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1A    champions: Sweet Water (AL)   [12/02 Sweet Water (AL) 40 Wadley (AL) 16]
2A    champions: Clarke County (Grove Hill, AL)   [12/03 Clarke County (Grove Hill, AL) 49 Cleveland (AL) 41]
3A    champions: Piedmont (AL)   [12/02 Piedmont (AL) 35 Montgomery Academy (Montgomery, AL) 33]
4A    champions: Vigor [C. F.] (Prichard, AL)   [12/03 Vigor [C. F.] (Prichard, AL) 52 Oneonta (AL) 14]
5A    champions: Pike Road (AL)   [12/02 Pike Road (AL) 51 Pleasant Grove (AL) 14]
6A    champions: Clay-Chalkville (Pinson, AL)   [12/03 Clay-Chalkville (Pinson, AL) 46 Hueytown (AL) 42]
7A    champions: Thompson (Alabaster, AL)   [12/01 Thompson (Alabaster, AL) 38 Central (Phenix City, AL) 22]
ACSC    champions: Ezekiel Academy (Montgomery, AL)   [11/05 Ezekiel Academy (Montgomery, AL) 41 Evangel Christian (Alabaster, AL) 36]
AISA A    champions: Lowndes Academy (Lowndesboro, AL)   [11/19 Lowndes Academy (Lowndesboro, AL) 21 Jackson Academy (Jackson, AL) 6]
AISA AA    champions: Autauga Academy (Prattville, AL)   [11/19 Autauga Academy (Prattville, AL) 52 Escambia Academy (Atmore, AL) 35]
AISA AAA    champions: Pike Liberal Arts (Troy, AL)   [11/19 Pike Liberal Arts (Troy, AL) 41 Tuscaloosa Academy (Tuscaloosa, AL) 21]
Christian 6 Man    champions: Conecuh Springs Christian (Union Springs, AL)   [10/29 Conecuh Springs Christian (Union Springs, AL) 52 Clay County Christian Academy (Ashland, AL) 36]
Christian 8 Man    champions: Russell Christian Academy (Meridian, MS)   [11/05 Russell Christian Academy (Meridian, MS) 34 Evangel Christian Academy (Montgomery, AL) 24]


I    champions: East (Anchorage, AK)   [10/22 East (Anchorage, AK) 30 Juneau-Douglas/Thunder Mountain (Juneau, AK) 17]
II    champions: Lathrop (Fairbanks, AK)   [10/16 Lathrop (Fairbanks, AK) 39 Soldotna (AK) 28]
III    champions: Redington (Wasilla, AK)   [10/16 Redington (Wasilla, AK) 46 Houston (Big Lake, AK) 12]


1A    champions: Mogollon (Heber, AZ)   [11/13 Mogollon (Heber, AZ) 58 St. David (AZ) 12]
2A    champions: Arizona Lutheran Academy (Phoenix, AZ)   [11/27 Arizona Lutheran Academy (Phoenix, AZ) 28 Morenci (AZ) 14]
3A    champions: Snowflake (AZ)   [11/27 Snowflake (AZ) 10 Yuma Catholic (Yuma, AZ) 3]
4A    champions: Casa Grande (AZ)   [12/10 Casa Grande (AZ) 33 Poston Butte (San Tan Valley, AZ) 28]
5A    champions: Horizon (Scottsdale, AZ)   [12/10 Horizon (Scottsdale, AZ) 38 Salpointe Catholic (Tucson, AZ) 28]
6A    champions: Highland (Gilbert, AZ)   [12/11 Highland (Gilbert, AZ) 31 Chaparral (Scottsdale, AZ) 10]
CAA I    champions: Skyline Prep (Phoenix, AZ)   [11/13 Skyline Prep (Phoenix, AZ) 24 Maryvale Prep (Phoenix, AZ) 14]
CAA II    champions: Imagine Prep (Surprise, AZ)   [11/20 Imagine Prep (Surprise, AZ) 42 Heritage Academy (Mesa, AZ) 34]
Open    champions: Saguaro (Scottsdale, AZ)   [12/11 Saguaro (Scottsdale, AZ) 20 Chandler (AZ) 15]


2A    champions: McCrory (AR)   [12/12 McCrory (AR) 34 Fordyce (AR) 7]
3A    champions: Harding Academy (Searcy, AR)   [12/11 Harding Academy (Searcy, AR) 47 Prescott (AR) 25]
4A    champions: Robinson (Little Rock, AR)   [12/11 Robinson (Little Rock, AR) 42 Shiloh Christian (Springdale, AR) 14]
5A    champions: Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)   [12/03 Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR) 51 White Hall (AR) 19]
6A    champions: El Dorado (AR)   [12/04 El Dorado (AR) 27 Greenwood (AR) 17]
7A    champions: Bryant (AR)   [12/04 Bryant (AR) 42 Fayetteville (AR) 38]
8 Man    champions: Strong (AR)   [12/02 Strong (AR) 66 Mountain Pine (AR) 60]


Bowl 1-A    winner: Serra [Junipero] (Gardena, CA)   [12/11 Serra [Junipero] (Gardena, CA) 21 Liberty (Bakersfield, CA) 16]
Bowl 1-AA    winner: Cathedral (San Diego, CA)   [12/10 Cathedral (San Diego, CA) 33 Folsom (CA) 21]
Bowl 2-A    winner: Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)   [12/11 Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA) 31 Wilcox [Adrian] (Santa Clara, CA) 28]
Bowl 2-AA    winner: Mater Dei (Chula Vista, CA)   [12/10 Mater Dei (Chula Vista, CA) 34 Central Catholic (Modesto, CA) 25]
Bowl 3-A    winner: McClymonds (Oakland, CA)   [12/11 McClymonds (Oakland, CA) 54 Birmingham (Van Nuys, CA) 7]
Bowl 3-AA    winner: Vanden (Fairfield, CA)   [12/11 Vanden (Fairfield, CA) 14 Aquinas (San Bernardino, CA) 13]
Bowl 4-A    winner: Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA)   [12/11 Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA) 48 Northview (Covina, CA) 29]
Bowl 4-AA    winner: Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA)   [12/11 Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA) 33 Central Valley Christian (Visalia, CA) 14]
Bowl 5-A    winner: Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton, CA)   [12/11 Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton, CA) 16 Righetti [Ernest] (Santa Maria, CA) 0]
Bowl 5-AA    winner: San Marin (Novato, CA)   [12/11 San Marin (Novato, CA) 20 Independence (Bakersfield, CA) 14]
Bowl 6-A    winner: Salesian (Richmond, CA)   [12/11 Salesian (Richmond, CA) 42 Arlington (Riverside, CA) 21]
Bowl 6-AA    winner: Argonaut (Jackson, CA)   [12/11 Argonaut (Jackson, CA) 47 Quartz Hill (CA) 14]
Bowl 7-A    winner: Balboa (San Francisco, CA)   [12/11 Balboa (San Francisco, CA) 43 Taft [William Howard] (Woodland Hills, CA) 0]
Bowl 7-AA    winner: Fall River (McArthur, CA)   [12/11 Fall River (McArthur, CA) 43 Morro Bay (CA) 13]
Bowl Open    winner: Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA)   [12/11 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) 44 Serra [Junipero] (San Mateo, CA) 7]
Central Coast, I    champions: Serra [Junipero] (San Mateo, CA)   [11/26 Serra [Junipero] (San Mateo, CA) 16 St. Francis (Mountain View, CA) 12]
Central Coast, II    champions: Wilcox [Adrian] (Santa Clara, CA)   [11/27 Wilcox [Adrian] (Santa Clara, CA) 54 Menlo (Atherton, CA) 20]
Central Coast, III    champions: Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA)   [11/27 Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA) 27 Christopher (Gilroy, CA) 3]
Central Coast, IV    champions: Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton, CA)   [11/26 Sacred Heart Prep (Atherton, CA) 51 Homestead (Cupertino, CA) 28]
Central Coast, V    champions: Aragon (San Mateo, CA)   [11/27 Aragon (San Mateo, CA) 38 St. Francis (Watsonville, CA) 14]
Central, 8 Man    champions: Fresno Christian (Fresno, CA)   [11/19 Fresno Christian (Fresno, CA) 54 Mojave (CA) 6]
Central, I    champions: Liberty (Bakersfield, CA)   [11/26 Liberty (Bakersfield, CA) 42 Central (Fresno, CA) 14]
Central, II    champions: Bullard (Fresno, CA)   [11/26 Bullard (Fresno, CA) 45 Bakersfield (CA) 21]
Central, III    champions: Central Valley Christian (Visalia, CA)   [11/26 Central Valley Christian (Visalia, CA) 27 Bakersfield Christian (Bakersfield, CA) 25]
Central, IV    champions: Independence (Bakersfield, CA)   [11/26 Independence (Bakersfield, CA) 28 Mendota (CA) 21]
Central, V    champions: Righetti [Ernest] (Santa Maria, CA)   [11/26 Righetti [Ernest] (Santa Maria, CA) 34 Liberty (Madera, CA) 7]
Central, VI    champions: Morro Bay (CA)   [11/26 Morro Bay (CA) 35 Taft (CA) 33]
Los Angeles, 8 Man    champions: Sotomayor [Sonia M.] (Los Angeles, CA)   [11/20 Sotomayor [Sonia M.] (Los Angeles, CA) 40 North Valley Military Institute (Sun Valley, CA) 0]
Los Angeles, I    champions: Venice (Los Angeles, CA)   [11/26 Venice (Los Angeles, CA) 36 Canoga Park (CA) 9]
Los Angeles, II    champions: El Camino Real (Woodland Hills, CA)   [11/27 El Camino Real (Woodland Hills, CA) 37 Hamilton [Alexander] (Los Angeles, CA) 18]
Los Angeles, III    champions: Taft [William Howard] (Woodland Hills, CA)   [11/26 Taft [William Howard] (Woodland Hills, CA) 21 Panorama (Panorama City, CA) 20]
Los Angeles, Open    champions: Birmingham (Van Nuys, CA)   [11/27 Birmingham (Van Nuys, CA) 24 San Pedro (CA) 14]
North Coast, 1    champions: Pittsburg (CA)   [11/26 Pittsburg (CA) 28 Clayton Valley (Concord, CA) 14]
North Coast, 2    champions: Campolindo (Moraga, CA)   [11/27 Campolindo (Moraga, CA) 21 Foothill (Pleasanton, CA) 14]
North Coast, 3    champions: Windsor (CA)   [11/26 Windsor (CA) 38 Benicia (CA) 14]
North Coast, 4    champions: Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA)   [11/27 Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA) 42 Cardinal Newman (Santa Rosa, CA) 7]
North Coast, 5    champions: San Marin (Novato, CA)   [11/26 San Marin (Novato, CA) 36 Del Norte (Crescent City, CA) 0]
North Coast, 6    champions: Salesian (Richmond, CA)   [11/27 Salesian (Richmond, CA) 28 Justin-Siena (Napa, CA) 26]
North Coast, 7    champions: St. Vincent (Petaluma, CA)   [11/27 St. Vincent (Petaluma, CA) 54 St. Helena (CA) 32]
North Coast, 8 Man    champions: Branson (Ross, CA)   [11/27 Branson (Ross, CA) 58 Stuart Hall (San Francisco, CA) 16]
North Coast, Open    champions: De La Salle (Concord, CA)   [11/19 De La Salle (Concord, CA) 42 Pittsburg (CA) 14]
Northern, II    champions: Chico (CA)   [11/27 Chico (CA) 27 Foothill (Palo Cedro, CA) 23]
Northern, III    champions: Sutter (CA)   [11/27 Sutter (CA) 34 Paradise (CA) 31]
Northern, IV    champions: University Prep (Redding, CA)   [11/24 University Prep (Redding, CA) 27 Pierce (Arbuckle, CA) 7]
Northern, V    champions: Fall River (McArthur, CA)   [11/24 Fall River (McArthur, CA) 37 Modoc (Alturas, CA) 6]
Northern, VI    champions: Redding Christian (Palo Cedro, CA)   [11/19 Redding Christian (Palo Cedro, CA) 48 Tulelake (CA) 0]
Oakland, OAL    champions: McClymonds (Oakland, CA)   [11/27 McClymonds (Oakland, CA) 48 Skyline (Oakland, CA) 3]
Sac-Joaquin, I    champions: Folsom (CA)   [11/26 Folsom (CA) 20 Rocklin (CA) 3]
Sac-Joaquin, II    champions: Central Catholic (Modesto, CA)   [11/27 Central Catholic (Modesto, CA) 43 Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA) 22]
Sac-Joaquin, III    champions: Manteca (CA)   [11/26 Manteca (CA) 35 Oakdale (CA) 28]
Sac-Joaquin, IV    champions: Vanden (Fairfield, CA)   [11/27 Vanden (Fairfield, CA) 49 Merced (CA) 21]
Sac-Joaquin, V    champions: Escalon (CA)   [11/27 Escalon (CA) 20 Hilmar (CA) 13]
Sac-Joaquin, VI    champions: Argonaut (Jackson, CA)   [11/27 Argonaut (Jackson, CA) 31 Rosemont (Sacramento, CA) 20]
Sac-Joaquin, VII    champions: Le Grand (CA)   [11/26 Le Grand (CA) 35 Woodland Christian (Woodland, CA) 12]
San Diego, 8 Man    champions: San Diego Jewish Academy (San Diego, CA)   [11/06 San Diego Jewish Academy (San Diego, CA) 50 Victory Christian (Chula Vista, CA) 28]
San Diego, I    champions: Helix (La Mesa, CA)   [11/27 Helix (La Mesa, CA) 28 Lincoln [Abraham] (San Diego, CA) 21]
San Diego, II    champions: Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)   [11/26 Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA) 42 La Jolla (CA) 0]
San Diego, III    champions: Mater Dei (Chula Vista, CA)   [11/27 Mater Dei (Chula Vista, CA) 37 Ramona (CA) 10]
San Diego, IV    champions: Henry [Patrick] (San Diego, CA)   [11/26 Henry [Patrick] (San Diego, CA) 49 University City (San Diego, CA) 21]
San Diego, Open    champions: Cathedral (San Diego, CA)   [11/20 Cathedral (San Diego, CA) 48 Carlsbad (CA) 19]
San Diego, V    champions: Palo Verde Valley (Blythe, CA)   [11/26 Palo Verde Valley (Blythe, CA) 41 Mission Bay (San Diego, CA) 19]
San Francisco, AAA    champions: Balboa (San Francisco, CA)   [11/25 Balboa (San Francisco, CA) 21 Lincoln [Abraham] (San Francisco, CA) 0]
Southern, 1    champions: Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA)   [11/26 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) 27 Servite (Anaheim, CA) 7]
Southern, 10    champions: Northview (Covina, CA)   [11/26 Northview (Covina, CA) 27 St. Anthony (Long Beach, CA) 20]
Southern, 11    champions: Northwood (Irvine, CA)   [11/26 Northwood (Irvine, CA) 37 Jordan (Long Beach, CA) 14]
Southern, 12    champions: Quartz Hill (CA)   [11/27 Quartz Hill (CA) 43 Compton (CA) 8]
Southern, 13    champions: Arlington (Riverside, CA)   [11/26 Arlington (Riverside, CA) 23 Montclair (CA) 0]
Southern, 14    champions: Loara (Anaheim, CA)   [11/26 Loara (Anaheim, CA) 14 Rialto (CA) 12]
Southern, 2    champions: Lutheran (Orange, CA)   [11/27 Lutheran (Orange, CA) 38 Alemany (Mission Hills, CA) 35]
Southern, 3    champions: Serra [Junipero] (Gardena, CA)   [11/27 Serra [Junipero] (Gardena, CA) 31 Apple Valley (CA) 3]
Southern, 4    champions: Poly (Long Beach, CA)   [11/27 Poly (Long Beach, CA) 38 St. Francis (La Canada, CA) 7]
Southern, 5    champions: Valencia (CA)   [11/26 Valencia (CA) 28 Oaks Christian (Westlake Village, CA) 14]
Southern, 6    champions: Newport Harbor (Newport Beach, CA)   [11/27 Newport Harbor (Newport Beach, CA) 42 Temecula Valley (Temecula, CA) 35]
Southern, 7    champions: Aquinas (San Bernardino, CA)   [11/27 Aquinas (San Bernardino, CA) 66 St. Pius X-St. Matthias (Downey, CA) 14]
Southern, 8 Man Division 1    champions: Cate (Carpinteria, CA)   [11/19 Cate (Carpinteria, CA) 50 Grace Brethren (Simi Valley, CA) 30]
Southern, 8 Man Division 2    champions: Faith Baptist (Canoga Park, CA)   [11/27 Faith Baptist (Canoga Park, CA) 74 California School for the Deaf (Riverside, CA) 22]
Southern, 8    champions: Serrano (Phelan, CA)   [11/27 Serrano (Phelan, CA) 21 Buena (Ventura, CA) 14]
Southern, 9    champions: Colony (Ontario, CA)   [11/26 Colony (Ontario, CA) 49 St. Margaret's (San Juan Capistrano, CA) 41]


1A    champions: Centauri (La Jara, CO)   [11/27 Centauri (La Jara, CO) 24 Limon (CO) 21]
2A    champions: Eaton (CO)   [11/27 Eaton (CO) 26 Brush (CO) 14]
3A    champions: Fort Morgan (CO)   [12/04 Fort Morgan (CO) 21 Mead (Longmont, CO) 17]
4A    champions: Chatfield (Littleton, CO)   [12/04 Chatfield (Littleton, CO) 41 Erie (CO) 34]
5A    champions: Cherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO)   [12/04 Cherry Creek (Greenwood Village, CO) 21 Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO) 0]
A-6 Man    champions: Cheyenne Wells (CO)   [11/26 Cheyenne Wells (CO) 62 Stratton (CO) 21]
A-8 Man    champions: Haxtun (CO)   [11/26 Haxtun (CO) 40 Mancos (CO) 0]


L    champions: Maloney [Francis T.] (Meriden, CT)   [12/11 Maloney [Francis T.] (Meriden, CT) 35 Windsor (CT) 21]
LL    champions: Darien (CT)   [12/11 Darien (CT) 42 Fairfield College Prep (Fairfield, CT) 7]
M    champions: Killingly (CT)   [12/11 Killingly (CT) 28 Rockville (Vernon, CT) 14]
S    champions: Cromwell/Portland (Cromwell, CT)   [12/11 Cromwell/Portland (Cromwell, CT) 21 Bloomfield (CT) 6]


1A    champions: Laurel (DE)   [12/11 Laurel (DE) 28 St. Elizabeth (Wilmington, DE) 14]
2A    champions: Archmere Academy (Claymont, DE)   [12/11 Archmere Academy (Claymont, DE) 27 Woodbridge (Bridgeville, DE) 0]
3A    champions: Middletown (DE)   [12/11 Middletown (DE) 28 Smyrna (DE) 22]

District of Columbia



1A    champions: Madison County (Madison, FL)   [12/11 Madison County (Madison, FL) 13 Hawthorne (FL) 12]
2A    champions: Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, FL)   [12/09 Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, FL) 41 Champagnat Catholic (Hialeah, FL) 23]
3A    champions: Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood, FL)   [12/10 Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood, FL) 21 Berkeley Prep (Tampa, FL) 0]
4A    champions: Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale, FL)   [12/16 Cardinal Gibbons (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 21 Cocoa (FL) 19]
5A    champions: Central (Miami, FL)   [12/17 Central (Miami, FL) 49 Merritt Island (FL) 14]
6A    champions: Jesuit (Tampa, FL)   [12/18 Jesuit (Tampa, FL) 35 Pine Forest (Pensacola, FL) 29]
7A    champions: Aquinas [St. Thomas] (Fort Lauderdale, FL)   [12/17 Aquinas [St. Thomas] (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 42 Tampa Bay Tech (Tampa, FL) 14]
8A    champions: Venice (FL)   [12/18 Venice (FL) 35 Apopka (FL) 7]
FCSA 6 Man    champions: Countryside Christian (Gainesville, FL)   [11/20 Countryside Christian (Gainesville, FL) 53 Gainesville Christian Community (Gainesville, FL) 13]
Sunshine State 8-man A    champions: Real Life Christian Academy (Clermont, FL)   [10/29 Real Life Christian Academy (Clermont, FL) 32 Eastland Christian (Orlando, FL) 31]
Sunshine State 8-man AA    champions: Lake Mary Prep (Lake Mary, FL)   [11/08 Lake Mary Prep (Lake Mary, FL) 46 St. John Lutheran (Ocala, FL) 28]
Sunshine State 8-man AAA    champions: Donahue Academy [Rhodora J.] (Ave Maria, FL)   [11/12 Donahue Academy [Rhodora J.] (Ave Maria, FL) 28 Canterbury (St. Petersburg, FL) 18]
Sunshine State 8-man AAAA    champions: Shorecrest Prep (St. Petersburg, FL)   [11/13 Shorecrest Prep (St. Petersburg, FL) 26 Riverside Christian (Trenton, FL) 16]
Sunshine State A    champions: Trinity Christian Academy (Deltona, FL)   [10/29 Trinity Christian Academy (Deltona, FL) 16 First Academy (Leesburg, FL) 9]
Sunshine State AA    champions: Cedar Creek Christian (Jacksonville, FL)   [11/05 Cedar Creek Christian (Jacksonville, FL) 24 Harvest Community (Jacksonville, FL) 22]
Sunshine State AAA    champions: Santa Fe Catholic (Lakeland, FL)   [11/13 Santa Fe Catholic (Lakeland, FL) 31 St. Edward's (Vero Beach, FL) 7]
Sunshine State AAAA    champions: Lake Highland Prep (Orlando, FL)   [11/20 Lake Highland Prep (Orlando, FL) 14 Mount Dora Christian Academy (Mount Dora, FL) 13]


A Private    champions: Trinity Christian (Sharpsburg, GA)   [12/09 Trinity Christian (Sharpsburg, GA) 55 Prince Avenue Christian (Athens, GA) 28]
A Public    champions: Brooks County (Quitman, GA)   [12/09 Brooks County (Quitman, GA) 56 Irwin County (Ocilla, GA) 28]
AA    champions: Fitzgerald (GA)   [12/10 Fitzgerald (GA) 21 Thomasville (GA) 7]
AAA    champions: Cedar Grove (Ellenwood, GA)   [12/11 Cedar Grove (Ellenwood, GA) 56 Carver (Atlanta, GA) 26]
AAAA    champions: Benedictine (Savannah, GA)   [12/10 Benedictine (Savannah, GA) 35 Carver [George Washington] (Columbus, GA) 28]
AAAAA    champions: Warner Robins (GA)   [12/11 Warner Robins (GA) 38 Calhoun (GA) 14]
AAAAAA    champions: Buford (GA)   [12/10 Buford (GA) 21 Hughes [Langston] (Fairburn, GA) 20]
AAAAAAA    champions: Collins Hill (Suwanee, GA)   [12/11 Collins Hill (Suwanee, GA) 24 Milton (GA) 8]
GAPPS 11-man A    champions: Rock Springs Christian Academy (Milner, GA)   [11/19 Rock Springs Christian Academy (Milner, GA) 22 Harvester Christian Academy (Douglasville, GA) 8]
GAPPS 11-man AA    champions: Central Fellowship Christian Academy (Macon, GA)   [11/26 Central Fellowship Christian Academy (Macon, GA) 20 Cherokee Christian (Woodstock, GA) 19]
GAPPS 8-man A    champions: Vidalia Heritage Academy (Vidalia, GA)   [11/26 Vidalia Heritage Academy (Vidalia, GA) 66 Horizon Christian Academy (Cumming, GA) 36]
GAPPS 8-man AA    champions: Covenant Academy (Macon, GA)   [11/26 Covenant Academy (Macon, GA) 50 Johnson Ferry Christian Academy (Marietta, GA) 28]
GISA 8-Man    champions: Windsor Academy (Macon, GA)   [11/19 Windsor Academy (Macon, GA) 42 Westminster (Augusta, GA) 14]
GISA A    champions: Jefferson Academy [Thomas] (Louisville, GA)   [12/03 Jefferson Academy [Thomas] (Louisville, GA) 27 Piedmont Academy (Monticello, GA) 13]
GISA AA    champions: Brentwood (Sandersville, GA)   [12/03 Brentwood (Sandersville, GA) 37 Terrell Academy (Dawson, GA) 28]
GISA AAA    champions: Milledge Academy [John] (Milledgeville, GA)   [12/03 Milledge Academy [John] (Milledgeville, GA) 21 Pinewood Christian (Bellville, GA) 0]


I    champions: 'Iolani (Honolulu, HI)   [12/23 'Iolani (Honolulu, HI) 38 Lahainaluna (Lahaina, HI) 0]
I-Open    champions: Kahuku (HI)   [12/23 Kahuku (HI) 49 St. Louis (Honolulu, HI) 14]
II    champions: Kapa'a (HI)   [12/30 Kapa'a (HI) 61 Kamehameha Maui (Pukalani, HI) 7]


1A 8 Man I    champions: Oakley (ID)   [11/18 Oakley (ID) 42 Raft River (Malta, ID) 14]
1A 8 Man II    champions: Kendrick (ID)   [11/20 Kendrick (ID) 30 Carey (ID) 24]
2A    champions: West Side (Dayton, ID)   [11/18 West Side (Dayton, ID) 33 Firth (ID) 13]
3A    champions: Weiser (ID)   [11/19 Weiser (ID) 34 Sugar-Salem (Sugar City, ID) 33]
4A    champions: Skyline (Idaho Falls, ID)   [11/19 Skyline (Idaho Falls, ID) 20 Sandpoint (ID) 6]
5A    champions: Rigby (ID)   [11/19 Rigby (ID) 27 Highland (Pocatello, ID) 12]


1A    champions: Lena-Winslow (Lena, IL)   [11/26 Lena-Winslow (Lena, IL) 38 Carrollton (IL) 25]
2A    champions: Wilmington (IL)   [11/26 Wilmington (IL) 24 Nashville (IL) 7]
3A    champions: Byron (IL)   [11/26 Byron (IL) 35 Unity (Tolono, IL) 7]
4A    champions: Joliet Catholic Academy (Joliet, IL)   [11/26 Joliet Catholic Academy (Joliet, IL) 56 Sacred Heart-Griffin (Springfield, IL) 27]
5A    champions: Fenwick (Oak Park, IL)   [11/27 Fenwick (Oak Park, IL) 34 Kankakee (IL) 15]
6A    champions: Cary-Grove (Cary, IL)   [11/27 Cary-Grove (Cary, IL) 37 East St. Louis (IL) 36]
7A    champions: Wheaton North (Wheaton, IL)   [11/27 Wheaton North (Wheaton, IL) 35 St. Rita (Chicago, IL) 6]
8A    champions: Lockport (IL)   [11/27 Lockport (IL) 24 Maine South (Park Ridge, IL) 6]
I8FA    champions: Polo (IL)   [11/19 Polo (IL) 12 Orangeville (IL) 7]
Prep Bowl    champions: Notre Dame (Niles, IL)   [11/26 Notre Dame (Niles, IL) 35 Kenwood (Chicago, IL) 6]


1A    champions: Indianapolis Lutheran (Indianapolis, IN)   [11/26 Indianapolis Lutheran (Indianapolis, IN) 34 Adams Central (Monroe, IN) 28]
2A    champions: Andrean (Merrillville, IN)   [11/27 Andrean (Merrillville, IN) 21 Mater Dei (Evansville, IN) 9]
3A    champions: Gibson Southern (Fort Branch, IN)   [11/26 Gibson Southern (Fort Branch, IN) 45 Brebeuf Jesuit Prep (Indianapolis, IN) 35]
4A    champions: Mt. Vernon (Fortville, IN)   [11/27 Mt. Vernon (Fortville, IN) 45 Northridge (Middlebury, IN) 14]
5A    champions: Cathedral (Indianapolis, IN)   [11/26 Cathedral (Indianapolis, IN) 34 Zionsville (IN) 14]
6A    champions: Center Grove (Greenwood, IN)   [11/27 Center Grove (Greenwood, IN) 27 Westfield (IN) 21]


1A    champions: Van Meter (IA)   [11/18 Van Meter (IA) 17 West Sioux (Hawarden, IA) 14]
2A    champions: Southeast Valley (Gowrie, IA)   [11/19 Southeast Valley (Gowrie, IA) 30 West Lyon (Inwood, IA) 13]
3A    champions: Harlan (IA)   [11/19 Harlan (IA) 42 Boyden-Hull/Rock Valley (Rock Valley, IA) 28]
4A    champions: Lewis Central (Council Bluffs, IA)   [11/18 Lewis Central (Council Bluffs, IA) 32 Xavier (Cedar Rapids, IA) 24]
5A    champions: Southeast Polk (Pleasant Hill, IA)   [11/19 Southeast Polk (Pleasant Hill, IA) 24 Ankeny (IA) 7]
8 Man    champions: CAM (Anita, IA)   [11/18 CAM (Anita, IA) 42 Easton Valley (Preston, IA) 40]
A    champions: West Hancock (Britt, IA)   [11/18 West Hancock (Britt, IA) 19 Grundy Center (IA) 14]


1A    champions: Olpe (KS)   [11/27 Olpe (KS) 35 Inman (KS) 6]
2A    champions: Rossville (KS)   [11/27 Rossville (KS) 35 Beloit (KS) 12]
3A    champions: Andale (KS)   [11/27 Andale (KS) 53 Frontenac (KS) 0]
4A    champions: St. James Academy (Lenexa, KS)   [11/27 St. James Academy (Lenexa, KS) 28 Central (Andover, KS) 21]
5A    champions: Mill Valley (Shawnee, KS)   [11/27 Mill Valley (Shawnee, KS) 28 Maize (KS) 14]
6 Man    champions: Natoma (KS)   [10/30 Natoma (KS) 60 Cunningham (KS) 12]
6A    champions: Blue Valley Northwest (Overland Park, KS)   [11/27 Blue Valley Northwest (Overland Park, KS) 41 Derby (KS) 21]
8 Man I    champions: Meade (KS)   [11/27 Meade (KS) 22 Little River (KS) 14]
8 Man II    champions: Axtell (KS)   [11/27 Axtell (KS) 44 Wheatland-Grinnell (Grainfield, KS) 18]
KCAA    champions: Cair Paravel (Topeka, KS)   [11/13 Cair Paravel (Topeka, KS) 64 St. Mary's Academy (St. Marys, KS) 16]


1A    champions: Pikeville (KY)   [12/03 Pikeville (KY) 30 Russellville (KY) 27]
2A    champions: Beechwood (Fort Mitchell, KY)   [12/03 Beechwood (Fort Mitchell, KY) 23 Lexington Christian (Lexington, KY) 21]
3A    champions: Belfry (KY)   [12/04 Belfry (KY) 33 Paducah Tilghman (Paducah, KY) 28]
4A    champions: Boyle County (Danville, KY)   [12/03 Boyle County (Danville, KY) 30 Johnson Central (Paintsville, KY) 13]
5A    champions: South Warren (Bowling Green, KY)   [12/04 South Warren (Bowling Green, KY) 38 Douglass [Frederick] (Lexington, KY) 26]
6A    champions: St. Xavier (Louisville, KY)   [12/04 St. Xavier (Louisville, KY) 31 Male (Louisville, KY) 21]


1A    champions: Homer (LA)   [12/11 Homer (LA) 41 Logansport (LA) 28]
2A    champions: Amite (LA)   [12/10 Amite (LA) 17 Many (LA) 6]
3A    champions: Sterlington (LA)   [12/11 Sterlington (LA) 26 Union Parish (Farmerville, LA) 24]
4A    champions: Westgate (New Iberia, LA)   [12/10 Westgate (New Iberia, LA) 14 Easton [Warren] (New Orleans, LA) 13]
5A    champions: Zachary (LA)   [12/11 Zachary (LA) 28 Ponchatoula (LA) 20]
ACEL    champions: Berchmans Academy (Grand Coteau, LA)   [10/30 Berchmans Academy (Grand Coteau, LA) 32 Southwest Louisiana HomeSchool (Lake Charles, LA) 18]
I    champions: Catholic (Baton Rouge, LA)   [12/04 Catholic (Baton Rouge, LA) 14 Jesuit (New Orleans, LA) 10]
II    champions: University Lab (Baton Rouge, LA)   [12/10 University Lab (Baton Rouge, LA) 14 White [Edward Douglas] (Thibodaux, LA) 7]
III    champions: St. Charles Catholic (LaPlace, LA)   [12/04 St. Charles Catholic (LaPlace, LA) 32 Lafayette Christian Academy (Lafayette, LA) 27]
IV    champions: Southern Lab (Baton Rouge, LA)   [12/10 Southern Lab (Baton Rouge, LA) 38 Ouachita Christian (Monroe, LA) 14]


8 Man Large    champions: Cheverus (Portland, ME)   [11/13 Cheverus (Portland, ME) 56 Waterville (ME) 0]
8 Man Small    champions: Dexter (ME)   [11/13 Dexter (ME) 34 Maranacook (Readfield, ME) 30]
A    champions: Thornton Academy (Saco, ME)   [11/20 Thornton Academy (Saco, ME) 42 Oxford Hills (South Paris, ME) 27]
B    champions: Marshwood (South Berwick, ME)   [11/20 Marshwood (South Berwick, ME) 14 Windham (ME) 13]
C    champions: Cape Elizabeth (ME)   [11/20 Cape Elizabeth (ME) 53 Winslow (ME) 8]
D    champions: Foxcroft (Dover-Foxcroft, ME)   [11/19 Foxcroft (Dover-Foxcroft, ME) 19 Winthrop/Monmouth Academy/Hall-Dale (Winthrop, ME) 16]


1A    champions: Fort Hill (Cumberland, MD)   [12/04 Fort Hill (Cumberland, MD) 51 Mountain Ridge (Frostburg, MD) 31]
2A    champions: Douglass [Frederick] (Upper Marlboro, MD)   [12/03 Douglass [Frederick] (Upper Marlboro, MD) 29 Milford Mill Academy (Baltimore, MD) 14]
2A/1A    champions: Dunbar [Paul Laurence] (Baltimore, MD)   [12/04 Dunbar [Paul Laurence] (Baltimore, MD) 38 South Carroll (Sykesville, MD) 6]
3A    champions: Northern (Owings, MD)   [12/04 Northern (Owings, MD) 28 Linganore (Frederick, MD) 23]
4A    champions: Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, MD)   [12/03 Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, MD) 31 Wise [Dr. Henry A.] (Upper Marlboro, MD) 13]
4A/3A    champions: Mergenthaler Vo-Tech (Baltimore, MD)   [12/02 Mergenthaler Vo-Tech (Baltimore, MD) 22 Dundalk (Baltimore, MD) 13]
MIAA A    champions: Calvert Hall (Baltimore, MD)   [11/20 Calvert Hall (Baltimore, MD) 14 McDonogh (Owings Mills, MD) 8]
MIAA B    champions: Concordia Prep (Towson, MD)   [11/20 Concordia Prep (Towson, MD) 14 Loyola Blakefield (Towson, MD) 3]
WCAC Capital    champions: St. John's (Washington, DC)   [11/21 St. John's (Washington, DC) 30 Our Lady of Good Counsel (Olney, MD) 14]
WCAC Metro    champions: St. Mary's Ryken (Leonardtown, MD)   [11/21 St. Mary's Ryken (Leonardtown, MD) 24 Archbishop Carroll (Washington, DC) 12]


1    champions: Central (Springfield, MA)   [12/02 Central (Springfield, MA) 22 Central Catholic (Lawrence, MA) 15]
2    champions: Catholic Memorial (West Roxbury, MA)   [12/02 Catholic Memorial (West Roxbury, MA) 42 King Philip Regional (Wrentham, MA) 18]
3    champions: Marblehead (MA)   [12/02 Marblehead (MA) 35 North Attleborough (MA) 28]
4    champions: Scituate (MA)   [12/03 Scituate (MA) 14 Duxbury (MA) 13]
5    champions: Swampscott (MA)   [12/01 Swampscott (MA) 14 North Reading (MA) 7]
6    champions: Rockland (MA)   [12/03 Rockland (MA) 23 Abington (MA) 13]
7    champions: Cohasset (MA)   [12/01 Cohasset (MA) 27 Wahconah Regional (Dalton, MA) 12]
8    champions: Randolph (MA)   [12/01 Randolph (MA) 20 Hull (MA) 14]
Vocational Large    champions: Northeast Metro RVT (Wakefield, MA)   [12/03 Northeast Metro RVT (Wakefield, MA) 30 Greater New Bedford RVT (New Bedford, MA) 7]
Vocational Small    champions: Blue Hills RVT (Canton, MA)   [12/03 Blue Hills RVT (Canton, MA) 52 Nashoba Valley Tech (Westford, MA) 51]


1    champions: Belleville (MI)   [11/27 Belleville (MI) 55 Adams (Rochester, MI) 33]
2    champions: De La Salle Collegiate (Warren, MI)   [11/26 De La Salle Collegiate (Warren, MI) 41 Traverse City Central (Traverse City, MI) 14]
3    champions: King [Dr. Martin Luther] (Detroit, MI)   [11/27 King [Dr. Martin Luther] (Detroit, MI) 25 DeWitt (MI) 21]
4    champions: Chelsea (MI)   [11/26 Chelsea (MI) 55 Unity Christian (Hudsonville, MI) 52]
5    champions: Catholic Central (Grand Rapids, MI)   [11/27 Catholic Central (Grand Rapids, MI) 31 Marine City (MI) 7]
6    champions: Lansing Catholic (Lansing, MI)   [11/26 Lansing Catholic (Lansing, MI) 16 Michigan Collegiate (Warren, MI) 6]
7    champions: Pewamo-Westphalia (Pewamo, MI)   [11/27 Pewamo-Westphalia (Pewamo, MI) 14 Lawton (MI) 10]
8 Man 1    champions: Lenawee Christian (Adrian, MI)   [11/20 Lenawee Christian (Adrian, MI) 31 Suttons Bay/St. Mary (Suttons Bay, MI) 20]
8 Man 2    champions: North Central (Powers, MI)   [11/20 North Central (Powers, MI) 63 Colon (MI) 0]
8    champions: Hudson (MI)   [11/26 Hudson (MI) 14 Beal City (Mt. Pleasant, MI) 7]


9 Man    champions: LeRoy-Ostrander (LeRoy, MN)   [11/27 LeRoy-Ostrander (LeRoy, MN) 58 Fertile-Beltrami (Fertile, MN) 8]
A    champions: Mayer Lutheran (Mayer, MN)   [11/26 Mayer Lutheran (Mayer, MN) 20 Minneota (MN) 14]
AA    champions: Chatfield (MN)   [11/26 Chatfield (MN) 14 West Central Area/Ashby (Barrett, MN) 13]
AAA    champions: Dassel-Cokato (Cokato, MN)   [11/27 Dassel-Cokato (Cokato, MN) 28 Plainview-Elgin-Millville (Elgin, MN) 21]
AAAA    champions: Hutchinson (MN)   [11/26 Hutchinson (MN) 42 Kasson-Mantorville (Kasson, MN) 14]
AAAAA    champions: Mankato West (Mankato, MN)   [11/27 Mankato West (Mankato, MN) 24 Mahtomedi (MN) 10]
AAAAAA    champions: Lakeville South (Lakeville, MN)   [11/26 Lakeville South (Lakeville, MN) 13 Maple Grove (MN) 7]


1A    champions: Bay Springs (MS)   [12/03 Bay Springs (MS) 32 Simmons (Hollandale, MS) 12]
2A    champions: Scott Central (Forest, MS)   [12/04 Scott Central (Forest, MS) 72 Leflore County (Itta Bena, MS) 24]
3A    champions: Davis County [Jefferson] (Bassfield, MS)   [12/03 Davis County [Jefferson] (Bassfield, MS) 42 Amory (MS) 10]
4A    champions: Columbia (MS)   [12/04 Columbia (MS) 22 Senatobia (MS) 21]
5A    champions: Picayune (MS)   [12/04 Picayune (MS) 40 West Point (MS) 21]
6A    champions: Madison Central (Madison, MS)   [12/03 Madison Central (Madison, MS) 24 Brandon (MS) 17]
MAIS 3A    champions: Greenville Christian (Greenville, MS)   [11/18 Greenville Christian (Greenville, MS) 46 Canton Academy (Canton, MS) 6]
MAIS 4A    champions: Tri-County Academy (Flora, MS)   [11/19 Tri-County Academy (Flora, MS) 44 Kirk Academy (Grenada, MS) 22]
MAIS 5A    champions: Heritage Academy (Columbus, MS)   [11/19 Heritage Academy (Columbus, MS) 51 Copiah Academy (Gallman, MS) 21]
MAIS 6A    champions: Madison-Ridgeland Academy (Madison, MS)   [11/20 Madison-Ridgeland Academy (Madison, MS) 42 Hartfield Academy (Flowood, MS) 7]
MAIS 8 Man 1A    champions: DeSoto (West Helena, AR)   [11/18 DeSoto (West Helena, AR) 28 Briarfield Academy (Lake Providence, LA) 14]
MAIS 8 Man 2A   


1    champions: East Buchanan (Gower, MO)   [12/04 East Buchanan (Gower, MO) 21 Marceline (MO) 7]
2    champions: Lutheran (St. Peters, MO)   [12/03 Lutheran (St. Peters, MO) 33 Lamar (MO) 27]
3    champions: St. Mary's (St. Louis, MO)   [12/04 St. Mary's (St. Louis, MO) 56 St. Pius X (Kansas City, MO) 0]
4    champions: Smithville (MO)   [12/03 Smithville (MO) 31 Hannibal (MO) 0]
5    champions: Webb City (MO)   [12/03 Webb City (MO) 26 Holt (Wentzville, MO) 21]
6    champions: Christian Brothers (St. Louis, MO)   [11/27 Christian Brothers (St. Louis, MO) 48 Liberty North (Liberty, MO) 21]
8 Man    champions: Drexel/Miami (Drexel, MO)   [12/02 Drexel/Miami (Drexel, MO) 48 Worth County/Northeast Nodaway (Grant City, MO) 42]


A    champions: Hamilton (MT)   [11/20 Hamilton (MT) 21 Laurel (MT) 7]
AA    champions: Sentinel (Missoula, MT)   [11/19 Sentinel (Missoula, MT) 35 Billings West (Billings, MT) 6]
B    champions: Florence-Carlton (Florence, MT)   [11/20 Florence-Carlton (Florence, MT) 42 Bigfork (MT) 0]
C 6-Man    champions: Froid/Medicine Lake (Medicine Lake, MT)   [11/20 Froid/Medicine Lake (Medicine Lake, MT) 43 Power/Dutton-Brady (Power, MT) 0]
C 8-Man    champions: Thompson Falls (MT)   [11/20 Thompson Falls (MT) 40 Flint Creek co-op [Drummond/Granite] (Drummond, MT) 8]


A    champions: Gretna (NE)   [11/23 Gretna (NE) 7 Omaha Westside (Omaha, NE) 3]
B    champions: Bennington (NE)   [11/22 Bennington (NE) 42 Aurora (NE) 14]
C1    champions: Lakeview (Columbus, NE)   [11/23 Lakeview (Columbus, NE) 37 Pierce (NE) 25]
C2    champions: Archbishop Bergan (Fremont, NE)   [11/23 Archbishop Bergan (Fremont, NE) 49 Norfolk Catholic (Norfolk, NE) 20]
D1    champions: Howells-Dodge (Howells, NE)   [11/22 Howells-Dodge (Howells, NE) 42 Cross County (Stromsburg, NE) 12]
D2    champions: Kenesaw (NE)   [11/22 Kenesaw (NE) 46 Sandhills/Thedford (Dunning, NE) 40]
D6    champions: Cody-Kilgore (Cody, NE)   [11/19 Cody-Kilgore (Cody, NE) 65 Potter-Dix (Potter, NE) 37]


1A    champions: Pahranagat Valley (Alamo, NV)   [11/20 Pahranagat Valley (Alamo, NV) 60 Eureka (NV) 12]
2A    champions: Yerington (NV)   [11/18 Yerington (NV) 35 Meadows (Las Vegas, NV) 26]
3A    champions: Moapa Valley (Overton, NV)   [11/18 Moapa Valley (Overton, NV) 27 Virgin Valley (Mesquite, NV) 14]
4A    champions: Silverado (Las Vegas, NV)   [11/18 Silverado (Las Vegas, NV) 61 Shadow Ridge (Las Vegas, NV) 27]
5A    champions: Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV)   [11/18 Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) 56 McQueen [Robert] (Reno, NV) 7]

New Hampshire

I    champions: Londonderry (NH)   [11/20 Londonderry (NH) 24 Winnacunnet (Hampton, NH) 14]
II    champions: Timberlane (Plaistow, NH)   [11/20 Timberlane (Plaistow, NH) 13 Milford (NH) 10]
III    champions: Pelham (NH)   [11/13 Pelham (NH) 50 Trinity (Manchester, NH) 14]
IV    champions: Somersworth (NH)   [11/13 Somersworth (NH) 40 Fall Mountain (Langdon, NH) 14]

New Jersey

Non-Public A    champions: Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ)   [11/27 Bergen Catholic (Oradell, NJ) 28 Don Bosco Prep (Ramsey, NJ) 7]
Non-Public B    champions: Red Bank Catholic (Red Bank, NJ)   [11/26 Red Bank Catholic (Red Bank, NJ) 13 DePaul Catholic (Wayne, NJ) 8]
North I    champions: Cedar Grove (NJ)   [11/26 Cedar Grove (NJ) 13 Park Ridge (NJ) 12]
North II    champions: Caldwell [James] (West Caldwell, NJ)   [11/27 Caldwell [James] (West Caldwell, NJ) 42 Jefferson Township (Oak Ridge, NJ) 21]
North III    champions: West Morris Central (Chester, NJ)   [11/26 West Morris Central (Chester, NJ) 53 Cranford (NJ) 14]
North IV    champions: Irvington (NJ)   [12/04 Irvington (NJ) 19 Northern Highlands (Allendale, NJ) 14]
North V    champions: East Orange Campus (East Orange, NJ)   [12/05 East Orange Campus (East Orange, NJ) 30 Clifton (NJ) 24]
South I    champions: Salem (NJ)   [12/05 Salem (NJ) 34 Woodbury (NJ) 8]
South II    champions: Haddonfield (NJ)   [12/04 Haddonfield (NJ) 28 Point Pleasant Boro (Point Pleasant, NJ) 27]
South III    champions: Cedar Creek (Egg Harbor City, NJ)   [12/04 Cedar Creek (Egg Harbor City, NJ) 35 Wilson [Woodrow] (Camden, NJ) 34]
South IV    champions: Millville (NJ)   [12/05 Millville (NJ) 45 Winslow Township (Atco, NJ) 35]
South V    champions: Hillsborough (NJ)   [12/04 Hillsborough (NJ) 28 Kingsway (Woolwich Township, NJ) 7]

New Mexico

2A    champions: Eunice (NM)   [11/20 Eunice (NM) 28 Jal (NM) 15]
3A    champions: Robertson (Las Vegas, NM)   [11/27 Robertson (Las Vegas, NM) 28 St. Michael's (Santa Fe, NM) 7]
4A    champions: Lovington (NM)   [11/27 Lovington (NM) 41 Ruidoso (NM) 21]
5A    champions: Los Lunas (NM)   [11/27 Los Lunas (NM) 40 Artesia (NM) 28]
6 Man    champions: Gateway Christian (Roswell, NM)   [11/06 Gateway Christian (Roswell, NM) 70 Ramah (NM) 28]
6A    champions: Cleveland [V. Sue] (Rio Rancho, NM)   [11/27 Cleveland [V. Sue] (Rio Rancho, NM) 35 Rio Rancho (NM) 14]
8 Man    champions: Tatum (NM)   [11/12 Tatum (NM) 22 Melrose (NM) 14]

New York

A    champions: Christian Brothers Academy (Syracuse, NY)   [12/03 Christian Brothers Academy (Syracuse, NY) 32 Somers (Lincolndale, NY) 31]
AA    champions: Carmel (NY)   [12/04 Carmel (NY) 42 Bennett/Olmsted/Middle Early College/East (Buffalo, NY) 12]
B    champions: Maine-Endwell (Endwell, NY)   [12/04 Maine-Endwell (Endwell, NY) 21 Pleasantville (NY) 12]
C    champions: Chenango Forks (Binghamton, NY)   [12/03 Chenango Forks (Binghamton, NY) 21 Schuylerville (NY) 0]
CHSFL AA-1    champions: Chaminade (Mineola, NY)   [11/20 Chaminade (Mineola, NY) 43 Moore Catholic (Staten Island, NY) 7]
CHSFL AA-2    champions: Holy Trinity (Hicksville, NY)   [11/20 Holy Trinity (Hicksville, NY) 21 St. John the Baptist (West Islip, NY) 10]
CHSFL AAA    champions: Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY)   [11/20 Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY) 49 Monsignor Farrell (Staten Island, NY) 15]
Catholic State Championship    champions: Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY)   [11/27 Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY) 38 St. Francis (Hamburg, NY) 22]
D    champions: Tioga (Tioga Center, NY)   [12/03 Tioga (Tioga Center, NY) 27 Moriah (Port Henry, NY) 0]
Long Island I    champions: Massapequa (NY)   [11/26 Massapequa (NY) 38 Whitman [Walt] (Huntington Station, NY) 35]
Long Island II    champions: Garden City (NY)   [11/27 Garden City (NY) 14 Bellport (Brookhaven, NY) 6]
Long Island III    champions: Plainedge (Massapequa, NY)   [11/26 Plainedge (Massapequa, NY) 26 East Islip (Islip Terrace, NY) 16]
Long Island IV    champions: North Shore (Glen Head, NY)   [11/27 North Shore (Glen Head, NY) 7 Shoreham-Wading River (Shoreham, NY) 0]
Monsignor Martin A    champions: St. Francis (Hamburg, NY)   [11/13 St. Francis (Hamburg, NY) 21 Canisius (Buffalo, NY) 10]
Monsignor Martin B    champions: St. Mary's (Lancaster, NY)   [11/12 St. Mary's (Lancaster, NY) 52 Bishop Timon-St. Jude (Buffalo, NY) 0]
PSAL Bowl    champions: Madison [James] (Brooklyn, NY)   [11/27 Madison [James] (Brooklyn, NY) 36 New Dorp (Staten Island, NY) 20]
PSAL City Championship    champions: Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn, NY)   [11/28 Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn, NY) 33 Curtis (Staten Island, NY) 26]
PSAL Cup    champions: Clinton [DeWitt] (Bronx, NY)   [11/27 Clinton [DeWitt] (Bronx, NY) 22 Randolph Campus [A. Philip] (New York, NY) 18]

North Carolina

1A    champions: Tarboro (NC)   [12/11 Tarboro (NC) 28 Mitchell (Bakersville, NC) 7]
2A    champions: Shelby (NC)   [12/11 Shelby (NC) 55 Wallace-Rose Hill (Teachey, NC) 34]
3A    champions: Dudley [James B.] (Greensboro, NC)   [12/10 Dudley [James B.] (Greensboro, NC) 69 Rose [J. H.] (Greenville, NC) 40]
4A    champions: Cardinal Gibbons (Raleigh, NC)   [12/11 Cardinal Gibbons (Raleigh, NC) 14 Chambers [Julius] (Charlotte, NC) 2]
NCIAA    champions: Hickory Hawks (Hickory, NC)   [11/12 Hickory Hawks (Hickory, NC) 19 North Wake Saints (Wake Forest, NC) 8]
NCISAA 11 Man Division I   
NCISAA 11 Man Division II    champions: Cabarrus [Cannon/Concord Academy] (Concord, NC)   [11/19 Cabarrus [Cannon/Concord Academy] (Concord, NC) 34 Harrells Christian Academy (Harrells, NC) 31]
NCISAA 8 Man I    champions: Cary Christian (Cary, NC)   [11/12 Cary Christian (Cary, NC) 72 John Paul II (Greenville, NC) 48]
NCISAA 8 Man II    champions: Wayne Christian (Goldsboro, NC)   [11/06 Wayne Christian (Goldsboro, NC) 28 Halifax Academy (Roanoke Rapids, NC) 8]
Pioneer    champions: Georgia Force (Sugar Hill, GA)   [11/06 Georgia Force (Sugar Hill, GA) 24 Asheville Christian Academy (Swannanoa, NC) 18]

North Dakota

6 Man    champions: North Border co-op [Walhalla/Pembina] (Walhalla, ND)   [10/23 North Border co-op [Walhalla/Pembina] (Walhalla, ND) 50 Center-Stanton (Center, ND) 14]
9 Man    champions: LaMoure/Litchville-Marion (LaMoure, ND)   [11/12 LaMoure/Litchville-Marion (LaMoure, ND) 42 Cavalier (ND) 14]
A    champions: Jamestown (ND)   [11/12 Jamestown (ND) 41 St. Mary's Central (Bismarck, ND) 27]
AA    champions: Sheyenne (West Fargo, ND)   [11/12 Sheyenne (West Fargo, ND) 27 West Fargo (ND) 7]
B    champions: Kindred (ND)   [11/12 Kindred (ND) 37 Hillsboro/Central Valley (Buxton, ND) 14]


I    champions: St. Edward (Lakewood, OH)   [12/03 St. Edward (Lakewood, OH) 23 Springfield (OH) 13]
II    champions: Winton Woods (Cincinnati, OH)   [12/02 Winton Woods (Cincinnati, OH) 21 Archbishop Hoban (Akron, OH) 10]
III    champions: Chardon (OH)   [12/03 Chardon (OH) 21 Badin [Stephen T.] (Hamilton, OH) 14]
IV    champions: Clinton-Massie (Clarksville, OH)   [12/03 Clinton-Massie (Clarksville, OH) 29 Ursuline (Youngstown, OH) 28]
V    champions: Versailles (OH)   [12/04 Versailles (OH) 20 Kirtland (OH) 16]
VI    champions: Carey (OH)   [12/04 Carey (OH) 26 Coldwater (OH) 14]
VII    champions: Marion Local (Maria Stein, OH)   [12/04 Marion Local (Maria Stein, OH) 42 Newark Catholic (Newark, OH) 7]


2A    champions: Marlow (OK)   [12/11 Marlow (OK) 17 Washington (OK) 13]
3A    champions: Holland Hall (Tulsa, OK)   [12/03 Holland Hall (Tulsa, OK) 24 Lincoln Christian (Tulsa, OK) 16]
4A    champions: Clinton (OK)   [12/03 Clinton (OK) 35 Tuttle (OK) 0]
5A    champions: Collinsville (OK)   [12/04 Collinsville (OK) 42 McAlester (OK) 35]
6A-I    champions: Jenks (OK)   [12/04 Jenks (OK) 30 Union (Tulsa, OK) 15]
6A-II    champions: Bixby (OK)   [12/02 Bixby (OK) 63 Deer Creek (Edmond, OK) 14]
A    champions: Cashion (OK)   [12/11 Cashion (OK) 21 Ringling (OK) 14]
B    champions: Laverne (OK)   [12/10 Laverne (OK) 46 Balko/Forgan (Balko, OK) 12]
C    champions: Timberlake (Helena, OK)   [12/03 Timberlake (Helena, OK) 48 Mountain View-Gotebo (Mountain View, OK) 36]
HCAA 2A    champions: Claremore Christian (Claremore, OK)   [11/12 Claremore Christian (Claremore, OK) 58 Southwest Christian Academy (Little Rock, AR) 8]
HCAA 3A    champions: Destiny Christian (Del City, OK)   [11/12 Destiny Christian (Del City, OK) 68 Trinity Christian (Texarkana, AR) 30]


1A 6 Man    champions: Mitchell/Spray/Wheeler (Mitchell, OR)   [11/13 Mitchell/Spray/Wheeler (Mitchell, OR) 30 Triangle Lake (Blachly, OR) 0]
1A 8 Man    champions: Adrian (OR)   [11/27 Adrian (OR) 46 Powder Valley (North Powder, OR) 28]
2A    champions: Coquille (OR)   [11/27 Coquille (OR) 38 Kennedy [John F.] (Mt. Angel, OR) 28]
3A    champions: Siuslaw (Florence, OR)   [11/27 Siuslaw (Florence, OR) 14 South Umpqua (Myrtle Creek, OR) 9]
4A    champions: Marshfield (Coos Bay, OR)   [11/27 Marshfield (Coos Bay, OR) 49 Marist (Eugene, OR) 34]
5A    champions: Silverton (OR)   [11/27 Silverton (OR) 26 Thurston (Springfield, OR) 20]
6A    champions: Central Catholic (Portland, OR)   [12/04 Central Catholic (Portland, OR) 44 Tualatin (OR) 14]


A    champions: Bishop Guilfoyle (Altoona, PA)   [12/09 Bishop Guilfoyle (Altoona, PA) 21 Redbank Valley (New Bethlehem, PA) 14]
AA    champions: Southern Columbia Area (Catawissa, PA)   [12/10 Southern Columbia Area (Catawissa, PA) 62 Serra Catholic (McKeesport, PA) 25]
AAA    champions: Central Valley (Monaca, PA)   [12/11 Central Valley (Monaca, PA) 7 Wyomissing (PA) 0]
AAAA    champions: Aliquippa (PA)   [12/09 Aliquippa (PA) 34 Bishop McDevitt (Harrisburg, PA) 27]
AAAAA    champions: Penn-Trafford (Harrison City, PA)   [12/10 Penn-Trafford (Harrison City, PA) 17 Imhotep Charter (Philadelphia, PA) 14]
AAAAAA    champions: Mt. Lebanon (Pittsburgh, PA)   [12/11 Mt. Lebanon (Pittsburgh, PA) 35 St. Joseph's Prep (Philadelphia, PA) 17]
Keystone State    champions: Mercersburg Academy (Mercersburg, PA)   [11/06 Mercersburg Academy (Mercersburg, PA) 28 Perkiomen (Pennsburg, PA) 22]

Rhode Island

I    champions: North Kingstown (RI)   [12/04 North Kingstown (RI) 34 Central (Providence, RI) 13]
II    champions: Classical (Providence, RI)   [11/20 Classical (Providence, RI) 28 St. Raphael Academy (Pawtucket, RI) 14]
III    champions: Narragansett (RI)   [11/19 Narragansett (RI) 51 Chariho (Wood River Junction, RI) 33]
IV    champions: Ponaganset (North Scituate, RI)   [12/04 Ponaganset (North Scituate, RI) 48 Exeter-West Greenwich/Prout (West Greenwich, RI) 0]
State    champions: Bishop Hendricken (Warwick, RI)   [11/21 Bishop Hendricken (Warwick, RI) 49 La Salle Academy (Providence, RI) 40]

South Carolina

A    champions: Southside Christian (Simpsonville, SC)   [12/04 Southside Christian (Simpsonville, SC) 28 Bamberg-Ehrhardt (Bamberg, SC) 0]
AA    champions: Gray Collegiate Academy (West Columbia, SC)   [12/03 Gray Collegiate Academy (West Columbia, SC) 49 Silver Bluff (Aiken, SC) 14]
AAA    champions: Daniel [D. W.] (Central, SC)   [12/03 Daniel [D. W.] (Central, SC) 45 Camden (SC) 20]
AAAA    champions: South Pointe (Rock Hill, SC)   [12/02 South Pointe (Rock Hill, SC) 41 Beaufort (SC) 7]
AAAAA    champions: Gaffney (SC)   [12/04 Gaffney (SC) 22 Dutch Fork (Irmo, SC) 19]
SCISA 8 Man    champions: Holly Hill Academy (Holly Hill, SC)   [11/19 Holly Hill Academy (Holly Hill, SC) 28 Jackson Academy [Andrew] (Ehrhardt, SC) 24]
SCISA A    champions: Heyward Academy [Thomas] (Ridgeland, SC)   [11/20 Heyward Academy [Thomas] (Ridgeland, SC) 35 Lee Academy [Robert E.] (Bishopville, SC) 13]
SCISA AA    champions: Hilton Head Christian Academy (Hilton Head Island, SC)   [11/20 Hilton Head Christian Academy (Hilton Head Island, SC) 34 Williamsburg Academy (Kingstree, SC) 7]
SCISA AAA    champions: Hammond (Columbia, SC)   [11/19 Hammond (Columbia, SC) 49 Trinity Collegiate (Darlington, SC) 15]

South Dakota

11A    champions: Madison (SD)   [11/12 Madison (SD) 31 Milbank (SD) 0]
11AA    champions: Riggs [T. F.] (Pierre, SD)   [11/12 Riggs [T. F.] (Pierre, SD) 30 Tea (SD) 27]
11AAA    champions: Harrisburg (SD)   [11/13 Harrisburg (SD) 27 Brandon Valley (Brandon, SD) 0]
11B    champions: Winner (SD)   [11/12 Winner (SD) 40 Bridgewater/Emery/Ethan (Emery, SD) 8]
9A    champions: Howard (SD)   [11/11 Howard (SD) 55 Herreid/Selby (Herreid, SD) 18]
9AA    champions: Platte/Geddes (Platte, SD)   [11/11 Platte/Geddes (Platte, SD) 14 Canistota/Freeman (Canistota, SD) 8]
9B    champions: St. Mary (Dell Rapids, SD)   [11/11 St. Mary (Dell Rapids, SD) 44 Potter County co-op [Gettysburg/Hoven] (Gettysburg, SD) 42]
All Nations 9A    champions: Winnebago (NE)   [11/06 Winnebago (NE) 62 Todd County (Mission, SD) 12]
All Nations 9B    champions: Tiospa Zina (Agency Village, SD)   [11/06 Tiospa Zina (Agency Village, SD) 40 McLaughlin (SD) 18]


1A    champions: South Pittsburg (TN)   [12/03 South Pittsburg (TN) 24 McKenzie (TN) 21]
2A    champions: Westview (Martin, TN)   [12/04 Westview (Martin, TN) 55 Hampton (TN) 14]
3A    champions: Alcoa (TN)   [12/03 Alcoa (TN) 45 East Nashville (Nashville, TN) 14]
4A    champions: Tullahoma (TN)   [12/04 Tullahoma (TN) 21 Elizabethton (TN) 14]
5A    champions: Powell (TN)   [12/03 Powell (TN) 42 Page (Franklin, TN) 34]
6A    champions: Oakland (Murfreesboro, TN)   [12/04 Oakland (Murfreesboro, TN) 43 Summit (Spring Hill, TN) 26]
II-A    champions: Donelson Christian Academy (Nashville, TN)   [12/02 Donelson Christian Academy (Nashville, TN) 31 Nashville Christian (Nashville, TN) 7]
II-AA    champions: Lipscomb Academy (Nashville, TN)   [12/02 Lipscomb Academy (Nashville, TN) 27 Christ Presbyterian Academy (Nashville, TN) 0]
II-AAA    champions: McCallie (Chattanooga, TN)   [12/02 McCallie (Chattanooga, TN) 28 Bell Academy [Montgomery] (Nashville, TN) 7]
TSIAA    champions: Grace Baptist Academy (Chattanooga, TN)   [11/06 Grace Baptist Academy (Chattanooga, TN) 40 Lancaster Christian Academy (Smyrna, TN) 22]


1A 6 Man I    champions: Westbrook (TX)   [12/15 Westbrook (TX) 72 May (TX) 66]
1A 6 Man II    champions: Strawn (TX)   [12/15 Strawn (TX) 73 Motley County (Matador, TX) 28]
2A-I    champions: Shiner (TX)   [12/15 Shiner (TX) 47 Hawley (TX) 12]
2A-II    champions: Stratford (TX)   [12/16 Stratford (TX) 39 Falls City (TX) 27]
3A-I    champions: Lorena (TX)   [12/16 Lorena (TX) 35 Brock (TX) 18]
3A-II    champions: Franklin (TX)   [12/16 Franklin (TX) 49 Gunter (TX) 35]
4A-I    champions: Stephenville (TX)   [12/17 Stephenville (TX) 38 Johnson [Lyndon B.] (Austin, TX) 21]
4A-II    champions: China Spring (TX)   [12/17 China Spring (TX) 31 Gilmer (TX) 7]
5A-I    champions: Paetow (Katy, TX)   [12/17 Paetow (Katy, TX) 27 College Station (TX) 24]
5A-II    champions: South Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX)   [12/18 South Oak Cliff (Dallas, TX) 23 Liberty Hill (TX) 14]
6A-I    champions: North Shore (Houston, TX)   [12/18 North Shore (Houston, TX) 17 Duncanville (TX) 10]
6A-II    champions: Westlake (Austin, TX)   [12/18 Westlake (Austin, TX) 40 Guyer [John H.] (Denton, TX) 21]
Southwest Prep 3A    champions: Cooper [John] (The Woodlands, TX)   [11/06 Cooper [John] (The Woodlands, TX) 49 Cistercian (Irving, TX) 28]
Southwest Prep 4A    champions: Kinkaid (Houston, TX)   [11/06 Kinkaid (Houston, TX) 42 Episcopal (Dallas, TX) 17]
TAIAO I    champions: St. Stephen's Episcopal (Austin, TX)   [11/27 St. Stephen's Episcopal (Austin, TX) 31 Tribe Warriors (Bastrop, TX) 22]
TAIAO II    champions: Northside Falcons/Lions HomeSchool (Conroe, TX)   [11/27 Northside Falcons/Lions HomeSchool (Conroe, TX) 63 Faith Academy (Bellville, TX) 54]
TAPPS 6 Man I    champions: Emery-Weiner (Houston, TX)   [12/02 Emery-Weiner (Houston, TX) 69 San Marcos Academy (San Marcos, TX) 24]
TAPPS 6 Man II    champions: Live Oak Classical (Waco, TX)   [12/02 Live Oak Classical (Waco, TX) 46 Faith Academy (Marble Falls, TX) 41]
TAPPS 6 Man III    champions: Covenant Classical (Fort Worth, TX)   [12/02 Covenant Classical (Fort Worth, TX) 68 Bracken Christian (Bulverde, TX) 66]
TAPPS I    champions: Parish Episcopal (Dallas, TX)   [12/04 Parish Episcopal (Dallas, TX) 56 Midland Christian (Midland, TX) 17]
TAPPS II    champions: Dallas Christian (Mesquite, TX)   [12/04 Dallas Christian (Mesquite, TX) 33 Second Baptist (Houston, TX) 14]
TAPPS III    champions: Cypress Christian (Houston, TX)   [12/03 Cypress Christian (Houston, TX) 16 Trinity Christian (Lubbock, TX) 7]
TAPPS IV    champions: St. Paul (Shiner, TX)   [12/03 St. Paul (Shiner, TX) 36 Sacred Heart (Muenster, TX) 8]
TAPPS League    champions: Trinity Christian (Addison, TX)   [11/13 Trinity Christian (Addison, TX) 67 TMI-Episcopal (San Antonio, TX) 0]
TCAF 6 Man I    champions: Wylie Prep Academy (Wylie, TX)   [11/20 Wylie Prep Academy (Wylie, TX) 72 Methodist Children's Home (Waco, TX) 57]
TCAF 6 Man II    champions: Harvest Christian Academy (Bartonville, TX)   [11/20 Harvest Christian Academy (Bartonville, TX) 36 Heritage Christian Academy (Haslet, TX) 21]
TCAL 6 Man I    champions: Smoking for Jesus Ministry (Burnet, TX)   [11/13 Smoking for Jesus Ministry (Burnet, TX) 65 Texas Christian (Houston, TX) 20]
TCAL 6 Man II    champions: Annapolis Christian Academy (Corpus Christi, TX)   [11/13 Annapolis Christian Academy (Corpus Christi, TX) 64 Town East Christian (San Antonio, TX) 53]
TCSAAL    champions: Legacy School of Sport Sciences (Spring, TX)   [11/18 Legacy School of Sport Sciences (Spring, TX) 49 Marine Military (Harlingen, TX) 0]


1A    champions: Duchesne (UT)   [11/13 Duchesne (UT) 18 Layton Christian Academy (Layton, UT) 14]
2A    champions: San Juan (Blanding, UT)   [11/13 San Juan (Blanding, UT) 34 Beaver (UT) 21]
3A    champions: Grantsville (UT)   [11/13 Grantsville (UT) 14 Morgan (UT) 10]
4A    champions: Ridgeline (Millville, UT)   [11/12 Ridgeline (Millville, UT) 45 Dixie (St. George, UT) 20]
5A    champions: Lehi (UT)   [11/19 Lehi (UT) 35 Springville (UT) 6]
6A    champions: Lone Peak (Highland, UT)   [11/19 Lone Peak (Highland, UT) 49 Corner Canyon (Draper, UT) 42]


I    champions: Essex (Essex Junction, VT)   [11/13 Essex (Essex Junction, VT) 21 Champlain Valley Union (Hinesburg, VT) 19]
II    champions: Bellows Falls (VT)   [11/13 Bellows Falls (VT) 57 Mount Anthony (Bennington, VT) 35]
III    champions: Windsor (VT)   [11/13 Windsor (VT) 53 Bellows Free Academy/Lamoille (Fairfax, VT) 7]


Class 1    champions: Riverheads (Staunton, VA)   [12/11 Riverheads (Staunton, VA) 45 Galax (VA) 14]
Class 2    champions: King William (VA)   [12/11 King William (VA) 48 Graham (Bluefield, VA) 21]
Class 3    champions: Phoebus (Hampton, VA)   [12/11 Phoebus (Hampton, VA) 22 Liberty Christian (Lynchburg, VA) 14]
Class 4    champions: Varina (Richmond, VA)   [12/11 Varina (Richmond, VA) 28 Broad Run (Ashburn, VA) 21]
Class 5    champions: Stone Bridge (Ashburn, VA)   [12/11 Stone Bridge (Ashburn, VA) 27 Maury (Norfolk, VA) 21]
Class 6    champions: Smith [Oscar] (Chesapeake, VA)   [12/11 Smith [Oscar] (Chesapeake, VA) 42 Madison [James] (Vienna, VA) 17]
VISAA I    champions: Trinity Episcopal (Richmond, VA)   [11/20 Trinity Episcopal (Richmond, VA) 22 Benedictine (Richmond, VA) 21]
VISAA II    champions: Atlantic Shores Christian (Chesapeake, VA)   [11/19 Atlantic Shores Christian (Chesapeake, VA) 36 North Cross (Roanoke, VA) 26]
VISAA III    champions: Portsmouth Christian (Portsmouth, VA)   [11/20 Portsmouth Christian (Portsmouth, VA) 27 St. Michael the Archangel (Fredericksburg, VA) 21]


1A    champions: Royal (Royal City, WA)   [12/04 Royal (Royal City, WA) 41 Eatonville (WA) 0]
1B    champions: Almira-Coulee-Hartline (Coulee City, WA)   [12/04 Almira-Coulee-Hartline (Coulee City, WA) 50 Quilcene (WA) 20]
2A    champions: Lynden (WA)   [12/04 Lynden (WA) 21 Tumwater (WA) 7]
2B    champions: Kalama (WA)   [12/04 Kalama (WA) 16 Napavine (WA) 14]
3A    champions: Bellevue (WA)   [12/04 Bellevue (WA) 17 Kennewick (WA) 13]
4A    champions: Graham-Kapowsin (Graham, WA)   [12/04 Graham-Kapowsin (Graham, WA) 44 Lake Stevens (WA) 7]

West Virginia

A    champions: Ritchie County (Ellenboro, WV)   [12/04 Ritchie County (Ellenboro, WV) 42 Williamstown (WV) 21]
AA    champions: Fairmont (WV)   [12/03 Fairmont (WV) 21 Independence (Coal City, WV) 12]
AAA    champions: Martinsburg (WV)   [12/04 Martinsburg (WV) 62 Huntington (WV) 21]


1    champions: Franklin (WI)   [11/19 Franklin (WI) 38 Sun Prairie (WI) 17]
2    champions: Waunakee (WI)   [11/19 Waunakee (WI) 33 Homestead (Mequon, WI) 21]
3    champions: Pewaukee (WI)   [11/19 Pewaukee (WI) 15 Rice Lake (WI) 6]
4    champions: Catholic Memorial (Waukesha, WI)   [11/18 Catholic Memorial (Waukesha, WI) 21 Ellsworth (WI) 12]
5    champions: Aquinas (La Crosse, WI)   [11/18 Aquinas (La Crosse, WI) 28 Mayville (WI) 26]
6    champions: Colby (WI)   [11/18 Colby (WI) 22 St. Mary's Springs (Fond du Lac, WI) 7]
7    champions: Reedsville (WI)   [11/18 Reedsville (WI) 17 Coleman (WI) 0]
8-Man    champions: Newman (Wausau, WI)   [11/13 Newman (Wausau, WI) 49 Luck (WI) 6]


2A    champions: Lyman (WY)   [11/13 Lyman (WY) 8 Lovell (WY) 6]
3A    champions: Cody (WY)   [11/12 Cody (WY) 41 Jackson Hole (Jackson, WY) 24]
4A    champions: Sheridan (WY)   [11/13 Sheridan (WY) 45 Rock Springs (WY) 27]
6 Man    champions: Little Snake River (Baggs, WY)   [11/12 Little Snake River (Baggs, WY) 65 Encampment (WY) 24]
9 Man    champions: Shoshoni (WY)   [11/13 Shoshoni (WY) 19 Rocky Mountain (Cowley, WY) 6]