2008 Freeway Standings
La Habra (CA)500100%122086%
Fullerton (CA)41080%93075%
Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)32060%65055%
Troy (Fullerton, CA)23040%37030%
Sonora (La Habra, CA)14020%37030%
Buena Park (CA)0500%19010%
Recent Scores
Sat 12/13  La Habra (CA) 26 Tustin (CA) 14
Southwest (VI) Championship
Fri 11/28  Canyon (Anaheim, CA) 53 Fullerton (CA) 17
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
Thu 11/20  Western (Anaheim, CA) 38 Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA) 15
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
La Habra (CA)12-237.644.24.24038.211.526.7
Fullerton (CA)9-319.33911.827.232.517.515
Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)6-5121.423.2-1.818.320.4-2
Troy (Fullerton, CA)3-7-4.417.429.6-12.220.830.3-9.5
Sonora (La Habra, CA)3-7-11.312.633-20.415.131.4-16.2
Buena Park (CA)1-9-26.25.238-32.812.632-19.4

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Buena Park (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2040, Coach: Rob Ryan, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Kelly Green/White, Nickname: Coyotes, Address: 8833 Academy Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/05HomeBassett (La Puente, CA)1-9-36.91-9-39MontviewMid-Valley (XI)Won, 40-0
Fri 09/12HomeSanta Ana (CA)7-4-8.55-6-11Golden WestSouthern (IX)Lost, 36-21
Fri 09/19RoadEstancia (Costa Mesa, CA)3-7-20.25-6-20.7Orange CoastSouthern (IX)Lost, 21-6
Thu 09/25RoadBolsa Grande (Garden Grove, CA)4-6-19.43-7-25.5Garden GroveSouthern (IX)Lost, 35-19
Fri 10/03Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Savanna (Anaheim, CA)3-7-8.27-4-0.6OrangeSouthwest (VI)Lost, 38-14
Fri 10/17HomeFullerton (CA)*9-319.39-421.8FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 50-7
Fri 10/24La Habra (CA)Sonora (La Habra, CA)*3-7-11.35-5-5.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 21-0
Fri 10/31HomeTroy (Fullerton, CA)*3-7-4.41-822.9FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 34-12
Fri 11/07HomeSunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)*6-512-7-18.5FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 36-0
Thu 11/13HomeLa Habra (CA)*12-237.613-036.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 49-7
Fullerton (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2078, Coach: Julian Smilowitz, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/White, Nickname: Indians, Address: 201 E Chapman Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/05El Modena (Orange, CA)Canyon (Anaheim, CA)8-526.68-318.3CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 42-21
Fri 09/12HomeLa Mirada (CA)4-78.44-7-0.3SuburbanSouthern (IX)Won, 33-16
Thu 09/18HomeEl Dorado (Placentia, CA)6-625.113-142.3CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 20-16
Fri 09/26HomeWestern (Anaheim, CA)9-320.89-2-118OrangeSouthwest (VI)Won, 21-13
Fri 10/03RoadBrea Olinda (Brea, CA)1-9-7.35-69.7CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 42-8
Fri 10/17RoadBuena Park (CA)*1-9-26.21-8-22.1FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 50-7
Fri 10/24Buena Park (CA)Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)*6-512-7-18.5FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 42-0
Fri 10/31HomeSonora (La Habra, CA)*3-7-11.35-5-5.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 41-7
Fri 11/07RoadLa Habra (CA)*12-237.613-036.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 24-7
Thu 11/13HomeTroy (Fullerton, CA)*3-7-4.41-822.9FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 55-21
Fri 11/21HomeValley (Santa Ana, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
6-5-5.27-4-0.7OrangeSouthwest (VI)Won, 42-3
Fri 11/28El Modena (Orange, CA)Canyon (Anaheim, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
8-526.68-318.3CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 53-17
La Habra (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2338, Coach: Frank Mazzotta, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Royal Blue/White, Nickname: Highlanders, Address: 801 W Highlander Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12RoadDowney (CA)5-613.63-76.7San Gabriel ValleyWestern (III)Won, 40-15
Fri 09/19Covina District Stadium (Covina, CA)South Hills (West Covina, CA)9-32910-330.4San AntonioSoutheast (VII)Won, 22-13
Fri 09/26HomeWestminster (CA)7-45.68-46.9Golden WestSouthern (IX)Won, 52-7
Fri 10/03HomeLos Alamitos (CA)8-345.77-334SunsetPac-5 (I)Lost, 28-21
Fri 10/10RoadSan Clemente (CA)8-339.77-3-136.6South CoastPac-5 (I)Lost, 28-21
Fri 10/17HomeSonora (La Habra, CA)*3-7-11.35-5-5.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 62-0
Fri 10/24Fullerton (CA)Troy (Fullerton, CA)*3-7-4.41-822.9FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 45-0
Fri 10/31HomeSunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)*6-512-7-18.5FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 41-7
Fri 11/07HomeFullerton (CA)*9-319.39-421.8FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 24-7
Thu 11/13RoadBuena Park (CA)*1-9-26.21-8-22.1FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 49-7
Fri 11/21HomeAnaheim (CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
5-6-1.69-36.2OrangeSouthwest (VI)Won, 83-0
Fri 11/28Valencia (Placentia, CA)El Dorado (Placentia, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
6-625.113-142.3CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 23-14
Sat 12/06HomeTrabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
8-524.812-235.4Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Won, 27-22
Sat 12/13Angel Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Tustin (CA)
Southwest (VI) Championship
9-533.75-59.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 26-14
Sonora (La Habra, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2066, Coach: Paul Chiotti, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Raiders, Address: 401 S Palm St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12RoadWilson (Hacienda Heights, CA)1-9-12.56-68.5MiramonteSoutheast (VII)Won, 31-21
Fri 09/19La Habra (CA)Brea Olinda (Brea, CA)1-9-7.35-69.7CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 20-16
Fri 09/26Western (Anaheim, CA)Loara (Anaheim, CA)5-522-7-3.7EmpireSouthwest (VI)Lost, 31-15
Thu 10/02Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove, CA)Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove, CA)2-8-21.12-8-11.5Garden GroveSouthern (IX)Lost, 34-9
Fri 10/10La Habra (CA)Walnut (CA)5-56.21-9-18.2San AntonioSoutheast (VII)Lost, 47-13
Fri 10/17RoadLa Habra (CA)*12-237.613-036.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 62-0
Fri 10/24La Habra (CA)Buena Park (CA)*1-9-26.21-8-22.1FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 21-0
Fri 10/31RoadFullerton (CA)*9-319.39-421.8FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 41-7
Fri 11/07Fullerton (CA)Troy (Fullerton, CA)*3-7-4.41-822.9FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 20-14
Thu 11/13La Habra (CA)Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)*6-512-7-18.5FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 42-21
Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2642, Coach: Marcelo Giuliano, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Lancers, Address: 1801 Warburton Wy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 09/11Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Anaheim (CA)5-6-1.69-36.2OrangeSouthwest (VI)Lost, 28-6
Fri 09/19Buena Park (CA)Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove, CA)2-8-21.12-8-11.5Garden GroveSouthern (IX)Won, 16-13
Fri 09/26Buena Park (CA)Katella (Anaheim, CA)1-9-14.62-7-15.1EmpireSouthwest (VI)Won, 45-7
Fri 10/03El Modena (Orange, CA)Villa Park (CA)4-6101-92.6CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 17-6
Thu 10/09Irvine (CA)University (Irvine, CA)4-6010-112.4Pacific CoastSouthern (IX)Won, 7-6
Fri 10/17Fullerton (CA)Troy (Fullerton, CA)*3-7-4.41-822.9FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 22-12
Fri 10/24Buena Park (CA)Fullerton (CA)*9-319.39-421.8FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 42-0
Fri 10/31RoadLa Habra (CA)*12-237.613-036.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 41-7
Fri 11/07RoadBuena Park (CA)*1-9-26.21-8-22.1FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 36-0
Thu 11/13La Habra (CA)Sonora (La Habra, CA)*3-7-11.35-5-5.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 42-21
Thu 11/20RoadWestern (Anaheim, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
9-320.89-2-118OrangeSouthwest (VI)Lost, 38-15
Troy (Fullerton, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2568, Coach: Jim Burton, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Red/Black/White, Nickname: Warriors, Address: 2200 E Dorothy Ln)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12RoadBrea Olinda (Brea, CA)1-9-7.35-69.7CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 43-35
Fri 09/19Fullerton (CA)Corona del Mar (Newport Beach, CA)10-3214-52.4Pacific CoastSouthern (IX)Lost, 49-20
Thu 09/25Fullerton (CA)Bellflower (CA)2-8-8.17-46.3SuburbanSouthern (IX)Won, 38-3
Fri 10/03RoadDiamond Bar (CA)4-613.13-71.5SierraCentral (V)Lost, 33-28
Fri 10/10Fullerton (CA)Pacifica (Garden Grove, CA)6-617.810-324.4EmpireSouthwest (VI)Lost, 27-0
Fri 10/17Fullerton (CA)Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)*6-512-7-18.5FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 22-12
Fri 10/24Fullerton (CA)La Habra (CA)*12-237.613-036.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 45-0
Fri 10/31RoadBuena Park (CA)*1-9-26.21-8-22.1FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 34-12
Fri 11/07Fullerton (CA)Sonora (La Habra, CA)*3-7-11.35-5-5.3FreewaySouthwest (VI)Won, 20-14
Thu 11/13RoadFullerton (CA)*9-319.39-421.8FreewaySouthwest (VI)Lost, 55-21
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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