2011 Mt. Baldy Standings
Colony (Ontario, CA)600100%112085%
Chino (CA)51083%93075%
Chaffey (Ontario, CA)42067%56045%
Don Lugo (Chino, CA)33050%65055%
Ontario (CA)24033%28020%
Montclair (CA)15017%28020%
Garey (Pomona, CA)0600%0900%
Recent Scores
Fri 12/02  Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA) 42 Colony (Ontario, CA) 14
Central (V) Playoffs
Fri 11/25  Palm Springs (CA) 42 Chino (CA) 14
Central (V) Playoffs
Fri 11/18  Rancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA) 44 Don Lugo (Chino, CA) 0
Central (V) Playoffs
Fri 11/18  La Sierra (Riverside, CA) 23 Chaffey (Ontario, CA) 6
Central (V) Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
 Mt. BaldySeason
Colony (Ontario, CA)11-225.8427.134.931.315.615.7
Chino (CA)9-316.436.81224.733.318.115.1
Don Lugo (Chino, CA)6-55.922.6211.618.721-2.3
Chaffey (Ontario, CA)5-64.822.5166.517.122-4.8
Montclair (CA)2-8-288.334.5-26.211.428.9-17.5
Ontario (CA)2-8-19.215.331.1-15.81534.6-19.6
Garey (Pomona, CA)0-9-

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Chaffey (Ontario, CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 3609, Coach: Chris Brown, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Orange/Black, Nickname: Tigers, Address: 1245 N Euclid Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02RoadBloomington (CA)4-6-1.64-60.7SunkistEastern (VIII)Won, 28-23
Fri 09/09HomeCarter (Rialto, CA)11-230.66-4-119.8San AndreasCentral (V)Lost, 19-8
Thu 09/15HomeDamien (La Verne, CA)7-434.76-428.3SierraInland (II)Lost, 52-6
Thu 09/22Ganesha (Pomona, CA)Diamond Ranch (Pomona, CA)6-615.15-622.2HaciendaSoutheast (VII)Lost, 29-6
Thu 09/29HomeMontclair (CA)*2-8-285-6-6.1Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 20-0
Fri 10/07HomeChino (CA)*9-316.411-127.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 29-22
Fri 10/14Montclair (CA)Ontario (CA)*2-8-19.24-6-0.9Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 20-13
Fri 10/21HomeColony (Ontario, CA)*11-225.87-414.6Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 35-8
Fri 11/04RoadDon Lugo (Chino, CA)*6-55.93-7-3.3Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 37-19
Thu 11/10Ganesha (Pomona, CA)Garey (Pomona, CA)*0-9-33.15-6-0.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 28-0
Fri 11/18Norte Vista (Riverside, CA)La Sierra (Riverside, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
10-222.36-59.3Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 23-6
Chino (CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 2563, Coach: Matt McCain, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/White, Nickname: Cowboys, Address: 5472 Park Pl)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02HomeDiamond Ranch (Pomona, CA)6-615.15-622.2HaciendaSoutheast (VII)Won, 41-28
Fri 09/09HomePomona (CA)6-510.35-54.2Valle VistaMid-Valley (XI)Lost, 28-24
Fri 09/16RoadOak Park (CA)3-83.16-59Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 51-34
Fri 09/23HomeNorthview (Covina, CA)2-8-11.63-70Valle VistaMid-Valley (XI)Won, 23-0
Fri 09/30RoadDon Lugo (Chino, CA)*6-55.93-7-3.3Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 15-8
Fri 10/07RoadChaffey (Ontario, CA)*5-64.82-8-7.2Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 29-22
Fri 10/21HomeGarey (Pomona, CA)*0-9-33.15-6-0.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 58-6
Fri 10/28RoadColony (Ontario, CA)*11-225.87-414.6Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 24-16
Fri 11/04HomeMontclair (CA)*2-8-285-6-6.1Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 52-0
Thu 11/10HomeOntario (CA)*2-8-19.24-6-0.9Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 51-12
Fri 11/18HomeArlington (Riverside, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
5-610.69-322.3Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 26-14
Fri 11/25HomePalm Springs (CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
13-140.510-226.3Desert ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 42-14
Colony (Ontario, CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 2201, Coach: Matt Bechtel, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/White, Nickname: Titans, Address: 3850 E Riverside Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 09/01Covina District Stadium (Covina, CA)South Hills (West Covina, CA)3-718.93-723.7SierraInland (II)Won, 30-29
Thu 09/08HomeAyala (Chino Hills, CA)3-716.54-612.6SierraInland (II)Won, 14-9
Fri 09/16Citrus College (Glendora, CA)Glendora (CA)3-723.65-528.1BaselineInland (II)Lost, 24-17
Fri 09/23HomeNorwalk (CA)3-847-519.4SuburbanSoutheast (VII)Won, 21-14
Fri 09/30HomeOntario (CA)*2-8-19.24-6-0.9Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 59-6
Fri 10/07HomeDon Lugo (Chino, CA)*6-55.93-7-3.3Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 27-7
Sat 10/15Ganesha (Pomona, CA)Garey (Pomona, CA)*0-9-33.15-6-0.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 49-0
Fri 10/21RoadChaffey (Ontario, CA)*5-64.82-8-7.2Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 35-8
Fri 10/28HomeChino (CA)*9-316.411-127.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 24-16
Thu 11/10RoadMontclair (CA)*2-8-285-6-6.1Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 58-6
Fri 11/18HomeValley View (Moreno Valley, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
7-413.46-511.3Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 28-14
Fri 11/25RoadMoreno Valley (CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
5-716.33-7-0.9Inland ValleyCentral (V)Won, 31-28
Fri 12/02RoadRancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
14-050.113-140Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 42-14
Don Lugo (Chino, CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 2290, Coach: Rick Martin, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Brown/Gold, Nickname: Conquistadores, Address: 13400 Pipeline Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02RoadWalnut (CA)2-80.46-520.9HaciendaSoutheast (VII)Won, 28-14
Fri 09/09RoadOntario Christian (Ontario, CA)8-3-184-6-8.6AmbassadorEast Valley (XII)Won, 10-7
Fri 09/16HomeDiamond Bar (CA)4-69.56-411.1HaciendaSoutheast (VII)Lost, 26-6
Fri 09/23HomeAzusa (CA)8-46.610-111.8MontviewMid-Valley (XI)Won, 30-14
Fri 09/30HomeChino (CA)*9-316.411-127.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 15-8
Fri 10/07RoadColony (Ontario, CA)*11-225.87-414.6Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 27-7
Thu 10/13RoadMontclair (CA)*2-8-285-6-6.1Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 48-17
Fri 10/21HomeOntario (CA)*2-8-19.24-6-0.9Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 31-9
Thu 10/27Ganesha (Pomona, CA)Garey (Pomona, CA)*0-9-33.15-6-0.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 2-0 (forfeit)
Fri 11/04HomeChaffey (Ontario, CA)*5-64.82-8-7.2Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 37-19
Fri 11/18RoadRancho Verde (Moreno Valley, CA)
Central (V) Playoffs
14-050.113-140Inland ValleyCentral (V)Lost, 44-0
Garey (Pomona, CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 1937, Coach: Leonard Hudson, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Vikings, Address: 321 W Lexington Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02Ganesha (Pomona, CA)Pomona (CA)6-510.35-54.2Valle VistaMid-Valley (XI)Lost, 41-6
Fri 09/09RoadOrange Glen (Escondido, CA)1-8-1-6.14-61.8Valley (San Diego)IILost, 42-12
Fri 09/23Lynwood (CA)Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA)3-7-19.94-5-30.4FreelanceMid-Valley (XI)Lost, 33-7
Fri 10/07RoadMontclair (CA)*2-8-285-6-6.1Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 20-6
Sat 10/15Ganesha (Pomona, CA)Colony (Ontario, CA)*11-225.87-414.6Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 49-0
Fri 10/21RoadChino (CA)*9-316.411-127.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 58-6
Thu 10/27Ganesha (Pomona, CA)Don Lugo (Chino, CA)*6-55.93-7-3.3Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 2-0 (forfeit)
Fri 11/04Montclair (CA)Ontario (CA)*2-8-19.24-6-0.9Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 29-19
Thu 11/10Ganesha (Pomona, CA)Chaffey (Ontario, CA)*5-64.82-8-7.2Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 28-0
Montclair (CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 3210, Coach: Rick Ward, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Blue, Nickname: Cavaliers, Address: 4725 Benito St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 09/01RoadGanesha (Pomona, CA)2-8-31.74-6-17.1MontviewMid-Valley (XI)Lost, 14-10
Fri 09/09HomeAlta Loma (CA)2-80.30-10-10.3BaselineInland (II)Lost, 38-0
Fri 09/16HomeSaddleback (Santa Ana, CA)0-10-46.41-9-29.2Orange CoastSouthern (IX)Won, 27-0
Thu 09/22La Puente (CA)Workman (City of Industry, CA)4-6-22.52-8-33.3MontviewMid-Valley (XI)Lost, 30-27
Thu 09/29RoadChaffey (Ontario, CA)*5-64.82-8-7.2Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 20-0
Fri 10/07HomeGarey (Pomona, CA)*0-9-33.15-6-0.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 20-6
Thu 10/13HomeDon Lugo (Chino, CA)*6-55.93-7-3.3Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 48-17
Fri 10/28HomeOntario (CA)*2-8-19.24-6-0.9Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 23-7
Fri 11/04RoadChino (CA)*9-316.411-127.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 52-0
Thu 11/10HomeColony (Ontario, CA)*11-225.87-414.6Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 58-6
Ontario (CA)
(Division: Central (V), Enrollment: 2687, Coach: Ron Stocking Jr, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Cardinal/Gold, Nickname: Jaguars, Address: 901 W Francis St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02Montclair (CA)Arroyo (El Monte, CA)10-29.39-210.6Mission ValleyMid-Valley (XI)Lost, 45-12
Thu 09/08RoadRubidoux (Riverside, CA)7-4-4.68-3-12.3Mountain ValleyEast Valley (XII)Lost, 46-27
Fri 09/16RoadNogales (La Puente, CA)5-5-7.21-9-16.5Valle VistaMid-Valley (XI)Lost, 31-7
Fri 09/23Montclair (CA)Alta Loma (CA)2-80.30-10-10.3BaselineInland (II)Lost, 37-12
Fri 09/30RoadColony (Ontario, CA)*11-225.87-414.6Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 59-6
Fri 10/14Montclair (CA)Chaffey (Ontario, CA)*5-64.82-8-7.2Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 20-13
Fri 10/21RoadDon Lugo (Chino, CA)*6-55.93-7-3.3Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 31-9
Fri 10/28RoadMontclair (CA)*2-8-285-6-6.1Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 23-7
Fri 11/04Montclair (CA)Garey (Pomona, CA)*0-9-33.15-6-0.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 29-19
Thu 11/10RoadChino (CA)*9-316.411-127.5Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 51-12
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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