2019 City Standings    league preview
Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)    preview    trend400100%121092%
San Diego (CA)    preview    trend22050%64060%
Henry (San Diego, CA)    preview    trend22050%66050%
Kearny (San Diego, CA)    preview    trend22050%56045%
Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)    preview    trend0400%67046%
Recent Scores
Sat 11/30  La Jolla (CA) 17 Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA) 10
III Championship
Fri 11/22  Castle Park (Chula Vista, CA) 22 Mission Bay (San Diego, CA) 10
V Playoffs
Fri 11/15  Central (El Centro, CA) 30 San Diego (CA) 26
III Playoffs
Fri 11/15  Orange Glen (Escondido, CA) 52 Henry (San Diego, CA) 28
IV Playoffs
Fri 11/08  Brawley (CA) 44 Kearny (San Diego, CA) 28
III Playoffs
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Per Game Averages
Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)12-
San Diego (CA)6-
Kearny (San Diego, CA)5-6-6.822.732.5-9.832.8284.7
Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)6-7-12.11732-1527.122.84.3
Henry (San Diego, CA)6-6-2.240.748.2-7.537.347.2-9.9

Team Game-By-Game Logs   don't see your team's twitter handle listed here?  Let us know about it...
Henry (San Diego, CA)
(Division: IV, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/Vegas Gold/White, Nickname: Patriots, Address: 6702 Wandermere Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23RoadMount Miguel (Spring Valley, CA)5-6-6.93-7-9.7Grossmont - ValleyIVWon, 40-34
Fri 08/30HomeMorse (San Diego, CA)7-5109-527.9EasternIILost, 68-32
Fri 09/06HomeMonte Vista (Spring Valley, CA)6-5-1.69-217.5Grossmont - ValleyIIWon, 39-36
Fri 09/13RoadEl Capitan (Lakeside, CA)1-9-8.23-80Grossmont - HillsIIIWon, 60-52
Fri 09/20HomeBonita Vista (Chula Vista, CA)3-7-0.62-8-3.6Metro - MesaIIILost, 56-14
Fri 10/04HomeSan Diego (CA)*6-44.112-234.4CityIIILost, 50-41
Fri 10/11HomeKearny (San Diego, CA)*5-6-6.811-219.5CityIIIWon, 70-36
Fri 10/18RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*6-7-12.12-8-29.3CityVWon, 44-43
Fri 10/25RoadScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*12-126.26-42.7CityIIILost, 64-8
Fri 11/01HomeSerra (San Diego, CA)11-323.29-40.4CentralIVLost, 48-37
Fri 11/08HomeDel Norte (San Diego, CA)
IV Playoffs
2-9-9.56-50.9PalomarIVWon, 35-28
Fri 11/15RoadOrange Glen (Escondido, CA)
IV Playoffs
7-53.29-44.2CoastalIVLost, 52-28
Kearny (San Diego, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: III, Coach: Will Gray, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Maroon/White, Nickname: Komets, Address: 7651 Wellington St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23HomeCalexico (CA)2-8-35.23-8-25.1Imperial ValleyIVWon, 65-16
Fri 09/06RoadMorse (San Diego, CA)7-5109-527.9EasternIILost, 28-25
Fri 09/13HomeMontgomery (San Diego, CA)9-2-3.35-5-21.6Metro - PacificIVLost, 38-24
Fri 09/20HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)1-9-145-78.3EasternIIIWon, 49-27
Fri 09/27RoadValhalla (El Cajon, CA)4-7-4.80-10-13.3Grossmont - HillsIIILost, 20-12
Fri 10/04HomeScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*12-126.26-42.7CityIIILost, 34-13
Fri 10/11RoadHenry (San Diego, CA)*6-6-2.21-9-18.3CityIVLost, 70-36
Fri 10/18HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)0-10-42.61-9-42.9CentralVWon, 67-6
Fri 10/25RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*6-7-12.12-8-29.3CityVWon, 28-19
Fri 11/01HomeSan Diego (CA)*6-44.112-234.4CityIIIWon, 14-7
Fri 11/08RoadBrawley (CA)
III Playoffs
9-44.88-316Imperial ValleyIIILost, 44-28
Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: V, Coach: Dane Roman, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Buccaneers, Address: 2475 Grand Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23RoadSan Ysidro (San Diego, CA)3-8-37.10-10-49.6Metro - PacificVWon, 20-14
Fri 08/30RoadLa Jolla (CA)10-524.93-75EasternIIILost, 34-13
Fri 09/06HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)1-9-145-78.3EasternIIILost, 27-26
Fri 09/13RoadMountain Empire (Pine Valley, CA)2-8-40.58-4-18.7ManzanitaVWon, 55-22
Fri 09/20RoadMar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)3-7-23.67-4-4.4Metro - South BayIVWon, 28-23
Fri 10/04HomeClairemont (San Diego, CA)4-6-34.40-10-46.3CentralVWon, 56-13
Fri 10/11HomeSan Diego (CA)*6-44.112-234.4CityIIILost, 18-0
Fri 10/18HomeHenry (San Diego, CA)*6-6-2.21-9-18.3CityIVLost, 44-43
Fri 10/25HomeKearny (San Diego, CA)*5-6-6.811-219.5CityIIILost, 28-19
Fri 11/01RoadScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*12-126.26-42.7CityIIILost, 38-6
Fri 11/08HomeSan Ysidro (San Diego, CA)
V Playoffs
3-8-37.10-10-49.6Metro - PacificVWon, 56-0
Fri 11/15RoadHoltville (CA)
V Playoffs
8-3-16.68-3-6.7ManzanitaVWon, 21-14
Fri 11/22RoadCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)
V Playoffs
11-2-5.86-3-26.4Metro - PacificVLost, 22-10
San Diego (CA)
(Division: III, Coach: Charles James, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Royal Blue/White, Nickname: Cavers, Address: 1405 Park Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23HomeCrawford (San Diego, CA)5-7-205-5-27.2CentralVWon, 40-0
Fri 09/06HomeEl Capitan (Lakeside, CA)1-9-8.23-80Grossmont - HillsIIIWon, 53-29
Fri 09/13RoadOrange Glen (Escondido, CA)7-53.29-44.2CoastalIVWon, 56-41
Fri 09/20RoadSerra (San Diego, CA)11-323.29-40.4CentralIVLost, 41-7
Fri 10/04RoadHenry (San Diego, CA)*6-6-2.21-9-18.3CityIVWon, 50-41
Fri 10/11RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*6-7-12.12-8-29.3CityVWon, 18-0
Fri 10/18HomeScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*12-126.26-42.7CityIIILost, 34-6
Fri 10/25HomeCoronado (CA)7-5-10.26-4-18.5CentralIVWon, 41-14
Fri 11/01RoadKearny (San Diego, CA)*5-6-6.811-219.5CityIIILost, 14-7
Fri 11/15HomeCentral (El Centro, CA)
III Playoffs
10-313.212-124.6Imperial ValleyIIILost, 30-26
Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)
(Division: III, Coach: Marlon Gardinera, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Cardinal/Navy/White, Nickname: Falcons, Address: 10410 Treena St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2018 Record2018 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/23HomeSerra (San Diego, CA)11-323.29-40.4CentralIVWon, 18-0
Fri 08/30RoadDel Norte (San Diego, CA)2-9-9.56-50.9PalomarIVWon, 30-10
Fri 09/06HomeFallbrook (CA)0-10-371-7-21.9ValleyIVWon, 55-0
Fri 09/13RoadMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)3-85.710-330EasternIIWon, 17-7
Fri 09/20HomeLa Jolla (CA)10-524.93-75EasternIIIWon, 17-7
Fri 10/04RoadKearny (San Diego, CA)*5-6-6.811-219.5CityIIIWon, 34-13
Fri 10/11HomeCrawford (San Diego, CA)5-7-205-5-27.2CentralVWon, 45-0
Fri 10/18RoadSan Diego (CA)*6-44.112-234.4CityIIIWon, 34-6
Fri 10/25HomeHenry (San Diego, CA)*6-6-2.21-9-18.3CityIVWon, 64-8
Fri 11/01HomeMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*6-7-12.12-8-29.3CityVWon, 38-6
Fri 11/15HomeWest Hills (Santee, CA)
III Playoffs
7-5-1.28-3-0.6Grossmont - ValleyIIIWon, 42-7
Fri 11/22HomeCentral (El Centro, CA)
III Playoffs
10-313.212-124.6Imperial ValleyIIIWon, 49-24
Sat 11/30Southwestern College (Chula Vista, CA)La Jolla (CA)
III Championship
10-524.93-75EasternIIILost, 17-10
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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