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2022 OAKLAND SECTION 10/21 SCHEDULE & RESULTS   projection accuracy    hide projections

Friday, October 21st

Skyline (Oakland, CA) 32 Fremont (Oakland, CA) 29   
[projection and percent chances to win: Fremont (Oakland, CA) 21 (60%) Skyline (Oakland, CA) 17 (40%)]
Oakland (CA) 10 McClymonds (Oakland, CA) 7 [forfeit]   
[projection and percent chances to win: McClymonds (Oakland, CA) 62 (>99%) Oakland (CA) 0 (<1%)]
Castlemont (Oakland, CA) 13 Oakland Tech (Oakland, CA) 10   
[projection and percent chances to win: Oakland Tech (Oakland, CA) 31 (95%) Castlemont (Oakland, CA) 6 (5%)]