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2015 NEBRASKA 11/6 SCHEDULE & RESULTS   projection accuracy    hide projections

Wednesday, November 4th

Amherst (NE) 63 Ansley/Litchfield (Ansley, NE) 44
Bruning-Davenport/Shickley (Bruning, NE) 18 Neligh-Oakdale (Neligh, NE) 16
Burwell (NE) 41 Blue Hill (NE) 36
Clearwater/Orchard (Clearwater, NE) 39 Perkins County (Grant, NE) 37
Creighton (NE) 19 Clarkson/Leigh (Clarkson, NE) 16
Hemingford (NE) 17 Elgin/Pope John (Elgin, NE) 15
Bloomfield (NE) 36 Guardian Angels Central Catholic (West Point, NE) 35
East Butler (Brainard, NE) 22 High Plains (Polk, NE) 17

Anselmo-Merna (Merna, NE) 58 Mullen (NE) 24
Chambers/Wheeler Central (Chambers, NE) 18 Bertrand (NE) 13
Kenesaw (NE) 32 Exeter-Milligan (Exeter, NE) 31
Garden County (Oshkosh, NE) 36 Crawford (NE) 31
Sacred Heart (Falls City, NE) 37 Randolph (NE) 35
Sandhills/Thedford (Dunning, NE) 15 Maxwell (NE) 12
St. Francis (Humphrey, NE) 16 Osceola (NE) 14
Wynot (NE) 18 Lawrence-Nelson (Nelson, NE) 13

Friday, November 6th

Riverside (Cedar Rapids, NE) 62 Silver Lake (Roseland, NE) 21
Hyannis (NE) 33 St. Edward (NE) 28

Bellevue West (Bellevue, NE) 40 Norfolk (NE) 7   
[projection: Bellevue West (Bellevue, NE) 42-14]
Millard North (Omaha, NE) 39 Omaha Central (Omaha, NE) 35   
[projection: Millard North (Omaha, NE) 27-19]
Papillion-LaVista South (Papillion, NE) 17 Millard West (Omaha, NE) 15   
[projection: Millard West (Omaha, NE) 35-12]
Omaha Westside (Omaha, NE) 28 Omaha North (Omaha, NE) 26 (ot)   
[projection: Omaha Westside (Omaha, NE) 34-22]

Aurora (NE) 15 Gretna (NE) 13   
[projection: Aurora (NE) 40-28]
York (NE) 17 Elkhorn South (Elkhorn, NE) 12   
[projection: Elkhorn South (Elkhorn, NE) 35-21]
McCook (NE) 22 Plattsmouth (NE) 17   
[projection: Plattsmouth (NE) 27-17]
Skutt Catholic (Omaha, NE) 15 Pius X (Lincoln, NE) 12   
[projection: Skutt Catholic [V. J. & Angela] (Omaha, NE) 31-10]

Boys Town (NE) 34 Holdrege (NE) 20   
[projection: Boys Town (NE) 31-26]
Bishop Neumann (Wahoo, NE) 30 Norfolk Catholic (Norfolk, NE) 27   
[projection: Norfolk Catholic (Norfolk, NE) 31-17]
Ashland-Greenwood (Ashland, NE) 28 Scotus (Columbus, NE) 27   
[projection: Scotus (Columbus, NE) 42-20]
Wilber-Clatonia (Wilber, NE) 22 Central City (NE) 21   
[projection: Wilber-Clatonia (Wilber, NE) 28-22]

Aquinas (David City, NE) 55 Sutton (NE) 16   
[projection: Aquinas (David City, NE) 41-8]
Battle Creek (NE) 16 Doniphan-Trumbull (Doniphan, NE) 13   
[projection: Battle Creek (NE) 35-12]
Gibbon (NE) 34 Oakland-Craig (Oakland, NE) 30   
[projection: Gibbon (NE) 34-26]
St. Cecilia (Hastings, NE) 17 Yutan (NE) 12   
[projection: St. Cecilia (Hastings, NE) 35-27]