2007 Suburban Standings
Mayfair (Lakewood, CA)600100%74064%
Bellflower (CA)51083%74064%
Norwalk (CA)33050%56045%
La Mirada (CA)33050%47036%
Artesia (Lakewood, CA)33050%37030%
Cerritos (CA)15017%19010%
Glenn (Norwalk, CA)0600%28020%
Recent Scores
Sat 11/17  El Toro (Lake Forest, CA) 41 Bellflower (CA) 13
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
Fri 11/16  South Hills (West Covina, CA) 59 La Mirada (CA) 33
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
Fri 11/16  Charter Oak (Covina, CA) 40 Norwalk (CA) 0
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
Fri 11/16  Wilson (Hacienda Heights, CA) 21 Mayfair (Lakewood, CA) 13
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
Bellflower (CA)7-46.324.1915.123.516.37.2
Norwalk (CA)5-6-1.825.817.58.325.319.85.5
Mayfair (Lakewood, CA)7-47.924.611.812.817.7170.6
La Mirada (CA)4-7-0.323.817.
Artesia (Lakewood, CA)3-7-3.419.822.5-2.622.530.4-7.8
Cerritos (CA)1-9-18.113.828.1-14.39.627.3-17.7
Glenn (Norwalk, CA)2-8-

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Artesia (Lakewood, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 1859, Coach: Norm Flowers, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Red/White, Nickname: Pioneers, Address: 12108 E Del Amo Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/31RoadRoosevelt (Corona, CA)4-69.13-0-22FreelanceInland (II)Lost, 39-13
Thu 09/06Tustin (CA)Beckman (Irvine, CA)6-4-3.86-4-0.7Pacific CoastSouthern (IX)Won, 18-15 (forfeit loss)
Fri 09/14HomeCypress (CA)10-325.410-316.7EmpireSouthern (IX)Lost, 38-29
Fri 09/21HomeGahr (Cerritos, CA)10-326.45-58.8San Gabriel ValleyWestern (III)Lost, 62-42
Fri 09/28HomeCerritos (CA)*1-9-18.13-7-10.9SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 35-21
Fri 10/05Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Glenn (Norwalk, CA)*2-8-22.11-9-20SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 30-7
Fri 10/12HomeMayfair (Lakewood, CA)*7-47.910-121.4SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 17-12
Fri 10/19Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Norwalk (CA)*5-6-1.85-5-3.7SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 42-21
Mon 10/29RoadLa Mirada (CA)*4-7-0.36-56SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 21-20
Fri 11/09HomeBellflower (CA)*7-46.37-47.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 28-0
Bellflower (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2025, Coach: Derek Brown, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Maroon/Gold, Nickname: Buccaneers, Address: 15301 S McNab Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/31HomeWarren (Downey, CA)6-513.85-512.4San Gabriel ValleyWestern (III)Lost, 35-21
Thu 09/06HomeMillikan (Long Beach, CA)7-426.14-614.6MoorePac-5 (I)Lost, 30-23 (ot)
Fri 09/14RoadParamount (CA)1-9-7.92-8-0.1San Gabriel ValleyWestern (III)Won, 24-7
Fri 09/21RoadValley Christian (Cerritos, CA)7-62.94-51.3OlympicMid-Valley (XI)Won, 33-13
Fri 09/28HomeMayfair (Lakewood, CA)*7-47.910-121.4SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 21-14
Fri 10/12HomeCerritos (CA)*1-9-18.13-7-10.9SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 23-0
Fri 10/19RoadLa Mirada (CA)*4-7-0.36-56SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 27-5
Mon 10/29HomeGlenn (Norwalk, CA)*2-8-22.11-9-20SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 25-7
Fri 11/02HomeNorwalk (CA)*5-6-1.85-5-3.7SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 28-21 (ot)
Fri 11/09RoadArtesia (Lakewood, CA)*3-7-3.44-73.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 28-0
Sat 11/17HomeEl Toro (Lake Forest, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
6-6195-616.1Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Lost, 41-13
Cerritos (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2180, Coach: Dusan Ancich, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Black/Gold/Red, Nickname: Dons, Address: 12500 E 183rd St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/07Gahr (Cerritos, CA)El Rancho (Pico Rivera, CA)5-6-1.50-10-18Del RioSoutheast (VII)Lost, 17-6
Fri 09/14RoadGahr (Cerritos, CA)10-326.45-58.8San Gabriel ValleyWestern (III)Lost, 38-7
Fri 09/21Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Bell Gardens (CA)5-506-50AlmontSoutheast (VII)Lost, 28-0
Fri 09/28RoadArtesia (Lakewood, CA)*3-7-3.44-73.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 35-21
Thu 10/04Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Norwalk (CA)*5-6-1.85-5-3.7SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 35-21
Fri 10/12RoadBellflower (CA)*7-46.37-47.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 23-0
Fri 10/19Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Glenn (Norwalk, CA)*2-8-22.11-9-20SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 21-7
Mon 10/29Tustin (CA)Beckman (Irvine, CA)6-4-3.86-4-0.7Pacific CoastSouthern (IX)Lost, 21-0
Fri 11/02Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Mayfair (Lakewood, CA)*7-47.910-121.4SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 28-12
Fri 11/09RoadLa Mirada (CA)*4-7-0.36-56SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 41-8
Glenn (Norwalk, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 1999, Coach: Ken Mason, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Red/White/Blue, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 13520 Shoemaker Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/31Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Sierra Vista (Baldwin Park, CA)3-8-26.63-8-25.6MontviewMid-Valley (XI)Won, 27-21
Fri 09/07Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)La Serna (Whittier, CA)8-411.27-44.7Del RioSoutheast (VII)Lost, 51-7
Fri 09/14RoadWilson (Hacienda Heights, CA)6-68.54-64.5MiramonteSouthwest (VI)Lost, 41-7
Thu 09/20Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)La Quinta (Westminster, CA)0-10-36.10-10-40.5Garden GroveSouthern (IX)Won, 20-14
Fri 09/28Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Norwalk (CA)*5-6-1.85-5-3.7SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 35-7
Fri 10/05Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Artesia (Lakewood, CA)*3-7-3.44-73.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 30-7
Fri 10/19Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Cerritos (CA)*1-9-18.13-7-10.9SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 21-7
Mon 10/29RoadBellflower (CA)*7-46.37-47.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 25-7
Fri 11/02Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)La Mirada (CA)*4-7-0.36-56SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 56-7
Fri 11/09Bellflower (CA)Mayfair (Lakewood, CA)*7-47.910-121.4SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 35-14
La Mirada (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2335, Coach: Dave Rush, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Royal Blue/Gold, Nickname: Matadores, Address: 13520 Adelfa Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/07HomeFullerton (CA)9-421.84-75.2FreewaySoutheast (VII)Lost, 13-0
Fri 09/14RoadCharter Oak (Covina, CA)10-2-128.510-427.3MiramonteSouthwest (VI)Lost, 27-0
Fri 09/21HomeParamount (CA)1-9-7.92-8-0.1San Gabriel ValleyWestern (III)Won, 28-7
Fri 09/28HomeSt. Paul (Santa Fe Springs, CA)10-439.27-625.2MissionWestern (III)Lost, 40-7
Fri 10/05Bellflower (CA)Mayfair (Lakewood, CA)*7-47.910-121.4SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 33-7
Fri 10/12Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Norwalk (CA)*5-6-1.85-5-3.7SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 14-10
Fri 10/19HomeBellflower (CA)*7-46.37-47.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 27-5
Mon 10/29HomeArtesia (Lakewood, CA)*3-7-3.44-73.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 21-20
Fri 11/02Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Glenn (Norwalk, CA)*2-8-22.11-9-20SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 56-7
Fri 11/09HomeCerritos (CA)*1-9-18.13-7-10.9SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 41-8
Fri 11/16Covina District Stadium (Covina, CA)South Hills (West Covina, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
10-330.46-615San AntonioSouthwest (VI)Lost, 59-33
Mayfair (Lakewood, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2415, Coach: Mike Fitch/Woodie Grayson, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Navy/White/Silver, Nickname: Monsoons, Address: 6000 N Woodruff Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 08/30RoadMoorpark (CA)6-521.911-349.2MarmonteNorthern (IV)Lost, 12-0
Fri 09/07Bellflower (CA)Cabrillo (Long Beach, CA)2-86.70-10-3MoorePac-5 (I)Won, 14-9
Fri 09/14Bellflower (CA)Lakewood (CA)7-436.57-427.4MoorePac-5 (I)Lost, 40-3
Fri 09/21RoadWestern (Anaheim, CA)9-2-1186-57.9OrangeSouthern (IX)Lost, 35-17
Fri 09/28RoadBellflower (CA)*7-46.37-47.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 21-14
Fri 10/05Bellflower (CA)La Mirada (CA)*4-7-0.36-56SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 33-7
Fri 10/12RoadArtesia (Lakewood, CA)*3-7-3.44-73.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 17-12
Mon 10/29Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Norwalk (CA)*5-6-1.85-5-3.7SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 14-12
Fri 11/02Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Cerritos (CA)*1-9-18.13-7-10.9SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 28-12
Fri 11/09Bellflower (CA)Glenn (Norwalk, CA)*2-8-22.11-9-20SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 35-14
Fri 11/16Bellflower (CA)Wilson (Hacienda Heights, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
6-68.54-64.5MiramonteSouthwest (VI)Lost, 21-13
Norwalk (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2415, Coach: Dean Gray, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Purple/Gold/White, Nickname: Lancers, Address: 11356 Leffingwell Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/31Schurr (Montebello, CA)Montebello (CA)2-8-17.73-7-11.1AlmontSoutheast (VII)Won, 31-6
Fri 09/07RoadBassett (La Puente, CA)1-9-391-9-36.2MontviewMid-Valley (XI)Won, 57-12
Fri 09/14Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)La Serna (Whittier, CA)8-411.27-44.7Del RioSoutheast (VII)Lost, 28-12
Fri 09/21Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Roosevelt (Corona, CA)4-69.13-0-22FreelanceInland (II)Lost, 27-24
Fri 09/28Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Glenn (Norwalk, CA)*2-8-22.11-9-20SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 35-7
Thu 10/04Gahr (Cerritos, CA)Cerritos (CA)*1-9-18.13-7-10.9SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 35-21
Fri 10/12Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)La Mirada (CA)*4-7-0.36-56SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 14-10
Fri 10/19Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Artesia (Lakewood, CA)*3-7-3.44-73.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Won, 42-21
Mon 10/29Excelsior Adult School (Norwalk, CA)Mayfair (Lakewood, CA)*7-47.910-121.4SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 14-12
Fri 11/02RoadBellflower (CA)*7-46.37-47.3SuburbanSouthwest (VI)Lost, 28-21 (ot)
Fri 11/16RoadCharter Oak (Covina, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
10-2-128.510-427.3MiramonteSouthwest (VI)Lost, 40-0
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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