2017 Tri-County Standings    league preview
Inderkum (Sacramento, CA)    preview    trend600100%111092%
Yuba City (CA)    preview    trend42067%65055%
River Valley (Yuba City, CA)    preview    trend33050%74064%
Rio Linda (CA)    preview    trend33050%75058%
River City (West Sacramento, CA)    preview    trend33050%74064%
Woodland (CA)    preview    trend24033%75058%
Pioneer (Woodland, CA)    preview    trend0600%19010%
Recent Scores
Fri 11/17  Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA) 30 Rio Linda (CA) 21
III Playoffs
Fri 11/17  Placer (Auburn, CA) 35 Woodland (CA) 6
IV Playoffs
Fri 11/17  Del Oro (Loomis, CA) 26 Inderkum (Sacramento, CA) 7
II Playoffs
Thu 11/09  Vanden (Fairfield, CA) 34 Yuba City (CA) 33 (2ot)
III Playoffs
Thu 11/09  Folsom (CA) 76 River City (West Sacramento, CA) 9
I Playoffs
Thu 11/09  American Canyon (CA) 17 River Valley (Yuba City, CA) 10
III Playoffs
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Per Game Averages
Inderkum (Sacramento, CA)11-135.945.1837.146.612.833.8
River Valley (Yuba City, CA)7-418.935.127.1836.924.512.3
Woodland (CA)7-514.326.628-1.33323.89.2
Rio Linda (CA)7-516.625.120.64.527.722.55.1
Yuba City (CA)6-515.728.322.16.125.726.2-0.5
River City (West Sacramento, CA)7-415.521.528.8-7.322.130.4-8.2
Pioneer (Woodland, CA)1-9-23.8249.1-

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Inderkum (Sacramento, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: I-VII, Coach: Terry Stark, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/Gold, Nickname: Tigers, Address: 2500 New Market Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2016 Record2016 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/25RoadElk Grove (CA)5-625.611-247.4DeltaI-VIIWon, 52-36
Fri 09/01HomeKennedy (Sacramento, CA)3-7-19.96-5-2.3MetropolitanI-VIIWon, 72-0
Fri 09/08RoadAmerican Canyon (CA)7-420.111-227.4Solano CountyI-VIIWon, 53-0
Fri 09/15HomeMoreau Catholic (Hayward, CA)5-66.38-48.4Mission Valley (North Coast)4Won, 70-20
Fri 09/22HomePioneer (Woodland, CA)*1-9-23.82-8-19.6Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 64-0
Fri 09/29HomeYuba City (CA)*6-515.78-418.3Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 35-7
Fri 10/06RoadRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*7-415.56-58.7Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 57-0
Fri 10/13HomeWoodland (CA)*7-514.34-60Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 62-7
Fri 10/20RoadRiver Valley (Yuba City, CA)*7-418.93-76.3Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 25-20
Fri 11/03RoadRio Linda (CA)*7-516.64-64.4Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 28-14
Thu 11/09HomeVintage (Napa, CA)
II Playoffs
7-320.65-510.7Monticello EmpireI-VIIWon, 35-24
Fri 11/17HomeDel Oro (Loomis, CA)
II Playoffs
8-642.113-357.8Sierra FoothillI-VIILost, 26-7
Pioneer (Woodland, CA)
(Division: I-VII, Coach: Scott Stephens, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Vegas Gold/White, Nickname: Patriots, Address: 1400 Pioneer Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2016 Record2016 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/25HomeNatomas (Sacramento, CA)6-5-6.35-5-17.1Golden EmpireI-VIILost, 48-13
Thu 09/07HomeEl Camino (Sacramento, CA)4-6-4.36-55.7CapitalI-VIILost, 49-0
Fri 09/15HomeRio Americano (Sacramento, CA)6-53.95-5-4.9CapitalI-VIILost, 42-12
Fri 09/22RoadInderkum (Sacramento, CA)*11-135.911-340Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 64-0
Fri 09/29HomeRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*7-415.56-58.7Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 30-0
Fri 10/06West (Tracy, CA)Millennium (Tracy, CA)3-7-39.86-3-31.8Central California AAI-VIIWon, 35-13
Fri 10/13HomeRiver Valley (Yuba City, CA)*7-418.93-76.3Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 42-0
Fri 10/20RoadYuba City (CA)*6-515.78-418.3Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 61-6
Fri 10/27HomeRio Linda (CA)*7-516.64-64.4Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 42-6
Fri 11/03HomeWoodland (CA)*7-514.34-60Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 56-0
Rio Linda (CA)
(Division: I-VII, Coach: Jack Garceau, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Knights, Address: 6309 Dry Creek Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2016 Record2016 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/25HomeCenter (Antelope, CA)7-614.68-413.9Pioneer ValleyI-VIIWon, 50-37
Fri 09/01RoadRoseville (CA)1-9-4.59-228.3Capital ValleyI-VIIWon, 28-20
Fri 09/08HomeCordova (Rancho Cordova, CA)7-42.87-47.9Sierra ValleyI-VIILost, 34-33
Fri 09/15RoadFoothill (Sacramento, CA)1-9-9.31-9-11.7Pioneer ValleyI-VIIWon, 34-12
Fri 09/22HomeRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*7-415.56-58.7Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 20-10
Fri 09/29HomeRiver Valley (Yuba City, CA)*7-418.93-76.3Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 35-27
Fri 10/06RoadYuba City (CA)*6-515.78-418.3Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 21-20
Fri 10/20Pioneer (Woodland, CA)Woodland (CA)*7-514.34-60Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 28-24
Fri 10/27RoadPioneer (Woodland, CA)*1-9-23.82-8-19.6Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 42-6
Fri 11/03HomeInderkum (Sacramento, CA)*11-135.911-340Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 28-14
Fri 11/10Loftin Stadium (Los Banos, CA)Los Banos (CA)
III Playoffs
9-211.38-48.5WesternI-VIIWon, 16-14
Fri 11/17Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)
III Playoffs
10-330.511-327.3CapitalI-VIILost, 30-21
River City (West Sacramento, CA)
(Division: I-VII, Coach: Chris Baker, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Columbia/Gold, Nickname: Raiders, Address: 1100 Clarendon St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2016 Record2016 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/25HomeLiberty Ranch (Galt, CA)3-7-12.58-34.3Sierra ValleyI-VIIWon, 28-21
Sat 09/02Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)McClatchy (Sacramento, CA)4-6-9.43-7-19.2MetropolitanI-VIIWon, 23-20
Fri 09/08HomeCenter (Antelope, CA)7-614.68-413.9Pioneer ValleyI-VIIWon, 28-20
Fri 09/15HomeEl Camino (Sacramento, CA)4-6-4.36-55.7CapitalI-VIIWon, 27-25
Fri 09/22RoadRio Linda (CA)*7-516.64-64.4Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 20-10
Fri 09/29RoadPioneer (Woodland, CA)*1-9-23.82-8-19.6Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 30-0
Fri 10/06HomeInderkum (Sacramento, CA)*11-135.911-340Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 57-0
Fri 10/13HomeYuba City (CA)*6-515.78-418.3Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 30-20
Fri 10/27HomeWoodland (CA)*7-514.34-60Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 16-12
Fri 11/03RoadRiver Valley (Yuba City, CA)*7-418.93-76.3Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 64-43
Thu 11/09RoadFolsom (CA)
I Playoffs
16-073.912-257.6Sierra FoothillI-VIILost, 76-9
River Valley (Yuba City, CA)
(Division: I-VII, Coach: Brennan McFadden, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/Silver/Black, Nickname: Falcons, Address: 801 El Margarita Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2016 Record2016 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/25HomeCosumnes Oaks (Elk Grove, CA)5-617.68-432.5Capital ValleyI-VIIWon, 42-27
Sat 09/02HomeWood (Vacaville, CA)5-5155-510.4Monticello EmpireI-VIIWon, 36-22
Fri 09/08RoadRoseville (CA)1-9-4.59-228.3Capital ValleyI-VIIWon, 59-13
Fri 09/15RoadPleasant Valley (Chico, CA)5-711.911-342.1Eastern (Northern)IIWon, 48-28
Fri 09/29RoadRio Linda (CA)*7-516.64-64.4Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 35-27
Fri 10/06HomeWoodland (CA)*7-514.34-60Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 42-27
Fri 10/13RoadPioneer (Woodland, CA)*1-9-23.82-8-19.6Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 42-0
Fri 10/20HomeInderkum (Sacramento, CA)*11-135.911-340Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 25-20
Fri 10/27RoadYuba City (CA)*6-515.78-418.3Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 26-23
Fri 11/03HomeRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*7-415.56-58.7Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 64-43
Thu 11/09RoadAmerican Canyon (CA)
III Playoffs
7-420.111-227.4Solano CountyI-VIILost, 17-10
Woodland (CA)
(Division: I-VII, Coach: Chris Smith, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Orange/White, Nickname: Wolves, Address: 21 N West St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2016 Record2016 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/25RoadAmerican Canyon (CA)7-420.111-227.4Solano CountyI-VIIWon, 36-34 (ot)
Fri 09/01RoadRosemont (Sacramento, CA)4-6-13.51-9-26.3Sierra ValleyI-VIIWon, 35-19
Fri 09/08Pioneer (Woodland, CA)Foothill (Sacramento, CA)1-9-9.31-9-11.7Pioneer ValleyI-VIIWon, 61-6
Fri 09/15RoadEnterprise (Redding, CA)4-7-0.84-810.9Eastern (Northern)IIWon, 42-7
Fri 09/22Pioneer (Woodland, CA)Yuba City (CA)*6-515.78-418.3Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 35-19
Fri 10/06RoadRiver Valley (Yuba City, CA)*7-418.93-76.3Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 42-27
Fri 10/13RoadInderkum (Sacramento, CA)*11-135.911-340Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 62-7
Fri 10/20Pioneer (Woodland, CA)Rio Linda (CA)*7-516.64-64.4Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 28-24
Fri 10/27RoadRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*7-415.56-58.7Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 16-12
Fri 11/03RoadPioneer (Woodland, CA)*1-9-23.82-8-19.6Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 56-0
Thu 11/09RoadEl Dorado (Placerville, CA)
IV Playoffs
7-4-4.37-31.9Sierra ValleyI-VIIWon, 56-17
Fri 11/17RoadPlacer (Auburn, CA)
IV Playoffs
13-235.97-617.1Pioneer ValleyI-VIILost, 35-6
Yuba City (CA)
(Division: I-VII, Coach: Aaron Gingery, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Brown/Old Gold, Nickname: Honkers, Address: 850 B St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2016 Record2016 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/26HomePleasant Valley (Chico, CA)5-711.911-342.1Eastern (Northern)IIWon, 28-27
Fri 09/01RoadBradshaw Christian (Sacramento, CA)8-43.712-115.4Sierra DeltaI-VIIWon, 27-26
Fri 09/08HomeVacaville (CA)7-441.78-436.3Monticello EmpireI-VIILost, 44-19
Fri 09/15Cal State Chico (Chico, CA)Chico (CA)8-420.83-77.5Eastern (Northern)IILost, 25-6
Fri 09/22Pioneer (Woodland, CA)Woodland (CA)*7-514.34-60Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 35-19
Fri 09/29RoadInderkum (Sacramento, CA)*11-135.911-340Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 35-7
Fri 10/06HomeRio Linda (CA)*7-516.64-64.4Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 21-20
Fri 10/13RoadRiver City (West Sacramento, CA)*7-415.56-58.7Tri-CountyI-VIILost, 30-20
Fri 10/20HomePioneer (Woodland, CA)*1-9-23.82-8-19.6Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 61-6
Fri 10/27HomeRiver Valley (Yuba City, CA)*7-418.93-76.3Tri-CountyI-VIIWon, 26-23
Thu 11/09HomeVanden (Fairfield, CA)
III Playoffs
6-519.86-513.5Solano CountyI-VIILost, 34-33 (2ot)
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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