2022 East Bay - Mountain Standings    league preview
De La Salle (Concord, CA)    preview    trend400100%104071%
Clayton Valley (Concord, CA)    preview    trend41080%85062%
San Ramon Valley (Danville, CA)    preview    trend31075%123080%
California (San Ramon, CA)    preview    trend14020%56045%
Amador Valley (Pleasanton, CA)    preview    trend14020%56045%
Monte Vista (Danville, CA)    preview    trend14020%28020%
Recent Scores
Sat 12/10  Granite Hills (El Cajon, CA) 31 San Ramon Valley (Danville, CA) 24 (ot)
Bowl 2-A
Fri 12/09  Lincoln (San Diego, CA) 33 De La Salle (Concord, CA) 28
Bowl 1-AA
Fri 11/25  Pittsburg (CA) 13 Clayton Valley (Concord, CA) 3
1 Championship
Fri 11/11  Liberty (Brentwood, CA) 35 Amador Valley (Pleasanton, CA) 21
1 Playoffs
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Per Game Averages
 East Bay - MountainSeason
San Ramon Valley (Danville, CA)12-335.834.524.210.336.421.115.2
De La Salle (Concord, CA)10-453.837.75.73231.517.314.2
Clayton Valley (Concord, CA)8-533.839.820.818.93220.311.7
Amador Valley (Pleasanton, CA)5-615.310.225-14.815.317.8-2.5
California (San Ramon, CA)5-617.416.433.8-17.423.327.2-3.8
Monte Vista (Danville, CA)2-85.11535.6-20.620.236.2-16

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Amador Valley (Pleasanton, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: 1, Coach: Danny Jones, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/Gold, Nickname: Dons, Address: 1155 Santa Rita Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26RoadEl Cerrito (CA)13-125.98-319.1Tri-County - Rock3Lost, 7-3
Fri 09/02RoadBear Creek (Stockton, CA)3-7-21.90-10-40.9San Joaquin AA (Sac-Joaquin)IIIWon, 28-6
Fri 09/16HomeGranada (Livermore, CA)4-7-3.14-7-0.7East Bay - Valley2Won, 38-10
Fri 09/23RoadFoothill (Pleasanton, CA)7-510.410-327.4East Bay - Valley2Won, 14-7 (ot)
Sat 10/01HomeMenlo (Atherton, CA)8-613.412-128.2Peninsula - Bay (Central Coast) Won, 14-6
Fri 10/07HomeClayton Valley (Concord, CA)*8-533.89-438.2East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 47-14
Fri 10/14RoadMonte Vista (Danville, CA)*2-85.17-323.9East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 21-0
Fri 10/21RoadSan Ramon Valley (Danville, CA)*12-335.88-432.6East Bay - Mountain2Lost, 24-14
Fri 10/28HomeDe La Salle (Concord, CA)*10-453.810-360.9East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 27-7
Fri 11/04HomeCalifornia (San Ramon, CA)*5-617.48-433.2East Bay - Mountain1Won, 16-6
Fri 11/11RoadLiberty (Brentwood, CA)
1 Playoffs
8-4245-515.9Bay Valley1Lost, 35-21
California (San Ramon, CA)
(Division: 1, Coach: Eric Billeci, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Orange/Black/Royal Blue, Nickname: Grizzlies, Address: 9870 Broadmoor Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26HomeLogan (Union City, CA)7-412.56-58West Alameda County - Foothill1Won, 31-7
Fri 09/02RoadMilpitas (CA)2-8-16.73-8-3.4De Anza (Central Coast) Won, 35-6
Fri 09/09HomePittsburg (CA)12-3469-341.9Bay Valley1Lost, 34-14
Fri 09/16RoadAntioch (CA)4-712.86-518.1Bay Valley1Won, 36-35
Fri 09/30RoadGranada (Livermore, CA)4-7-3.14-7-0.7East Bay - Valley2Won, 38-7
Fri 10/07HomeMonte Vista (Danville, CA)*2-85.17-323.9East Bay - Mountain1Won, 34-25
Fri 10/14HomeDe La Salle (Concord, CA)*10-453.810-360.9East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 41-7
Fri 10/21RoadClayton Valley (Concord, CA)*8-533.89-438.2East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 49-14
Fri 10/28RoadSan Ramon Valley (Danville, CA)*12-335.88-432.6East Bay - Mountain2Lost, 38-21
Fri 11/04RoadAmador Valley (Pleasanton, CA)*5-615.34-715East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 16-6
Fri 11/11RoadClayton Valley (Concord, CA)
1 Playoffs
8-533.89-438.2East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 42-21
Clayton Valley (Concord, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: 1, Coach: Tim Murphy/Nick Tisa, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/White/Blue, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 1101 Alberta Wy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26HomeSalinas (CA)10-235.18-134.4Pacific Coast - Gabilan (Central Coast) Lost, 21-14
Fri 09/02HomeDel Oro (Loomis, CA)9-334.97-522Sierra Foothill (Sac-Joaquin)IILost, 31-27
Fri 09/09RoadCanyon Springs (North Las Vegas, NV)2-70.32-69.75A Southern - Desert (Nevada)5AWon, 42-6
Fri 09/16HomeTurlock (CA)8-530.14-79.4Central California - CCAL (Sac-Joaquin)ILost, 35-33
Sat 10/01RoadJesuit (Carmichael, CA)9-324.410-244.1Delta (Sac-Joaquin)IIWon, 35-21
Fri 10/07RoadAmador Valley (Pleasanton, CA)*5-615.34-715East Bay - Mountain1Won, 47-14
Fri 10/14RoadSan Ramon Valley (Danville, CA)*12-335.88-432.6East Bay - Mountain2Won, 42-28
Fri 10/21HomeCalifornia (San Ramon, CA)*5-617.48-433.2East Bay - Mountain1Won, 49-14
Fri 10/28RoadMonte Vista (Danville, CA)*2-85.17-323.9East Bay - Mountain1Won, 55-6
Fri 11/04HomeDe La Salle (Concord, CA)*10-453.810-360.9East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 42-6
Fri 11/11HomeCalifornia (San Ramon, CA)
1 Playoffs
5-617.48-433.2East Bay - Mountain1Won, 42-21
Fri 11/18HomeLiberty (Brentwood, CA)
1 Playoffs
8-4245-515.9Bay Valley1Won, 21-13
Fri 11/25Heritage (Brentwood, CA)Pittsburg (CA)
1 Championship
12-3469-341.9Bay Valley1Lost, 13-3
De La Salle (Concord, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: 1, Coach: Justin Alumbaugh, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/White/Silver, Nickname: Spartans, Address: 1130 Winton Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26RoadMonterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)8-330.88-629.6Metropolitan (Sac-Joaquin)IWon, 36-20
Fri 09/02HomeSerra (San Mateo, CA)13-16111-263.6West Catholic (Central Coast) Lost, 24-21
Fri 09/09HomeSt. Francis (Mountain View, CA)8-437.311-160.5West Catholic (Central Coast) Won, 35-3
Fri 09/16RoadCathedral (San Diego, CA)6-638.211-270.7Western (San Diego)IWon, 28-20
Fri 09/23HomeFolsom (CA)12-257.311-457.9Sierra Foothill (Sac-Joaquin)ILost, 24-20
Fri 10/07RoadSt. Mary's (Stockton, CA)10-137.610-337.4Tri-City (Sac-Joaquin)ILost, 45-35
Fri 10/14RoadCalifornia (San Ramon, CA)*5-617.48-433.2East Bay - Mountain1Won, 41-7
Fri 10/21HomeMonte Vista (Danville, CA)*2-85.17-323.9East Bay - Mountain1Won, 41-3
Fri 10/28RoadAmador Valley (Pleasanton, CA)*5-615.34-715East Bay - Mountain1Won, 27-7
Fri 11/04RoadClayton Valley (Concord, CA)*8-533.89-438.2East Bay - Mountain1Won, 42-6
Fri 11/11HomeLogan (Union City, CA)
Open Playoffs
7-412.56-58West Alameda County - Foothill1Won, 40-14
Fri 11/18Dublin (CA)Pittsburg (CA)
Open Championship
12-3469-341.9Bay Valley1Won, 30-23
Fri 12/02RoadFolsom (CA)
Bowl 1-AA Playoffs
12-257.311-457.9Sierra Foothill (Sac-Joaquin)IWon, 17-14
Fri 12/09Saddleback College (Mission Viejo, CA)Lincoln (San Diego, CA)
Bowl 1-AA
13-166.48-343.1Western (San Diego)ILost, 33-28
Monte Vista (Danville, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: 1, Coach: C.J. Anderson, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Black, Nickname: Mustangs, Address: 3131 Stone Valley Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26HomeAntioch (CA)4-712.86-518.1Bay Valley1Lost, 57-28
Fri 09/02RoadHayward (CA)5-5-11.82-8-16.1West Alameda County - Mission3Won, 47-14
Fri 09/09HomeLogan (Union City, CA)7-412.56-58West Alameda County - Foothill1Lost, 34-18
Fri 09/16RoadLiberty (Brentwood, CA)8-4245-515.9Bay Valley1Lost, 37-13
Fri 09/23RoadCampolindo (Moraga, CA)12-126.110-427.4Diablo - Foothill2Lost, 42-21
Fri 10/07RoadCalifornia (San Ramon, CA)*5-617.48-433.2East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 34-25
Fri 10/14HomeAmador Valley (Pleasanton, CA)*5-615.34-715East Bay - Mountain1Won, 21-0
Fri 10/21RoadDe La Salle (Concord, CA)*10-453.810-360.9East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 41-3
Fri 10/28HomeClayton Valley (Concord, CA)*8-533.89-438.2East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 55-6
Fri 11/04HomeSan Ramon Valley (Danville, CA)*12-335.88-432.6East Bay - Mountain2Lost, 48-20
San Ramon Valley (Danville, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: 2, Coach: Aaron Becker, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/Gold, Nickname: Wolves, Address: 140 Love Ln)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2021 Record2021 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26Memorial Stadium (Napa, CA)Vintage (Napa, CA)6-536-36.8Vine Valley2Won, 41-7
Fri 09/09HomeElk Grove (CA)8-424.88-426.5Delta (Sac-Joaquin)IWon, 35-28
Fri 09/16RoadLas Lomas (Walnut Creek, CA)5-61.28-418.6Diablo - Foothill3Won, 41-17
Fri 09/23RoadLiberty (Brentwood, CA)8-4245-515.9Bay Valley1Won, 42-14
Fri 09/30HomeFoothill (Pleasanton, CA)7-510.410-327.4East Bay - Valley2Won, 31-7
Fri 10/07RoadMcClymonds (Oakland, CA)12-236.712-140.8Oakland (Oakland)OALLost, 45-42
Fri 10/14HomeClayton Valley (Concord, CA)*8-533.89-438.2East Bay - Mountain1Lost, 42-28
Fri 10/21HomeAmador Valley (Pleasanton, CA)*5-615.34-715East Bay - Mountain1Won, 24-14
Fri 10/28HomeCalifornia (San Ramon, CA)*5-617.48-433.2East Bay - Mountain1Won, 38-21
Fri 11/04RoadMonte Vista (Danville, CA)*2-85.17-323.9East Bay - Mountain1Won, 48-20
Fri 11/11HomeBerkeley (CA)
2 Playoffs
7-4-9.23-6-26.7West Alameda County - Mission2Won, 56-20
Fri 11/18HomeFoothill (Pleasanton, CA)
2 Playoffs
7-510.410-327.4East Bay - Valley2Won, 42-13
Fri 11/25Dublin (CA)Campolindo (Moraga, CA)
2 Championship
12-126.110-427.4Diablo - Foothill2Won, 35-21
Sat 12/03HomeMarin Catholic (Kentfield, CA)
Bowl 2-A Playoffs
13-132.814-138.3Marin County4Won, 19-17
Sat 12/10Saddleback College (Mission Viejo, CA)Granite Hills (El Cajon, CA)
Bowl 2-A
13-243.95-717.8Grossmont - Hills (San Diego)IILost, 31-24 (ot)
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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