2015 Prep Standings    league preview
Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)    preview    trend300100%64060%
Poly (Pasadena, CA)    preview    trend21067%65055%
Flintridge Prep (La Canada, CA)    preview    trend12033%37030%
Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA)    preview    trend0300%01000%
Recent Scores
Fri 11/13  Nipomo (CA) 51 Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA) 6
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
Fri 11/13  Rancho Mirage (CA) 34 Poly (Pasadena, CA) 14
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
Fri 11/06  Flintridge Prep (La Canada, CA) 62 Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA) 13
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Per Game Averages
Poly (Pasadena, CA)6-5-8.435142130.718.512.2
Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)6-4-7.953.320.3333323.79.3
Flintridge Prep (La Canada, CA)3-7-28.33434.3-
Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA)0-10-55.76.660.3-53.74.458.8-54.4

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Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 1985, Coach: Richard Gonzales, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Black/Gold/White, Nickname: Falcons, Address: 5246 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2014 Record2014 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/29Lynwood (CA)Century (Santa Ana, CA)3-7-341-9-40.4OrangeSouthern (XII)Lost, 35-6
Thu 09/03Lynwood (CA)New Designs Watts (Los Angeles, CA)3-5-38.7  Metro (Los Angeles)IIILost, 52-12
Fri 09/11RoadLynwood (CA)4-60.26-47.5San Gabriel ValleySoutheast (V)Lost, 85-0
Fri 09/18Lynwood (CA)Warren (Downey, CA)8-321.95-58.2San Gabriel ValleySoutheast (V)Lost, 66-0
Sat 09/26Canyon (Canyon Country, CA)Santa Clarita Christian (Canyon Country, CA)7-4-9.24-6-30.1San JoaquinEast Valley (XIII)Lost, 64-0
Fri 10/02RoadManual Arts (Los Angeles, CA)7-6-10.73-7-28.2Coliseum (Los Angeles)IIILost, 57-0
Fri 10/09RoadSt. Bernard (Playa del Rey, CA)4-6-35.34-6-25.3South CatholicNorthwest (XI)Lost, 48-6
Thu 10/22Lynwood (CA)Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)*6-4-7.94-6-20.1PrepNorthwest (XI)Lost, 69-7
Fri 10/30South Pasadena (CA)Poly (Pasadena, CA)*6-5-8.412-115.9PrepNorthwest (XI)Lost, 50-0
Fri 11/06Lynwood (CA)Flintridge Prep (La Canada, CA)*3-7-28.35-5-23.7PrepNorthwest (XI)Lost, 62-13
Flintridge Prep (La Canada, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 408, Coach: Glen Beattie, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Navy/Gray/White, Nickname: Rebels, Address: 4543 Crown Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2014 Record2014 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/29Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)Mountain Empire (Pine Valley, CA)3-7-44.24-6-43.5Manzanita (San Diego)5Won, 49-20
Sat 09/05Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)La Jolla Country Day (La Jolla, CA)8-4-3.27-6-2.8Coastal (San Diego)5Lost, 48-26
Fri 09/11Muir (Pasadena, CA)Blair (Pasadena, CA)0-10-48.93-7-39.1Rio HondoCentral (VIII)Won, 61-13
Sat 09/19Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)Village Christian (Sun Valley, CA)5-5-9.85-5-6.8OlympicNorthwest (XI)Lost, 56-22
Fri 10/02Occidental College (Los Angeles, CA)Campbell Hall (North Hollywood, CA)5-3-17.23-3-41FreelanceMid-Valley (X)Lost, 35-15
Fri 10/09RoadBrentwood (Los Angeles, CA)7-45.38-31.6Gold Coast - ValleyMid-Valley (X)Lost, 38-11
Fri 10/16RoadCrean Lutheran (Irvine, CA)9-49.96-5-14.9AcademyEast Valley (XIII)Lost, 55-15
Sat 10/24La Canada (CA)Poly (Pasadena, CA)*6-5-8.412-115.9PrepNorthwest (XI)Lost, 34-7
Fri 10/30RoadRio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)*6-4-7.94-6-20.1PrepNorthwest (XI)Lost, 56-33
Fri 11/06Lynwood (CA)Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA)*0-10-55.71-9-30.9PrepNorthwest (XI)Won, 62-13
Poly (Pasadena, CA)  (twitter)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 375, Coach: Christopher Schmoke, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Orange/White, Nickname: Panthers, Address: 1030 E California Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2014 Record2014 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/28RoadBosco Tech (Rosemead, CA)1-9-39.80-10-51.8Santa FeEast Valley (XIII)Won, 42-6
Sat 09/05HomeKeppel (Alhambra, CA)0-10-50.31-9-45.2AlmontMid-Valley (X)Won, 38-7
Fri 09/11RoadLinfield Christian (Temecula, CA)12-226.47-59AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 38-14
Fri 09/18RoadMalibu (CA)3-7-20.22-7-20.2FrontierEast Valley (XIII)Won, 40-8
Sat 09/26RoadBrentwood (Los Angeles, CA)7-45.38-31.6Gold Coast - ValleyMid-Valley (X)Lost, 37-21
Sat 10/10HomeMountain View Christian (Las Vegas, NV)3-7-35.34-5-28III Southern (Nevada)IIIWon, 64-0
Fri 10/16Moorpark College (Moorpark, CA)Grace Brethren (Simi Valley, CA)13-116.913-117.1FrontierEast Valley (XIII)Lost, 32-0
Sat 10/24La Canada (CA)Flintridge Prep (La Canada, CA)*3-7-28.35-5-23.7PrepNorthwest (XI)Won, 34-7
Fri 10/30South Pasadena (CA)Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA)*0-10-55.71-9-30.9PrepNorthwest (XI)Won, 50-0
Fri 11/06HomeRio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)*6-4-7.94-6-20.1PrepNorthwest (XI)Lost, 35-21
Fri 11/13RoadRancho Mirage (CA)
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
9-3111-9-30.5De AnzaNorthwest (XI)Lost, 34-14
Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 100, Coach: Ken Drain, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/White/Black, Nickname: Kares, Address: 5150 Farna Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2014 Record2014 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/04RoadMission Prep (San Luis Obispo, CA)8-310.74-7-3NorthernNorthwest (XI)Lost, 23-6
Fri 09/11HomeGabrielino (San Gabriel, CA)4-6-25.83-7-29.1Mission ValleyMid-Valley (X)Won, 49-6
Fri 09/18HomeCalvary Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)11-13.88-3-14.3South ValleyEast Valley (XIII)Lost, 38-6
Fri 09/25HomeLa Canada (CA)4-6-137-4-2.4Rio HondoCentral (VIII)Won, 29-13
Fri 10/09Ocean View (Huntington Beach, CA)Brethren Christian (Huntington Beach, CA)11-29.88-3-1-0.4AcademyEast Valley (XIII)Lost, 45-16
Fri 10/16HomeSanta Clara (Oxnard, CA)0-7-382-7-24.8FrontierEast Valley (XIII)Won, 58-0
Thu 10/22Lynwood (CA)Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA)*0-10-55.71-9-30.9PrepNorthwest (XI)Won, 69-7
Fri 10/30HomeFlintridge Prep (La Canada, CA)*3-7-28.35-5-23.7PrepNorthwest (XI)Won, 56-33
Fri 11/06RoadPoly (Pasadena, CA)*6-5-8.412-115.9PrepNorthwest (XI)Won, 35-21
Fri 11/13HomeNipomo (CA)
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
7-614.110-429.6NorthernNorthwest (XI)Lost, 51-6
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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