2018 Metropolitan Standings    league preview
Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)    preview    trend500100%1100100%
Burbank (Sacramento, CA)    preview    trend41080%65055%
Kennedy (Sacramento, CA)    preview    trend32060%55050%
River City (West Sacramento, CA)    preview    trend23040%28020%
McClatchy (Sacramento, CA)    preview    trend14020%28020%
Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)    preview    trend0500%19010%
Recent Scores
Fri 11/09  Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA) 63 Pitman (Turlock, CA) 7
I Playoffs
Fri 11/02  Manteca (CA) 36 Burbank (Sacramento, CA) 6
III Playoffs
Fri 10/26  River City (West Sacramento, CA) 45 Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA) 8
Upcoming Games
Fri 11/16  Oak Ridge (El Dorado Hills, CA) at Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA), 7:00pm
I Playoffs
projection: Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA) 31-28

Per Game Averages
Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)11-053.856.61.255.451.38.842.5
Burbank (Sacramento, CA)6-510.647.416.231.2382117
Kennedy (Sacramento, CA)5-5-7.12029.8-9.822.231.6-9.4
Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)1-9-31.7943.6-34.61537-22
McClatchy (Sacramento, CA)2-8-24.88.634-25.411.535.8-24.2
River City (West Sacramento, CA)2-8-12.32036.8-16.716.243.3-27.1

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Burbank (Sacramento, CA)
(Division: III, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Columbia Blue/Gold, Nickname: Titans, Address: 3500 Florin Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2017 Record2017 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/17HomeChristian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)5-612.510-330.5CapitalIIILost, 21-20
Fri 08/24RoadSheldon (Sacramento, CA)10-234.89-340.9DeltaILost, 40-39
Fri 08/31RoadVacaville (CA)6-523.27-441.7Monticello EmpireIILost, 40-14
Fri 09/07RoadDel Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)4-68.212-143.4CapitalIIIWon, 35-7
Fri 09/14HomeHighlands (North Highlands, CA)7-4-9.86-4-12.9Sierra DeltaVIWon, 67-7
Fri 09/28Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)*1-9-31.75-5-3.2MetropolitanIIIWon, 65-0
Fri 10/05HomeRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*2-8-12.37-415.5MetropolitanIWon, 56-14
Fri 10/12RoadMonterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)*11-053.86-530.7MetropolitanILost, 41-6
Fri 10/19HomeMcClatchy (Sacramento, CA)*2-8-24.84-6-9.4MetropolitanIWon, 55-0
Fri 10/26HomeKennedy (Sacramento, CA)*5-5-7.13-7-19.9MetropolitanIWon, 55-26
Fri 11/02RoadManteca (CA)
III Playoffs
8-428.912-344.4Valley OakIIILost, 36-6
Kennedy (Sacramento, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: I, Coach: Brian Lewis, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Dark Green/Gold, Nickname: Cougars, Address: 6715 Gloria Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2017 Record2017 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/24HomeWoodcreek (Roseville, CA)7-424.12-817.3Capital ValleyIILost, 42-12
Fri 08/31HomeSheldon (Sacramento, CA)10-234.89-340.9DeltaILost, 48-6
Fri 09/07RoadBear Creek (Stockton, CA)5-50.33-7-18.6San Joaquin AAIILost, 47-22
Fri 09/14HomeRosemont (Sacramento, CA)6-5-8.34-6-13.5Sierra ValleyIVWon, 36-28
Fri 09/21HomeFlorin (Sacramento, CA)0-9-47.94-6-32.6Greater SacramentoIVWon, 46-2
Fri 09/28HomeMcClatchy (Sacramento, CA)*2-8-24.84-6-9.4MetropolitanIWon, 20-6
Fri 10/05RoadMonterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)*11-053.86-530.7MetropolitanILost, 50-0
Fri 10/12Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)*1-9-31.75-5-3.2MetropolitanIIIWon, 22-19
Fri 10/19HomeRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*2-8-12.37-415.5MetropolitanIWon, 32-19
Fri 10/26RoadBurbank (Sacramento, CA)*6-510.66-57.6MetropolitanIIILost, 55-26
Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)
(Division: III, Coach: Dan Davis, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Cardinal/Black/White, Nickname: Cardinals, Address: 9050 Vicino Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2017 Record2017 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/17Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Valley (Sacramento, CA)4-7-24.72-8-39.8Greater SacramentoIVLost, 25-13
Fri 08/24RoadNatomas (Sacramento, CA)5-5-19.86-5-6.3Greater SacramentoVLost, 22-19
Fri 08/31RoadDublin (CA)4-61.95-711.6East Bay - Valley (North Coast)1Lost, 59-0
Fri 09/07Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Florin (Sacramento, CA)0-9-47.94-6-32.6Greater SacramentoIVWon, 40-12
Fri 09/14Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Liberty Ranch (Galt, CA)4-6-12.53-7-12.5Sierra ValleyVLost, 34-33
Fri 09/28Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Burbank (Sacramento, CA)*6-510.66-57.6MetropolitanIIILost, 65-0
Fri 10/05Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)McClatchy (Sacramento, CA)*2-8-24.84-6-9.4MetropolitanILost, 24-18 (2ot)
Fri 10/12Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Kennedy (Sacramento, CA)*5-5-7.13-7-19.9MetropolitanILost, 22-19
Fri 10/19Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)*11-053.86-530.7MetropolitanILost, 62-0
Fri 10/26RoadRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*2-8-12.37-415.5MetropolitanILost, 45-8
McClatchy (Sacramento, CA)
(Division: I, Coach: Malcolm Floyd, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Sapphire/White, Nickname: Lions, Address: 3066 Freeport Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2017 Record2017 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/25Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)Rosemont (Sacramento, CA)6-5-8.34-6-13.5Sierra ValleyIVLost, 21-12
Fri 08/31RoadFoothill (Sacramento, CA)8-48.71-9-9.3Pioneer ValleyVLost, 74-0
Thu 09/06Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)Johnson (Sacramento, CA)4-6-39.70-10-44.6Greater SacramentoIIIWon, 40-12
Fri 09/14RoadDixon (CA)6-5-5.26-4-3.3Golden EmpireVLost, 40-14
Fri 09/21Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)Valley (Sacramento, CA)4-7-24.72-8-39.8Greater SacramentoIVLost, 41-6
Fri 09/28RoadKennedy (Sacramento, CA)*5-5-7.13-7-19.9MetropolitanILost, 20-6
Fri 10/05Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)*1-9-31.75-5-3.2MetropolitanIIIWon, 24-18 (2ot)
Fri 10/12RoadRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*2-8-12.37-415.5MetropolitanILost, 22-13
Fri 10/19RoadBurbank (Sacramento, CA)*6-510.66-57.6MetropolitanIIILost, 55-0
Fri 10/26Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)*11-053.86-530.7MetropolitanILost, 55-0
Monterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)
(Division: I, Coach: T.J. Ewing, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Forest Green/Gold, Nickname: Mustangs, Address: 8661 Power Inn Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2017 Record2017 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/17HomeSheldon (Sacramento, CA)10-234.89-340.9DeltaIWon, 41-6
Fri 08/24RoadSan Ramon Valley (Danville, CA)6-431.39-247.5East Bay - Mountain (North Coast)1Won, 27-7
Fri 08/31RoadSpanish Springs (Sparks, NV)8-424.56-622.44A Northern - High Desert (Nevada)4AWon, 47-16
Fri 09/07HomeCosumnes Oaks (Elk Grove, CA)4-713.95-617.6DeltaIWon, 63-28
Fri 09/21HomeParaclete (Lancaster, CA)5-732.313-252.5Gold Coast (Southern)3Won, 41-27
Fri 09/28RoadRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*2-8-12.37-415.5MetropolitanIWon, 75-0
Fri 10/05HomeKennedy (Sacramento, CA)*5-5-7.13-7-19.9MetropolitanIWon, 50-0
Fri 10/12HomeBurbank (Sacramento, CA)*6-510.66-57.6MetropolitanIIIWon, 41-6
Fri 10/19Cosumnes River College (Sacramento, CA)Laguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)*1-9-31.75-5-3.2MetropolitanIIIWon, 62-0
Fri 10/26Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)McClatchy (Sacramento, CA)*2-8-24.84-6-9.4MetropolitanIWon, 55-0
Fri 11/09HomePitman (Turlock, CA)
I Playoffs
10-230.35-510.8Central California - CCALIWon, 63-7
Fri 11/16HomeOak Ridge (El Dorado Hills, CA)
I Playoffs
8-345.411-253.7Sierra FoothillI7:00pm
River City (West Sacramento, CA)
(Division: I, Coach: Gabe Jimenez, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Columbia/Gold, Nickname: Raiders, Address: 1100 Clarendon St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2017 Record2017 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/17RoadPonderosa (Shingle Springs, CA)7-419.74-69.5Foothill ValleyIIILost, 64-6
Fri 08/24HomeRiver Valley (Yuba City, CA)7-5317-418.9Capital ValleyIIILost, 21-7
Fri 08/31RoadCosumnes Oaks (Elk Grove, CA)4-713.95-617.6DeltaILost, 55-20
Fri 09/07RoadEscalon (CA)9-2307-58.6Trans ValleyVILost, 56-8
Fri 09/14HomeNevada Union (Grass Valley, CA)3-71.62-818.9Foothill ValleyIVLost, 53-21
Fri 09/28HomeMonterey Trail (Elk Grove, CA)*11-053.86-530.7MetropolitanILost, 75-0
Fri 10/05RoadBurbank (Sacramento, CA)*6-510.66-57.6MetropolitanIIILost, 56-14
Fri 10/12HomeMcClatchy (Sacramento, CA)*2-8-24.84-6-9.4MetropolitanIWon, 22-13
Fri 10/19RoadKennedy (Sacramento, CA)*5-5-7.13-7-19.9MetropolitanILost, 32-19
Fri 10/26HomeLaguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)*1-9-31.75-5-3.2MetropolitanIIIWon, 45-8
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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