2007 Century Standings
El Dorado (Placentia, CA)500100%131093%
Canyon (Anaheim, CA)32060%83073%
Brea Olinda (Brea, CA)32060%56045%
El Modena (Orange, CA)23040%64060%
Tustin (CA)23040%55050%
Villa Park (CA)0500%19010%
Recent Scores
Fri 12/07  El Dorado (Placentia, CA) 13 Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA) 12
Southwest (VI) Championship
Fri 11/16  Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA) 38 Brea Olinda (Brea, CA) 7
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
Fri 11/16  West Covina (CA) 28 Canyon (Anaheim, CA) 21
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
El Dorado (Placentia, CA)13-142.334.
Canyon (Anaheim, CA)8-318.330.423.4735.82114.7
El Modena (Orange, CA)6-41426.830.8-435.826.69.1
Tustin (CA)5-59.520.826-5.123.327.2-3.8
Brea Olinda (Brea, CA)5-69.720.825.8-520.331.5-11.2
Villa Park (CA)1-92.611.231.2-2015.129.5-14.4

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Brea Olinda (Brea, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2070, Coach: Robb Perrance, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/Gold, Nickname: Wildcats, Address: 789 Wildcat Wy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 08/30RoadValencia (Placentia, CA)8-3-121.37-513.2EmpireSouthern (IX)Lost, 32-29
Fri 09/07Fullerton (CA)Troy (Fullerton, CA)1-822.912-124.2FreewaySoutheast (VII)Lost, 34-14 (forfeit win)
Fri 09/14HomeSonora (La Habra, CA)5-5-5.33-7-4FreewaySoutheast (VII)Won, 37-28
Thu 09/20HomeDiamond Bar (CA)3-71.52-81.3SierraInland (II)Lost, 32-13
Fri 10/05RoadLa Habra (CA)13-036.310-321FreewaySoutheast (VII)Lost, 56-13
Fri 10/12Valencia (Placentia, CA)El Dorado (Placentia, CA)*13-142.313-139.1CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 31-0
Fri 10/19HomeEl Modena (Orange, CA)*6-4145-57.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 33-20
Mon 10/29El Modena (Orange, CA)Villa Park (CA)*1-92.63-710.2CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 24-21
Sat 11/03El Modena (Orange, CA)Canyon (Anaheim, CA)*8-318.39-223.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 42-19
Fri 11/09HomeTustin (CA)*5-59.57-420.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 28-15
Fri 11/16RoadTrabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
12-235.48-521.4Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Lost, 38-7
Canyon (Anaheim, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2270, Coach: Brent McKee, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Brown/Gold, Nickname: Comanches, Address: 220 S Imperial Hwy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/07RoadParamount (CA)1-9-7.92-8-0.1San Gabriel ValleyWestern (III)Won, 49-21
Fri 09/14RoadBonita (La Verne, CA)6-58.97-314MiramonteSouthwest (VI)Won, 49-28
Thu 09/20El Modena (Orange, CA)Santa Ana (CA)5-6-112-8-30.5Golden WestSoutheast (VII)Won, 46-3
Thu 09/27RoadGarden Grove (CA)6-5-6.55-6-3.6Garden GroveSouthern (IX)Won, 49-21
Fri 10/05El Modena (Orange, CA)Laguna Hills (CA)6-314.99-2-121.5Pacific CoastSouthern (IX)Won, 28-13
Fri 10/12El Modena (Orange, CA)Villa Park (CA)*1-92.63-710.2CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 35-0
Fri 10/19El Modena (Orange, CA)El Dorado (Placentia, CA)*13-142.313-139.1CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 42-6
Mon 10/29RoadTustin (CA)*5-59.57-420.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 35-27
Sat 11/03El Modena (Orange, CA)Brea Olinda (Brea, CA)*5-69.74-64CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 42-19
Fri 11/09RoadEl Modena (Orange, CA)*6-4145-57.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 42-21
Fri 11/16El Modena (Orange, CA)West Covina (CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
6-614.37-518San AntonioSouthwest (VI)Lost, 28-21
El Dorado (Placentia, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2475, Coach: Jeff Bailey, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Golden Hawks, Address: 1651 N Valencia Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/31Valencia (Placentia, CA)Esperanza (Anaheim, CA)10-245.89-236.3SunsetPac-5 (I)Lost, 16-3
Fri 09/07RoadDana Hills (Dana Point, CA)1-8-1185-628.6South CoastPac-5 (I)Won, 10-0
Sat 09/15Valencia (Placentia, CA)Fullerton (CA)9-421.84-75.2FreewaySoutheast (VII)Won, 37-0
Fri 09/21RoadValencia (Placentia, CA)8-3-121.37-513.2EmpireSouthern (IX)Won, 36-14
Thu 10/04Citrus College (Glendora, CA)Glendora (CA)9-3337-423.9SierraInland (II)Won, 35-14
Fri 10/12Valencia (Placentia, CA)Brea Olinda (Brea, CA)*5-69.74-64CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 31-0
Fri 10/19El Modena (Orange, CA)Canyon (Anaheim, CA)*8-318.39-223.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 42-6
Mon 10/29RoadEl Modena (Orange, CA)*6-4145-57.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 38-20
Sat 11/03RoadTustin (CA)*5-59.57-420.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 20-3
Fri 11/09Valencia (Placentia, CA)Villa Park (CA)*1-92.63-710.2CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 41-7
Fri 11/16Valencia (Placentia, CA)Rowland (Rowland Heights, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
3-8-6.48-315.3San AntonioSouthwest (VI)Won, 40-7
Fri 11/23Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA)El Toro (Lake Forest, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
6-6195-616.1Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Won, 27-9
Sat 12/01Valencia (Placentia, CA)South Hills (West Covina, CA)
Southwest (VI) Playoffs
10-330.46-615San AntonioSouthwest (VI)Won, 23-17 (ot)
Fri 12/07Orange Coast College (Costa Mesa, CA)Trabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA)
Southwest (VI) Championship
12-235.48-521.4Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Won, 13-12
El Modena (Orange, CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2244, Coach: Greg Olquin, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Cardinal/Gold, Nickname: Vanguards, Address: 3920 Spring St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/07HomeOrange (CA)3-7-14.86-5-10.4Golden WestSoutheast (VII)Won, 47-12
Thu 09/13HomeSaddleback (Santa Ana, CA)0-10-32.37-50.7Golden WestSoutheast (VII)Won, 59-0
Fri 09/21Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Loara (Anaheim, CA)2-7-3.70-10-14.6EmpireSouthern (IX)Won, 53-27
Fri 09/28HomeFoothill (Santa Ana, CA)9-321.89-323.6Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Lost, 56-38
Fri 10/05RoadFullerton (CA)9-421.84-75.2FreewaySoutheast (VII)Won, 27-17
Fri 10/12RoadTustin (CA)*5-59.57-420.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 40-28
Fri 10/19RoadBrea Olinda (Brea, CA)*5-69.74-64CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 33-20
Mon 10/29HomeEl Dorado (Placentia, CA)*13-142.313-139.1CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 38-20
Sat 11/03HomeVilla Park (CA)*1-92.63-710.2CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 33-13
Fri 11/09HomeCanyon (Anaheim, CA)*8-318.39-223.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 42-21
Tustin (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 1851, Coach: Myron Miller, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Black/White, Nickname: Tillers, Address: 1171 El Camino Real)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/31RoadRancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)7-528.29-328.4Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 34-0 (forfeit win)
Fri 09/07HomeFoothill (Santa Ana, CA)9-321.89-323.6Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Lost, 40-26
Thu 09/20HomeCentennial (Compton, CA)6-64.44-5-5.7PioneerNorthwest (X)Won, 35-26
Fri 09/28HomeWestern (Anaheim, CA)9-2-1186-57.9OrangeSouthern (IX)Lost, 28-3
Fri 10/05HomeArroyo (El Monte, CA)6-5-0.55-6-5.9Mission ValleySoutheast (VII)Won, 42-21
Fri 10/12HomeEl Modena (Orange, CA)*6-4145-57.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 40-28
Thu 10/18El Modena (Orange, CA)Villa Park (CA)*1-92.63-710.2CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 23-15
Mon 10/29HomeCanyon (Anaheim, CA)*8-318.39-223.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Won, 35-27
Sat 11/03HomeEl Dorado (Placentia, CA)*13-142.313-139.1CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 20-3
Fri 11/09RoadBrea Olinda (Brea, CA)*5-69.74-64CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 28-15
Villa Park (CA)
(Division: Southwest (VI), Enrollment: 2364, Coach: Pat Mahoney, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Blue/Black/White, Nickname: Spartans, Address: 18042 Taft Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2006 Record2006 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 09/06El Modena (Orange, CA)Valencia (Placentia, CA)8-3-121.37-513.2EmpireSouthern (IX)Lost, 19-3
Fri 09/14El Modena (Orange, CA)Foothill (Santa Ana, CA)9-321.89-323.6Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Lost, 49-27
Fri 09/21RoadTrabuco Hills (Mission Viejo, CA)12-235.48-521.4Sea ViewSouthwest (VI)Lost, 16-13
Thu 09/27RoadLa Habra (CA)13-036.310-321FreewaySoutheast (VII)Lost, 49-31
Thu 10/04El Modena (Orange, CA)Corona del Mar (Newport Beach, CA)4-52.47-510.4Pacific CoastSouthern (IX)Won, 21-6
Fri 10/12El Modena (Orange, CA)Canyon (Anaheim, CA)*8-318.39-223.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 35-0
Thu 10/18El Modena (Orange, CA)Tustin (CA)*5-59.57-420.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 23-15
Mon 10/29El Modena (Orange, CA)Brea Olinda (Brea, CA)*5-69.74-64CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 24-21
Sat 11/03RoadEl Modena (Orange, CA)*6-4145-57.5CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 33-13
Fri 11/09Valencia (Placentia, CA)El Dorado (Placentia, CA)*13-142.313-139.1CenturySouthwest (VI)Lost, 41-7
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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