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2002 North Central II Standings
Middletown (CA)400100%83073%
St. Vincent (Petaluma, CA)31075%74064%
Tomales (CA)22050%84067%
Calistoga (CA)13025%37030%
Upper Lake (CA)0400%19010%
Recent Scores
Saturday 11/30  Tomales (CA) 30 California School for the Deaf (Fremont, CA) 19
B Championship
Friday 11/22  Swett [John] (Crockett, CA) 34 St. Vincent (Petaluma, CA) 0
A Playoffs
Friday 11/22  Justin-Siena (Napa, CA) 34 Middletown (CA) 6
A Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
 North Central IISeason
Middletown (CA)8-38.9332.230.8247.216.8
Tomales (CA)8-49.527.5198.530.81911.8
St. Vincent (Petaluma, CA)7-41.612.275.11213.6-1.5
Calistoga (CA)3-7-7.11623-715.322-6.7
Upper Lake (CA)1-9-24.2340.5-37.51231.3-19.3

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Calistoga (CA)  (Division: B, Size: 5)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/13Napa County FairgroundsPotter Valley (CA)9-25.95-4-14.6North Central IIIB5Won, 6-0
09/20RoadVacaville Christian (Vacaville, CA)6-3-5.3  Sacramento Valley Christian (Sac-Joaquin)55Lost, 28-20
09/27Napa County FairgroundsCalifornia School for the Deaf (Fremont, CA)9-34.53-6-25.2Bay FootballB5Lost, 3-0
10/04RoadSouth Fork (Miranda, CA)8-413.55-5-5.4Humboldt-Del Norte Little 4A5Lost, 40-0
10/11Napa County FairgroundsValley Christian (Roseville, CA)8-24.7  Sacramento Valley Christian (Sac-Joaquin)55Lost, 51-25
10/18Napa County FairgroundsNorth Hills Christian (Vallejo, CA)3-7-20.1  Sacramento Valley Christian (Sac-Joaquin)55Won, 38-6
10/25Napa County FairgroundsUpper Lake (CA)1-9-24.23-7-7.7North Central IIA5Won, 42-12
11/02RoadTomales (CA)8-49.510-114.9North Central IIB5Lost, 32-22
11/09RoadSt. Vincent (Petaluma, CA)7-41.67-45.8North Central IIA5Lost, 6-0
11/15Napa County FairgroundsMiddletown (CA)8-38.912-028.4North Central IIA5Lost, 42-0
Middletown (CA)  (Division: A, Size: 5)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/13RoadLower Lake (CA)3-7-10.14-6-6.4North Central I2A Red4Won, 28-0
09/20HomeKelseyville (CA)4-5-1-3.33-7-1.9North Central IA5Lost, 15-13
09/27RoadClear Lake (Lakeport, CA)3-6-1-6.86-55.2North Central IA5Won, 28-0
10/05Swett [John] (Crockett, CA)Berean Christian (Walnut Creek, CA)0-10-26.89-29.3Bay FootballA5Won, 33-0
10/11HomeCloverdale (CA)11-118.910-224.5North Central IA5Lost, 22-0
10/19RoadUpper Lake (CA)1-9-24.23-7-7.7North Central IIA5Won, 42-0
10/25HomeTomales (CA)8-49.510-114.9North Central IIB5Won, 35-9
11/01HomeSt. Vincent (Petaluma, CA)7-41.67-45.8North Central IIA5Won, 13-0
11/08HomeSt. Helena (CA)6-55.41-9-14.2North Central IA5Won, 24-0
11/15Napa County FairgroundsCalistoga (CA)3-7-7.14-6-7.9North Central IIB5Won, 42-0
11/22HomeJustin-Siena (Napa, CA)
A Playoffs
7-617.88-414.8Marin CountyA5Lost, 34-6
St. Vincent (Petaluma, CA)  (Division: A, Size: 5)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/14RoadLincoln [Abraham] (San Francisco, CA)3-6-13.70-8-38.5Academic (San Francisco) 2Won, 14-7
09/20RoadCloverdale (CA)11-118.910-224.5North Central IA5Lost, 33-7
09/28HomeAnderson Valley (Boonville, CA)5-4-6.45-4-13.1North Central IIIB5Won, 18-6
10/04Kezar StadiumSacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA)8-1222-7-3.2Freelance (Central Coast) 4Lost, 42-6
10/12HomeEmery (Emeryville, CA)2-6-23.30-9-31.6Bay FootballB5Won, 33-0
10/19HomeTomales (CA)8-49.510-114.9North Central IIB5Won, 19-15
10/25RoadLower Lake (CA)3-7-10.14-6-6.4North Central I2A Red4Won, 6-0
11/01RoadMiddletown (CA)8-38.912-028.4North Central IIA5Lost, 13-0
11/09HomeCalistoga (CA)3-7-7.14-6-7.9North Central IIB5Won, 6-0
11/16RoadUpper Lake (CA)1-9-24.23-7-7.7North Central IIA5Won, 24-0
11/22RoadSwett [John] (Crockett, CA)
A Playoffs
11-120.12-8-3.3Bay ShoreA5Lost, 34-0
Tomales (CA)  (Division: B, Size: 5)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/14HomePoint Arena (CA)6-4-8.75-5-7.9North Central IIIB5Won, 42-6
09/21Balboa (San Francisco, CA)Marshall [Thurgood] (San Francisco, CA)3-8-21.81-7-29.8Academic (San Francisco) 4Won, 44-18
09/27RoadSt. Helena (CA)6-55.41-9-14.2North Central IA5Won, 14-13
10/05HomeClear Lake (Lakeport, CA)3-6-1-6.86-55.2North Central IA5Lost, 22-19
10/12RoadAlbany (CA)3-7-12.63-7-6.8Bay Shore2A East4Lost, 47-36
10/19RoadSt. Vincent (Petaluma, CA)7-41.67-45.8North Central IIA5Lost, 19-15
10/25RoadMiddletown (CA)8-38.912-028.4North Central IIA5Lost, 35-9
11/02HomeCalistoga (CA)3-7-7.14-6-7.9North Central IIB5Won, 32-22
11/09HomeUpper Lake (CA)1-9-24.23-7-7.7North Central IIA5Won, 54-0
11/16HomeAnderson Valley (Boonville, CA)5-4-6.45-4-13.1North Central IIIB5Won, 49-8
11/22RoadPotter Valley (CA)
B Playoffs
9-25.95-4-14.6North Central IIIB5Won, 26-19
11/30Diablo Valley CollegeCalifornia School for the Deaf (Fremont, CA)
B Championship
9-34.53-6-25.2Bay FootballB5Won, 30-19
Upper Lake (CA)  (Division: A, Size: 5)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/14Mendocino Community CollegeDeep Valley Christian (Redwood Valley, CA)2-7-27.92-7-24.5North Central IIIB5Won, 36-0
09/21HomeClear Lake (Lakeport, CA)3-6-1-6.86-55.2North Central IA5Lost, 30-6
09/28HomeLower Lake (CA)3-7-10.14-6-6.4North Central I2A Red4Lost, 37-14
10/05HomeMendocino (CA)4-6-16.3  North Central IIIB5Lost, 27-26
10/12RoadPoint Arena (CA)6-4-8.75-5-7.9North Central IIIB5Lost, 22-13
10/19HomeMiddletown (CA)8-38.912-028.4North Central IIA5Lost, 42-0
10/25Napa County FairgroundsCalistoga (CA)3-7-7.14-6-7.9North Central IIB5Lost, 42-12
11/01RoadKelseyville (CA)4-5-1-3.33-7-1.9North Central IA5Lost, 35-13
11/09RoadTomales (CA)8-49.510-114.9North Central IIB5Lost, 54-0
11/16HomeSt. Vincent (Petaluma, CA)7-41.67-45.8North Central IIA5Lost, 24-0