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1A    champions: Maplesville (AL)   [12/01 Maplesville (AL) 40 Pickens County (Reform, AL) 12]
2A    champions: Fyffe (AL)   [12/02 Fyffe (AL) 28 Aliceville (AL) 0]
3A    champions: Piedmont (AL)   [12/01 Piedmont (AL) 22 Mobile Christian (Mobile, AL) 12]
4A    champions: Handley (Roanoke, AL)   [12/02 Handley (Roanoke, AL) 30 Madison Academy (Madison, AL) 7]
5A    champions: Beauregard (Opelika, AL)   [12/01 Beauregard (Opelika, AL) 33 Wenonah (Birmingham, AL) 13]
6A    champions: Ramsay (Birmingham, AL)   [12/02 Ramsay (Birmingham, AL) 21 Opelika (AL) 16]
7A    champions: Hoover (AL)   [11/30 Hoover (AL) 17 McGill-Toolen (Mobile, AL) 7]
AISA A    champions: Marengo Academy (Linden, AL)   [11/18 Marengo Academy (Linden, AL) 34 Chambers Academy (LaFayette, AL) 33]
AISA AA    champions: Autauga Academy (Prattville, AL)   [11/18 Autauga Academy (Prattville, AL) 28 Escambia Academy (Atmore, AL) 21]
AISA AAA    champions: Bessemer Academy (Bessemer, AL)   [11/18 Bessemer Academy (Bessemer, AL) 28 Monroe Academy (Monroeville, AL) 7]
Christian 6 Man    champions: Victory Baptist (Millbrook, AL)   [11/04 Victory Baptist (Millbrook, AL) 42 Cahawba Christian Academy (Centreville, AL) 40]
Christian 8 Man    champions: Tuscaloosa Christian (Cottondale, AL)   [11/04 Tuscaloosa Christian (Cottondale, AL) 61 Tabernacle (Gardendale, AL) 24]


Large    champions: East (Anchorage, AK)   [10/21 East (Anchorage, AK) 13 West (Anchorage, AK) 7]
Medium    champions: Soldotna (AK)   [10/15 Soldotna (AK) 49 Palmer (AK) 13]
Small    champions: Eielson [Ben] (Eielson AFB, AK)   [10/15 Eielson [Ben] (Eielson AFB, AK) 40 Houston (Big Lake, AK) 18]


1A    champions: Bagdad (AZ)   [11/12 Bagdad (AZ) 60 Williams (AZ) 6]
2A    champions: Thatcher (AZ)   [11/26 Thatcher (AZ) 33 Round Valley (Eagar, AZ) 28]
3A    champions: American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek, AZ)   [11/26 American Leadership Academy (Queen Creek, AZ) 14 Sabino (Tucson, AZ) 0]
4A    champions: Saguaro (Scottsdale, AZ)   [11/26 Saguaro (Scottsdale, AZ) 42 Catalina Foothills (Tucson, AZ) 14]
5A    champions: Williams Field (Gilbert, AZ)   [11/26 Williams Field (Gilbert, AZ) 14 Centennial (Peoria, AZ) 6]
6A    champions: Chandler (AZ)   [11/26 Chandler (AZ) 36 Mountain Pointe (Phoenix, AZ) 17]
CAA I    champions: Desert Heights Prep (Glendale, AZ)   [11/19 Desert Heights Prep (Glendale, AZ) 50 Madison Highland Prep (Phoenix, AZ) 13]
CAA II    champions: Heritage Academy (Mesa, AZ)   [11/19 Heritage Academy (Mesa, AZ) 38 Southwest Leadership Academy (Phoenix, AZ) 14]
CAA III    champions: Sequoia Pathway Academy (Maricopa, AZ)   [11/19 Sequoia Pathway Academy (Maricopa, AZ) 20 American Leadership Academy (Ironwood, AZ) 13]


2A    champions: Mount Ida (AR)   [12/10 Mount Ida (AR) 27 Hampton (AR) 26]
3A    champions: Prescott (AR)   [12/10 Prescott (AR) 37 Charleston (AR) 26]
4A    champions: Warren (AR)   [12/09 Warren (AR) 54 Pea Ridge (AR) 37]
5A    champions: Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR)   [12/03 Pulaski Academy (Little Rock, AR) 55 Wynne (AR) 16]
6A    champions: Russellville (AR)   [12/03 Russellville (AR) 37 Greenwood (AR) 23]
7A    champions: Fayetteville (AR)   [12/02 Fayetteville (AR) 53 North Little Rock (AR) 19]


Bowl 1-A    winner: San Clemente (CA)   [12/17 San Clemente (CA) 22 Del Oro (Loomis, CA) 17]
Bowl 1-AA    winner: Cathedral (San Diego, CA)   [12/16 Cathedral (San Diego, CA) 38 St. Mary's (Stockton, CA) 35]
Bowl 2-A    winner: Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, CA)   [12/17 Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, CA) 42 Serra [Junipero] (San Mateo, CA) 40]
Bowl 2-AA    winner: Madison (San Diego, CA)   [12/16 Madison (San Diego, CA) 21 Valley Christian (San Jose, CA) 17]
Bowl 3-A    winner: Oakdale (CA)   [12/17 Oakdale (CA) 47 Bishop's (La Jolla, CA) 0]
Bowl 3-AA    winner: Paraclete (Lancaster, CA)   [12/17 Paraclete (Lancaster, CA) 39 Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA) 21]
Bowl 4-A    winner: Pleasant Valley (Chico, CA)   [12/17 Pleasant Valley (Chico, CA) 50 St. Anthony (Long Beach, CA) 49]
Bowl 4-AA    winner: Campolindo (Moraga, CA)   [12/17 Campolindo (Moraga, CA) 31 Bakersfield Christian (Bakersfield, CA) 7]
Bowl 5-A    winner: McClymonds (Oakland, CA)   [12/17 McClymonds (Oakland, CA) 20 La Jolla Country Day (La Jolla, CA) 17]
Bowl 5-AA    winner: Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland, CA)   [12/17 Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland, CA) 43 Valley View (Moreno Valley, CA) 24]
Bowl 6-A    winner: St. Patrick-St. Vincent (Vallejo, CA)   [12/17 St. Patrick-St. Vincent (Vallejo, CA) 29 Strathmore (CA) 28]
Bowl 6-AA    winner: Rancho Christian (Temecula, CA)   [12/17 Rancho Christian (Temecula, CA) 38 Amador (Sutter Creek, CA) 13]
Bowl Open    winner: St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)   [12/17 St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) 56 De La Salle (Concord, CA) 33]
Central Coast, IV    champions: Soledad (CA)   [11/26 Soledad (CA) 17 Westmont (Campbell, CA) 13]
Central Coast, Open I    champions: Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA)   [11/25 Menlo-Atherton (Atherton, CA) 17 Milpitas (CA) 0]
Central Coast, Open II    champions: Serra [Junipero] (San Mateo, CA)   [11/25 Serra [Junipero] (San Mateo, CA) 37 Mitty (San Jose, CA) 24]
Central Coast, Open III    champions: Valley Christian (San Jose, CA)   [11/25 Valley Christian (San Jose, CA) 14 Palma (Salinas, CA) 10]
Central Coast, V    champions: Half Moon Bay (CA)   [11/26 Half Moon Bay (CA) 41 Menlo (Atherton, CA) 24]
Central, 1    champions: Bakersfield (CA)   [12/02 Bakersfield (CA) 21 Central (Fresno, CA) 14]
Central, 2    champions: Sanger (CA)   [12/02 Sanger (CA) 20 Ridgeview (Bakersfield, CA) 10]
Central, 3    champions: Bakersfield Christian (Bakersfield, CA)   [12/02 Bakersfield Christian (Bakersfield, CA) 53 Tulare Western (Tulare, CA) 19]
Central, 4    champions: Selma (CA)   [12/02 Selma (CA) 39 Chowchilla (CA) 7]
Central, 5    champions: Mendota (CA)   [12/02 Mendota (CA) 50 Firebaugh (CA) 22]
Central, 6    champions: Strathmore (CA)   [12/02 Strathmore (CA) 46 Sierra Pacific (Hanford, CA) 20]
Central, 8 Man    champions: Fresno Christian (Fresno, CA)   [11/10 Fresno Christian (Fresno, CA) 66 Alpaugh (CA) 12]
Los Angeles, 8 Man    champions: Sherman Oaks CES (Reseda, CA)   [11/19 Sherman Oaks CES (Reseda, CA) 52 East Valley (North Hollywood, CA) 34]
Los Angeles, I    champions: Narbonne [Nathaniel] (Harbor City, CA)   [12/03 Narbonne [Nathaniel] (Harbor City, CA) 42 Dorsey [Susan Miller] (Los Angeles, CA) 34]
Los Angeles, II    champions: Los Angeles (CA)   [12/03 Los Angeles (CA) 36 Hawkins [Augustus] (Los Angeles, CA) 6]
Los Angeles, III    champions: Franklin [Benjamin] (Los Angeles, CA)   [12/03 Franklin [Benjamin] (Los Angeles, CA) 27 Reseda (CA) 18]
North Coast, 1    champions: Monte Vista (Danville, CA)   [12/03 Monte Vista (Danville, CA) 42 Antioch (CA) 18]
North Coast, 2    champions: Campolindo (Moraga, CA)   [12/02 Campolindo (Moraga, CA) 40 Windsor (CA) 20]
North Coast, 3    champions: Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland, CA)   [12/03 Bishop O'Dowd (Oakland, CA) 27 Marin Catholic (Kentfield, CA) 7]
North Coast, 4    champions: Cardinal Newman (Santa Rosa, CA)   [12/03 Cardinal Newman (Santa Rosa, CA) 44 St. Bernard's (Eureka, CA) 21]
North Coast, 5    champions: St. Patrick-St. Vincent (Vallejo, CA)   [12/03 St. Patrick-St. Vincent (Vallejo, CA) 49 Fort Bragg (CA) 35]
North Coast, Open    champions: De La Salle (Concord, CA)   [12/02 De La Salle (Concord, CA) 42 Freedom (Oakley, CA) 7]
Northern, II    champions: Pleasant Valley (Chico, CA)   [11/26 Pleasant Valley (Chico, CA) 20 Paradise (CA) 6]
Northern, III    champions: Sutter (CA)   [11/26 Sutter (CA) 42 Lassen (Susanville, CA) 7]
Northern, IV    champions: East Nicolaus (Nicolaus, CA)   [11/23 East Nicolaus (Nicolaus, CA) 34 Durham (CA) 6]
Northern, V    champions: Biggs (CA)   [11/23 Biggs (CA) 21 Fall River (McArthur, CA) 20]
Northern, VI    champions: Big Valley (Bieber, CA)   [11/18 Big Valley (Bieber, CA) 64 Butte Valley (Dorris, CA) 17]
Oakland, OAL    champions: McClymonds (Oakland, CA)   [11/25 McClymonds (Oakland, CA) 49 Castlemont (Oakland, CA) 12]
Sac-Joaquin, I    champions: St. Mary's (Stockton, CA)   [12/03 St. Mary's (Stockton, CA) 56 Folsom (CA) 25]
Sac-Joaquin, II    champions: Del Oro (Loomis, CA)   [12/02 Del Oro (Loomis, CA) 35 Inderkum (Sacramento, CA) 13]
Sac-Joaquin, III    champions: Oakdale (CA)   [12/02 Oakdale (CA) 51 Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA) 14]
Sac-Joaquin, IV    champions: Manteca (CA)   [11/26 Manteca (CA) 50 Placer (Auburn, CA) 28]
Sac-Joaquin, V    champions: Capital Christian (Sacramento, CA)   [11/25 Capital Christian (Sacramento, CA) 42 Colfax (CA) 14]
Sac-Joaquin, VI    champions: Amador (Sutter Creek, CA)   [11/26 Amador (Sutter Creek, CA) 30 Bradshaw Christian (Sacramento, CA) 7]
Sac-Joaquin, VII    champions: Brookside Christian (Stockton, CA)   [11/19 Brookside Christian (Stockton, CA) 54 Stone Ridge Christian (Merced, CA) 21]
San Diego, 1    champions: Madison (San Diego, CA)   [12/02 Madison (San Diego, CA) 35 St. Augustine (San Diego, CA) 31]
San Diego, 2    champions: Mater Dei (Chula Vista, CA)   [12/03 Mater Dei (Chula Vista, CA) 35 Olympian (Chula Vista, CA) 20]
San Diego, 3    champions: Bishop's (La Jolla, CA)   [12/03 Bishop's (La Jolla, CA) 49 Christian (El Cajon, CA) 20]
San Diego, 4    champions: La Jolla Country Day (La Jolla, CA)   [12/02 La Jolla Country Day (La Jolla, CA) 38 Santana (Santee, CA) 24]
San Diego, 5    champions: Horizon (San Diego, CA)   [11/26 Horizon (San Diego, CA) 40 Tri-City Christian (Vista, CA) 18]
San Diego, 8 Man    champions: Foothills Christian (El Cajon, CA)   [11/18 Foothills Christian (El Cajon, CA) 44 Calvin Christian (Escondido, CA) 38]
San Diego, Open    champions: Cathedral (San Diego, CA)   [12/03 Cathedral (San Diego, CA) 35 Helix (La Mesa, CA) 27]
San Francisco, AAA    champions: Lincoln [Abraham] (San Francisco, CA)   [11/24 Lincoln [Abraham] (San Francisco, CA) 22 Mission (San Francisco, CA) 12]
Southern, 1    champions: St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)   [12/03 St. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA) 42 Mater Dei (Santa Ana, CA) 28]
Southern, 10    champions: St. Anthony (Long Beach, CA)   [12/03 St. Anthony (Long Beach, CA) 33 Aquinas (San Bernardino, CA) 32]
Southern, 11    champions: Valley View (Moreno Valley, CA)   [12/03 Valley View (Moreno Valley, CA) 33 Quartz Hill (CA) 32]
Southern, 12    champions: Arroyo (El Monte, CA)   [12/03 Arroyo (El Monte, CA) 35 Rancho Mirage (CA) 34]
Southern, 13    champions: Rancho Christian (Temecula, CA)   [12/03 Rancho Christian (Temecula, CA) 52 Santa Ana (CA) 14]
Southern, 2    champions: San Clemente (CA)   [12/02 San Clemente (CA) 45 Murrieta Valley (Murrieta, CA) 35]
Southern, 3    champions: Edison (Huntington Beach, CA)   [12/02 Edison (Huntington Beach, CA) 44 La Mirada (CA) 24]
Southern, 4    champions: Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, CA)   [12/02 Sierra Canyon (Chatsworth, CA) 36 Corona del Mar (Newport Beach, CA) 35]
Southern, 5    champions: Calabasas (CA)   [12/03 Calabasas (CA) 35 Capistrano Valley (Mission Viejo, CA) 14]
Southern, 6    champions: Paraclete (Lancaster, CA)   [12/02 Paraclete (Lancaster, CA) 21 Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA) 14]
Southern, 7    champions: San Gorgonio (San Bernardino, CA)   [12/02 San Gorgonio (San Bernardino, CA) 27 Norte Vista (Riverside, CA) 21]
Southern, 8 Man Division 1    champions: Mojave (CA)   [11/26 Mojave (CA) 42 Faith Baptist (Canoga Park, CA) 36]
Southern, 8 Man Division 2    champions: Joshua Springs (Yucca Valley, CA)   [11/25 Joshua Springs (Yucca Valley, CA) 54 Lancaster Baptist (Lancaster, CA) 24]
Southern, 8    champions: Yorba Linda (CA)   [12/02 Yorba Linda (CA) 31 Burbank (CA) 21]
Southern, 9    champions: Valley Christian (Cerritos, CA)   [12/03 Valley Christian (Cerritos, CA) 59 Silverado (Victorville, CA) 13]


1A    champions: Strasburg (CO)   [11/26 Strasburg (CO) 34 Meeker (CO) 14]
2A    champions: La Junta (CO)   [11/26 La Junta (CO) 17 Kent Denver (Englewood, CO) 10]
3A    champions: Pueblo East (Pueblo, CO)   [12/03 Pueblo East (Pueblo, CO) 35 Discovery Canyon (Colorado Springs, CO) 6]
4A    champions: Pine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO)   [12/03 Pine Creek (Colorado Springs, CO) 36 Broomfield (CO) 14]
5A    champions: Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO)   [12/03 Valor Christian (Highlands Ranch, CO) 30 Pomona (Arvada, CO) 14]
A-6 Man    champions: Hi-Plains (Seibert, CO)   [11/19 Hi-Plains (Seibert, CO) 66 Cheyenne Wells (CO) 44]
A-8 Man    champions: Sedgwick County (Julesburg, CO)   [11/26 Sedgwick County (Julesburg, CO) 41 Akron (CO) 11]


L    champions: New Canaan (CT)   [12/10 New Canaan (CT) 35 Windsor (CT) 20]
LL    champions: Darien (CT)   [12/10 Darien (CT) 28 Ridgefield (CT) 7]
M    champions: Hillhouse [James] (New Haven, CT)   [12/10 Hillhouse [James] (New Haven, CT) 42 St. Joseph (Trumbull, CT) 21]
S    champions: Ansonia (CT)   [12/10 Ansonia (CT) 28 Rocky Hill (CT) 21]


I    champions: Smyrna (DE)   [12/03 Smyrna (DE) 36 Middletown (DE) 14]
II    champions: Woodbridge (Bridgeville, DE)   [12/03 Woodbridge (Bridgeville, DE) 14 Wilmington Friends (Wilmington, DE) 9]

District of Columbia

DCSAA AA    champions: Friendship Collegiate Academy (Washington, DC)   [12/03 Friendship Collegiate Academy (Washington, DC) 13 Woodson [Howard D.] (Washington, DC) 0]


1A    champions: Pahokee (FL)   [12/08 Pahokee (FL) 34 Baker (FL) 21]
2A    champions: University Christian (Jacksonville, FL)   [12/09 University Christian (Jacksonville, FL) 24 Champagnat Catholic (Hialeah, FL) 8]
3A    champions: Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, FL)   [12/10 Trinity Christian Academy (Jacksonville, FL) 24 Chaminade-Madonna (Hollywood, FL) 13]
4A    champions: Cocoa (FL)   [12/08 Cocoa (FL) 31 Bolles (Jacksonville, FL) 17]
5A    champions: American Heritage (Plantation, FL)   [12/09 American Heritage (Plantation, FL) 35 Ponte Vedra (FL) 33]
6A    champions: Carol City (Miami, FL)   [12/10 Carol City (Miami, FL) 14 Lake Gibson (Lakeland, FL) 6]
7A    champions: Aquinas [St. Thomas] (Fort Lauderdale, FL)   [12/09 Aquinas [St. Thomas] (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 45 Plant [Henry B.] (Tampa, FL) 6]
8A    champions: Southridge (Miami, FL)   [12/10 Southridge (Miami, FL) 14 Dr. Phillips (Orlando, FL) 10]
FCSA 6 Man    champions: Geneva Classical Academy (Lakeland, FL)   [12/10 Geneva Classical Academy (Lakeland, FL) 39 Hernando Christian Academy (Brooksville, FL) 36]
FCSA 8 Man    champions: Donahue Academy [Rhodora J.] (Ave Maria, FL)   [12/10 Donahue Academy [Rhodora J.] (Ave Maria, FL) 40 City of Life Christian Academy (Kissimmee, FL) 13]
Gold Coast    champions: Archbishop McCarthy [Edward A.] (Fort Lauderdale, FL)   [11/17 Archbishop McCarthy [Edward A.] (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 51 North Broward Prep (Coconut Creek, FL) 23]
North Florida    champions: Oak Hall (Gainesville, FL)   [11/10 Oak Hall (Gainesville, FL) 41 St. John Paul II (Tallahassee, FL) 13]
Southeastern    champions: King's Academy (West Palm Beach, FL)   [11/12 King's Academy (West Palm Beach, FL) 21 Pine Crest (Fort Lauderdale, FL) 13]
Sunshine State    champions: St. Stephen's Episcopal (Bradenton, FL)   [11/19 St. Stephen's Episcopal (Bradenton, FL) 21 St. Edward's (Vero Beach, FL) 14]


A Private    champions: Eagle's Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, GA)   [12/09 Eagle's Landing Christian Academy (McDonough, GA) 34 Fellowship Christian (Roswell, GA) 27]
A Public    champions: Macon County (Montezuma, GA)   [12/10 Macon County (Montezuma, GA) 35 McIntosh County Academy (Darien, GA) 0]
AA    champions: Benedictine (Savannah, GA)   [12/10 Benedictine (Savannah, GA) 49 Fitzgerald (GA) 26]
AAA    champions: Cedar Grove (Ellenwood, GA)   [12/09 Cedar Grove (Ellenwood, GA) 30 Greater Atlanta Christian (Norcross, GA) 19]
AAAA    champions: Cartersville (GA)   [12/10 Cartersville (GA) 58 Thomson (GA) 7]
AAAAA    champions: Rome (GA)   [12/09 Rome (GA) 16 Buford (GA) 7]
AAAAAA    champions: Valdosta (GA)   [12/09 Valdosta (GA) 17 Tucker (GA) 7]
AAAAAAA    champions: Grayson (Loganville, GA)   [12/10 Grayson (Loganville, GA) 23 Roswell (GA) 20]
GFC    champions: North Georgia (Canton, GA)   [10/29 North Georgia (Canton, GA) 18 East Atlanta (Conyers, GA) 0]
GICAA 8-man I    champions: Praise Academy (Powder Springs, GA)   [11/18 Praise Academy (Powder Springs, GA) 74 CrossPointe Christian Academy (Williamson, GA) 60]
GICAA 8-man II    champions: Holy Ground Baptist Academy (Roopville, GA)   [11/18 Holy Ground Baptist Academy (Roopville, GA) 94 Colonial Hills Christian (Lithia Springs, GA) 48]
GICAA IA    champions: Skipstone Academy (Griffin, GA)   [11/11 Skipstone Academy (Griffin, GA) 30 Life Christian Academy (East Point, GA) 0]
GICAA IAA    champions: Community Christian (Stockbridge, GA)   [11/11 Community Christian (Stockbridge, GA) 38 Creekside Christian Academy (McDonough, GA) 10]
GICAA II    champions: King's Academy (Woodstock, GA)   [11/11 King's Academy (Woodstock, GA) 38 Dawson Christian Academy (Dawsonville, GA) 14]
GISA AA    champions: Flint River Academy (Woodbury, GA)   [11/18 Flint River Academy (Woodbury, GA) 28 Briarwood Academy (Warrenton, GA) 13]
GISA AAA    champions: Milledge Academy [John] (Milledgeville, GA)   [11/18 Milledge Academy [John] (Milledgeville, GA) 17 Gatewood (Eatonton, GA) 0]


I    champions: Mililani (HI)   [11/18 Mililani (HI) 31 'Iolani (Honolulu, HI) 20]
II    champions: Lahainaluna (Lahaina, HI)   [11/18 Lahainaluna (Lahaina, HI) 21 Kapa'a (HI) 14]
Open    champions: St. Louis (Honolulu, HI)   [11/19 St. Louis (Honolulu, HI) 30 Kahuku (HI) 14]


1A 8 Man I    champions: Raft River (Malta, ID)   [11/18 Raft River (Malta, ID) 46 Oakley (ID) 18]
1A 8 Man II    champions: Salmon River (Riggins, ID)   [11/19 Salmon River (Riggins, ID) 30 Kendrick (ID) 20]
2A    champions: St. Maries (ID)   [11/18 St. Maries (ID) 31 Declo (ID) 8]
3A    champions: Fruitland (ID)   [11/19 Fruitland (ID) 35 Shelley (ID) 28]
4A    champions: Skyline (Idaho Falls, ID)   [11/19 Skyline (Idaho Falls, ID) 50 Bishop Kelly (Boise, ID) 49]
5A    champions: Mountain View (Meridian, ID)   [11/19 Mountain View (Meridian, ID) 48 Capital (Boise, ID) 21]


1A    champions: Forreston (IL)   [11/25 Forreston (IL) 35 St. Teresa (Decatur, IL) 7]
2A    champions: Deer Creek-Mackinaw (Mackinaw, IL)   [11/25 Deer Creek-Mackinaw (Mackinaw, IL) 35 Maroa-Forsyth (Maroa, IL) 7]
3A    champions: Immaculate Conception (Elmhurst, IL)   [11/25 Immaculate Conception (Elmhurst, IL) 43 Carlinville (IL) 0]
4A    champions: Rochester (IL)   [11/25 Rochester (IL) 38 Johnsburg (IL) 14]
5A    champions: Peoria (IL)   [11/26 Peoria (IL) 62 Vernon Hills (IL) 48]
6A    champions: Prairie Ridge (Crystal Lake, IL)   [11/26 Prairie Ridge (Crystal Lake, IL) 48 Sacred Heart-Griffin (Springfield, IL) 17]
7A    champions: East St. Louis (IL)   [11/26 East St. Louis (IL) 26 Plainfield North (Plainfield, IL) 13]
8A    champions: Maine South (Park Ridge, IL)   [11/26 Maine South (Park Ridge, IL) 27 Loyola Academy (Wilmette, IL) 17]
Prep Bowl    champions: Mount Carmel (Chicago, IL)   [11/25 Mount Carmel (Chicago, IL) 42 Simeon (Chicago, IL) 28]


1A    champions: Linton-Stockton (Linton, IN)   [11/26 Linton-Stockton (Linton, IN) 34 Pioneer (Royal Center, IN) 20]
2A    champions: Cardinal Ritter (Indianapolis, IN)   [11/25 Cardinal Ritter (Indianapolis, IN) 28 Eastbrook (Marion, IN) 6]
3A    champions: Concordia Lutheran (Fort Wayne, IN)   [11/26 Concordia Lutheran (Fort Wayne, IN) 56 Lawrenceburg (IN) 14]
4A    champions: Roncalli (Indianapolis, IN)   [11/25 Roncalli (Indianapolis, IN) 34 NorthWood (Nappanee, IN) 22]
5A    champions: Westfield (IN)   [11/26 Westfield (IN) 16 Columbus East (Columbus, IN) 13]
6A    champions: Carmel (IN)   [11/25 Carmel (IN) 16 Center Grove (Greenwood, IN) 13]


1A    champions: Western Christian (Hull, IA)   [11/18 Western Christian (Hull, IA) 47 Regina (Iowa City, IA) 34]
2A    champions: Rock Valley/Boyden-Hull (Rock Valley, IA)   [11/18 Rock Valley/Boyden-Hull (Rock Valley, IA) 41 Union (La Porte City, IA) 22]
3A    champions: Pella (IA)   [11/17 Pella (IA) 28 Webster City (IA) 18]
4A    champions: Dowling (West Des Moines, IA)   [11/18 Dowling (West Des Moines, IA) 23 Iowa City West (Iowa City, IA) 10]
8 Man    champions: Don Bosco (Gilbertville, IA)   [11/17 Don Bosco (Gilbertville, IA) 48 Harris-Lake Park (Lake Park, IA) 21]
A    champions: Gladbrook-Reinbeck (Reinbeck, IA)   [11/17 Gladbrook-Reinbeck (Reinbeck, IA) 20 Bishop Garrigan (Algona, IA) 19]


2-1A    champions: Troy (KS)   [11/26 Troy (KS) 28 Plainville (KS) 24]
3A    champions: Rossville (KS)   [11/26 Rossville (KS) 48 Hesston (KS) 42]
4A I    champions: Bishop Miege (Shawnee Mission, KS)   [11/26 Bishop Miege (Shawnee Mission, KS) 53 Buhler (KS) 21]
4A II    champions: Pratt (KS)   [11/26 Pratt (KS) 48 Hayden (Topeka, KS) 14]
5A    champions: Mill Valley (Shawnee, KS)   [11/26 Mill Valley (Shawnee, KS) 35 Goddard (KS) 34]
6A    champions: Derby (KS)   [11/26 Derby (KS) 17 Blue Valley (Stilwell, KS) 14]
8 Man I    champions: Osborne (KS)   [11/19 Osborne (KS) 38 St. Francis (KS) 24]
8 Man II    champions: Hanover (KS)   [11/19 Hanover (KS) 68 Dighton (KS) 22]
KCAA    champions: St. Mary's Academy (St. Marys, KS)   [11/12 St. Mary's Academy (St. Marys, KS) 30 Wichita HomeSchool (Wichita, KS) 24]


1A    champions: Beechwood (Fort Mitchell, KY)   [12/02 Beechwood (Fort Mitchell, KY) 21 Hazard (KY) 14]
2A    champions: Christian Academy (Louisville, KY)   [12/04 Christian Academy (Louisville, KY) 24 Danville (KY) 6]
3A    champions: Belfry (KY)   [12/03 Belfry (KY) 52 Central (Louisville, KY) 31]
4A    champions: Johnson Central (Paintsville, KY)   [12/04 Johnson Central (Paintsville, KY) 48 Franklin-Simpson (Franklin, KY) 0]
5A    champions: Bowling Green (KY)   [12/04 Bowling Green (KY) 70 Pulaski County (Somerset, KY) 22]
6A    champions: Trinity (Louisville, KY)   [12/03 Trinity (Louisville, KY) 56 Lafayette (Lexington, KY) 21]


1A    champions: Logansport (LA)   [12/09 Logansport (LA) 34 Haynesville (LA) 28]
2A    champions: Sterlington (LA)   [12/09 Sterlington (LA) 28 Madison Prep Academy (Baton Rouge, LA) 27]
3A    champions: Lutcher (LA)   [12/10 Lutcher (LA) 40 Amite (LA) 36]
4A    champions: Karr [Edna] (New Orleans, LA)   [12/10 Karr [Edna] (New Orleans, LA) 34 Neville (Monroe, LA) 21]
5A    champions: Landry-Walker (New Orleans, LA)   [12/10 Landry-Walker (New Orleans, LA) 50 West Monroe (LA) 21]
I    champions: Evangel Christian Academy (Shreveport, LA)   [12/02 Evangel Christian Academy (Shreveport, LA) 38 Scotlandville (Baton Rouge, LA) 6]
II    champions: More [St. Thomas] (Lafayette, LA)   [12/02 More [St. Thomas] (Lafayette, LA) 54 Parkview Baptist (Baton Rouge, LA) 29]
III    champions: Riverside Academy (Reserve, LA)   [12/02 Riverside Academy (Reserve, LA) 47 St. Charles Catholic (LaPlace, LA) 20]
IV    champions: Southern Lab (Baton Rouge, LA)   [12/02 Southern Lab (Baton Rouge, LA) 36 Ascension Episcopal (Lafayette, LA) 9]


A    champions: Bonny Eagle (Standish, ME)   [11/19 Bonny Eagle (Standish, ME) 34 Portland (ME) 14]
B    champions: Brunswick (ME)   [11/18 Brunswick (ME) 28 Kennebunk (ME) 6]
C    champions: Wells (ME)   [11/19 Wells (ME) 44 Mount Desert Island (Mount Desert, ME) 0]
D    champions: Maine Central Institute (Pittsfield, ME)   [11/19 Maine Central Institute (Pittsfield, ME) 20 Lisbon (Lisbon Falls, ME) 14]


1A    champions: Fort Hill (Cumberland, MD)   [12/10 Fort Hill (Cumberland, MD) 35 Havre de Grace (MD) 14]
2A    champions: Walkersville (MD)   [12/10 Walkersville (MD) 33 Elkton (MD) 6]
3A    champions: Damascus (MD)   [12/08 Damascus (MD) 14 Franklin (Reisterstown, MD) 12]
4A    champions: Wise [Dr. Henry A.] (Upper Marlboro, MD)   [12/09 Wise [Dr. Henry A.] (Upper Marlboro, MD) 42 Quince Orchard (Gaithersburg, MD) 7]
MIAA B    champions: Pallotti [St. Vincent] (Laurel, MD)   [11/12 Pallotti [St. Vincent] (Laurel, MD) 53 Boys Latin (Baltimore, MD) 10]
MIAA C    champions: St. John's Catholic Prep (Buckeystown, MD)   [11/12 St. John's Catholic Prep (Buckeystown, MD) 12 Annapolis Area Christian (Severn, MD) 6]
WCAC    champions: DeMatha (Hyattsville, MD)   [11/19 DeMatha (Hyattsville, MD) 34 St. John's (Washington, DC) 29]


1    champions: Everett (MA)   [12/03 Everett (MA) 21 Xaverian Brothers (Westwood, MA) 7]
1A    champions: King Philip Regional (Wrentham, MA)   [12/03 King Philip Regional (Wrentham, MA) 21 Reading Memorial (Reading, MA) 18]
2    champions: Duxbury (MA)   [12/03 Duxbury (MA) 40 Shrewsbury (MA) 7]
2A    champions: Falmouth (MA)   [12/03 Falmouth (MA) 34 Marblehead (MA) 13]
3    champions: Hanover (MA)   [12/03 Hanover (MA) 21 Grafton Memorial (Grafton, MA) 0]
3A    champions: East Bridgewater (MA)   [12/03 East Bridgewater (MA) 34 St. Mary's (Lynn, MA) 8]
4    champions: Mashpee (MA)   [12/03 Mashpee (MA) 34 Wahconah Regional (Dalton, MA) 13]
4A    champions: Millis/Hopedale (Millis, MA)   [12/03 Millis/Hopedale (Millis, MA) 30 Maynard (MA) 18]
Vocational Large    champions: Northeast Metro RVT (Wakefield, MA)   [12/01 Northeast Metro RVT (Wakefield, MA) 30 Blackstone Valley RVT (Upton, MA) 25]
Vocational Small    champions: Upper Cape Cod RVT (Bourne, MA)   [12/01 Upper Cape Cod RVT (Bourne, MA) 22 Blue Hills RVT (Canton, MA) 14]


1    champions: Cass Tech (Detroit, MI)   [11/26 Cass Tech (Detroit, MI) 49 Catholic Central (Novi, MI) 20]
2    champions: King [Dr. Martin Luther] (Detroit, MI)   [11/25 King [Dr. Martin Luther] (Detroit, MI) 18 Walled Lake Western (Walled Lake, MI) 0]
3    champions: St. Mary Prep (Orchard Lake, MI)   [11/26 St. Mary Prep (Orchard Lake, MI) 29 Muskegon (MI) 28]
4    champions: Catholic Central (Grand Rapids, MI)   [11/25 Catholic Central (Grand Rapids, MI) 10 Detroit Country Day (Beverly Hills, MI) 7]
5    champions: West Catholic (Grand Rapids, MI)   [11/26 West Catholic (Grand Rapids, MI) 43 Menominee (MI) 7]
6    champions: Lumen Christi (Jackson, MI)   [11/25 Lumen Christi (Jackson, MI) 26 Glen Lake (Maple City, MI) 14]
7    champions: Pewamo-Westphalia (Pewamo, MI)   [11/26 Pewamo-Westphalia (Pewamo, MI) 28 Loyola (Detroit, MI) 14]
8 Man    champions: North Central (Powers, MI)   [11/18 North Central (Powers, MI) 58 Deckerville (MI) 22]
8    champions: Muskegon Catholic Central (Muskegon, MI)   [11/25 Muskegon Catholic Central (Muskegon, MI) 35 Whiteford (Ottawa Lake, MI) 6]


9 Man    champions: Grand Meadow (MN)   [11/25 Grand Meadow (MN) 41 Cleveland/Immanuel Lutheran (Cleveland, MN) 21]
A    champions: Minneapolis North (Minneapolis, MN)   [11/26 Minneapolis North (Minneapolis, MN) 30 Rushford-Peterson (Rushford, MN) 14]
AA    champions: Caledonia (MN)   [11/25 Caledonia (MN) 61 Eden Valley-Watkins (Eden Valley, MN) 12]
AAA    champions: Lourdes (Rochester, MN)   [11/26 Lourdes (Rochester, MN) 42 St. Croix Lutheran (West St. Paul, MN) 35]
AAAA    champions: Benilde-St. Margaret's (St. Louis Park, MN)   [11/25 Benilde-St. Margaret's (St. Louis Park, MN) 31 Winona (MN) 28]
AAAAA    champions: Elk River (MN)   [11/26 Elk River (MN) 42 Spring Lake Park (MN) 14]
AAAAAA    champions: Totino-Grace (Fridley, MN)   [11/25 Totino-Grace (Fridley, MN) 28 Eden Prairie (MN) 20]


1A    champions: Simmons (Hollandale, MS)   [12/02 Simmons (Hollandale, MS) 30 Lumberton (MS) 26]
2A    champions: Calhoun City (MS)   [12/02 Calhoun City (MS) 22 Bay Springs (MS) 8]
3A    champions: Kemper County (DeKalb, MS)   [12/03 Kemper County (DeKalb, MS) 12 Charleston (MS) 8]
4A    champions: Lafayette (Oxford, MS)   [12/03 Lafayette (Oxford, MS) 27 Poplarville (MS) 12]
5A    champions: West Point (MS)   [12/03 West Point (MS) 29 Laurel (MS) 8]
6A    champions: Clinton (MS)   [12/02 Clinton (MS) 49 Pearl (MS) 35]
MAIS 8 Man    champions: Tallulah Academy (Tallulah, LA)   [11/18 Tallulah Academy (Tallulah, LA) 42 Franklin Academy (Winnsboro, LA) 20]
MAIS A-AA    champions: Canton Academy (Canton, MS)   [11/17 Canton Academy (Canton, MS) 21 Tri-County Academy (Flora, MS) 7]
MAIS AAA    champions: Indianola Academy (Indianola, MS)   [11/17 Indianola Academy (Indianola, MS) 42 Adams County Christian (Natchez, MS) 7]
MAIS AAAA-D1    champions: Jackson Prep (Jackson, MS)   [11/18 Jackson Prep (Jackson, MS) 34 Madison-Ridgeland Academy (Madison, MS) 7]
MAIS AAAA-D2    champions: Oak Forest Academy (Amite, LA)   [11/11 Oak Forest Academy (Amite, LA) 20 Washington (Greenville, MS) 17]


1    champions: Penney (Hamilton, MO)   [11/26 Penney (Hamilton, MO) 47 Monroe City (MO) 14]
2    champions: Lamar (MO)   [11/25 Lamar (MO) 26 Trinity Catholic (St. Louis, MO) 18]
3    champions: Monett (MO)   [11/26 Monett (MO) 27 Maryville (MO) 18]
4    champions: Harrisonville (MO)   [11/25 Harrisonville (MO) 21 Kearney (MO) 14]
5    champions: Vianney (Kirkwood, MO)   [11/26 Vianney (Kirkwood, MO) 49 Fort Zumwalt North (O'Fallon, MO) 14]
6    champions: Kirkwood (MO)   [11/18 Kirkwood (MO) 31 Blue Springs (MO) 14]
8 Man    champions: North Andrew (Rosendale, MO)   [11/18 North Andrew (Rosendale, MO) 50 Stanberry (MO) 22]


A    champions: Beaverhead County (Dillon, MT)   [11/19 Beaverhead County (Dillon, MT) 34 Columbia Falls (MT) 17]
AA    champions: Billings (MT)   [11/18 Billings (MT) 33 Glacier (Kalispell, MT) 21]
B    champions: Lincoln County (Eureka, MT)   [11/19 Lincoln County (Eureka, MT) 31 Loyola-Sacred Heart (Missoula, MT) 28]
C-6 Man    champions: Hot Springs (MT)   [11/19 Hot Springs (MT) 54 MonDak [Westby/Grenora] (Westby, MT) 20]
C-8 Man    champions: Ennis (MT)   [11/19 Ennis (MT) 30 Charlo (MT) 24]


6 Man    champions: Riverside (Cedar Rapids, NE)   [11/11 Riverside (Cedar Rapids, NE) 60 Cody-Kilgore (Cody, NE) 30]
A    champions: Bellevue West (Bellevue, NE)   [11/21 Bellevue West (Bellevue, NE) 43 Omaha North (Omaha, NE) 6]
B    champions: Elkhorn South (Elkhorn, NE)   [11/22 Elkhorn South (Elkhorn, NE) 34 Skutt Catholic [V. J. & Angela] (Omaha, NE) 32]
C1    champions: O'Neill (NE)   [11/22 O'Neill (NE) 39 Bishop Neumann (Wahoo, NE) 22]
C2    champions: Wilber-Clatonia (Wilber, NE)   [11/22 Wilber-Clatonia (Wilber, NE) 20 Crofton (NE) 0]
D1    champions: Burwell (NE)   [11/21 Burwell (NE) 47 Guardian Angels Central Catholic (West Point, NE) 18]
D2    champions: Sacred Heart (Falls City, NE)   [11/21 Sacred Heart (Falls City, NE) 44 Twin Loup [Sargent/Loup County] (Sargent, NE) 28]


1A    champions: Spring Mountain (Las Vegas, NV)   [11/19 Spring Mountain (Las Vegas, NV) 68 Pahranagat Valley (Alamo, NV) 46]
2A    champions: Pershing County (Lovelock, NV)   [11/19 Pershing County (Lovelock, NV) 14 Yerington (NV) 7]
3A    champions: Desert Pines (Las Vegas, NV)   [11/19 Desert Pines (Las Vegas, NV) 39 Spring Creek (NV) 6]
4A    champions: Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV)   [12/03 Bishop Gorman (Las Vegas, NV) 84 Liberty (Henderson, NV) 8]

New Hampshire

I    champions: Bedford (NH)   [11/19 Bedford (NH) 7 Exeter (NH) 0]
II    champions: Plymouth (NH)   [11/19 Plymouth (NH) 27 Bow (NH) 24]
III    champions: Stevens (Claremont, NH)   [11/19 Stevens (Claremont, NH) 46 Inter-Lakes/Moultonborough Academy (Meredith, NH) 20]

New Jersey

Central I    champions: Asbury Park (NJ)   [12/03 Asbury Park (NJ) 26 Keyport/Hudson Regional (Keyport, NJ) 17]
Central II    champions: Manasquan (NJ)   [12/03 Manasquan (NJ) 42 Bernards (Bernardsville, NJ) 6]
Central III    champions: Rumson-Fair Haven (Rumson, NJ)   [12/03 Rumson-Fair Haven (Rumson, NJ) 27 South Plainfield (NJ) 22]
Central IV    champions: Allentown (NJ)   [12/03 Allentown (NJ) 41 Brick Township (Brick, NJ) 6]
Central V    champions: Piscataway (NJ)   [12/03 Piscataway (NJ) 34 Manalapan (Englishtown, NJ) 13]
Non-Public II    champions: Mater Dei (New Monmouth, NJ)   [12/03 Mater Dei (New Monmouth, NJ) 26 Holy Spirit (Absecon, NJ) 20]
Non-Public III    champions: St. Joseph Regional (Montvale, NJ)   [12/03 St. Joseph Regional (Montvale, NJ) 26 DePaul Catholic (Wayne, NJ) 17]
Non-Public IV    champions: Paramus Catholic (Paramus, NJ)   [12/02 Paramus Catholic (Paramus, NJ) 33 St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, NJ) 28]
North 1 I    champions: Hasbrouck Heights (NJ)   [12/04 Hasbrouck Heights (NJ) 30 New Milford (NJ) 12]
North 1 II    champions: Mahwah (NJ)   [12/04 Mahwah (NJ) 35 Westwood (Washington Township, NJ) 28]
North 1 III    champions: River Dell (Oradell, NJ)   [12/03 River Dell (Oradell, NJ) 26 Northern Valley (Old Tappan, NJ) 20]
North 1 IV    champions: Wayne Hills (Wayne, NJ)   [12/04 Wayne Hills (Wayne, NJ) 31 Wayne Valley (Wayne, NJ) 24]
North 1 V    champions: Ridgewood (NJ)   [12/04 Ridgewood (NJ) 14 Passaic County Tech (Wayne, NJ) 13]
North 2 I    champions: Weequahic (Newark, NJ)   [12/03 Weequahic (Newark, NJ) 18 Shabazz [Malcolm X.] (Newark, NJ) 8]
North 2 II    champions: Madison (NJ)   [12/02 Madison (NJ) 13 Lenape Valley (Stanhope, NJ) 7]
North 2 III    champions: Morris Hills (Rockaway, NJ)   [12/03 Morris Hills (Rockaway, NJ) 27 Parsippany Hills (Parsippany, NJ) 14]
North 2 IV    champions: Sayreville (Parlin, NJ)   [12/03 Sayreville (Parlin, NJ) 41 Middletown North (Middletown, NJ) 14]
North 2 V    champions: Westfield (NJ)   [12/03 Westfield (NJ) 15 Bridgewater-Raritan (Bridgewater, NJ) 13]
South I    champions: Paulsboro (NJ)   [12/03 Paulsboro (NJ) 29 Salem (NJ) 26]
South II    champions: West Deptford (Westville, NJ)   [12/04 West Deptford (Westville, NJ) 19 Cedar Creek (Egg Harbor City, NJ) 13]
South III    champions: Wall Township (Wall, NJ)   [12/03 Wall Township (Wall, NJ) 20 Delsea (Franklinville, NJ) 7]
South IV    champions: Timber Creek Regional (Erial, NJ)   [12/04 Timber Creek Regional (Erial, NJ) 31 Lenape (Medford, NJ) 10]
South V    champions: Millville (NJ)   [12/03 Millville (NJ) 22 Toms River North (Toms River, NJ) 16]

New Mexico

2A    champions: Lordsburg (NM)   [11/12 Lordsburg (NM) 34 Fort Sumner/House (Fort Sumner, NM) 26]
3A    champions: Capitan (NM)   [12/03 Capitan (NM) 27 Eunice (NM) 26]
4A    champions: Portales (NM)   [12/03 Portales (NM) 43 Robertson (Las Vegas, NM) 14]
5A    champions: St. Pius X (Albuquerque, NM)   [12/03 St. Pius X (Albuquerque, NM) 34 Artesia (NM) 24]
6 Man    champions: San Jon (NM)   [11/12 San Jon (NM) 47 Lake Arthur (NM) 46]
6A    champions: Rio Rancho (NM)   [12/03 Rio Rancho (NM) 39 Las Cruces (NM) 17]
8 Man    champions: Melrose (NM)   [11/26 Melrose (NM) 58 Gateway Christian (Roswell, NM) 39]

New York

A    champions: Somers (Lincolndale, NY)   [11/25 Somers (Lincolndale, NY) 25 Greece Athena (Rochester, NY) 17]
AA    champions: Troy (NY)   [11/26 Troy (NY) 21 Victor (NY) 20]
B    champions: Glens Falls (NY)   [11/26 Glens Falls (NY) 47 Chenango Forks (Binghamton, NY) 39]
C    champions: Newark Valley (NY)   [11/25 Newark Valley (NY) 39 Ogdensburg Free Academy (Ogdensburg, NY) 34]
CHSFL A    champions: Moore Catholic (Staten Island, NY)   [11/19 Moore Catholic (Staten Island, NY) 32 Cardinal Spellman (Bronx, NY) 22]
CHSFL AA    champions: Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY)   [11/19 Iona Prep (New Rochelle, NY) 35 Holy Trinity (Hicksville, NY) 14]
CHSFL AAA    champions: Cardinal Hayes (Bronx, NY)   [11/19 Cardinal Hayes (Bronx, NY) 41 Archbishop Stepinac (White Plains, NY) 39]
Catholic State Championship    champions: Canisius (Buffalo, NY)   [12/04 Canisius (Buffalo, NY) 50 Cardinal Hayes (Bronx, NY) 44]
D    champions: Cambridge (NY)   [11/25 Cambridge (NY) 22 Maple Grove (Bemus Point, NY) 21]
Long Island I    champions: Freeport (NY)   [11/25 Freeport (NY) 28 Floyd [William] (Mastic Beach, NY) 14]
Long Island II    champions: Garden City (NY)   [11/27 Garden City (NY) 13 Half Hollow Hills West (Dix Hills, NY) 6]
Long Island III    champions: Wantagh (NY)   [11/25 Wantagh (NY) 21 East Islip (Islip Terrace, NY) 14]
Long Island IV    champions: Shoreham-Wading River (Shoreham, NY)   [11/27 Shoreham-Wading River (Shoreham, NY) 20 Seaford (NY) 10]
Monsignor Martin    champions: Canisius (Buffalo, NY)   [11/17 Canisius (Buffalo, NY) 31 St. Francis (Athol Springs, NY) 20]
PSAL Bowl    champions: Lehman [Herbert H.] (Bronx, NY)   [12/03 Lehman [Herbert H.] (Bronx, NY) 30 Truman [Harry S] (Bronx, NY) 0]
PSAL City Championship    champions: Curtis (Staten Island, NY)   [12/02 Curtis (Staten Island, NY) 24 Erasmus Hall (Brooklyn, NY) 21]
PSAL Cup    champions: Eagle Academy III (Queens, NY)   [12/03 Eagle Academy III (Queens, NY) 12 Douglass Academy [Frederick] (New York, NY) 6]

North Carolina

1A    champions: Murphy (NC)   [12/17 Murphy (NC) 15 Plymouth (NC) 14]
1AA    champions: Wallace-Rose Hill (Teachey, NC)   [12/16 Wallace-Rose Hill (Teachey, NC) 30 West Montgomery (Mt. Gilead, NC) 7]
2A    champions: Reidsville (NC)   [12/17 Reidsville (NC) 58 Holmes [John A.] (Edenton, NC) 12]
2AA    champions: Shelby (NC)   [12/17 Shelby (NC) 28 Northside (Jacksonville, NC) 6]
3A    champions: South Point (Belmont, NC)   [12/17 South Point (Belmont, NC) 16 Rocky Mount (NC) 7]
3AA    champions: Weddington (Matthews, NC)   [12/17 Weddington (Matthews, NC) 33 Eastern Guilford (Gibsonville, NC) 20]
4A    champions: Dudley [James B.] (Greensboro, NC)   [12/17 Dudley [James B.] (Greensboro, NC) 54 Cape Fear (Fayetteville, NC) 0]
4AA    champions: Wake Forest (NC)   [12/17 Wake Forest (NC) 29 Page [Walter Hines] (Greensboro, NC) 0]
NCISAA 8 Man 1A    champions: Bethel Christian Academy (Kinston, NC)   [11/11 Bethel Christian Academy (Kinston, NC) 40 Halifax Academy (Roanoke Rapids, NC) 0]
NCISAA 8 Man 2A    champions: Arendell Parrott Academy (Kinston, NC)   [11/11 Arendell Parrott Academy (Kinston, NC) 23 St. David's (Raleigh, NC) 16]
NCISAA I    champions: Charlotte Latin (Charlotte, NC)   [11/11 Charlotte Latin (Charlotte, NC) 28 Charlotte Christian (Charlotte, NC) 27]
NCISAA II    champions: High Point Christian Academy (High Point, NC)   [11/18 High Point Christian Academy (High Point, NC) 16 Christ (Arden, NC) 6]
NCISAA III    champions: Statesville Christian (Statesville, NC)   [11/18 Statesville Christian (Statesville, NC) 58 Village Christian Academy (Fayetteville, NC) 14]

North Dakota

9 Man    champions: Thompson (ND)   [11/11 Thompson (ND) 54 New Salem/Glen Ullin (New Salem, ND) 20]
A    champions: Ellendale/Edgeley/Kulm (Edgeley, ND)   [11/11 Ellendale/Edgeley/Kulm (Edgeley, ND) 42 Des Lacs-Burlington (Des Lacs, ND) 20]
AA    champions: St. Mary's Central (Bismarck, ND)   [11/11 St. Mary's Central (Bismarck, ND) 47 Kindred (ND) 6]
AAA    champions: Century (Bismarck, ND)   [11/11 Century (Bismarck, ND) 27 Bismarck (ND) 12]


I    champions: St. Xavier (Cincinnati, OH)   [12/02 St. Xavier (Cincinnati, OH) 27 St. Ignatius (Cleveland, OH) 20]
II    champions: La Salle (Cincinnati, OH)   [12/01 La Salle (Cincinnati, OH) 14 Perry (Massillon, OH) 7]
III    champions: Archbishop Hoban (Akron, OH)   [12/03 Archbishop Hoban (Akron, OH) 30 Trotwood-Madison (Trotwood, OH) 0]
IV    champions: Bishop Hartley (Columbus, OH)   [12/02 Bishop Hartley (Columbus, OH) 24 Steubenville (OH) 21]
V    champions: Canton Central Catholic (Canton, OH)   [12/03 Canton Central Catholic (Canton, OH) 16 Coldwater (OH) 13]
VI    champions: Marion Local (Maria Stein, OH)   [12/02 Marion Local (Maria Stein, OH) 21 Cuyahoga Heights (Cleveland, OH) 17]
VII    champions: Kennedy [John F.] (Warren, OH)   [12/03 Kennedy [John F.] (Warren, OH) 24 Minster (OH) 6]


2A    champions: Millwood (Oklahoma City, OK)   [12/09 Millwood (Oklahoma City, OK) 56 Victory Christian (Tulsa, OK) 33]
3A    champions: Jones (OK)   [12/09 Jones (OK) 16 Plainview (Ardmore, OK) 6]
4A    champions: Wagoner (OK)   [12/02 Wagoner (OK) 28 Oologah (OK) 13]
5A    champions: Albert [Carl] (Midwest City, OK)   [12/02 Albert [Carl] (Midwest City, OK) 34 Bishop McGuinness (Oklahoma City, OK) 29]
6A-I    champions: Union (Tulsa, OK)   [12/02 Union (Tulsa, OK) 57 Norman North (Norman, OK) 43]
6A-II    champions: Bixby (OK)   [12/02 Bixby (OK) 39 Lawton (OK) 31]
A    champions: Hominy (OK)   [12/09 Hominy (OK) 42 Wynnewood (OK) 14]
B    champions: Laverne (OK)   [12/09 Laverne (OK) 40 Shattuck (OK) 34]
C    champions: Tipton (OK)   [12/02 Tipton (OK) 28 Pond Creek-Hunter (Pond Creek, OK) 26]
OCSAA 2A    champions: Wright Christian (Tulsa, OK)   [11/11 Wright Christian (Tulsa, OK) 34 Immanuel Lutheran Christian Academy (Broken Arrow, OK) 20]
OCSAA 3A    champions: Destiny Christian (Del City, OK)   [11/12 Destiny Christian (Del City, OK) 40 Oklahoma City Patriots HomeSchool (Oklahoma City, OK) 36]


1A    champions: Dufur (OR)   [11/26 Dufur (OR) 42 Crane (OR) 38]
2A    champions: Regis (Stayton, OR)   [11/26 Regis (Stayton, OR) 53 Stanfield (OR) 14]
3A    champions: Harrisburg (OR)   [11/26 Harrisburg (OR) 34 Salem Academy (Salem, OR) 27]
4A    champions: North Bend (OR)   [11/26 North Bend (OR) 35 Cottage Grove (OR) 21]
5A    champions: Lebanon (OR)   [11/26 Lebanon (OR) 34 Wilsonville (OR) 17]
6A    champions: West Linn (OR)   [12/03 West Linn (OR) 62 Central Catholic (Portland, OR) 7]


A    champions: Bishop Guilfoyle (Altoona, PA)   [12/09 Bishop Guilfoyle (Altoona, PA) 17 Clairton (PA) 0]
AA    champions: Steel Valley (Munhall, PA)   [12/10 Steel Valley (Munhall, PA) 49 Southern Columbia Area (Catawissa, PA) 7]
AAA    champions: Beaver Falls (PA)   [12/10 Beaver Falls (PA) 30 Middletown (PA) 13]
AAAA    champions: Cathedral Prep (Erie, PA)   [12/08 Cathedral Prep (Erie, PA) 27 Imhotep Charter (Philadelphia, PA) 20]
AAAAA    champions: Archbishop Wood (Warminster, PA)   [12/09 Archbishop Wood (Warminster, PA) 37 Harrisburg (PA) 10]
AAAAAA    champions: St. Joseph's Prep (Philadelphia, PA)   [12/10 St. Joseph's Prep (Philadelphia, PA) 42 Central Catholic (Pittsburgh, PA) 7]

Rhode Island

I    champions: Bishop Hendricken (Warwick, RI)   [12/03 Bishop Hendricken (Warwick, RI) 48 La Salle Academy (Providence, RI) 28]
II    champions: Shea [Charles E.] (Pawtucket, RI)   [12/03 Shea [Charles E.] (Pawtucket, RI) 33 Brown [Moses] (Providence, RI) 0]
III    champions: Burrillville (Harrisville, RI)   [12/04 Burrillville (Harrisville, RI) 7 Providence Country Day/Wheeler/Sanchez Complex (East Providence, RI) 6]

South Carolina

A    champions: Lake View (SC)   [12/16 Lake View (SC) 31 Lamar (SC) 14]
AA    champions: Abbeville (SC)   [12/16 Abbeville (SC) 44 Batesburg-Leesville (Batesburg, SC) 21]
AAA    champions: Chapman (Inman, SC)   [12/17 Chapman (Inman, SC) 29 Dillon (SC) 27]
AAAA    champions: South Pointe (Rock Hill, SC)   [12/17 South Pointe (Rock Hill, SC) 51 Hartsville (SC) 28]
AAAAA    champions: Dutch Fork (Irmo, SC)   [12/17 Dutch Fork (Irmo, SC) 28 Boiling Springs (Spartanburg, SC) 21]
SCISA 8 Man I    champions: Wardlaw Academy [Francis Hugh] (Johnston, SC)   [11/19 Wardlaw Academy [Francis Hugh] (Johnston, SC) 30 Holly Hill Academy (Holly Hill, SC) 22]
SCISA 8 Man II    champions: Jackson Academy [Andrew] (Ehrhardt, SC)   [11/18 Jackson Academy [Andrew] (Ehrhardt, SC) 60 King Academy [W. Wyman] (Batesburg, SC) 18]
SCISA A    champions: Dillon Christian (Dillon, SC)   [11/19 Dillon Christian (Dillon, SC) 42 Colleton Prep Academy (Walterboro, SC) 0]
SCISA AA    champions: First Baptist (Charleston, SC)   [11/19 First Baptist (Charleston, SC) 28 Lee Academy [Robert E.] (Bishopville, SC) 21]
SCISA AAA    champions: Ben Lippen (Columbia, SC)   [11/19 Ben Lippen (Columbia, SC) 27 Porter-Gaud (Charleston, SC) 21]

South Dakota

11A    champions: Madison (SD)   [11/12 Madison (SD) 39 Tea (SD) 0]
11AA    champions: Mitchell (SD)   [11/11 Mitchell (SD) 41 Harrisburg (SD) 6]
11AAA    champions: Washington (Sioux Falls, SD)   [11/12 Washington (Sioux Falls, SD) 41 Brandon Valley (Brandon, SD) 31]
11B    champions: Winner (SD)   [11/11 Winner (SD) 54 Groton (SD) 0]
9A    champions: Colman-Egan (Colman, SD)   [11/10 Colman-Egan (Colman, SD) 32 Warner (SD) 28]
9AA    champions: Gregory (SD)   [11/10 Gregory (SD) 48 Webster (SD) 20]
9B    champions: Colome (SD)   [11/10 Colome (SD) 42 Langford (SD) 23]


1A    champions: Dresden (TN)   [12/02 Dresden (TN) 62 Greenback (TN) 27]
2A    champions: Trezevant (Memphis, TN)   [12/03 Trezevant (Memphis, TN) 42 Marion County (Jasper, TN) 20]
3A    champions: Alcoa (TN)   [12/02 Alcoa (TN) 45 Liberty Tech Magnet (Jackson, TN) 12]
4A    champions: Memphis East (Memphis, TN)   [12/03 Memphis East (Memphis, TN) 27 Knoxville Central (Knoxville, TN) 3]
5A    champions: Farragut (Knoxville, TN)   [12/02 Farragut (Knoxville, TN) 45 Independence (Thompson's Station, TN) 35]
6A    champions: Whitehaven (Memphis, TN)   [12/03 Whitehaven (Memphis, TN) 12 Oakland (Murfreesboro, TN) 9]
II-A    champions: Lausanne Collegiate (Memphis, TN)   [12/01 Lausanne Collegiate (Memphis, TN) 12 Webb (Knoxville, TN) 9]
II-AA    champions: Brentwood Academy (Brentwood, TN)   [12/01 Brentwood Academy (Brentwood, TN) 42 Bell Academy [Montgomery] (Nashville, TN) 38]


1A 6 Man I    champions: Borden County (Gail, TX)   [12/14 Borden County (Gail, TX) 60 Jonesboro (TX) 12]
1A 6 Man II    champions: Richland Springs (TX)   [12/14 Richland Springs (TX) 96 Balmorhea (TX) 50]
2A-I    champions: Refugio (TX)   [12/15 Refugio (TX) 23 Crawford (TX) 20]
2A-II    champions: Bremond (TX)   [12/15 Bremond (TX) 49 Iraan (TX) 28]
3A-I    champions: Mineola (TX)   [12/15 Mineola (TX) 35 Yoakum (TX) 14]
3A-II    champions: Gunter (TX)   [12/15 Gunter (TX) 43 Boling (TX) 7]
4A-I    champions: Carthage (TX)   [12/16 Carthage (TX) 31 Wylie (Abilene, TX) 17]
4A-II    champions: West Orange-Stark (Orange, TX)   [12/16 West Orange-Stark (Orange, TX) 24 Sweetwater (TX) 6]
5A-I    champions: Highland Park (Dallas, TX)   [12/17 Highland Park (Dallas, TX) 16 Temple (TX) 7]
5A-II    champions: Aledo (TX)   [12/16 Aledo (TX) 24 Calallen (Corpus Christi, TX) 16]
6A-I    champions: Lake Travis (Austin, TX)   [12/17 Lake Travis (Austin, TX) 41 The Woodlands (TX) 13]
6A-II    champions: DeSoto (TX)   [12/17 DeSoto (TX) 38 Steele [Byron P.] (Cibolo, TX) 29]
Southwest Prep 3A    champions: Fort Worth Country Day (Fort Worth, TX)   [11/04 Fort Worth Country Day (Fort Worth, TX) 52 Cistercian (Irving, TX) 17]
Southwest Prep 4A    champions: All Saints (Fort Worth, TX)   [11/04 All Saints (Fort Worth, TX) 57 Episcopal (Bellaire, TX) 39]
TAIAO I    champions: THESA (Fort Worth, TX)   [11/26 THESA (Fort Worth, TX) 70 FEAST HomeSchool (San Antonio, TX) 64]
TAIAO II    champions: Stephenville FAITH (Stephenville, TX)   [11/26 Stephenville FAITH (Stephenville, TX) 70 Bastrop Tribe Consolidated (Bastrop, TX) 49]
TAPPS 6 Man I    champions: Veritas Academy (Austin, TX)   [12/01 Veritas Academy (Austin, TX) 68 Heritage Christian (Rockwall, TX) 56]
TAPPS 6 Man II    champions: Live Oak Classical (Waco, TX)   [12/01 Live Oak Classical (Waco, TX) 64 New Braunfels Christian Academy (New Braunfels, TX) 30]
TAPPS 6 Man III    champions: Baytown Christian (Baytown, TX)   [12/01 Baytown Christian (Baytown, TX) 65 Notre Dame Catholic (Wichita Falls, TX) 54]
TAPPS I    champions: Bishop Lynch (Dallas, TX)   [12/03 Bishop Lynch (Dallas, TX) 21 Bishop Dunne (Dallas, TX) 17]
TAPPS II    champions: Grapevine Faith Christian (Grapevine, TX)   [12/02 Grapevine Faith Christian (Grapevine, TX) 30 Regents (Austin, TX) 29]
TAPPS III    champions: Northland Christian (Houston, TX)   [12/03 Northland Christian (Houston, TX) 21 Covenant Christian (Colleyville, TX) 17]
TAPPS IV    champions: St. Paul (Shiner, TX)   [12/02 St. Paul (Shiner, TX) 49 Grace Prep (Arlington, TX) 34]
TAPPS Independent    champions: Cathedral (El Paso, TX)   [11/05 Cathedral (El Paso, TX) 37 Village (Houston, TX) 14]
TCAF I    champions: Nazarene Christian Academy (Crowley, TX)   [11/19 Nazarene Christian Academy (Crowley, TX) 60 Lucas Christian Academy (Lucas, TX) 56]
TCAF II    champions: St. Paul's Prep (Arlington, TX)   [11/19 St. Paul's Prep (Arlington, TX) 76 Lakeland Christian Academy (Lewisville, TX) 29]
TCAL 11 Man    champions: Pro-Vision Academy (Houston, TX)   [11/26 Pro-Vision Academy (Houston, TX) 26 Tomball Christian HomeSchool (Tomball, TX) 23]
TCAL 6 Man I    champions: Texas Christian (Houston, TX)   [11/26 Texas Christian (Houston, TX) 82 Faith Christian (El Paso, TX) 76]
TCAL 6 Man II    champions: Arlington Heights Christian (Corpus Christi, TX)   [11/26 Arlington Heights Christian (Corpus Christi, TX) 47 Winston (San Antonio, TX) 42]


1A    champions: Duchesne (UT)   [11/12 Duchesne (UT) 19 Kanab (UT) 17]
2A    champions: Beaver (UT)   [11/12 Beaver (UT) 55 South Summit (Kamas, UT) 35]
3A    champions: Juan Diego Catholic (Draper, UT)   [11/12 Juan Diego Catholic (Draper, UT) 35 Delta (UT) 21]
3AA    champions: Desert Hills (St. George, UT)   [11/18 Desert Hills (St. George, UT) 28 Pine View (St. George, UT) 27]
4A    champions: East (Salt Lake City, UT)   [11/18 East (Salt Lake City, UT) 48 Springville (UT) 20]
5A    champions: Bingham (South Jordan, UT)   [11/18 Bingham (South Jordan, UT) 17 Lone Peak (Highland, UT) 10]


I    champions: Hartford (White River Junction, VT)   [11/12 Hartford (White River Junction, VT) 24 St. Johnsbury Academy (St. Johnsbury, VT) 14]
II    champions: Bellows Falls (VT)   [11/12 Bellows Falls (VT) 20 Burr & Burton (Manchester, VT) 14]
III    champions: Windsor (VT)   [11/12 Windsor (VT) 42 Otter Valley (Brandon, VT) 6]


1A    champions: Riverheads (Staunton, VA)   [12/10 Riverheads (Staunton, VA) 49 Sussex Central (Sussex, VA) 6]
2A    champions: Appomattox County (Appomattox, VA)   [12/10 Appomattox County (Appomattox, VA) 42 Richlands (VA) 7]
3A    champions: Blacksburg (VA)   [12/10 Blacksburg (VA) 28 Staunton River (Moneta, VA) 20]
4A    champions: Salem (VA)   [12/10 Salem (VA) 31 Dinwiddie (VA) 27]
5A    champions: Highland Springs (VA)   [12/10 Highland Springs (VA) 35 Stone Bridge (Ashburn, VA) 29]
6A    champions: Westfield (Chantilly, VA)   [12/10 Westfield (Chantilly, VA) 34 Smith [Oscar] (Chesapeake, VA) 28]
VISAA 1    champions: Collegiate (Richmond, VA)   [11/19 Collegiate (Richmond, VA) 22 Benedictine (Richmond, VA) 14]
VISAA 2    champions: Blue Ridge (St. George, VA)   [11/19 Blue Ridge (St. George, VA) 41 North Cross (Roanoke, VA) 14]
VISAA 3    champions: Roanoke Catholic (Roanoke, VA)   [11/18 Roanoke Catholic (Roanoke, VA) 38 Quantico (VA) 21]


1A    champions: Royal (Royal City, WA)   [12/03 Royal (Royal City, WA) 25 Connell (WA) 10]
1B    champions: Neah Bay (WA)   [12/03 Neah Bay (WA) 64 Odessa/Harrington (Odessa, WA) 34]
2A    champions: Archbishop Murphy [Thomas J.] (Everett, WA)   [12/03 Archbishop Murphy [Thomas J.] (Everett, WA) 56 Liberty (Renton, WA) 14]
2B    champions: Napavine (WA)   [12/02 Napavine (WA) 34 Liberty (Spangle, WA) 16]
3A    champions: Kamiakin (Kennewick, WA)   [12/02 Kamiakin (Kennewick, WA) 14 O'Dea (Seattle, WA) 7]
4A    champions: Camas (WA)   [12/03 Camas (WA) 24 Richland (WA) 14]

West Virginia

A    champions: St. Marys (WV)   [12/03 St. Marys (WV) 23 East Hardy (Baker, WV) 8]
AA    champions: Mingo Central (Matewan, WV)   [12/02 Mingo Central (Matewan, WV) 32 Fairmont (WV) 7]
AAA    champions: Martinsburg (WV)   [12/03 Martinsburg (WV) 49 Spring Valley (Huntington, WV) 7]


1    champions: Kimberly (WI)   [11/18 Kimberly (WI) 29 Franklin (WI) 14]
2    champions: Brookfield East (Brookfield, WI)   [11/18 Brookfield East (Brookfield, WI) 42 Monona Grove (Monona, WI) 36]
3    champions: Catholic Memorial (Waukesha, WI)   [11/18 Catholic Memorial (Waukesha, WI) 24 Notre Dame Academy (Green Bay, WI) 14]
4    champions: St. Croix Central (Hammond, WI)   [11/17 St. Croix Central (Hammond, WI) 49 River Valley (Spring Green, WI) 28]
5    champions: Amherst (WI)   [11/17 Amherst (WI) 38 Cedar Grove-Belgium (Cedar Grove, WI) 35]
6    champions: Regis (Eau Claire, WI)   [11/17 Regis (Eau Claire, WI) 27 Darlington (WI) 14]
7    champions: Edgar (WI)   [11/17 Edgar (WI) 36 Shullsburg (WI) 6]


1A    champions: Pine Bluffs (WY)   [11/12 Pine Bluffs (WY) 10 Tongue River (Dayton, WY) 7]
2A    champions: Big Horn (WY)   [11/12 Big Horn (WY) 28 Greybull (WY) 20]
3A    champions: Star Valley (Afton, WY)   [11/11 Star Valley (Afton, WY) 28 Powell (WY) 10]
4A    champions: Sheridan (WY)   [11/12 Sheridan (WY) 56 Natrona County (Casper, WY) 28]
6 Man    champions: Kaycee (WY)   [11/11 Kaycee (WY) 41 Farson-Eden (Farson, WY) 30]