2014 Pac-5 Standings    league preview
Paso Robles (CA)    preview    trend31075%132087%
Atascadero (CA)    preview    trend31075%103077%
Arroyo Grande (CA)    preview    trend31075%103077%
Righetti (Santa Maria, CA)    preview    trend13025%47036%
San Luis Obispo (CA)    preview    trend0400%28020%
Recent Scores
Sat 12/13  El Capitan (Lakeside, CA) 41 Paso Robles (CA) 0
Bowl III Playoffs
Fri 11/28  Newbury Park (CA) 49 Atascadero (CA) 48
Northern (III) Playoffs
Fri 11/14  Newbury Park (CA) 56 Righetti (Santa Maria, CA) 28
Northern (III) Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
Paso Robles (CA)13-248.337.220.21736.718.218.5
Arroyo Grande (CA)10-34436.217.518.731.215.815.4
Atascadero (CA)10-337.831.224.56.735.324.710.5
Righetti (Santa Maria, CA)4-721.427.527.7-0.128.729.5-0.8
San Luis Obispo (CA)2-81.114.556.7-42.221.542.5-21

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Arroyo Grande (CA)
(Division: Northern (III), Enrollment: 2229, Coach: Tom Goossen, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 495 Valley Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29RoadLompoc (CA)11-137.411-244.1Los PadresNorthern (III)Lost, 20-13
Fri 09/05HomeIndependence (Bakersfield, CA)6-54.36-712.4South Yosemite (Central)2Won, 62-23
Fri 09/12RoadSt. Joseph (Santa Maria, CA)7-521.37-422.2Los PadresNorthern (III)Won, 41-7
Fri 09/19HomePioneer Valley (Santa Maria, CA)5-6142-82.2Los PadresNorthern (III)Won, 31-7
Fri 09/26HomeLiberty (Bakersfield, CA)10-349.69-242.3Southwest Yosemite (Central)1Won, 24-21
Fri 10/03HomeNipomo (CA)10-429.65-65.1NorthernNorthwest (XI)Won, 34-27
Fri 10/10Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)Paso Robles (CA)*13-248.37-430.2Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 28-27
Fri 10/24HomeRighetti (Santa Maria, CA)*4-721.45-623.5Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 30-7
Sat 11/01HomeAtascadero (CA)*10-337.88-336.1Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 35-21
Fri 11/07RoadSan Luis Obispo (CA)*2-81.14-613.1Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 53-14
Fri 11/14RoadNordhoff (Ojai, CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
6-51913-239.2Tri-ValleyNorthern (III)Won, 7-0
Fri 11/21HomeLompoc (CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
11-137.411-244.1Los PadresNorthern (III)Won, 28-3
Fri 11/28HomePaso Robles (CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
13-248.37-430.2Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 28-21
Atascadero (CA)
(Division: Northern (III), Enrollment: 1622, Coach: Vic Cooper, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Orange/Gray, Nickname: Greyhounds, Address: 1 High School Hill)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29HomeWoodbridge (Irvine, CA)7-412.47-58.4Pacific CoastSouthwest (IV)Won, 33-13
Fri 09/05RoadMorro Bay (CA)5-610.67-49.7NorthernNorthwest (XI)Won, 41-0
Fri 09/12HomeStockdale (Bakersfield, CA)4-621.15-627Southwest Yosemite (Central)1Won, 34-31 (2ot)
Fri 09/19RoadSan Clemente (CA)12-247.52-822.2Sea ViewSouthwest (IV)Lost, 49-20
Fri 09/26HomeNipomo (CA)10-429.65-65.1NorthernNorthwest (XI)Won, 35-21
Fri 10/03RoadPioneer Valley (Santa Maria, CA)5-6142-82.2Los PadresNorthern (III)Won, 42-13
Fri 10/17HomeRighetti (Santa Maria, CA)*4-721.45-623.5Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 35-21
Fri 10/24RoadSan Luis Obispo (CA)*2-81.14-613.1Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 41-24
Sat 11/01RoadArroyo Grande (CA)*10-3448-435Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 35-21
Fri 11/07HomePaso Robles (CA)*13-248.37-430.2Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 28-18
Fri 11/14HomeThousand Oaks (CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
7-430.46-436.6CaminoNorthern (III)Won, 48-41
Fri 11/21HomeBishop Diego (Santa Barbara, CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
10-216.710-331.4Tri-ValleyNorthern (III)Won, 33-7
Fri 11/28RoadNewbury Park (CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
11-344.15-533.2CaminoNorthern (III)Lost, 49-48
Paso Robles (CA)
(Division: Northern (III), Enrollment: 1962, Coach: Rich Schimke, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Crimson/White, Nickname: Bearcats, Address: 801 Niblick Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29RoadClovis (CA)8-5359-442.7Tri-River (Central)1Won, 48-30
Fri 09/05Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)Camarillo (Camarillo, CA)6-528.610-233.7CaminoNorthern (III)Won, 41-35
Fri 09/12Lompoc (CA)Cabrillo (Lompoc, CA)3-7-2.92-8-6.7Los PadresNorthern (III)Won, 45-6
Fri 09/19Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)St. Joseph (Santa Maria, CA)7-521.37-422.2Los PadresNorthern (III)Won, 31-0
Fri 09/26RoadNordhoff (Ojai, CA)6-51913-239.2Tri-ValleyNorthern (III)Won, 42-10
Fri 10/03Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)Morro Bay (CA)5-610.67-49.7NorthernNorthwest (XI)Won, 63-10
Fri 10/10Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)Arroyo Grande (CA)*10-3448-435Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 28-27
Fri 10/17Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)San Luis Obispo (CA)*2-81.14-613.1Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 63-14
Fri 10/31RoadRighetti (Santa Maria, CA)*4-721.45-623.5Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 40-12
Fri 11/07RoadAtascadero (CA)*10-337.88-336.1Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 28-18
Fri 11/14Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)Royal (Simi Valley, CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
4-79.94-620.5CaminoNorthern (III)Won, 42-14
Fri 11/21Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)Palmdale (CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
10-227.59-331.9GoldenNorthern (III)Won, 49-16
Fri 11/28RoadArroyo Grande (CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
10-3448-435Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 28-21
Fri 12/05Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)Newbury Park (CA)
Northern (III) Championship
11-344.15-533.2CaminoNorthern (III)Won, 13-10
Sat 12/13RoadEl Capitan (Lakeside, CA)
Bowl III Playoffs
14-15510-234.5Grossmont - Hills (San Diego)2Lost, 41-0
Righetti (Santa Maria, CA)
(Division: Northern (III), Enrollment: 2195, Coach: Ed Hermann, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/Gold/White, Nickname: Warriors, Address: 941 E Foster Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29RoadVentura (CA)12-236.36-621.7ChannelWestern (VII)Lost, 42-17
Fri 09/12HomeSimi Valley (CA)8-5285-519.7CanyonWestern (VII)Won, 28-23
Fri 09/19HomeSanta Maria (CA)1-9-16.61-9-20.8NorthernNorthwest (XI)Won, 57-13
Fri 09/26HomeSt. Joseph (Santa Maria, CA)7-521.37-422.2Los PadresNorthern (III)Won, 37-14
Fri 10/03RoadLompoc (CA)11-137.411-244.1Los PadresNorthern (III)Lost, 42-22
Fri 10/10HomeSan Luis Obispo (CA)*2-81.14-613.1Pac-5Northern (III)Won, 70-6
Fri 10/17RoadAtascadero (CA)*10-337.88-336.1Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 35-21
Fri 10/24RoadArroyo Grande (CA)*10-3448-435Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 30-7
Fri 10/31HomePaso Robles (CA)*13-248.37-430.2Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 40-12
Fri 11/07RoadPioneer Valley (Santa Maria, CA)5-6142-82.2Los PadresNorthern (III)Lost, 24-17
Fri 11/14RoadNewbury Park (CA)
Northern (III) Playoffs
11-344.15-533.2CaminoNorthern (III)Lost, 56-28
San Luis Obispo (CA)
(Division: Northern (III), Enrollment: 1394, Coach: Dave Kelley, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Tigers, Address: 1499 San Luis Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29RoadSanta Ynez (CA)1-9-15.54-72.5Los PadresNorthern (III)Lost, 30-12
Fri 09/05HomePioneer Valley (Santa Maria, CA)5-6142-82.2Los PadresNorthern (III)Lost, 54-34
Fri 09/12RoadOxnard (CA)9-321.43-73Pacific ViewWestern (VII)Won, 29-26
Fri 09/19HomeTempleton (CA)10-310.51-9-17.5NorthernNorthwest (XI)Lost, 35-28
Fri 09/26RoadMorro Bay (CA)5-610.67-49.7NorthernNorthwest (XI)Lost, 23-14
Fri 10/03HomeCabrillo (Lompoc, CA)3-7-2.92-8-6.7Los PadresNorthern (III)Won, 40-30
Fri 10/10RoadRighetti (Santa Maria, CA)*4-721.45-623.5Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 70-6
Fri 10/17Flamson MS (Paso Robles, CA)Paso Robles (CA)*13-248.37-430.2Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 63-14
Fri 10/24HomeAtascadero (CA)*10-337.88-336.1Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 41-24
Fri 11/07HomeArroyo Grande (CA)*10-3448-435Pac-5Northern (III)Lost, 53-14
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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