2016 Modesto Metro Standings    league preview
Downey (Modesto, CA)    preview    trend600100%83073%
Beyer (Modesto, CA)    preview    trend51083%74064%
Gregori (Modesto, CA)    preview    trend42067%74064%
Modesto (CA)    preview    trend33050%65055%
Enochs (Modesto, CA)    preview    trend24033%28020%
Johansen (Modesto, CA)    preview    trend15017%19010%
Davis (Modesto, CA)    preview    trend0600%28020%
Recent Scores
Thu 11/10  St. Mary's (Stockton, CA) 64 Modesto (CA) 7
I Playoffs
Thu 11/10  Merced (CA) 44 Beyer (Modesto, CA) 22
III Playoffs
Thu 11/10  Elk Grove (CA) 49 Gregori (Modesto, CA) 8
I Playoffs
Thu 11/10  Central Catholic (Modesto, CA) 27 Downey (Modesto, CA) 6
II Playoffs
Fri 11/04  Enochs (Modesto, CA) 48 Davis (Modesto, CA) 27
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Per Game Averages
 Modesto MetroSeason
Downey (Modesto, CA)8-320.838.112.12636.52115.5
Beyer (Modesto, CA)7-410.133.513.52032.521.211.3
Gregori (Modesto, CA)7-410.525.819.56.326.9233.8
Modesto (CA)6-59.13223.68.331.229.22
Davis (Modesto, CA)2-8-17.417.840.1-22.314.832.9-18
Enochs (Modesto, CA)2-8-9.725.138.5-13.420.239.6-19.4
Johansen (Modesto, CA)1-9-23.616.841.8-24.914.240.9-26.7

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Beyer (Modesto, CA)
(Division: I-VI, Coach: Doug Severe, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Red/White/Blue, Nickname: Patriots, Address: 1717 Sylvan Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2015 Record2015 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26RoadHilmar (CA)9-211.89-412.3Trans ValleyI-VILost, 42-22
Thu 09/01Downey (Modesto, CA)Golden Valley (Merced, CA)5-513.34-65.2Central CaliforniaI-VILost, 43-26
Fri 09/09RoadEdison (Stockton, CA)2-8-14.51-9-17.1San Joaquin AAI-VIWon, 39-16
Thu 09/15Johansen (Modesto, CA)Atwater (CA)0-10-17.22-86.5Central CaliforniaI-VIWon, 48-8
Fri 09/23RoadGregori (Modesto, CA)*7-410.56-52.5Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 26-16
Fri 09/30Downey (Modesto, CA)Johansen (Modesto, CA)*1-9-23.61-9-22Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 41-7
Fri 10/07RoadDowney (Modesto, CA)*8-320.88-323.3Modesto MetroI-VILost, 30-28
Fri 10/14Johansen (Modesto, CA)Davis (Modesto, CA)*2-8-17.42-8-16.5Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 29-7
Fri 10/28Gregori (Modesto, CA)Enochs (Modesto, CA)*2-8-9.72-8-8.2Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 43-7
Fri 11/04Johansen (Modesto, CA)Modesto (CA)*6-59.17-411.4Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 34-14
Thu 11/10Golden Valley (Merced, CA)Merced (CA)
III Playoffs
9-4308-431.9Central CaliforniaI-VILost, 44-22
Davis (Modesto, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: I-VI, Coach: Tim Garcia, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Green/Gold, Nickname: Spartans, Address: 1200 W Rumble Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2015 Record2015 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26RoadBear Creek (Stockton, CA)5-5-9.32-8-16.3San Joaquin AAI-VIWon, 14-13
Thu 09/01Gregori (Modesto, CA)Franklin (Stockton, CA)2-8-28.91-9-25.4San Joaquin AAI-VIWon, 13-7
Fri 09/09Ceres (CA)Central Valley (Ceres, CA)9-213.37-411.8WesternI-VILost, 34-7
Thu 09/15Downey (Modesto, CA)Ripon (CA)6-57.36-514.4Trans ValleyI-VILost, 34-7
Fri 09/23RoadDowney (Modesto, CA)*8-320.88-323.3Modesto MetroI-VILost, 47-20
Fri 09/30Modesto Junior College (Modesto, CA)Modesto (CA)*6-59.17-411.4Modesto MetroI-VILost, 54-20
Fri 10/14Johansen (Modesto, CA)Beyer (Modesto, CA)*7-410.16-511.4Modesto MetroI-VILost, 29-7
Fri 10/21Modesto Junior College (Modesto, CA)Gregori (Modesto, CA)*7-410.56-52.5Modesto MetroI-VILost, 35-7
Fri 10/28RoadJohansen (Modesto, CA)*1-9-23.61-9-22Modesto MetroI-VILost, 28-26 (ot)
Fri 11/04Downey (Modesto, CA)Enochs (Modesto, CA)*2-8-9.72-8-8.2Modesto MetroI-VILost, 48-27
Downey (Modesto, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: I-VI, Coach: Jeremy Plaa, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/White, Nickname: Knights, Address: 1000 Coffee Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2015 Record2015 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26Livingston (CA)Pitman (Turlock, CA)10-237.46-525.8Central CaliforniaI-VILost, 33-22
Fri 09/02HomePatterson (CA)2-8-9.711-128WesternI-VIWon, 50-21
Fri 09/09HomeTokay (Lodi, CA)4-6-1.93-75.5Tri-CityI-VIWon, 57-23
Fri 09/16RoadLincoln (Stockton, CA)5-615.76-524Tri-CityI-VILost, 54-38
Fri 09/23HomeDavis (Modesto, CA)*2-8-17.42-8-16.5Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 47-20
Fri 09/30Johansen (Modesto, CA)Enochs (Modesto, CA)*2-8-9.72-8-8.2Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 37-7
Fri 10/07HomeBeyer (Modesto, CA)*7-410.16-511.4Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 30-28
Fri 10/14HomeJohansen (Modesto, CA)*1-9-23.61-9-22Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 45-12
Fri 10/21Gregori (Modesto, CA)Modesto (CA)*6-59.17-411.4Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 26-6
Fri 11/04RoadGregori (Modesto, CA)*7-410.56-52.5Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 44-0
Thu 11/10RoadCentral Catholic (Modesto, CA)
II Playoffs
8-439.716-061.3Valley OakI-VILost, 27-6
Enochs (Modesto, CA)
(Division: I-VI, Coach: James Stacy, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Black/White/Gold, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 3201 Sylvan Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2015 Record2015 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26Downey (Modesto, CA)Escalon (CA)4-6-3.75-510.1Trans ValleyI-VILost, 47-31
Fri 09/02Gregori (Modesto, CA)Buhach Colony (Atwater, CA)5-514.23-710.2Central CaliforniaI-VILost, 42-20
Fri 09/09RoadManteca (CA)12-235.59-329.5Valley OakI-VILost, 59-0
Fri 09/16Ceres (CA)Central Valley (Ceres, CA)9-213.37-411.8WesternI-VILost, 17-0
Fri 09/30Johansen (Modesto, CA)Downey (Modesto, CA)*8-320.88-323.3Modesto MetroI-VILost, 37-7
Fri 10/07Gregori (Modesto, CA)Modesto (CA)*6-59.17-411.4Modesto MetroI-VILost, 56-27
Fri 10/14RoadGregori (Modesto, CA)*7-410.56-52.5Modesto MetroI-VILost, 34-20
Fri 10/21Downey (Modesto, CA)Johansen (Modesto, CA)*1-9-23.61-9-22Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 42-34
Fri 10/28Gregori (Modesto, CA)Beyer (Modesto, CA)*7-410.16-511.4Modesto MetroI-VILost, 43-7
Fri 11/04Downey (Modesto, CA)Davis (Modesto, CA)*2-8-17.42-8-16.5Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 48-27
Gregori (Modesto, CA)
(Division: I-VI, Coach: Jason McCoy, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/Gold, Nickname: Jaguars, Address: 3701 Pirrone Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2015 Record2015 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26RoadChavez (Stockton, CA)2-8-16.35-51.2San Joaquin AAI-VIWon, 55-14
Fri 09/02Golden Valley (Merced, CA)Merced (CA)9-4308-431.9Central CaliforniaI-VILost, 31-14
Fri 09/09HomeEl Capitan (Merced, CA)3-702-8-11.4Central CaliforniaI-VIWon, 29-28
Fri 09/16HomeMcNair (Stockton, CA)6-53.58-313.5San Joaquin AAI-VIWon, 35-14
Fri 09/23HomeBeyer (Modesto, CA)*7-410.16-511.4Modesto MetroI-VILost, 26-16
Fri 10/07RoadJohansen (Modesto, CA)*1-9-23.61-9-22Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 49-6
Fri 10/14HomeEnochs (Modesto, CA)*2-8-9.72-8-8.2Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 34-20
Fri 10/21Modesto Junior College (Modesto, CA)Davis (Modesto, CA)*2-8-17.42-8-16.5Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 35-7
Fri 10/28Downey (Modesto, CA)Modesto (CA)*6-59.17-411.4Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 21-14
Fri 11/04HomeDowney (Modesto, CA)*8-320.88-323.3Modesto MetroI-VILost, 44-0
Thu 11/10RoadElk Grove (CA)
I Playoffs
11-248.613-157.7DeltaI-VILost, 49-8
Johansen (Modesto, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: I-VI, Coach: Grant Genasci, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/White/Black, Nickname: Vikings, Address: 641 Norseman Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2015 Record2015 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26RoadHughson (CA)4-6-12.88-38.1Trans ValleyI-VILost, 27-0
Fri 09/02RoadDelhi (CA)8-3-4.75-5-14.6SouthernI-VILost, 54-0
Fri 09/09HomeEast Union (Manteca, CA)6-510.83-70.8Valley OakI-VILost, 44-13
Fri 09/16HomeCeres (CA)4-6-12.93-7-8.9WesternI-VILost, 33-28
Fri 09/23HomeModesto (CA)*6-59.17-411.4Modesto MetroI-VILost, 48-14
Fri 09/30Downey (Modesto, CA)Beyer (Modesto, CA)*7-410.16-511.4Modesto MetroI-VILost, 41-7
Fri 10/07HomeGregori (Modesto, CA)*7-410.56-52.5Modesto MetroI-VILost, 49-6
Fri 10/14RoadDowney (Modesto, CA)*8-320.88-323.3Modesto MetroI-VILost, 45-12
Fri 10/21Downey (Modesto, CA)Enochs (Modesto, CA)*2-8-9.72-8-8.2Modesto MetroI-VILost, 42-34
Fri 10/28HomeDavis (Modesto, CA)*2-8-17.42-8-16.5Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 28-26 (ot)
Modesto (CA)  (twitter)
(Division: I-VI, Coach: Donnie Wallace, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Cardinal/Black, Nickname: Panthers, Address: 18 H St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2015 Record2015 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/26RoadModesto Christian (Modesto, CA)5-603-7-2.8Trans ValleyI-VIWon, 56-27
Fri 09/02Johansen (Modesto, CA)Stagg (Stockton, CA)6-53.76-511.6San Joaquin AAI-VIWon, 48-30
Fri 09/09RoadPatterson (CA)2-8-9.711-128WesternI-VIWon, 35-21
Fri 09/16Downey (Modesto, CA)Turlock (CA)9-335.27-331Central CaliforniaI-VILost, 38-6
Fri 09/23RoadJohansen (Modesto, CA)*1-9-23.61-9-22Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 48-14
Fri 09/30Modesto Junior College (Modesto, CA)Davis (Modesto, CA)*2-8-17.42-8-16.5Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 54-20
Fri 10/07Gregori (Modesto, CA)Enochs (Modesto, CA)*2-8-9.72-8-8.2Modesto MetroI-VIWon, 56-27
Fri 10/21Gregori (Modesto, CA)Downey (Modesto, CA)*8-320.88-323.3Modesto MetroI-VILost, 26-6
Fri 10/28Downey (Modesto, CA)Gregori (Modesto, CA)*7-410.56-52.5Modesto MetroI-VILost, 21-14
Fri 11/04Johansen (Modesto, CA)Beyer (Modesto, CA)*7-410.16-511.4Modesto MetroI-VILost, 34-14
Thu 11/10RoadSt. Mary's (Stockton, CA)
I Playoffs
14-269.710-345.1Tri-CityI-VILost, 64-7
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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