2007 Inland Valley Standings
Moreno Valley (CA)31075%103077%
Canyon Springs (Moreno Valley, CA)31075%85062%
Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)31075%75058%
Valley View (Moreno Valley, CA)13025%19010%
Vista del Lago (Moreno Valley, CA)0400%55050%
Recent Scores
Fri 12/07  Colony (Ontario, CA) 41 Canyon Springs (Moreno Valley, CA) 14
Central (V) Championship
Sat 12/01  Colony (Ontario, CA) 29 Moreno Valley (CA) 14
Central (V) Playoffs
Fri 11/23  Colton (CA) 39 Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA) 22
Central (V) Playoffs
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Per Game Averages
 Inland ValleySeason
Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)7-528.247.2938.24019.120.9
Moreno Valley (CA)10-329.125.21411.227.617.79.9
Canyon Springs (Moreno Valley, CA)8-521.133.5303.524.325.9-1.5
Vista del Lago (Moreno Valley, CA)5-53.26.741.2-34.514.824.1-9.3
Valley View (Moreno Valley, CA)1-92.31129.5-18.510.930-19.1

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Canyon Springs (Moreno Valley, CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 2790, Coach: Rich Bancroft, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Turquoise/Black/White, Nickname: Cougars, Address: 23100 Cougar Canyon Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/07Carter (Rialto, CA)Rialto (CA)1-9-6.53-74.2Citrus BeltInland (II)Won, 43-21
Fri 09/14Moreno Valley (CA)Highland (Palmdale, CA)5-67.36-615.4GoldenWestern (III)Won, 23-17
Fri 09/21RoadTemecula Valley (Temecula, CA)5-521.36-3-133.7SouthwesternInland (II)Lost, 27-12
Fri 09/28Moreno Valley (CA)North (Riverside, CA)13-143.714-045.8IvyEastern (VIII)Lost, 43-12
Sat 10/06King (Riverside, CA)Poly (Riverside, CA)7-511.43-70IvyEastern (VIII)Lost, 34-14
Fri 10/12RoadRancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)*7-528.29-328.4Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 68-12
Thu 10/18Moreno Valley (CA)Valley View (Moreno Valley, CA)*1-92.31-97.5Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 42-17
Sat 11/03RoadVista del Lago (Moreno Valley, CA)*5-53.25-51.2Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 48-7
Fri 11/09RoadMoreno Valley (CA)*10-329.18-518.1Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 32-28
Fri 11/16RoadElsinore (Wildomar, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
5-69.39-523.6SunbeltCentral (V)Won, 30-14
Fri 11/23Moreno Valley (CA)Pasadena (CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
7-59.15-54.2PacificCentral (V)Won, 21-20
Fri 11/30Moreno Valley (CA)Colton (CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
8-427.59-320.4San AndreasCentral (V)Won, 13-0
Fri 12/07RoadColony (Ontario, CA)
Central (V) Championship
12-233.512-232.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 41-14
Moreno Valley (CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 2228, Coach: Ted Wadkins, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Vikings, Address: 23300 Cottonwood Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/07HomeElsinore (Wildomar, CA)5-69.39-523.6SunbeltCentral (V)Lost, 14-6
Fri 09/14RoadPalm Springs (CA)6-7184-73.8Desert ValleyEastern (VIII)Won, 41-37
Fri 09/21RoadFontana (CA)2-80.90-10-12.8Citrus BeltInland (II)Won, 30-27
Fri 09/28Norte Vista (Riverside, CA)La Sierra (Riverside, CA)4-611.41-9-3.4IvyEastern (VIII)Won, 37-21
Fri 10/05HomeArroyo Valley (San Bernardino, CA)7-3-120.72-8-7.2San AndreasCentral (V)Won, 37-34
Fri 10/12HomeVista del Lago (Moreno Valley, CA)*5-53.25-51.2Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 42-3
Fri 10/19HomeCorona (CA)3-718.68-332.4Mountain ViewInland (II)Won, 21-3
Mon 10/29RoadRancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)*7-528.29-328.4Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 18-14
Fri 11/02HomeValley View (Moreno Valley, CA)*1-92.31-97.5Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 13-7
Fri 11/09HomeCanyon Springs (Moreno Valley, CA)*8-521.18-526.8Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 32-28
Fri 11/16HomeWest Valley (Hemet, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
6-514.52-8-0.2SunbeltCentral (V)Won, 36-10
Fri 11/23RoadCajon (San Bernardino, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
5-611.76-511.9San AndreasCentral (V)Won, 36-0
Sat 12/01HomeColony (Ontario, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
12-233.512-232.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 29-14
Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 3460, Coach: Pete Duffy, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Silver/Red/Black, Nickname: Mustangs, Address: 17750 E Lasselle St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/31HomeTustin (CA)5-59.57-420.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 34-0 (forfeit loss)
Fri 09/07HomeYucaipa (CA)7-419.65-612.6Citrus BeltInland (II)Won, 37-6 (forfeit loss)
Thu 09/13HomeBloomington (CA)6-515.17-524.4SunkistEastern (VIII)Won, 38-28
Fri 09/21HomeSt. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)3-624.26-438.9TrinityPac-5 (I)Won, 28-24
Thu 10/04Paloma Valley (Menifee, CA)Perris (CA)3-7-4.12-8-10.4SunbeltCentral (V)Won, 46-9
Fri 10/12HomeCanyon Springs (Moreno Valley, CA)*8-521.18-526.8Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 68-12
Fri 10/19RoadVista del Lago (Moreno Valley, CA)*5-53.25-51.2Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 58-3
Mon 10/29HomeMoreno Valley (CA)*10-329.18-518.1Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 18-14
Fri 11/02RoadNorco (CA)9-336.712-248.8Mountain ViewInland (II)Lost, 27-24
Fri 11/09RoadValley View (Moreno Valley, CA)*1-92.31-97.5Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 49-3
Fri 11/16HomeArcadia (CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
8-39.15-61.1PacificCentral (V)Won, 53-28
Fri 11/23RoadColton (CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
8-427.59-320.4San AndreasCentral (V)Lost, 39-22
Valley View (Moreno Valley, CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 2660, Coach: Jack Fogarty, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Black/White, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 13135 Nason St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 09/06RoadGreat Oak (Temecula, CA)4-616.64-618.9SouthwesternInland (II)Lost, 22-0
Fri 09/14HomeCathedral City (CA)4-60.84-61.4Desert ValleyEastern (VIII)Lost, 14-10
Thu 09/20HomeChaparral (Temecula, CA)9-438.611-342.1SouthwesternInland (II)Lost, 28-7
Fri 09/28RoadTemecula Valley (Temecula, CA)5-521.36-3-133.7SouthwesternInland (II)Lost, 37-24
Fri 10/05RoadLa Quinta (CA)8-323.612-232.8Desert ValleyEastern (VIII)Lost, 35-10
Fri 10/12HomeCentennial (Corona, CA)13-260.311-145.6Mountain ViewInland (II)Lost, 46-14
Thu 10/18Moreno Valley (CA)Canyon Springs (Moreno Valley, CA)*8-521.18-526.8Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 42-17
Mon 10/29HomeVista del Lago (Moreno Valley, CA)*5-53.25-51.2Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 17-14
Fri 11/02RoadMoreno Valley (CA)*10-329.18-518.1Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 13-7
Fri 11/09HomeRancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)*7-528.29-328.4Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 49-3
Vista del Lago (Moreno Valley, CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 2574, Coach: Ken Hedlund, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/Black/Silver, Nickname: Ravens, Address: 15150 Lasselle St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/31RoadVictor Valley (Victorville, CA)0-9-25.10-10-17.7Desert SkyEastern (VIII)Won, 40-7
Fri 09/07HomePerris (CA)3-7-4.12-8-10.4SunbeltCentral (V)Lost, 21-0
Fri 09/14RoadJurupa Valley (Mira Loma, CA)7-43.75-53.4SunkistEastern (VIII)Won, 20-19
Fri 09/21HomeIndio (CA)5-55.41-9-16.3Desert ValleyEastern (VIII)Won, 12-7
Fri 09/28Nicolet Middle School (Banning, CA)Banning (CA)3-7-10.60-10-29Mountain PassEast Valley (XII)Won, 23-0
Fri 10/05HomeNorte Vista (Riverside, CA)2-8-7.65-62.2SunkistEastern (VIII)Won, 26-22
Fri 10/12RoadMoreno Valley (CA)*10-329.18-518.1Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 42-3
Fri 10/19HomeRancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)*7-528.29-328.4Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 58-3
Mon 10/29RoadValley View (Moreno Valley, CA)*1-92.31-97.5Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 17-14
Sat 11/03HomeCanyon Springs (Moreno Valley, CA)*8-521.18-526.8Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 48-7
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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