2021 Orange Standings    league preview
Western (Anaheim, CA)    preview    trend0000%22050%
Magnolia (Anaheim, CA)    preview    trend0000%23040%
Anaheim (CA)    preview    trend0000%13025%
Savanna (Anaheim, CA)    preview    trend0000%14020%
Valley (Santa Ana, CA)    preview    trend0000%14020%
Century (Santa Ana, CA)    preview    trend0000%0300%
Recent Scores
Thu 09/23  Westminster (CA) 14 Magnolia (Anaheim, CA) 0
Fri 09/17  Westminster (CA) 2 Savanna (Anaheim, CA) 0 (forfeit)
Fri 09/17  Calvary Chapel (Santa Ana, CA) 46 Valley (Santa Ana, CA) 7
Fri 09/17  Anaheim (CA) 21 Loara (Anaheim, CA) 7
Fri 09/10  Western (Anaheim, CA) 28 Esperanza (Anaheim, CA) 24
Fri 09/10  University (Irvine, CA) 35 Century (Santa Ana, CA) 0
Upcoming Games
Fri 09/24  La Quinta (Westminster, CA) vs Century (Santa Ana, CA) at Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove, CA), 7:00pm
Fri 09/24  Santiago (Garden Grove, CA) vs Anaheim (CA) at Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA), 7:00pm
Sat 10/02  Western (Anaheim, CA) vs Savanna (Anaheim, CA) at Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA), 7:00pm

Per Game Averages
Magnolia (Anaheim, CA)2-3-30.2   16.823.8-7
Anaheim (CA)1-3-26.5   12.222.5-10.3
Savanna (Anaheim, CA)1-4-30.5   1527.2-12.2
Century (Santa Ana, CA)0-3-60.5   8.322.3-14
Western (Anaheim, CA)2-21.3   16.731.2-14.5
Valley (Santa Ana, CA)1-4-46.1   7.628.4-20.7

Team Game-By-Game Logs   don't see your team's twitter handle listed here?  Let us know about it...
Anaheim (CA)
(Coach: Lanny Booher, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Navy/Yellow/White, Nickname: Colonists, Address: 811 W Lincoln Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2020 Record2020 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 08/26Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Troy (Fullerton, CA)4-15.31-4-11.5Freeway Lost, 40-0
Thu 09/02Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove, CA)Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove, CA)3-1-175-00Garden Grove Lost, 22-21
Thu 09/09RoadWestminster (CA)5-0-15.91-4-19.7Pac 4 Lost, 21-7
Fri 09/17Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Loara (Anaheim, CA)2-3-33.54-1-11.1Garden Grove Won, 21-7
Fri 09/24Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Santiago (Garden Grove, CA)4-0-15.91-2-27.5Garden Grove 7:00pm
Thu 09/30Western (Anaheim, CA)Magnolia (Anaheim, CA)*2-3-30.22-3-29.2Orange 7:00pm
Thu 10/07Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Western (Anaheim, CA)*2-21.35-010.5Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/15Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Savanna (Anaheim, CA)*1-4-30.53-2-15.3Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/22RoadValley (Santa Ana, CA)*1-4-46.10-5-42Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/29Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Century (Santa Ana, CA)*0-3-60.51-4-34.3Orange 7:00pm
Century (Santa Ana, CA)
(Coach: Dave Perkins, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/Green/Silver, Nickname: Centurions, Address: 1401 S Grand Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2020 Record2020 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/27HomeSaddleback (Santa Ana, CA)3-1-35.10-0-45Orange Coast Lost, 20-19
Fri 09/03HomeAzusa (CA)1-3-55.40-1-45.6Montview Lost, 12-6
Fri 09/10RoadUniversity (Irvine, CA)2-2-33.20-2-32.6Pacific Valley Lost, 35-0
Fri 09/24Bolsa Grande (Garden Grove, CA)La Quinta (Westminster, CA)0-4-47.12-3-28.2Garden Grove 7:00pm
Fri 10/01HomeValley (Santa Ana, CA)*1-4-46.10-5-42Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/08HomeSavanna (Anaheim, CA)*1-4-30.53-2-15.3Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/15HomeMagnolia (Anaheim, CA)*2-3-30.22-3-29.2Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/22RoadWestern (Anaheim, CA)*2-21.35-010.5Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/29Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Anaheim (CA)*1-3-26.54-1-7.4Orange 7:00pm
Magnolia (Anaheim, CA)
(Coach: Vince Lobendahn, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Sentinels, Address: 2450 W Ball Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2020 Record2020 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/20Valley (Santa Ana, CA)Godinez (Santa Ana, CA)0-6-56.9  Pac 4 Won, 26-8
Thu 08/26RoadUniversity (Irvine, CA)2-2-33.20-2-32.6Pacific Valley Won, 16-8
Thu 09/02Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Katella (Anaheim, CA)3-3-3.32-3-1.3Big 4 Lost, 48-7
Fri 09/17Western (Anaheim, CA)Santiago (Garden Grove, CA)4-0-15.91-2-27.5Garden Grove Lost, 41-35 (2ot)
Thu 09/23Western (Anaheim, CA)Westminster (CA)5-0-15.91-4-19.7Pac 4 Lost, 14-0
Thu 09/30Western (Anaheim, CA)Anaheim (CA)*1-3-26.54-1-7.4Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/08Western (Anaheim, CA)Valley (Santa Ana, CA)*1-4-46.10-5-42Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/15RoadCentury (Santa Ana, CA)*0-3-60.51-4-34.3Orange 7:00pm
Sat 10/23Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Savanna (Anaheim, CA)*1-4-30.53-2-15.3Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/29RoadWestern (Anaheim, CA)*2-21.35-010.5Orange 7:00pm
Savanna (Anaheim, CA)
(Coach: Mike Willey, Colors: Red/Gray, Nickname: Rebels, Address: 301 N Gilbert Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2020 Record2020 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/21Western (Anaheim, CA)Poly (Pasadena, CA)2-2-13.50-1-4Rio Hondo Lost, 34-14
Fri 08/27Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Rancho Alamitos (Garden Grove, CA)3-1-175-00Garden Grove Lost, 20-13
Thu 09/02RoadNorwalk (CA)4-1-6.41-4-16.5Suburban Lost, 55-0
Fri 09/10Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Morningside (Inglewood, CA)0-4-53.91-1-24.5Ocean Won, 33-0
Fri 09/17RoadWestminster (CA)5-0-15.91-4-19.7Pac 4 Lost, 2-0 (forfeit)
Sat 10/02Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Western (Anaheim, CA)*2-21.35-010.5Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/08RoadCentury (Santa Ana, CA)*0-3-60.51-4-34.3Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/15Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Anaheim (CA)*1-3-26.54-1-7.4Orange 7:00pm
Sat 10/23Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Magnolia (Anaheim, CA)*2-3-30.22-3-29.2Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/29RoadValley (Santa Ana, CA)*1-4-46.10-5-42Orange 7:00pm
Valley (Santa Ana, CA)
(Coach: Alfredo Macias, Colors: Royal Blue/Vegas Gold, Nickname: Falcons, Address: 1801 S Greenville Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2020 Record2020 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/20RoadOcean View (Huntington Beach, CA)1-4-41.84-2-6.2Pac 4 Lost, 8-0
Fri 08/27RoadCantwell-Sacred Heart (Montebello, CA)4-0-15.33-2-22Camino Real Lost, 56-6
Fri 09/03Garden Grove (CA)Santiago (Garden Grove, CA)4-0-15.91-2-27.5Garden Grove Lost, 32-0
Fri 09/10HomeGodinez (Santa Ana, CA)0-6-56.9  Pac 4 Won, 25-0
Fri 09/17HomeCalvary Chapel (Santa Ana, CA)4-0-4.50-0-10.3Orange Coast Lost, 46-7
Fri 10/01RoadCentury (Santa Ana, CA)*0-3-60.51-4-34.3Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/08Western (Anaheim, CA)Magnolia (Anaheim, CA)*2-3-30.22-3-29.2Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/15HomeWestern (Anaheim, CA)*2-21.35-010.5Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/22HomeAnaheim (CA)*1-3-26.54-1-7.4Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/29HomeSavanna (Anaheim, CA)*1-4-30.53-2-15.3Orange 7:00pm
Western (Anaheim, CA)
(Coach: Dan Davidson, Colors: Royal Blue/White, Nickname: Pioneers, Address: 501 S Western Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2020 Record2020 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 08/19HomeChino (CA)4-113-2-5Sierra Won, 26-20
Thu 08/26HomeHuntington Beach (CA)3-213.82-415.6Sunset Lost, 41-0
Fri 09/03HomeCypress (CA)3-122.94-112.3Empire Lost, 40-13
Fri 09/10HomeEsperanza (Anaheim, CA)2-2-6.61-4-8.3North Hills Won, 28-24
Sat 10/02Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Savanna (Anaheim, CA)*1-4-30.53-2-15.3Orange 7:00pm
Thu 10/07Glover Stadium (Anaheim, CA)Anaheim (CA)*1-3-26.54-1-7.4Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/15RoadValley (Santa Ana, CA)*1-4-46.10-5-42Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/22HomeCentury (Santa Ana, CA)*0-3-60.51-4-34.3Orange 7:00pm
Fri 10/29HomeMagnolia (Anaheim, CA)*2-3-30.22-3-29.2Orange 7:00pm
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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