2019 Mother Lode Standings    league preview
Amador (Sutter Creek, CA)    preview    trend41080%102083%
Calaveras (San Andreas, CA)    preview    trend41080%84067%
Sonora (CA)    preview    trend41080%66050%
Argonaut (Jackson, CA)    preview    trend23040%37030%
Summerville (Tuolumne, CA)    preview    trend14020%37030%
Bret Harte (Angels Camp, CA)    preview    trend0500%28020%
Recent Scores
Fri 11/22  Ripon (CA) 34 Amador (Sutter Creek, CA) 33
V Playoffs
Fri 11/22  Escalon (CA) 40 Sonora (CA) 14
VI Playoffs
Fri 11/15  Ripon Christian (Ripon, CA) 2 Calaveras (San Andreas, CA) 0 (forfeit)
VI Playoffs
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Per Game Averages
 Mother LodeSeason
Amador (Sutter Creek, CA)10-223.839.68.231.438.510.228.3
Calaveras (San Andreas, CA)8-45.728.414.613.827.415.312
Sonora (CA)6-61538.814.624.128.825.43.4
Argonaut (Jackson, CA)3-7-13.712.423.2-10.717.123-5.8
Summerville (Tuolumne, CA)3-7-177.230.4-23.213.427.5-14.1
Bret Harte (Angels Camp, CA)2-8-

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Amador (Sutter Creek, CA)
(Division: V, Coach: Bill Baker, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Royal Blue/White, Nickname: Buffaloes, Address: 330 Spanish St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/30HomeOrland (CA)5-506-50Butte View (Northern)IIIWon, 34-10
Fri 09/06RoadLiberty Ranch (Galt, CA)5-6-2.14-6-16.2Sierra ValleyVWon, 42-0
Fri 09/13HomeUnion Mine (El Dorado, CA)6-50.14-6-9Sierra ValleyVWon, 55-22
Sat 09/21RoadMeridian (Bellingham, WA)4-8-3.78-417.21A Northwest (Washington)1AWon, 41-0
Fri 09/27RoadEl Dorado (Placerville, CA)3-7-11.64-6-9.4Sierra ValleyVWon, 42-9
Fri 10/04RoadBret Harte (Angels Camp, CA)*2-8-31.62-8-23Mother LodeVIWon, 42-0
Fri 10/11HomeCalaveras (San Andreas, CA)*8-45.77-510.1Mother LodeVILost, 17-10
Fri 10/18RoadSummerville (Tuolumne, CA)*3-7-173-7-10.7Mother LodeVIWon, 49-7
Fri 10/25HomeSonora (CA)*6-6157-512.2Mother LodeVIWon, 49-14
Fri 11/01RoadArgonaut (Jackson, CA)*3-7-13.78-46.1Mother LodeVIWon, 48-3
Fri 11/15HomeRosemont (Sacramento, CA)
V Playoffs
8-35.86-5-12.5Sierra ValleyVWon, 17-7
Fri 11/22RoadRipon (CA)
V Playoffs
14-142.410-225.4Trans ValleyVLost, 34-33
Argonaut (Jackson, CA)
(Division: VI, Coach: Rick Davis, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/White/Gold, Nickname: Mustangs, Address: 501 Argonaut Ln)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23RoadEl Dorado (Placerville, CA)3-7-11.64-6-9.4Sierra ValleyVLost, 21-13
Fri 08/30RoadUnion Mine (El Dorado, CA)6-50.14-6-9Sierra ValleyVLost, 28-7
Fri 09/06HomeHughson (CA)5-74.55-6-0.2Trans ValleyVILost, 39-35
Fri 09/20HomeCastlemont (Oakland, CA)1-9-31.84-6-14.8Oakland (Oakland)OALWon, 47-12
Fri 09/27RoadDixon (CA)6-4-15.16-5-9.6Golden EmpireVLost, 14-7
Fri 10/04HomeSonora (CA)*6-6157-512.2Mother LodeVILost, 34-3
Fri 10/11RoadSummerville (Tuolumne, CA)*3-7-173-7-10.7Mother LodeVIWon, 7-0 (ot)
Fri 10/18HomeBret Harte (Angels Camp, CA)*2-8-31.62-8-23Mother LodeVIWon, 35-0
Fri 10/25RoadCalaveras (San Andreas, CA)*8-45.77-510.1Mother LodeVILost, 34-14
Fri 11/01HomeAmador (Sutter Creek, CA)*10-223.88-44Mother LodeVLost, 48-3
Bret Harte (Angels Camp, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: VI, Coach: Kelly Osborn, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/Gold, Nickname: Bullfrogs, Address: 364 Murphys Grade Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23RoadOrestimba (Newman, CA)5-5-10.37-40.3SouthernVLost, 49-7
Sat 09/07RoadDelta Charter (Tracy, CA)1-9-59.60-10-70.1Central California AAVIIWon, 33-8
Fri 09/13HomeEl Dorado (Placerville, CA)3-7-11.64-6-9.4Sierra ValleyVLost, 21-3
Fri 09/20HomeArroyo (San Lorenzo, CA)2-7-40.41-9-39.9West Alameda County - Shoreline (North Coast)3Won, 13-7
Fri 09/27HomeLinden (CA)7-4-134-6-26.5Sierra DeltaVILost, 43-27
Fri 10/04HomeAmador (Sutter Creek, CA)*10-223.88-44Mother LodeVLost, 42-0
Fri 10/11RoadSonora (CA)*6-6157-512.2Mother LodeVILost, 69-0
Fri 10/18RoadArgonaut (Jackson, CA)*3-7-13.78-46.1Mother LodeVILost, 35-0
Fri 10/25HomeSummerville (Tuolumne, CA)*3-7-173-7-10.7Mother LodeVILost, 15-12
Fri 11/01RoadCalaveras (San Andreas, CA)*8-45.77-510.1Mother LodeVILost, 42-14
Calaveras (San Andreas, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: VI, Coach: Doug Clark, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Cardinal/Vegas Gold, Nickname: none, Address: 350 High School St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/30HomeEscalon (CA)14-141.29-326.1Trans ValleyVILost, 24-7
Fri 09/06RoadModesto Christian (Modesto, CA)1-9-26.710-225Trans ValleyVIWon, 42-8
Fri 09/13HomeRipon (CA)14-142.410-225.4Trans ValleyVLost, 24-0
Fri 09/20RoadBradshaw Christian (Sacramento, CA)9-315.16-5-4Sierra ValleyVWon, 21-19
Fri 09/27HomeStellar Prep (Hayward, CA)3-8-11.64-7-1.3Freelance (North Coast)7Won, 34-8
Fri 10/04HomeSummerville (Tuolumne, CA)*3-7-173-7-10.7Mother LodeVIWon, 42-0
Fri 10/11RoadAmador (Sutter Creek, CA)*10-223.88-44Mother LodeVWon, 17-10
Fri 10/18RoadSonora (CA)*6-6157-512.2Mother LodeVILost, 35-7
Fri 10/25HomeArgonaut (Jackson, CA)*3-7-13.78-46.1Mother LodeVIWon, 34-14
Fri 11/01HomeBret Harte (Angels Camp, CA)*2-8-31.62-8-23Mother LodeVIWon, 42-14
Fri 11/08HomeWestern Sierra (Rocklin, CA)
VI Playoffs
4-7-43.51-9-74.8Sacramento MetroVIWon, 56-13
Fri 11/15RoadRipon Christian (Ripon, CA)
VI Playoffs
10-21712-123.3SouthernVILost, 2-0 (forfeit)
Sonora (CA)  (twitter)
(Division: VI, Coach: Bryan Craig, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/Gold, Nickname: Wildcats, Address: 430 N Washington St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23HomeOakdale (CA)9-4299-418.5Valley OakIVLost, 41-7
Fri 08/30RoadRipon (CA)14-142.410-225.4Trans ValleyVLost, 55-14
Fri 09/06RoadEscalon (CA)14-141.29-326.1Trans ValleyVILost, 35-13
Fri 09/13HomeHilmar (CA)11-231.413-239.9Trans ValleyVILost, 28-7
Fri 09/20HomeWest (Tracy, CA)1-9-17.43-7-14.8Tri-CityIIWon, 41-14
Fri 10/04RoadArgonaut (Jackson, CA)*3-7-13.78-46.1Mother LodeVIWon, 34-3
Fri 10/11HomeBret Harte (Angels Camp, CA)*2-8-31.62-8-23Mother LodeVIWon, 69-0
Fri 10/18HomeCalaveras (San Andreas, CA)*8-45.77-510.1Mother LodeVIWon, 35-7
Fri 10/25RoadAmador (Sutter Creek, CA)*10-223.88-44Mother LodeVLost, 49-14
Fri 11/01RoadSummerville (Tuolumne, CA)*3-7-173-7-10.7Mother LodeVIWon, 42-14
Fri 11/15RoadGolden Sierra (Garden Valley, CA)
VI Playoffs
8-30.38-5-5.4Sierra DeltaVIWon, 56-19
Fri 11/22RoadEscalon (CA)
VI Playoffs
14-141.29-326.1Trans ValleyVILost, 40-14
Summerville (Tuolumne, CA)
(Division: VI, Coach: Sean Leveroos, Colors: Black/Orange, Nickname: Bears, Address: 17555 Tuolumne Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23HomeMariposa County (Mariposa, CA)8-5-2.42-8-27.4SouthernVIILost, 30-24
Fri 08/30RoadGalt (CA)4-6-16.14-6-26Sierra ValleyVWon, 24-21
Fri 09/06RoadRipon Christian (Ripon, CA)10-21712-123.3SouthernVILost, 36-13
Fri 09/13RoadHughson (CA)5-74.55-6-0.2Trans ValleyVILost, 30-0
Fri 09/20HomeDelta Charter (Tracy, CA)1-9-59.60-10-70.1Central California AAVIIWon, 37-6
Fri 10/04RoadCalaveras (San Andreas, CA)*8-45.77-510.1Mother LodeVILost, 42-0
Fri 10/11HomeArgonaut (Jackson, CA)*3-7-13.78-46.1Mother LodeVILost, 7-0 (ot)
Fri 10/18HomeAmador (Sutter Creek, CA)*10-223.88-44Mother LodeVLost, 49-7
Fri 10/25RoadBret Harte (Angels Camp, CA)*2-8-31.62-8-23Mother LodeVIWon, 15-12
Fri 11/01HomeSonora (CA)*6-6157-512.2Mother LodeVILost, 42-14
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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