2013 Capital Valley Standings    league preview
Rio Linda (CA)    preview    trend500100%112085%
Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)    preview    trend41080%94069%
Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA)    preview    trend32060%84067%
Del Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)    preview    trend23040%37030%
Oakmont (Roseville, CA)    preview    trend14020%37030%
Bella Vista (Fair Oaks, CA)    preview    trend0500%28020%
Recent Scores
Sat 11/30  Sacramento (CA) 48 Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA) 38
III Playoffs
Fri 11/29  Elk Grove (CA) 22 Rio Linda (CA) 14
II Playoffs
Fri 11/22  Manteca (CA) 49 Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA) 13
III Playoffs
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Per Game Averages
 Capital ValleySeason
Rio Linda (CA)11-240.541.212.828.432.111.520.6
Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA)8-425.23227534.9277.8
Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)9-427.733.6321.636.730.85.9
Del Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)3-711.835.836.2-0.427.432.4-5
Oakmont (Roseville, CA)3-78.624.236.4-12.22430.7-6.7
Bella Vista (Fair Oaks, CA)2-8-2.624.847.2-22.428.440.3-11.8

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Bella Vista (Fair Oaks, CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 2055, Coach: Matt Polston, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/White/Black, Nickname: Broncos, Address: 8301 Madison Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2012 Record2012 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/30RoadWoodland (CA)3-70.42-8-3.5Tri-CountyI-IVLost, 24-21
Fri 09/06RoadCordova (Rancho Cordova, CA)2-8-171-9-20.5CapitalI-IVWon, 42-27
Fri 09/13HomeMesa Verde (Citrus Heights, CA)3-7-22.13-7-18.3Golden EmpireI-IVWon, 49-13
Fri 09/20HomeYuba City (CA)11-238.89-223.4Tri-CountyI-IVLost, 33-20
Fri 09/27RoadEl Camino (Sacramento, CA)6-412.68-418.4CapitalI-IVLost, 70-28
Fri 10/11RoadRio Linda (CA)*11-240.58-326.4Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 41-7
Fri 10/18HomeCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*8-425.21-9-1.4Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 52-7
Fri 10/25HomeOakmont (Roseville, CA)*3-78.64-64.6Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 49-33
Fri 11/01RoadDel Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)*3-711.89-331.3Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 49-33
Fri 11/08HomeChristian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)*9-427.76-515.1Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 45-44
Casa Roble (Orangevale, CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1536, Coach: Norm Ryan, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/Silver/White, Nickname: Rams, Address: 9151 Oak Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2012 Record2012 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 08/31RoadRio Americano (Sacramento, CA)3-70.44-63.5CapitalI-IVWon, 35-10
Fri 09/06RoadWoodcreek (Roseville, CA)3-717.82-89.9Sierra FoothillI-IVWon, 50-24
Fri 09/13HomeInderkum (Sacramento, CA)10-337.410-328.7Tri-CountyI-IVLost, 49-32
Fri 09/20HomeGolden Sierra (Garden Valley, CA)7-6-5.27-4-7.3Sierra DeltaV-VIWon, 40-0
Fri 09/27RoadRoseville (CA)5-530.62-811.6Sierra FoothillI-IVWon, 55-35
Fri 10/11HomeDel Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)*3-711.89-331.3Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 35-32
Fri 10/18RoadBella Vista (Fair Oaks, CA)*2-8-2.64-6-0.4Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 52-7
Fri 10/25RoadRio Linda (CA)*11-240.58-326.4Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 35-21
Fri 11/01HomeChristian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)*9-427.76-515.1Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 37-21
Fri 11/08RoadOakmont (Roseville, CA)*3-78.64-64.6Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 31-24
Fri 11/15RoadRosemont (Sacramento, CA)
III Playoffs
8-3126-5-3.4MetropolitanI-IVWon, 34-23
Fri 11/22RoadManteca (CA)
III Playoffs
13-242.86-515.2Valley OakI-IVLost, 49-13
Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 977, Coach: George Petrissans, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Blue/Red, Nickname: Falcons, Address: 4315 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2012 Record2012 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/30Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, CA)River City (West Sacramento, CA)5-510.84-65.4Sierra ValleyI-IVWon, 41-10
Fri 09/06RoadPlacer (Auburn, CA)6-619.711-134.6Pioneer ValleyI-IVWon, 58-42
Fri 09/13Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, CA)McClatchy (Sacramento, CA)4-6-8.13-7-18.5MetropolitanI-IVWon, 47-20
Sat 09/21Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, CA)Jesuit (Carmichael, CA)9-445.95-526.2Delta RiverI-IVLost, 52-28
Fri 09/27Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, CA)Whitney (Rocklin, CA)8-428.58-324.8CapitalI-IVLost, 22-14
Fri 10/11Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, CA)Oakmont (Roseville, CA)*3-78.64-64.6Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 35-19
Fri 10/18Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, CA)Rio Linda (CA)*11-240.58-326.4Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 40-13
Fri 10/25RoadDel Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)*3-711.89-331.3Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 38-36
Fri 11/01RoadCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*8-425.21-9-1.4Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 37-21
Fri 11/08RoadBella Vista (Fair Oaks, CA)*2-8-2.64-6-0.4Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 45-44
Fri 11/15Sacramento CC (Sacramento, CA)Pacheco (Los Banos, CA)
III Playoffs
7-412.15-68.8WesternI-IVWon, 54-20
Fri 11/22RoadAmerican Canyon (CA)
III Playoffs
10-225.911-228.8Solano CountyI-IVWon, 30-27
Sat 11/30RoadSacramento (CA)
III Playoffs
11-327.78-37.3MetropolitanI-IVLost, 48-38
Del Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1953, Coach: Mike Dimino, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Cougars, Address: 4925 Dewey Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2012 Record2012 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/30HomeAntelope (CA)7-418.610-231.4CapitalI-IVLost, 14-7
Fri 09/06HomeFairfield (CA)2-8-9.91-8-23.8Solano CountyI-IVWon, 55-12
Sat 09/14RoadElk Grove (CA)12-245.912-245Delta ValleyI-IVLost, 38-13
Fri 09/20RoadRocklin (CA)7-440.55-630.2Sierra FoothillI-IVLost, 31-6
Fri 09/27HomeCosumnes Oaks (Elk Grove, CA)7-424.79-325Sierra ValleyI-IVLost, 48-14
Fri 10/11RoadCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*8-425.21-9-1.4Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 35-32
Fri 10/18RoadOakmont (Roseville, CA)*3-78.64-64.6Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 42-26
Fri 10/25HomeChristian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)*9-427.76-515.1Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 38-36
Fri 11/01HomeBella Vista (Fair Oaks, CA)*2-8-2.64-6-0.4Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 49-33
Fri 11/08HomeRio Linda (CA)*11-240.58-326.4Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 49-20
Oakmont (Roseville, CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1610, Coach: Tim Moore, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/Columbia/White, Nickname: Vikings, Address: 1710 Cirby Wy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2012 Record2012 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 08/30RoadFoothill (Sacramento, CA)1-9-9.31-9-11.9Pioneer ValleyI-IVWon, 40-14
Fri 09/06HomeWhitney (Rocklin, CA)8-428.58-324.8CapitalI-IVWon, 27-21
Fri 09/13RoadWoodcreek (Roseville, CA)3-717.82-89.9Sierra FoothillI-IVLost, 37-13
Fri 09/20HomeRoseville (CA)5-530.62-811.6Sierra FoothillI-IVLost, 17-12
Fri 10/04HomeLincoln (CA)7-4135-66.3Pioneer ValleyI-IVLost, 36-27
Fri 10/11Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, CA)Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)*9-427.76-515.1Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 35-19
Fri 10/18HomeDel Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)*3-711.89-331.3Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 42-26
Fri 10/25RoadBella Vista (Fair Oaks, CA)*2-8-2.64-6-0.4Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 49-33
Fri 11/01HomeRio Linda (CA)*11-240.58-326.4Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 41-3
Fri 11/08HomeCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*8-425.21-9-1.4Capital ValleyI-IVLost, 31-24
Rio Linda (CA)
(Division: I-IV, Enrollment: 1802, Coach: Michael Morris, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Knights, Address: 6309 Dry Creek Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2012 Record2012 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/06RoadRoseville (CA)5-530.62-811.6Sierra FoothillI-IVLost, 22-14
Fri 09/13HomeAntelope (CA)7-418.610-231.4CapitalI-IVWon, 27-7
Fri 09/20RoadFoothill (Sacramento, CA)1-9-9.31-9-11.9Pioneer ValleyI-IVWon, 54-7
Fri 09/27HomeCenter (Antelope, CA)9-426.410-330.2Pioneer ValleyI-IVWon, 17-0
Fri 10/04HomePonderosa (Shingle Springs, CA)4-69.96-519.9Delta RiverI-IVWon, 21-7
Fri 10/11HomeBella Vista (Fair Oaks, CA)*2-8-2.64-6-0.4Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 41-7
Fri 10/18Hughes Stadium (Sacramento, CA)Christian Brothers (Sacramento, CA)*9-427.76-515.1Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 40-13
Fri 10/25HomeCasa Roble (Orangevale, CA)*8-425.21-9-1.4Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 35-21
Fri 11/01RoadOakmont (Roseville, CA)*3-78.64-64.6Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 41-3
Fri 11/08RoadDel Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)*3-711.89-331.3Capital ValleyI-IVWon, 49-20
Fri 11/15HomeAntelope (CA)
II Playoffs
7-418.610-231.4CapitalI-IVWon, 34-0
Fri 11/22HomeVacaville (CA)
II Playoffs
8-438.58-438Monticello EmpireI-IVWon, 31-21
Fri 11/29HomeElk Grove (CA)
II Playoffs
12-245.912-245Delta ValleyI-IVLost, 22-14
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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