2008 Peninsula - Bay Standings
Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)500100%112085%
Aragon (San Mateo, CA)41080%65055%
Woodside (CA)32060%84067%
Menlo (Atherton, CA)23040%65055%
Terra Nova (Pacifica, CA)14020%55050%
South San Francisco (CA)0500%55050%
Recent Scores
Fri 12/05  Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA) 39 Wilcox (Santa Clara, CA) 33
Large Championship
Sat 11/22  Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton, CA) 49 Menlo (Atherton, CA) 21
Small Playoffs
Fri 11/21  Pioneer (San Jose, CA) 41 Aragon (San Mateo, CA) 17
Medium Playoffs
Sat 11/15  South San Francisco (CA) 31 El Camino (South San Francisco, CA) 30
Fri 11/14  Terra Nova (Pacifica, CA) 31 Half Moon Bay (CA) 21
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
 Peninsula - BaySeason
Woodside (CA)8-42326.610.815.828.915.313.5
Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)11-229.331.826.45.428.324.43.9
Aragon (San Mateo, CA)6-515.928.419.68.724.621.92.7
South San Francisco (CA)5-510.212.623.8-11.221.819.22.6
Terra Nova (Pacifica, CA)5-512.521.829.8-823.924.3-0.4
Menlo (Atherton, CA)6-513.215.826.6-10.820.624.5-3.8

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Aragon (San Mateo, CA)
(Enrollment: 1604, Coach: Steve Sell, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Red/Black, Nickname: Dons, Address: 900 Alameda De Las Pulgas)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/05Burlingame (CA)Pioneer (San Jose, CA)10-228.86-5-117.7Mount Hamilton Lost, 41-19
Fri 09/12RoadLos Gatos (CA)10-331.210-1-137.9De Anza Lost, 34-6
Sat 09/20RoadLincoln (San Jose, CA)6-411.46-3-111.3Mount Hamilton Lost, 14-12
Fri 09/26HomeSan Mateo (CA)4-6-4.14-6-20.1Peninsula - Ocean B Won, 27-0
Fri 10/10RoadSouth San Francisco (CA)*5-510.23-73.2Peninsula - Bay Won, 31-13
Fri 10/17RoadWoodside (CA)*8-4232-80.7Peninsula - Bay Won, 21-20
Fri 10/24HomeMenlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)*11-229.311-230.4Peninsula - Bay Lost, 38-35
Fri 10/31HomeTerra Nova (Pacifica, CA)*5-512.55-5-19.3Peninsula - Bay Won, 21-20
Fri 11/07Woodside (CA)Menlo (Atherton, CA)*6-513.27-314.1Peninsula - Bay Won, 34-7
Sat 11/15HomeHillsdale (San Mateo, CA)1-9-30.71-9-24.5Peninsula - Ocean A Won, 48-13
Fri 11/21RoadPioneer (San Jose, CA)
Medium Playoffs
10-228.86-5-117.7Mount Hamilton Lost, 41-17
Menlo (Atherton, CA)
(Enrollment: 557, Coach: Mark Newton, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Knights, Address: 50 Valparaiso Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/05RoadHamilton (Hamilton City, CA)10-311.613-024.9Mid-Valley (Northern)IIIWon, 21-17
Sat 09/13Woodside (CA)East Nicolaus (Nicolaus, CA)6-6-4.39-38.9Mid-Valley (Northern)IIIWon, 39-14
Sat 09/20RoadJustin-Siena (Napa, CA)9-419.86-510.7Marin County (North Coast)IVWon, 29-17
Sat 09/27Woodside (CA)Lowell (San Francisco, CA)4-6-1.36-2-2.3Academic (San Francisco)AAAWon, 18-12
Fri 10/10RoadTerra Nova (Pacifica, CA)*5-512.55-5-19.3Peninsula - Bay Won, 29-26
Sat 10/18HomeSouth San Francisco (CA)*5-510.23-73.2Peninsula - Bay Won, 28-7
Fri 10/24RoadWoodside (CA)*8-4232-80.7Peninsula - Bay Lost, 35-2
Sat 11/01RoadMenlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)*11-229.311-230.4Peninsula - Bay Lost, 31-13
Fri 11/07Woodside (CA)Aragon (San Mateo, CA)*6-515.99-326.1Peninsula - Bay Lost, 34-7
Fri 11/14Woodside (CA)Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton, CA)11-1-124.98-36.1Peninsula - Ocean B Lost, 28-20
Sat 11/22RoadSacred Heart Prep (Atherton, CA)
Small Playoffs
11-1-124.98-36.1Peninsula - Ocean B Lost, 49-21
Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)
(Enrollment: 1961, Coach: Bob Sykes, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Maroon/Gold, Nickname: Bears, Address: 555 Middlefield Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/06RoadSaratoga (CA)4-67.48-412.7De Anza Won, 30-0
Fri 09/12RoadIndependence (San Jose, CA)3-7-4.61-9-7.9Santa Teresa Won, 24-7
Fri 09/19RoadValley Christian (San Jose, CA)10-3497-3-139.3West Catholic Lost, 41-7
Fri 09/26RoadLeigh (San Jose, CA)7-414.55-50.7Mount Hamilton Won, 24-22
Sat 10/04HomeSeaside (CA)6-510.97-49.1Monterey Bay Lost, 42-21
Fri 10/17Sequoia (Redwood City, CA)Terra Nova (Pacifica, CA)*5-512.55-5-19.3Peninsula - Bay Won, 41-39
Fri 10/24RoadAragon (San Mateo, CA)*6-515.99-326.1Peninsula - Bay Won, 38-35
Sat 11/01HomeMenlo (Atherton, CA)*6-513.27-314.1Peninsula - Bay Won, 31-13
Fri 11/07RoadSouth San Francisco (CA)*5-510.23-73.2Peninsula - Bay Won, 21-20
Sat 11/15HomeWoodside (CA)*8-4232-80.7Peninsula - Bay Won, 28-25
Sat 11/22HomeMonta Vista (Cupertino, CA)
Large Playoffs
8-36.45-4-10.8El Camino Won, 36-20
Sat 11/29Terra Nova (Pacifica, CA)Woodside (CA)
Large Playoffs
8-4232-80.7Peninsula - Bay Won, 28-21 (2ot)
Fri 12/05Foothill College (Los Altos Hills, CA)Wilcox (Santa Clara, CA)
Large Championship
8-520.84-5-110.2De Anza Won, 39-33
South San Francisco (CA)
(Enrollment: 1570, Coach: Frank Moro, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/White, Nickname: Warriors, Address: 400 B St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/05RoadCarlmont (Belmont, CA)6-40.61-9-12.7Peninsula - Ocean B Won, 39-14
Fri 09/12HomeCapuchino (San Bruno, CA)4-6-72-8-26.3Peninsula - Ocean B Won, 28-7
Sat 09/20RoadLincoln (San Francisco, CA)10-213.19-39.9Academic (San Francisco)AAAWon, 36-15
Fri 09/26RoadAlhambra (Martinez, CA)2-80.24-69.7Diablo Foothill (North Coast)IIIWon, 21-7
Fri 10/10HomeAragon (San Mateo, CA)*6-515.99-326.1Peninsula - Bay Lost, 31-13
Sat 10/18RoadMenlo (Atherton, CA)*6-513.27-314.1Peninsula - Bay Lost, 28-7
Fri 10/24RoadTerra Nova (Pacifica, CA)*5-512.55-5-19.3Peninsula - Bay Lost, 24-20
Fri 10/31RoadWoodside (CA)*8-4232-80.7Peninsula - Bay Lost, 15-3
Fri 11/07HomeMenlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)*11-229.311-230.4Peninsula - Bay Lost, 21-20
Sat 11/15HomeEl Camino (South San Francisco, CA)5-5-3.17-4-2.9Peninsula - Ocean A Won, 31-30
Terra Nova (Pacifica, CA)
(Enrollment: 1418, Coach: Bill Gray, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Tigers, Address: 1450 Terra Nova Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/05HomeBurlingame (CA)6-45.44-5-16.4Peninsula - Ocean A Won, 15-10
Fri 09/12HomeWilcox (Santa Clara, CA)8-520.84-5-110.2De Anza Won, 28-21
Fri 09/19RoadPioneer (San Jose, CA)10-228.86-5-117.7Mount Hamilton Lost, 42-14
Fri 09/26HomeSequoia (Redwood City, CA)1-9-21.16-4-6.2Peninsula - Ocean A Won, 42-0
Fri 10/10HomeMenlo (Atherton, CA)*6-513.27-314.1Peninsula - Bay Lost, 29-26
Fri 10/17Sequoia (Redwood City, CA)Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)*11-229.311-230.4Peninsula - Bay Lost, 41-39
Fri 10/24HomeSouth San Francisco (CA)*5-510.23-73.2Peninsula - Bay Won, 24-20
Fri 10/31RoadAragon (San Mateo, CA)*6-515.99-326.1Peninsula - Bay Lost, 21-20
Fri 11/07HomeWoodside (CA)*8-4232-80.7Peninsula - Bay Lost, 38-0
Fri 11/14RoadHalf Moon Bay (CA)7-311.14-6-13.8Peninsula - Ocean B Won, 31-21
Woodside (CA)
(Enrollment: 1928, Coach: Steve Nicolopulos, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Orange/White, Nickname: Wildcats, Address: 199 Churchill Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2007 Record2007 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/05HomeSacramento (CA)4-6-5.37-413.6Metropolitan (Sac-Joaquin)IIWon, 41-14
Fri 09/12RoadOak Grove (San Jose, CA)11-140.112-150.8Mount Hamilton Lost, 49-7
Sat 09/20RoadLos Altos (CA)1-9-15.25-52.8De Anza Won, 49-12
Fri 09/26HomeAlisal (Salinas, CA)4-69.85-50.6Tri-County Won, 14-8
Fri 10/03HomeMcClymonds (Oakland, CA)2-8-7.75-6-17.9Oakland (Oakland)OALWon, 40-6
Fri 10/17HomeAragon (San Mateo, CA)*6-515.99-326.1Peninsula - Bay Lost, 21-20
Fri 10/24HomeMenlo (Atherton, CA)*6-513.27-314.1Peninsula - Bay Won, 35-2
Fri 10/31HomeSouth San Francisco (CA)*5-510.23-73.2Peninsula - Bay Won, 15-3
Fri 11/07RoadTerra Nova (Pacifica, CA)*5-512.55-5-19.3Peninsula - Bay Won, 38-0
Sat 11/15RoadMenlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)*11-229.311-230.4Peninsula - Bay Lost, 28-25
Fri 11/21HomeHomestead (Cupertino, CA)
Large Playoffs
8-38.48-2-111.6El Camino Won, 42-13
Sat 11/29Terra Nova (Pacifica, CA)Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)
Large Playoffs
11-229.311-230.4Peninsula - Bay Lost, 28-21 (2ot)
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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