CA)7-4-9.95-5-22.6Pioneer ValleyVILost, 29-15
Fri 08/26HomeColfax (CA)7-4-10.86-3-5.1Pioneer ValleyVILost, 17-13
Fri 09/02El Camino (Sacramento, CA)Rio Americano (Sacramento, CA)3-7-20.81-8-13.1CapitalIIIWon, 12-7
Fri 09/09RoadDel Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)3-7-9.64-7-9.8CapitalIVLost, 21-20
Fri 09/16HomeEl Dorado (Placerville, CA)6-4-19.44-5-13.2Sierra ValleyVWon, 51-37 (forfeit loss)
Fri 09/30RoadPioneer (Woodland, CA)*7-4-6.98-23.7Golden EmpireVLost, 27-21
Thu 10/06HomeDixon (CA)*10-3-17-4-0.6Golden EmpireVLost, 28-20
Fri 10/14RoadCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*9-210.17-53.3Golden EmpireIVLost, 48-0
Fri 10/21RoadRio Linda (CA)*3-7-28.41-9-38Golden EmpireVWon, 28-8
Fri 10/28HomeMesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)*5-5-35.24-5-37.6Golden EmpireVWon, 38-14
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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