2017 DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA 10/6 SCHEDULE & RESULTS   projection accuracy    hide projections

Friday, October 6th

Ballou (Washington, DC) 43 Anacostia (Washington, DC) 0   
[projection: Ballou (Washington, DC) 44-0]
Eastern (Washington, DC) 38 Dunbar (Washington, DC) 20   
[projection: Eastern (Washington, DC) 34-21]
Woodson (Washington, DC) 32 Wilson (Washington, DC) 14   
[projection: Woodson [Howard D.] (Washington, DC) 42-13]

Bell (Washington, DC) 52 Cardozo (Washington, DC) 6   
[projection: Bell (Washington, DC) 41-14]
McKinley Tech (Washington, DC) 2 Coolidge (Washington, DC) 0 [forfeit]   
[projection: McKinley Tech (Washington, DC) 35-17]
Roosevelt (Washington, DC) 50 Phelps Architecture Construction & Engineering (Washington, DC) 14   
[projection: Roosevelt [Theodore] (Washington, DC) 50-0]

KIPP College Prep (Washington, DC) 40 Paul International (Washington, DC) 6   
[projection: KIPP College Prep (Washington, DC) 41-0]

Archbishop Spalding (Severn, MD) 24 Friendship Collegiate Academy (Washington, DC) 20   
[projection: Archbishop Spalding (Severn, MD) 28-21]
Avalon (Gaithersburg, MD) 30 Kingsman Academy (Washington, DC) 0   
[projection: Avalon (Gaithersburg, MD) 52-0]
Central Maryland Christian Crusaders (Sykesville, MD) 38 Model School for the Deaf (Washington, DC) 0   
[projection: Central Maryland Christian Crusaders (Sykesville, MD) 40-0]
Maryland School for the Deaf (Frederick, MD) 52 Parkside (Washington, DC) 30   
[projection: Maryland School for the Deaf (Frederick, MD) 44-6]
National Collegiate Prep (Washington, DC) 38 Wakefield (Arlington, VA) 14   
[projection: National Collegiate Prep (Washington, DC) 26-17]

Saturday, October 7th

Crossland (Temple Hills, MD) 42 Wright (Washington, DC) 16