2011 Monterey Bay Standings
Monte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)51083%102083%
Christopher (Gilroy, CA)51083%102083%
Monterey (CA)51083%83073%
North Monterey County (Castroville, CA)33050%55050%
Seaside (CA)24033%28020%
Watsonville (CA)15017%28020%
Pajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)0600%18115%
Recent Scores
Fri 11/25  Carmel (CA) 59 Monte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA) 35
IV Playoffs
Fri 11/25  Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA) 42 Christopher (Gilroy, CA) 23
III Playoffs
Fri 11/18  Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA) 37 Monterey (CA) 14
III Playoffs
Sat 11/12  Watsonville (CA) 28 Pajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA) 17
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Per Game Averages
 Monterey BaySeason
Christopher (Gilroy, CA)10-217.335.19.12640.111.928.2
Monte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)10-218.22514.810.233.415.517.9
Monterey (CA)8-31231.51318.5281414
North Monterey County (Castroville, CA)5-51.212.521.8-9.313.117.9-4.7
Pajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)1-8-1-21.91032.1-22.114.827.7-12.9
Watsonville (CA)2-8-16.513.128.6-15.514.527.7-13.2
Seaside (CA)2-8-6.621.829.5-7.720.834.8-13.9

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Christopher (Gilroy, CA)
(Enrollment: 1468, Coach: Tim Pierleoni, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Black/Vegas Gold/Teal, Nickname: Cougars, Address: 850 Day Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/03Live Oak (Morgan Hill, CA)Sobrato (Morgan Hill, CA)7-4146-43Santa Teresa Lost, 40-26 (forfeit win)
Fri 09/09RoadLive Oak (Morgan Hill, CA)1-9-7.65-61.4Mount Hamilton Won, 50-0
Fri 09/16Gilroy (CA)Pacific Grove (CA)5-4-1-12.64-6-20.3Mission Trail Won, 40-0
Fri 09/30Gilroy (CA)Monterey (CA)*8-31211-219.6Monterey Bay Won, 37-7
Sat 10/08Watsonville (CA)Pajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)*1-8-1-21.90-10-40.8Monterey Bay Won, 34-7
Fri 10/14RoadMonte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)*10-218.27-32.3Monterey Bay Lost, 20-18
Fri 10/21Gilroy (CA)North Monterey County (Castroville, CA)*5-51.210-217Monterey Bay Won, 48-8
Fri 10/28RoadSeaside (CA)*2-8-6.66-59.8Monterey Bay Won, 39-7
Fri 11/04Gilroy (CA)Watsonville (CA)*2-8-16.51-9-20.4Monterey Bay Won, 35-6
Thu 11/10RoadGilroy (CA)4-66.42-8-4.1Tri-County Won, 63-34
Fri 11/18Gilroy (CA)Del Mar (San Jose, CA)
III Playoffs
7-4-12.77-4-15.3West Valley Won, 55-0
Fri 11/25Gilroy (CA)Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA)
III Playoffs
7-631.44-626.3West Catholic Lost, 42-23
Monte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)
(Enrollment: 597, Coach: David Reese, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/White, Nickname: Mustangs, Address: 2 School Wy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/09HomeSt. Francis (Watsonville, CA)2-8-32.43-6-1-10.9Santa Cruz Coast Won, 63-0
Sat 09/17RoadStevenson (Pebble Beach, CA)2-8-34.56-4-8.3Mission Trail Won, 53-6
Fri 09/23HomeSoquel (CA)6-40.82-7-1-13.5Santa Cruz Coast Won, 34-7
Fri 09/30RoadAlvarez (Salinas, CA)2-8-3.24-65Tri-County Won, 28-14
Fri 10/07HomeWatsonville (CA)*2-8-16.51-9-20.4Monterey Bay Won, 27-9
Fri 10/14HomeChristopher (Gilroy, CA)*10-217.33-7-14.7Monterey Bay Won, 20-18
Fri 10/21RoadSeaside (CA)*2-8-6.66-59.8Monterey Bay Won, 35-7
Sat 10/29HomePajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)*1-8-1-21.90-10-40.8Monterey Bay Won, 37-7
Fri 11/04RoadMonterey (CA)*8-31211-219.6Monterey Bay Lost, 48-14
Fri 11/11RoadNorth Monterey County (Castroville, CA)*5-51.210-217Monterey Bay Won, 17-0
Fri 11/18Cabrillo College (Aptos, CA)Half Moon Bay (CA)
IV Playoffs
6-510.98-414.1Peninsula - Ocean Won, 38-11
Fri 11/25Pacific Grove (CA)Carmel (CA)
IV Playoffs
12-129.611-222.1Mission Trail Lost, 59-35
Monterey (CA)
(Enrollment: 1303, Coach: Thomas Newton, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/Gold, Nickname: Toreadores, Address: 101 Herrmann Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/10Washington (Fremont, CA)Kennedy (Fremont, CA)2-8-13.83-7-14.3Mission Valley (North Coast)IIIWon, 34-13
Fri 09/16RoadAlvarez (Salinas, CA)2-8-3.24-65Tri-County Lost, 14-7
Fri 09/23HomePacific Grove (CA)5-4-1-12.64-6-20.3Mission Trail Won, 37-7
Fri 09/30Gilroy (CA)Christopher (Gilroy, CA)*10-217.33-7-14.7Monterey Bay Lost, 37-7
Fri 10/07HomeBerean Christian (Walnut Creek, CA)8-47.87-41.4Bay Football (North Coast)IVWon, 28-6
Sat 10/15RoadNorth Monterey County (Castroville, CA)*5-51.210-217Monterey Bay Won, 28-14
Fri 10/21HomePajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)*1-8-1-21.90-10-40.8Monterey Bay Won, 38-6
Fri 10/28RoadWatsonville (CA)*2-8-16.51-9-20.4Monterey Bay Won, 33-0
Fri 11/04HomeMonte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)*10-218.27-32.3Monterey Bay Won, 48-14
Fri 11/11Monterey Peninsula College (Monterey, CA)Seaside (CA)*2-8-6.66-59.8Monterey Bay Won, 35-7
Fri 11/18Monterey Peninsula College (Monterey, CA)Sacred Heart Cathedral (San Francisco, CA)
III Playoffs
7-631.44-626.3West Catholic Lost, 37-14
North Monterey County (Castroville, CA)
(Enrollment: 1257, Coach: Ron Stefani, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Black/Silver/White, Nickname: Condors, Address: 13990 Castroville Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/03HomeSilver Creek (San Jose, CA)8-2-14.16-4-15.7West Valley Won, 29-0
Fri 09/09RoadAlisal (Salinas, CA)4-67.34-66.7Tri-County Lost, 7-0
Sat 09/17HomeHilmar (CA)12-234.46-50Trans Valley (Sac-Joaquin)I-IVLost, 33-6
Fri 09/23RoadAlvarez (Salinas, CA)2-8-3.24-65Tri-County Won, 21-8
Fri 09/30RoadWatsonville (CA)*2-8-16.51-9-20.4Monterey Bay Won, 19-12
Sat 10/08HomeSeaside (CA)*2-8-6.66-59.8Monterey Bay Won, 27-20
Sat 10/15HomeMonterey (CA)*8-31211-219.6Monterey Bay Lost, 28-14
Fri 10/21Gilroy (CA)Christopher (Gilroy, CA)*10-217.33-7-14.7Monterey Bay Lost, 48-8
Sat 11/05Watsonville (CA)Pajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)*1-8-1-21.90-10-40.8Monterey Bay Won, 7-6
Fri 11/11HomeMonte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)*10-218.27-32.3Monterey Bay Lost, 17-0
Pajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)
(Enrollment: 1450, Coach: Mike Palmer, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Green/Black/White, Nickname: Grizzlies, Address: 500 Harkins Slough Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/03Watsonville (CA)Harbor (Santa Cruz, CA)2-8-32.11-9-34.3Santa Cruz Coast Won, 46-0
Fri 09/09RoadPacific Grove (CA)5-4-1-12.64-6-20.3Mission Trail Lost, 35-14
Sat 09/17Watsonville (CA)Santa Cruz (CA)6-4-34-5-1-10.6Santa Cruz Coast Lost, 42-21
Fri 09/23RoadGreenfield (CA)5-4-1-17.89-2-3.1Mission Trail Tied, 7-7
Fri 09/30RoadSeaside (CA)*2-8-6.66-59.8Monterey Bay Lost, 49-17
Sat 10/08Watsonville (CA)Christopher (Gilroy, CA)*10-217.33-7-14.7Monterey Bay Lost, 34-7
Fri 10/21RoadMonterey (CA)*8-31211-219.6Monterey Bay Lost, 38-6
Sat 10/29RoadMonte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)*10-218.27-32.3Monterey Bay Lost, 37-7
Sat 11/05Watsonville (CA)North Monterey County (Castroville, CA)*5-51.210-217Monterey Bay Lost, 7-6
Sat 11/12Aptos (CA)Watsonville (CA)*2-8-16.51-9-20.4Monterey Bay Lost, 28-17
Seaside (CA)
(Enrollment: 1033, Coach: Alfred Avila, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Black/White, Nickname: Spartans, Address: 2200 Noche Buena)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/09HomeSalinas (CA)7-5187-4-119.4Tri-County Lost, 42-28
Fri 09/16HomeSoquel (CA)6-40.82-7-1-13.5Santa Cruz Coast Lost, 38-36
Fri 09/23RoadAtascadero (CA)6-433.69-337.2Pac-7 (Southern)Western (IV)Lost, 49-7
Fri 09/30HomePajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)*1-8-1-21.90-10-40.8Monterey Bay Won, 49-17
Sat 10/08RoadNorth Monterey County (Castroville, CA)*5-51.210-217Monterey Bay Lost, 27-20
Fri 10/14RoadWatsonville (CA)*2-8-16.51-9-20.4Monterey Bay Won, 41-24
Fri 10/21HomeMonte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)*10-218.27-32.3Monterey Bay Lost, 35-7
Fri 10/28HomeChristopher (Gilroy, CA)*10-217.33-7-14.7Monterey Bay Lost, 39-7
Fri 11/04Salinas Sports Complex (Salinas, CA)Palma (Salinas, CA)11-1-137.510-1-138.8Tri-County Lost, 42-6
Fri 11/11Monterey Peninsula College (Monterey, CA)Monterey (CA)*8-31211-219.6Monterey Bay Lost, 35-7
Watsonville (CA)
(Enrollment: 2093, Coach: Tom Sullivan, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Wildcatz, Address: 250 E Beach St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2010 Record2010 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/02HomeSt. Francis (Watsonville, CA)2-8-32.43-6-1-10.9Santa Cruz Coast Won, 29-12
Fri 09/09HomeSanta Cruz (CA)6-4-34-5-1-10.6Santa Cruz Coast Lost, 10-6
Fri 09/16HomeAptos (CA)9-218.25-4-2-2.4Santa Cruz Coast Lost, 42-10
Sat 09/24RoadSan Lorenzo Valley (Felton, CA)4-6-11.59-25.3Santa Cruz Coast Lost, 41-21
Fri 09/30HomeNorth Monterey County (Castroville, CA)*5-51.210-217Monterey Bay Lost, 19-12
Fri 10/07RoadMonte Vista Christian (Watsonville, CA)*10-218.27-32.3Monterey Bay Lost, 27-9
Fri 10/14HomeSeaside (CA)*2-8-6.66-59.8Monterey Bay Lost, 41-24
Fri 10/28HomeMonterey (CA)*8-31211-219.6Monterey Bay Lost, 33-0
Fri 11/04Gilroy (CA)Christopher (Gilroy, CA)*10-217.33-7-14.7Monterey Bay Lost, 35-6
Sat 11/12Aptos (CA)Pajaro Valley (Watsonville, CA)*1-8-1-21.90-10-40.8Monterey Bay Won, 28-17
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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