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2002 Metro (8 Man) Standings
California Lutheran (Wildomar, CA)41080%83073%
Desert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA)41080%83173%
Carnegie (Riverside, CA)31075%102083%
United Christian (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)23040%26025%
Cornerstone Christian (Wildomar, CA)14020%27022%
Packinghouse Christian Academy (Redlands, CA)0400%0500%
Recent Scores
Friday 12/06  Kings Christian (Lemoore, CA) 66 Desert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA) 20
8-Man Small Championship
Friday 12/06  Carnegie (Riverside, CA) 24 Joshua Springs (Yucca Valley, CA) 17
8-Man Large Championship
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Per Game Averages
 Metro (8 Man)Season
Carnegie (Riverside, CA)10-
California Lutheran (Wildomar, CA)8-3334414.629.443.224.718.5
Desert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA)8-3-128.245.41431.438.521.317.2
United Christian (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)2-6-8.517.433.2-15.816.636-19.4
Packinghouse Christian Academy (Redlands, CA)0-5-28.5436.5-
Cornerstone Christian (Wildomar, CA)2-7-21.1444.8-40.84.840.5-35.7

Team Game-By-Game Logs
California Lutheran (Wildomar, CA)  (Division: S, Size: S)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/14RoadLa Jolla Country Day (La Jolla, CA)10-149.37-30.1Citrus (8 Man) (San Diego)8 ManLLost, 43-14
09/20HomeFaith Baptist (Canoga Park, CA)8-329.211-142.5Heritage (8 Man)LLWon, 42-28
09/27HomeBloomington Christian (Bloomington, CA)6-633.610-146Four Corners (8 Man)LLWon, 50-36
10/04HomeSouth Bay Lutheran (Inglewood, CA)2-5-18.62-5-9.2Express (8 Man)LLWon, 64-14
10/11HomePackinghouse Christian Academy (Redlands, CA)0-5-28.5  Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 52-0
10/19HomeUnited Christian (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)2-6-8.50-7-34.4Metro (8 Man)LLWon, 66-7
10/25RoadCornerstone Christian (Wildomar, CA)2-7-21.11-4-31.5Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 52-0
11/02RoadCarnegie (Riverside, CA)10-244.19-141.4Metro (8 Man)LLLost, 21-0
11/08RoadDesert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA)8-3-128.27-415.6Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 50-45
11/22HomeImmanuel Christian (Ridgecrest, CA)
8-Man Small Playoffs
7-412.46-43.4Hi-Lo (8 Man)SSWon, 64-40
11/29HomeKings Christian (Lemoore, CA)
8-Man Small Playoffs
9-345.28-231.5Four Corners (8 Man)SSLost, 38-22
Carnegie (Riverside, CA)  (Division: L, Size: L)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/14HomeHillcrest Christian (Thousand Oaks, CA)2-7-17.75-2-8.2Freelance (8 Man)SSWon, 47-0
09/21RoadJulian (CA)10-14612-020.1Citrus (8 Man) (San Diego)8 ManLLost, 43-20
10/05HomeCornerstone Christian (Wildomar, CA)2-7-21.11-4-31.5Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 45-0
10/12RoadDesert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA)8-3-128.27-415.6Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 22-20
10/19HomeAvalon (CA)10-237.16-420.9Four Corners (8 Man)LLWon, 14-7
10/26RoadUnited Christian (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)2-6-8.50-7-34.4Metro (8 Man)LLWon, 45-0
11/02HomeCalifornia Lutheran (Wildomar, CA)8-3336-334.1Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 21-0
11/09HomeBloomington Christian (Bloomington, CA)6-633.610-146Four Corners (8 Man)LLWon, 35-20
11/16HomeWindward (Los Angeles, CA)
8-Man Large Playoffs
7-313.20-1-31Heritage (8 Man)LLWon, 48-0
11/23RoadFaith Baptist (Canoga Park, CA)
8-Man Large Playoffs
8-329.211-142.5Heritage (8 Man)LLWon, 42-37
11/30HomeBloomington Christian (Bloomington, CA)
8-Man Large Playoffs
6-633.610-146Four Corners (8 Man)LLWon, 21-12
12/06RoadJoshua Springs (Yucca Valley, CA)
8-Man Large Championship
12-139.211-132.9Agape (8 Man)LLWon, 24-17
Cornerstone Christian (Wildomar, CA)  (Division: S, Size: S)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/16HomeTri-City Christian (Vista, CA)7-329.45-5-8.7Citrus (8 Man) (San Diego)8 ManLLost, 47-0
09/21Blair (Pasadena, CA)Pacific Christian (Los Angeles, CA)2-7-46.33-6-28.4Omega (8 Man)SSWon, 24-0
09/27HomeDesert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA)8-3-128.27-415.6Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 57-0
10/05RoadCarnegie (Riverside, CA)10-244.19-141.4Metro (8 Man)LLLost, 45-0
10/12RoadUnited Christian (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)2-6-8.50-7-34.4Metro (8 Man)LLLost, 54-0
10/17HomeLighthouse Christian (Santa Monica, CA)4-32.20-5-31.9Freelance (8 Man)SSLost, 48-0
10/25HomeCalifornia Lutheran (Wildomar, CA)8-3336-334.1Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 52-0
11/01HomePeace in the Valley (Fontana, CA)8-39.81-2-12.9Freelance (8 Man)SSLost, 46-0
11/08HomePackinghouse Christian Academy (Redlands, CA)0-5-28.5  Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 20-16
Desert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA)  (Division: S, Size: S)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/13RoadWarner (Warner Springs, CA)3-74.55-4-8.9Citrus (8 Man) (San Diego)8 ManLWon, 44-0
09/20HomeDesert Christian (Bermuda Dunes, CA)4-5-15.71-7-10Agape (8 Man)LLTied, 28-28
09/27RoadCornerstone Christian (Wildomar, CA)2-7-21.11-4-31.5Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 57-0
10/05RoadPackinghouse Christian Academy (Redlands, CA)0-5-28.5  Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 48-0
10/12HomeCarnegie (Riverside, CA)10-244.19-141.4Metro (8 Man)LLWon, 22-20
10/18HomePeace in the Valley (Fontana, CA)8-39.81-2-12.9Freelance (8 Man)SSWon, 43-20
10/25HomeAvalon (CA)10-237.16-420.9Four Corners (8 Man)LLLost, 28-12
11/02RoadUnited Christian (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)2-6-8.50-7-34.4Metro (8 Man)LLWon, 55-0
11/08HomeCalifornia Lutheran (Wildomar, CA)8-3336-334.1Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 50-45
11/22HomeMasada (Gardena, CA)
8-Man Small Playoffs
6-514.43-58Four Corners (8 Man)SSWon, 47-20
11/30Lutheran (La Verne, CA)Southlands Christian (Rowland Heights, CA)
8-Man Small Playoffs
10-117.26-38.9Express (8 Man)SSWon, 42-24
12/06RoadKings Christian (Lemoore, CA)
8-Man Small Championship
9-345.28-231.5Four Corners (8 Man)SSLost, 66-20
Packinghouse Christian Academy (Redlands, CA)  (Division: S, Size: S)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/14HomeJoshua Springs (Yucca Valley, CA)12-139.211-132.9Agape (8 Man)LLLost, 46-0
09/28HomeUnited Christian (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)2-6-8.50-7-34.4Metro (8 Man)LLLost, 26-0
10/05HomeDesert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA)8-3-128.27-415.6Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 48-0
10/11RoadCalifornia Lutheran (Wildomar, CA)8-3336-334.1Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 52-0
11/08RoadCornerstone Christian (Wildomar, CA)2-7-21.11-4-31.5Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 20-16
United Christian (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)  (Division: L, Size: L)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2001 Record2001 RatingLeagueDivisionSizeResult (Time)
09/13RoadImmanuel Christian (Ridgecrest, CA)7-412.46-43.4Hi-Lo (8 Man)SSLost, 40-20
09/21HomeCuyama Valley (New Cuyama, CA)2-604-61.9Coast Valley (8 Man)LLLost, 34-7
09/28RoadPackinghouse Christian Academy (Redlands, CA)0-5-28.5  Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 26-0
10/05RoadAntelope Valley Christian (Lancaster, CA)4-4-15.27-317Agape (8 Man)LLLost, 48-19
10/12HomeCornerstone Christian (Wildomar, CA)2-7-21.11-4-31.5Metro (8 Man)SSWon, 54-0
10/19RoadCalifornia Lutheran (Wildomar, CA)8-3336-334.1Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 66-7
10/26HomeCarnegie (Riverside, CA)10-244.19-141.4Metro (8 Man)LLLost, 45-0
11/02HomeDesert Chapel (Palm Springs, CA)8-3-128.27-415.6Metro (8 Man)SSLost, 55-0