2010 Tri-Valley Standings
Nordhoff (Ojai, CA)400100%121092%
Oak Park (CA)22050%65055%
Carpinteria (CA)22050%74064%
Santa Paula (CA)13025%56045%
Fillmore (CA)13025%73070%
Recent Scores
Fri 12/03  Lompoc (CA) 45 Nordhoff (Ojai, CA) 18
Northwest (X) Playoffs
Fri 11/19  South (Torrance, CA) 41 Santa Paula (CA) 10
Northwest (X) Playoffs
Fri 11/19  Centennial (Compton, CA) 67 Oak Park (CA) 48
Northwest (X) Playoffs
Fri 11/19  Cantwell-Sacred Heart (Montebello, CA) 28 Carpinteria (CA) 21 (ot)
Northwest (X) Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
Nordhoff (Ojai, CA)12-128.233.510.5233614.121.9
Fillmore (CA)7-311.215.531.2-15.729.319.69.7
Carpinteria (CA)7-413.12719.27.824.417.66.7
Oak Park (CA)6-5916.520.7-4.12426.9-2.8
Santa Paula (CA)5-61.718.529.2-10.723.526.7-3.1

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Carpinteria (CA)
(Division: Northwest (X), Enrollment: 704, Coach: Ben Hallock, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/White, Nickname: Warriors, Address: 4810 Foothill Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/10HomeMorro Bay (CA)6-611.75-511.3Los PadresNorthwest (X)Lost, 36-20
Fri 09/17RoadNipomo (CA)0-10-11.18-426Los PadresNorthwest (X)Won, 27-12
Fri 09/24RoadSanta Ynez (CA)6-617.66-515.4Los PadresNorthwest (X)Won, 24-14
Fri 10/01Hueneme (Oxnard, CA)Santa Clara (Oxnard, CA)3-7-10.51-9-15.5FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 28-0
Fri 10/08HomeGrace Brethren (Simi Valley, CA)8-48.37-6-0.2FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 27-20
Fri 10/15HomeFillmore (CA)*7-311.28-41.9Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 46-15
Fri 10/22RoadSanta Paula (CA)*5-61.76-50.5Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 24-7
Fri 10/29RoadOak Park (CA)*6-594-72.6Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 28-24
Fri 11/05HomeNordhoff (Ojai, CA)*12-128.28-317.9Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 27-14
Fri 11/12HomeBishop Diego (Santa Barbara, CA)5-60.12-8-15.9FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 14-7
Fri 11/19RoadCantwell-Sacred Heart (Montebello, CA)
Northwest (X) Playoffs
10-220.55-53.9Del ReyNorthwest (X)Lost, 28-21 (ot)
Fillmore (CA)
(Division: Northwest (X), Enrollment: 1136, Coach: Matt Dollar, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: White/Blue, Nickname: Flashes, Address: 555 Central Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/04RoadMalibu (CA)1-8-1-24.43-6-14.9FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 53-0
Fri 09/10HomeVillage Christian (Sun Valley, CA)8-513.46-45.9OlympicMid-Valley (XI)Won, 28-7
Fri 09/17RoadMorro Bay (CA)6-611.75-511.3Los PadresNorthwest (X)Won, 35-14
Fri 09/24RoadFrazier Mountain (Lebec, CA)0-10-28.67-4-5.7High DesertNortheast (XIII)Won, 48-7
Fri 10/01HomeBishop Diego (Santa Barbara, CA)5-60.12-8-15.9FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 34-29
Fri 10/08HomeSanta Clara (Oxnard, CA)3-7-10.51-9-15.5FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 33-14
Fri 10/15RoadCarpinteria (CA)*7-413.12-8-3.5Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 46-15
Fri 10/22HomeNordhoff (Ojai, CA)*12-128.28-317.9Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 42-7
Fri 11/05RoadOak Park (CA)*6-594-72.6Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 13-7
Fri 11/12HomeSanta Paula (CA)*5-61.76-50.5Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 30-27
Nordhoff (Ojai, CA)
(Division: Northwest (X), Enrollment: 952, Coach: Tony Henney, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Rangers, Address: 1401 Maricopa Hwy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/03HomeWest Ranch (Valencia, CA)6-521.85-515.3FoothillNorthern (III)Won, 39-14
Fri 09/10HomePacifica (Oxnard, CA)4-67.54-614.8Pacific ViewWestern (IV)Won, 42-12
Fri 09/17RoadHueneme (Oxnard, CA)2-8-5.28-427.7Pacific ViewWestern (IV)Won, 63-7
Fri 09/24HomeVentura (CA)6-523.65-625.4ChannelWestern (IV)Won, 26-20
Fri 10/01RoadSanta Barbara (CA)2-80.90-10-9.8ChannelWestern (IV)Won, 38-14
Fri 10/08RoadSan Marcos (Santa Barbara, CA)1-9-3.13-77.9ChannelWestern (IV)Won, 70-14
Fri 10/22RoadFillmore (CA)*7-311.28-41.9Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 42-7
Fri 10/29HomeSanta Paula (CA)*5-61.76-50.5Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 42-14
Fri 11/05RoadCarpinteria (CA)*7-413.12-8-3.5Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 27-14
Fri 11/12HomeOak Park (CA)*6-594-72.6Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 23-7
Fri 11/19HomeVerbum Dei (Los Angeles, CA)
Northwest (X) Playoffs
5-6-4.26-512.2Del ReyNorthwest (X)Won, 21-0
Fri 11/26RoadSanta Ynez (CA)
Northwest (X) Playoffs
6-617.66-515.4Los PadresNorthwest (X)Won, 17-16
Fri 12/03HomeLompoc (CA)
Northwest (X) Playoffs
11-339.11-9-4.1Los PadresNorthwest (X)Lost, 45-18
Oak Park (CA)
(Division: Northwest (X), Enrollment: 1307, Coach: Dennis Stephenson/Terry Shorten, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Brown/Black/Gold, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 899 N Kanan Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/10RoadChannel Islands (Oxnard, CA)2-8-5.75-54.2Pacific ViewWestern (IV)Won, 15-3
Thu 09/16RoadChino (CA)11-127.50-10-8.7Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Lost, 49-19
Fri 09/24HomeDon Lugo (Chino, CA)3-7-3.36-510.1Mt. BaldyCentral (V)Won, 21-7
Fri 10/01HomeEl Segundo (CA)6-58.47-518.9PioneerNorthwest (X)Won, 29-21
Fri 10/08HomeCamarillo (Camarillo, CA)8-431.710-238.4Pacific ViewWestern (IV)Lost, 45-24
Fri 10/15RoadSanta Paula (CA)*5-61.76-50.5Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 24-23
Fri 10/22HomeGrace Brethren (Simi Valley, CA)8-48.37-6-0.2FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 42-21
Fri 10/29HomeCarpinteria (CA)*7-413.12-8-3.5Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 28-24
Fri 11/05HomeFillmore (CA)*7-311.28-41.9Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 13-7
Fri 11/12RoadNordhoff (Ojai, CA)*12-128.28-317.9Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 23-7
Fri 11/19HomeCentennial (Compton, CA)
Northwest (X) Playoffs
6-66.97-421.9PioneerNorthwest (X)Lost, 67-48
Santa Paula (CA)
(Division: Northwest (X), Enrollment: 1516, Coach: Teohua Sanchez, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Cardinal/White, Nickname: Cardinals, Address: 404 N Sixth St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/10HomeDouglass (Los Angeles, CA)2-9-346-59.4City Small Schools (Los Angeles)IIIWon, 48-0
Fri 09/17RoadPacifica (Oxnard, CA)4-67.54-614.8Pacific ViewWestern (IV)Lost, 42-35
Sat 09/25Santa Barbara City College (Santa Barbara, CA)Bishop Diego (Santa Barbara, CA)5-60.12-8-15.9FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 19-12
Fri 10/01HomeHueneme (Oxnard, CA)2-8-5.28-427.7Pacific ViewWestern (IV)Won, 35-29
Fri 10/08HomeChannel Islands (Oxnard, CA)2-8-5.75-54.2Pacific ViewWestern (IV)Lost, 37-14
Fri 10/15HomeOak Park (CA)*6-594-72.6Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 24-23
Fri 10/22HomeCarpinteria (CA)*7-413.12-8-3.5Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 24-7
Fri 10/29RoadNordhoff (Ojai, CA)*12-128.28-317.9Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Lost, 42-14
Fri 11/05HomeSanta Clara (Oxnard, CA)3-7-10.51-9-15.5FrontierEast Valley (XII)Won, 24-16
Fri 11/12RoadFillmore (CA)*7-311.28-41.9Tri-ValleyNorthwest (X)Won, 30-27
Fri 11/19RoadSouth (Torrance, CA)
Northwest (X) Playoffs
12-229.84-68.7PioneerNorthwest (X)Lost, 41-10
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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