2012 Western Standings
Central Catholic (Modesto, CA)600100%142088%
Los Banos (CA)51083%112085%
Patterson (CA)42067%74064%
Pacheco (Los Banos, CA)33050%56045%
Central Valley (Ceres, CA)24033%55050%
Livingston (CA)15017%46040%
Ceres (CA)0600%28020%
Recent Scores
Fri 12/14  Central Catholic (Modesto, CA) 66 Santa Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA) 7
Bowl IV
Fri 11/23  Escalon (CA) 42 Los Banos (CA) 35 (4ot)
IV Playoffs
Fri 11/09  Benicia (CA) 27 Patterson (CA) 24
III Playoffs
Fri 11/09  Oakdale (CA) 63 Pacheco (Los Banos, CA) 7
III Playoffs
Fri 11/02  Central Valley (Ceres, CA) 40 Ceres (CA) 13
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
Central Catholic (Modesto, CA)14-247.856.111.544.650.11733.1
Los Banos (CA)11-230.22911.817.235.217.917.3
Central Valley (Ceres, CA)5-53.421.323-1.624.220.24
Patterson (CA)7-412.926.531.1-4.628.124.83.3
Pacheco (Los Banos, CA)5-68.822.324.1-1.821.928.2-6.3
Livingston (CA)4-6-2.61939-2019.929.6-9.7
Ceres (CA)2-8-12.814.848.5-33.716.844.3-27.4

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Central Catholic (Modesto, CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 410, Coach: Roger Canepa, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/Vegas Gold, Nickname: Raiders, Address: 200 S Carpenter Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2011 Record2011 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/25Lincoln (Stockton, CA)Brookside Christian (Stockton, CA)10-24.12-8-32.7Central California AAV-VIWon, 68-6
Fri 08/31HomePlacer (Auburn, CA)11-134.69-328.4Pioneer ValleyI-IVLost, 48-30
Fri 09/07HomeSt. Mary's (Stockton, CA)9-336.19-340.7Tri-CityI-IVWon, 28-21
Fri 09/14RoadDowney (Modesto, CA)10-231.38-314.4Modesto MetroI-IVLost, 45-42
Fri 09/21HomeLos Banos (CA)*11-230.210-229.1WesternI-IVWon, 35-14
Fri 09/28RoadCeres (CA)*2-8-12.83-7-4.7WesternI-IVWon, 69-7
Fri 10/05HomePacheco (Los Banos, CA)*5-68.82-8-21.1WesternI-IVWon, 55-15
Fri 10/19RoadLivingston (CA)*4-6-2.66-611.1WesternI-IVWon, 77-7
Fri 10/26HomeCentral Valley (Ceres, CA)*5-53.44-6-1.4WesternI-IVWon, 38-6
Fri 11/02RoadPatterson (CA)*7-412.97-416.1WesternI-IVWon, 63-20
Fri 11/09HomeBear River (Grass Valley, CA)
IV Playoffs
8-315.77-46.5Pioneer ValleyI-IVWon, 63-20
Fri 11/16RoadRipon (CA)
IV Playoffs
11-1308-313.3Trans ValleyI-IVWon, 40-21
Fri 11/23HomeCenter (Antelope, CA)
IV Playoffs
10-330.25-60.5Pioneer ValleyI-IVWon, 34-13
Sat 12/01Lincoln (Stockton, CA)Escalon (CA)
IV Championship
11-332.213-131.3Trans ValleyI-IVWon, 52-10
Fri 12/07Lincoln (Stockton, CA)McClymonds (Oakland, CA)
Bowl IV Playoffs
9-42010-27.6Oakland (Oakland)OALWon, 42-12
Fri 12/14Cal State Dominguez Hills (Carson, CA)Santa Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA)
Bowl IV
11-425.211-225.8Coastal (San Diego)VWon, 66-7
Central Valley (Ceres, CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1692, Coach: Tim Garcia, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Dark Green/Maroon, Nickname: Hawks, Address: 4033 S Central Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2011 Record2011 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/24Downey (Modesto, CA)Gregori (Modesto, CA)3-7-14.10-10-30.1Modesto MetroI-IVWon, 27-16
Fri 08/31RoadGolden Valley (Merced, CA)3-77.52-85.4Central CaliforniaI-IVLost, 28-25
Fri 09/07Ceres (CA)Johansen (Modesto, CA)1-9-24.15-51.6Modesto MetroI-IVWon, 27-0
Fri 09/14Ceres (CA)Madera South (Madera, CA)0-10-2011-222.4County/Metro (Central)3Won, 35-20
Fri 09/21Ceres (CA)Livingston (CA)*4-6-2.66-611.1WesternI-IVWon, 42-7
Sat 09/29HomePatterson (CA)*7-412.97-416.1WesternI-IVLost, 21-20
Fri 10/12RoadPacheco (Los Banos, CA)*5-68.82-8-21.1WesternI-IVLost, 30-20
Fri 10/19Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Los Banos (CA)*11-230.210-229.1WesternI-IVLost, 29-0
Fri 10/26RoadCentral Catholic (Modesto, CA)*14-247.810-326.7WesternI-IVLost, 38-6
Fri 11/02RoadCeres (CA)*2-8-12.83-7-4.7WesternI-IVWon, 40-13
Ceres (CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1405, Coach: Bret Durossette, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/White, Nickname: Bulldogs, Address: 2320 Central Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2011 Record2011 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/24HomeModesto (CA)1-9-18.83-72.6Modesto MetroI-IVLost, 31-7
Fri 08/31HomeGregori (Modesto, CA)3-7-14.10-10-30.1Modesto MetroI-IVWon, 27-26
Fri 09/07RoadDowney (Modesto, CA)10-231.38-314.4Modesto MetroI-IVLost, 74-0
Sat 09/15RoadJohansen (Modesto, CA)1-9-24.15-51.6Modesto MetroI-IVWon, 45-21
Fri 09/21RoadPacheco (Los Banos, CA)*5-68.82-8-21.1WesternI-IVLost, 41-20
Fri 09/28HomeCentral Catholic (Modesto, CA)*14-247.810-326.7WesternI-IVLost, 69-7
Fri 10/05Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Los Banos (CA)*11-230.210-229.1WesternI-IVLost, 45-0
Fri 10/12HomeLivingston (CA)*4-6-2.66-611.1WesternI-IVLost, 42-28
Fri 10/26HomePatterson (CA)*7-412.97-416.1WesternI-IVLost, 54-21
Fri 11/02HomeCentral Valley (Ceres, CA)*5-53.44-6-1.4WesternI-IVLost, 40-13
Livingston (CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1158, Coach: Chris Lacey, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/Vegas Gold, Nickname: Wolves, Address: 1617 Main St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2011 Record2011 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/24HomeHilmar (CA)6-58.112-234.4Trans ValleyI-IVLost, 31-7
Thu 08/30RoadJohansen (Modesto, CA)1-9-24.15-51.6Modesto MetroI-IVWon, 24-6
Fri 09/07RoadLe Grand (CA)11-26.212-123.5SouthernV-VIWon, 25-10
Fri 09/14HomeMariposa County (Mariposa, CA)4-6-17.86-5-9.2SouthernV-VIWon, 29-15
Fri 09/21Ceres (CA)Central Valley (Ceres, CA)*5-53.44-6-1.4WesternI-IVLost, 42-7
Fri 09/28HomePacheco (Los Banos, CA)*5-68.82-8-21.1WesternI-IVLost, 28-19
Fri 10/05RoadPatterson (CA)*7-412.97-416.1WesternI-IVLost, 31-21
Fri 10/12RoadCeres (CA)*2-8-12.83-7-4.7WesternI-IVWon, 42-28
Fri 10/19HomeCentral Catholic (Modesto, CA)*14-247.810-326.7WesternI-IVLost, 77-7
Fri 10/26HomeLos Banos (CA)*11-230.210-229.1WesternI-IVLost, 28-18
Los Banos (CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1145, Coach: Dustin Caropreso, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Cardinal/Gold, Nickname: Tigers, Address: 1966 11th St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2011 Record2011 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/24Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Escalon (CA)11-332.213-131.3Trans ValleyI-IVWon, 34-32
Fri 08/31Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Roosevelt (Fresno, CA)4-7-13.44-7-13North Yosemite (Central)4Won, 47-21
Fri 09/07RoadManteca (CA)6-515.29-215.4Valley OakI-IVWon, 42-28
Fri 09/14RoadDos Palos (CA)4-7-125-62.6West Sierra (Central)4Won, 43-7
Fri 09/21RoadCentral Catholic (Modesto, CA)*14-247.810-326.7WesternI-IVLost, 35-14
Fri 10/05Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Ceres (CA)*2-8-12.83-7-4.7WesternI-IVWon, 45-0
Fri 10/12RoadPatterson (CA)*7-412.97-416.1WesternI-IVWon, 48-12
Fri 10/19Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Central Valley (Ceres, CA)*5-53.44-6-1.4WesternI-IVWon, 29-0
Fri 10/26RoadLivingston (CA)*4-6-2.66-611.1WesternI-IVWon, 28-18
Fri 11/02RoadPacheco (Los Banos, CA)*5-68.82-8-21.1WesternI-IVWon, 10-6
Fri 11/09Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Summerville (Tuolumne, CA)
IV Playoffs
8-3124-6-10.5Mother LodeI-IVWon, 41-18
Fri 11/16RoadCapital Christian (Sacramento, CA)
IV Playoffs
10-212.85-5-15.2Golden EmpireI-IVWon, 42-14
Fri 11/23Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Escalon (CA)
IV Playoffs
11-332.213-131.3Trans ValleyI-IVLost, 42-35 (4ot)
Pacheco (Los Banos, CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1539, Coach: David Snapp, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/Gold, Nickname: Panthers, Address: 200 N Ward Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2011 Record2011 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/25Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Selma (CA)4-6-5.47-58.7Central Sequoia (Central)4Won, 34-22
Fri 08/31RoadEscalon (CA)11-332.213-131.3Trans ValleyI-IVLost, 27-7
Fri 09/07Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Dos Palos (CA)4-7-125-62.6West Sierra (Central)4Won, 33-7
Fri 09/14RoadMcNair (Stockton, CA)7-413.55-67.6Tri-CityI-IVLost, 47-26
Fri 09/21HomeCeres (CA)*2-8-12.83-7-4.7WesternI-IVWon, 41-20
Fri 09/28RoadLivingston (CA)*4-6-2.66-611.1WesternI-IVWon, 28-19
Fri 10/05RoadCentral Catholic (Modesto, CA)*14-247.810-326.7WesternI-IVLost, 55-15
Fri 10/12HomeCentral Valley (Ceres, CA)*5-53.44-6-1.4WesternI-IVWon, 30-20
Fri 10/19HomePatterson (CA)*7-412.97-416.1WesternI-IVLost, 21-14
Fri 11/02HomeLos Banos (CA)*11-230.210-229.1WesternI-IVLost, 10-6
Fri 11/09RoadOakdale (CA)
III Playoffs
14-244.713-145Valley OakI-IVLost, 63-7
Patterson (CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1632, Coach: Nick Marchy, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Crimson/Gray, Nickname: Tigers, Address: 200 N 7th St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2011 Record2011 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/24HomeJohansen (Modesto, CA)1-9-24.15-51.6Modesto MetroI-IVWon, 46-14
Fri 08/31HomeKimball (Tracy, CA)5-58.12-8-6.6Valley OakI-IVWon, 21-7
Fri 09/07Johansen (Modesto, CA)Davis (Modesto, CA)2-8-143-7-5.3Modesto MetroI-IVWon, 47-14
Fri 09/14RoadEscalon (CA)11-332.213-131.3Trans ValleyI-IVLost, 24-13
Sat 09/29RoadCentral Valley (Ceres, CA)*5-53.44-6-1.4WesternI-IVWon, 21-20
Fri 10/05HomeLivingston (CA)*4-6-2.66-611.1WesternI-IVWon, 31-21
Fri 10/12HomeLos Banos (CA)*11-230.210-229.1WesternI-IVLost, 48-12
Fri 10/19RoadPacheco (Los Banos, CA)*5-68.82-8-21.1WesternI-IVWon, 21-14
Fri 10/26RoadCeres (CA)*2-8-12.83-7-4.7WesternI-IVWon, 54-21
Fri 11/02HomeCentral Catholic (Modesto, CA)*14-247.810-326.7WesternI-IVLost, 63-20
Fri 11/09HomeBenicia (CA)
III Playoffs
8-419.57-414.9Solano CountyI-IVLost, 27-24
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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