2011 Desert Mountain Standings
Boron (CA)500100%93075%
Mojave (CA)41080%102083%
Desert Christian (Lancaster, CA)32060%103077%
Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA)23040%55050%
Vasquez (Acton, CA)14020%26025%
Silver Valley (Yermo, CA)0500%0900%
Recent Scores
Sat 12/10  Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA) 34 Desert Christian (Lancaster, CA) 13
Northeast (XIII) Championship
Fri 12/02  Rio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA) 27 Boron (CA) 8
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
Fri 11/25  Salesian (Los Angeles, CA) 42 Mojave (CA) 28
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
Thu 11/10  Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA) 40 Silver Valley (Yermo, CA) 13
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
 Desert MountainSeason
Boron (CA)9-319.9465.240.840.212.327.9
Mojave (CA)10-29.932.212.419.838.112.525.6
Desert Christian (Lancaster, CA)10-315.536.217.618.636.817.119.6
Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA)5-5-16.417.429.6-12.215.231-15.8
Vasquez (Acton, CA)2-6-28.114.438.4-2417.135.8-18.6
Silver Valley (Yermo, CA)0-9-53.34.447.4-433.744.2-40.5

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Boron (CA)
(Division: Northeast (XIII), Enrollment: 158, Coach: Todd Fink, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Bobcats, Address: 26831 Prospect St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02RoadKnight (Palmdale, CA)5-515.26-521GoldenNorthern (III)Lost, 37-26
Sat 09/10Lynwood (CA)Firebaugh (Lynwood, CA)3-7-19.94-5-30.4FreelanceMid-Valley (XI)Won, 37-0
Fri 09/16RoadDesert (Edwards AFB, CA)5-5-3.97-5-5.8High DesertNortheast (XIII)Won, 46-12
Sat 09/24RoadRio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)13-1289-214.4PrepNortheast (XIII)Lost, 40-38
Fri 09/30HomeVasquez (Acton, CA)*2-6-28.110-29.3Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 56-12
Fri 10/07RoadMammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA)*5-5-16.44-6-17.7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 52-0
Fri 10/14HomeDesert Christian (Lancaster, CA)*10-315.59-31.1Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 28-14
Fri 11/04HomeSilver Valley (Yermo, CA)*0-9-53.31-9-44.9Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 56-0
Thu 11/10HomeMojave (CA)*10-29.96-5-7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 38-0
Fri 11/18HomeSt. Genevieve (Panorama City, CA)
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
7-4-4.87-4-13.4Santa FeNortheast (XIII)Won, 62-6
Fri 11/25RoadKern Valley (Lake Isabella, CA)
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
9-32.34-6-12.6High DesertNortheast (XIII)Won, 36-0
Fri 12/02HomeRio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
13-1289-214.4PrepNortheast (XIII)Lost, 27-8
Desert Christian (Lancaster, CA)
(Division: Northeast (XIII), Enrollment: 438, Coach: Israel Ifeanyichukwu, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Black/Blue/White, Nickname: Knights, Address: 2340 W Avenue J-8)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/03Lancaster (CA)California City (CA)7-53.15-6-12High DesertNortheast (XIII)Won, 27-16
Fri 09/09RoadDesert (Edwards AFB, CA)5-5-3.97-5-5.8High DesertNortheast (XIII)Won, 42-20
Fri 09/16RoadFrazier Mountain (Lebec, CA)3-7-17.60-10-28.6High DesertNortheast (XIII)Won, 49-24
Fri 09/23RoadSilver Valley (Yermo, CA)*0-9-53.31-9-44.9Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 52-6
Sat 10/01College of Canyons (Santa Clarita, CA)Santa Clarita Christian (Canyon Country, CA)4-6-24.110-245.7San JoaquinNortheast (XIII)Won, 63-0
Sat 10/08Lancaster (CA)Vasquez (Acton, CA)*2-6-28.110-29.3Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 63-20
Fri 10/14RoadBoron (CA)*9-319.912-217.5Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 28-14
Fri 10/28RoadMojave (CA)*10-29.96-5-7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 20-15
Sat 11/05Lancaster (CA)Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA)*5-5-16.44-6-17.7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 37-14
Fri 11/18RoadCalifornia Military Institute (Perris, CA)
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
8-3-17.57-4-20.2ArrowheadNortheast (XIII)Won, 57-12
Fri 11/25Antelope Valley College (Lancaster, CA)Bishop (CA)
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
10-218.313-125.5High DesertNortheast (XIII)Won, 14-7
Fri 12/02Lancaster (CA)Salesian (Los Angeles, CA)
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
10-3121-98.8Santa FeNortheast (XIII)Won, 33-22
Sat 12/10RoadRio Hondo Prep (Arcadia, CA)
Northeast (XIII) Championship
13-1289-214.4PrepNortheast (XIII)Lost, 34-13
Mammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA)
(Division: Northeast (XIII), Enrollment: 285, Coach: Tom Gault/Marty Thompson, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Cardinal/Gold, Nickname: Huskies, Address: 365 Sierra Park Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/03RoadMinarets (O'Neals, CA)0-10-55.4  Freelance (Central) Won, 22-18
Sat 09/10RoadMission Prep (San Luis Obispo, CA)8-20.46-4-8FreelanceNortheast (XIII)Lost, 41-0
Fri 09/23Vista Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)Calvary Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)4-6-26.41-9-36.6AmbassadorEast Valley (XII)Won, 28-24
Fri 09/30HomeBishop (CA)10-218.313-125.5High DesertNortheast (XIII)Lost, 48-0
Fri 10/07HomeBoron (CA)*9-319.912-217.5Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 52-0
Fri 10/14HomeLucerne Valley (CA)1-6-43.72-8-33.7FreelanceNortheast (XIII)Won, 2-0 (forfeit)
Fri 10/21HomeMojave (CA)*10-29.96-5-7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 46-6
Fri 10/28RoadVasquez (Acton, CA)*2-6-28.110-29.3Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 27-0
Sat 11/05Lancaster (CA)Desert Christian (Lancaster, CA)*10-315.59-31.1Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 37-14
Thu 11/10RoadSilver Valley (Yermo, CA)*0-9-53.31-9-44.9Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 40-13
Mojave (CA)
(Division: Northeast (XIII), Enrollment: 228, Coach: Larry Satterfield, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Gray, Nickname: Mustangs, Address: 15732 O St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02HomeMountain View Christian (Las Vegas, NV)6-5-18.97-6-15.4Southern 2A (Nevada)2AWon, 47-0
Fri 09/16HomeSage Hill (Newport Beach, CA)3-7-30.68-3-5AcademyEast Valley (XII)Won, 36-0
Fri 09/23HomeVasquez (Acton, CA)*2-6-28.110-29.3Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 46-0
Fri 09/30HomeCalifornia City (CA)7-53.15-6-12High DesertNortheast (XIII)Won, 44-6
Fri 10/07RoadLucerne Valley (CA)1-6-43.72-8-33.7FreelanceNortheast (XIII)Won, 2-0 (forfeit)
Fri 10/14HomeSilver Valley (Yermo, CA)*0-9-53.31-9-44.9Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 49-3
Fri 10/21RoadMammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA)*5-5-16.44-6-17.7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 46-6
Fri 10/28HomeDesert Christian (Lancaster, CA)*10-315.59-31.1Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 20-15
Fri 11/04RoadTranquillity (CA)5-6-16.23-7-24.4West Sierra (Central)6Won, 55-0
Thu 11/10RoadBoron (CA)*9-319.912-217.5Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 38-0
Fri 11/18HomeChadwick (Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA)
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
6-5-0.19-30.1PrepNortheast (XIII)Won, 49-28
Fri 11/25RoadSalesian (Los Angeles, CA)
Northeast (XIII) Playoffs
10-3121-98.8Santa FeNortheast (XIII)Lost, 42-28
Silver Valley (Yermo, CA)
(Division: Northeast (XIII), Enrollment: 503, Coach: David Romero, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/Silver/White, Nickname: Trojans, Address: 35484 Yermo Daggett Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/03RoadCrean Lutheran (Irvine, CA)5-4-36.50-10-54AcademyEast Valley (XII)Lost, 34-6
Fri 09/16HomeJurupa Hills (Fontana, CA)1-9-30.61-7-39.1Mountain ValleyEast Valley (XII)Lost, 44-6
Fri 09/23HomeDesert Christian (Lancaster, CA)*10-315.59-31.1Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 52-6
Fri 09/30HomeXavier Prep (Palm Desert, CA)1-9-31.46-3-10.1FreelanceNortheast (XIII)Lost, 41-0
Fri 10/07HomeKern Valley (Lake Isabella, CA)9-32.34-6-12.6High DesertNortheast (XIII)Lost, 42-0
Fri 10/14RoadMojave (CA)*10-29.96-5-7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 49-3
Fri 10/21RoadVasquez (Acton, CA)*2-6-28.110-29.3Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 40-0
Fri 11/04RoadBoron (CA)*9-319.912-217.5Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 56-0
Thu 11/10HomeMammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA)*5-5-16.44-6-17.7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 40-13
Vasquez (Acton, CA)
(Division: Northeast (XIII), Enrollment: 585, Coach: Tim Jorgensen, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Purple/Gold, Nickname: Mustangs, Address: 33630 Red Rover Mine Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02HomeDesert (Edwards AFB, CA)5-5-3.97-5-5.8High DesertNortheast (XIII)Lost, 49-14
Fri 09/09RoadFrazier Mountain (Lebec, CA)3-7-17.60-10-28.6High DesertNortheast (XIII)Lost, 40-7
Fri 09/16HomeSanta Clarita Christian (Canyon Country, CA)4-6-24.110-245.7San JoaquinNortheast (XIII)Won, 44-6
Fri 09/23RoadMojave (CA)*10-29.96-5-7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 46-0
Fri 09/30RoadBoron (CA)*9-319.912-217.5Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 56-12
Sat 10/08Lancaster (CA)Desert Christian (Lancaster, CA)*10-315.59-31.1Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 63-20
Fri 10/21HomeSilver Valley (Yermo, CA)*0-9-53.31-9-44.9Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Won, 40-0
Fri 10/28HomeMammoth (Mammoth Lakes, CA)*5-5-16.44-6-17.7Desert MountainNortheast (XIII)Lost, 27-0
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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