2014 Ambassador Standings    league preview
Linfield Christian (Temecula, CA)    preview    trend41080%75058%
Arrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)    preview    trend41080%122086%
Notre Dame (Riverside, CA)    preview    trend23040%65055%
Aquinas (San Bernardino, CA)    preview    trend23040%45145%
Ontario Christian (Ontario, CA)    preview    trend23040%37030%
Western Christian (Upland, CA)    preview    trend14020%28020%
Recent Scores
Sat 12/06  Nipomo (CA) 22 Arrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA) 19
Northwest (XI) Championship
Fri 11/21  Poly (Pasadena, CA) 20 Linfield Christian (Temecula, CA) 11
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
Fri 11/14  Shadow Hills (Indio, CA) 49 Notre Dame (Riverside, CA) 7
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
Arrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)12-2194426184120.820.2
Linfield Christian (Temecula, CA)7-5930.82010.82721.75.3
Aquinas (San Bernardino, CA)4-5-1-9.825.427-1.626.326.20.1
Notre Dame (Riverside, CA)6-5-8.818.431.4-1322.726-3.3
Ontario Christian (Ontario, CA)3-7-4.930.629.6124.732-7.3
Western Christian (Upland, CA)2-8-16.434.850-15.228.649.4-20.7

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Aquinas (San Bernardino, CA)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 362, Coach: Chris Ybarra, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/White, Nickname: Falcons, Address: 2772 Sterling Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29HomeSaddleback (Santa Ana, CA)6-5-17.10-10-40.7Orange CoastSouthern (XII)Won, 22-0
Fri 09/05Narbonne (Harbor CIty, CA)Mary Star of the Sea (San Pedro, CA)2-8-31.44-6-14.3Santa FeEast Valley (XIII)Won, 40-0
Fri 09/12RoadXavier Prep (Palm Desert, CA)5-5-3.87-3-8.5Desert ValleyEastern (IX)Lost, 32-15
Fri 09/26RoadRim of the World (Lake Arrowhead, CA)5-6-2.68-49.3San AndreasInland (VI)Lost, 42-6
Sat 10/04Ocean View (Huntington Beach, CA)Brethren Christian (Huntington Beach, CA)8-3-1-0.47-3-11.6AcademyEast Valley (XIII)Tied, 53-53
Fri 10/10HomeLinfield Christian (Temecula, CA)*7-596-50AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 23-16
Fri 10/17HomeArrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)*12-2197-4-6.2AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 48-15
Fri 10/24RoadWestern Christian (Upland, CA)*2-8-16.412-111.7AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 47-44
Fri 10/31RoadOntario Christian (Ontario, CA)*3-7-4.96-5-2.8AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 35-7
Fri 11/07Riverside CC (Riverside, CA)Notre Dame (Riverside, CA)*6-5-8.84-6-7.3AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 17-10
Arrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 335, Coach: John Beck, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Black/White, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 105 Tennessee St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29HomeBellerose (St. Albert, Alberta)      Won, 34-7
Fri 09/05HomeCalifornia Military Institute (Perris, CA)2-8-49.56-5-38.4South ValleyEast Valley (XIII)Won, 50-0
Fri 09/12Twentynine Palms JHS (Twentynine Palms, CA)Twentynine Palms (CA)6-4-17.84-7-11.1De AnzaNorthwest (XI)Won, 56-27
Fri 09/19HomeBishop (CA)6-5-10.34-7-18.9High Desert (Central)5Won, 22-15
Fri 09/26HomeCrean Lutheran (Irvine, CA)6-5-14.91-9-33.4AcademyEast Valley (XIII)Won, 42-14
Fri 10/10Riverside CC (Riverside, CA)Notre Dame (Riverside, CA)*6-5-8.84-6-7.3AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 40-20
Fri 10/17RoadAquinas (San Bernardino, CA)*4-5-1-9.84-6-13.9AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 48-15
Fri 10/24HomeOntario Christian (Ontario, CA)*3-7-4.96-5-2.8AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 53-48
Fri 10/31RoadLinfield Christian (Temecula, CA)*7-596-50AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 23-14
Fri 11/07HomeWestern Christian (Upland, CA)*2-8-16.412-111.7AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 65-24
Fri 11/14RoadCantwell-Sacred Heart (Montebello, CA)
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
8-30.42-8-16.4South CatholicNorthwest (XI)Won, 48-19
Fri 11/21HomeMaranatha (Pasadena, CA)
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
11-114.58-3-3.4OlympicNorthwest (XI)Won, 43-28
Fri 11/28Redlands (CA)Templeton (CA)
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
10-310.51-9-17.5NorthernNorthwest (XI)Won, 40-30
Sat 12/06RoadNipomo (CA)
Northwest (XI) Championship
10-429.65-65.1NorthernNorthwest (XI)Lost, 22-19
Linfield Christian (Temecula, CA)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 311, Coach: DeChon Burns, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/Columbia/White, Nickname: Lions, Address: 31950 Pauba Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29RoadBrentwood (Los Angeles, CA)8-31.63-6-12.2Gold Coast - OceanMid-Valley (X)Lost, 28-24
Fri 09/05HomeAdelanto (CA)4-6-10.31-8-1-29Desert SkyEastern (IX)Won, 31-0 (forfeit loss)
Fri 09/12RoadPoly (Pasadena, CA)12-115.97-3-5.7PrepNorthwest (XI)Lost, 30-27
Fri 09/19Capistrano Valley (Mission Viejo, CA)Capistrano Valley Christian (San Juan Capistrano, CA)7-4-2.58-2-8.9San JoaquinEast Valley (XIII)Won, 24-21
Fri 09/26HomeMission Prep (San Luis Obispo, CA)4-7-311-318.3NorthernNorthwest (XI)Won, 30-13
Fri 10/10RoadAquinas (San Bernardino, CA)*4-5-1-9.84-6-13.9AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 23-16
Fri 10/17RoadWestern Christian (Upland, CA)*2-8-16.412-111.7AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 50-49 (ot)
Fri 10/24HomeNotre Dame (Riverside, CA)*6-5-8.84-6-7.3AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 30-0
Fri 10/31HomeArrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)*12-2197-4-6.2AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 23-14
Fri 11/07HomeOntario Christian (Ontario, CA)*3-7-4.96-5-2.8AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 35-14
Fri 11/14HomeValley Christian (Cerritos, CA)
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
7-43.85-7-5.4OlympicNorthwest (XI)Won, 28-27
Fri 11/21South Pasadena (CA)Poly (Pasadena, CA)
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
12-115.97-3-5.7PrepNorthwest (XI)Lost, 20-11
Notre Dame (Riverside, CA)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 457, Coach: Pete McGowan, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Green/Gold, Nickname: Titans, Address: 7085 Brockton Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29Riverside CC (Riverside, CA)Xavier Prep (Palm Desert, CA)5-5-3.87-3-8.5Desert ValleyEastern (IX)Won, 27-21
Fri 09/05RoadPerris (CA)6-49.60-10-13.1SunbeltInland (VI)Lost, 33-0
Fri 09/12RoadGanesha (Pomona, CA)4-6-32.53-7-30.2MiramonteMid-Valley (X)Won, 31-0
Fri 09/19Riverside CC (Riverside, CA)Nuview Bridge (Nuevo, CA)5-4-376-416.7South ValleyEast Valley (XIII)Won, 46-6
Fri 09/26Riverside CC (Riverside, CA)Jurupa Valley (CA)3-7-19.11-9-17.5River ValleyEastern (IX)Won, 47-21
Fri 10/10Riverside CC (Riverside, CA)Arrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)*12-2197-4-6.2AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 40-20
Fri 10/17RoadOntario Christian (Ontario, CA)*3-7-4.96-5-2.8AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 42-6
Fri 10/24RoadLinfield Christian (Temecula, CA)*7-596-50AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 30-0
Thu 10/30RoadWestern Christian (Upland, CA)*2-8-16.412-111.7AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 49-35
Fri 11/07Riverside CC (Riverside, CA)Aquinas (San Bernardino, CA)*4-5-1-9.84-6-13.9AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 17-10
Fri 11/14RoadShadow Hills (Indio, CA)
Northwest (XI) Playoffs
9-377-5-3.7De AnzaNorthwest (XI)Lost, 49-7
Ontario Christian (Ontario, CA)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 483, Coach: Rick Martin, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/White, Nickname: Knights, Address: 931 W Philadelphia St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/30Granada Hills (CA)Heritage Christian (Northridge, CA)6-51.53-7-20.7OlympicNorthwest (XI)Lost, 34-14
Fri 09/05HomeCalvary Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)8-3-14.32-8-29.2South ValleyEast Valley (XIII)Won, 47-21
Fri 09/12HomeDon Lugo (Chino, CA)6-59.13-7-14Mt. BaldyCentral (VIII)Lost, 28-14
Fri 09/19Granite Hills (El Cajon, CA)Christian (El Cajon, CA)13-133.312-136.2Central (San Diego)3Lost, 55-7
Fri 09/26HomeValley Christian (Cerritos, CA)7-43.85-7-5.4OlympicNorthwest (XI)Lost, 34-12
Fri 10/10HomeWestern Christian (Upland, CA)*2-8-16.412-111.7AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 42-19
Fri 10/17HomeNotre Dame (Riverside, CA)*6-5-8.84-6-7.3AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 42-6
Fri 10/24RoadArrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)*12-2197-4-6.2AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 53-48
Fri 10/31HomeAquinas (San Bernardino, CA)*4-5-1-9.84-6-13.9AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 35-7
Fri 11/07RoadLinfield Christian (Temecula, CA)*7-596-50AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 35-14
Western Christian (Upland, CA)
(Division: Northwest (XI), Enrollment: 362, Coach: Kevin Oberlander, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/White/Black, Nickname: Fighting Lancers, Address: 100 W 9th St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2013 Record2013 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/29HomeCalvary Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)8-3-14.32-8-29.2South ValleyEast Valley (XIII)Lost, 43-7
Fri 09/05HomeCantwell-Sacred Heart (Montebello, CA)8-30.42-8-16.4South CatholicNorthwest (XI)Lost, 24-0
Fri 09/12Moorpark College (Moorpark, CA)Grace Brethren (Simi Valley, CA)13-117.14-6-18.3FrontierEast Valley (XIII)Lost, 55-14
Fri 09/19Clark Field (Long Beach, CA)St. Anthony (Long Beach, CA)11-29.26-4-3.6Santa FeEast Valley (XIII)Lost, 48-13
Fri 09/26Whittier College (Whittier, CA)Whittier Christian (La Habra, CA)1-9-10.36-4-3.8OlympicNorthwest (XI)Won, 78-74
Fri 10/10RoadOntario Christian (Ontario, CA)*3-7-4.96-5-2.8AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 42-19
Fri 10/17HomeLinfield Christian (Temecula, CA)*7-596-50AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 50-49 (ot)
Fri 10/24HomeAquinas (San Bernardino, CA)*4-5-1-9.84-6-13.9AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Won, 47-44
Thu 10/30HomeNotre Dame (Riverside, CA)*6-5-8.84-6-7.3AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 49-35
Fri 11/07RoadArrowhead Christian (Redlands, CA)*12-2197-4-6.2AmbassadorNorthwest (XI)Lost, 65-24
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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