2010 Eastern Standings
St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)41080%93075%
Cathedral (San Diego, CA)41080%85062%
Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA)32060%76054%
Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)23040%65154%
Lincoln (San Diego, CA)23040%77050%
Henry (San Diego, CA)0500%19010%
Recent Scores
Mon 12/06  Vista (CA) 33 Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA) 21
I Championship
Mon 12/06  Cathedral (San Diego, CA) 24 Lincoln (San Diego, CA) 7
III Championship
Fri 11/26  Steele Canyon (Spring Valley, CA) 23 Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA) 0
II Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)9-327.531.4229.335.819.516.2
Cathedral (San Diego, CA)8-53926.814.212.625.714.611.1
Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA)7-638.22915.413.625.815.310.5
Lincoln (San Diego, CA)7-728.42622.63.33020.29.8
Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)6-5-124.818.619.8-1.119163
Henry (San Diego, CA)1-9-4.68.246-37.810.635.5-24.9

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Cathedral (San Diego, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 1732, Coach: Sean Doyle, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Vegas Gold, Nickname: Dons, Address: 5555 Del Mar Heights Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/03RoadSteele Canyon (Spring Valley, CA)9-339.38-4-133.7Grossmont - HillsIILost, 35-12
Fri 09/10HomeTorrey Pines (San Diego, CA)10-244.75-6-127.2PalomarILost, 10-0
Fri 09/17HomeHelix (La Mesa, CA)11-146.29-534.1Grossmont - HillsIILost, 14-7
Fri 09/24RoadCarlsbad (CA)6-631.53-821.4Avocado - WestIWon, 16-6
Fri 10/01HomeEastlake (Chula Vista, CA)11-140.911-1-154Metro - MesaILost, 24-22
Fri 10/15RoadScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*6-5-124.87-627.8EasternIIWon, 17-0
Fri 10/22HomeLincoln (San Diego, CA)*7-728.46-4-128.9EasternIIIWon, 31-15
Fri 10/29RoadMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)*7-638.27-532.4EasternIWon, 24-14
Fri 11/05HomeHenry (San Diego, CA)*1-9-4.61-92.2EasternIIWon, 41-14
Fri 11/12Mesa College (San Diego, CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)*9-327.59-432.3EasternIIILost, 28-21
Fri 11/26HomeSouthwest (El Centro, CA)
III Playoffs
8-413.26-4-2.3Imperial ValleyIIIWon, 69-10
Thu 12/02HomePoint Loma (San Diego, CA)
III Playoffs
9-423.59-436.5WesternIIIWon, 51-14
Mon 12/06Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)Lincoln (San Diego, CA)
III Championship
7-728.46-4-128.9EasternIIIWon, 24-7
Henry (San Diego, CA)
(Division: II, Enrollment: 2470, Coach: Mike Martinez, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Green/Vegas Gold/White, Nickname: Patriots, Address: 6702 Wandermere Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/11HomePoint Loma (San Diego, CA)9-423.59-436.5WesternIIILost, 54-0
Fri 09/17HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)3-6-1-1.66-55.6WesternIILost, 20-16
Fri 09/24RoadEl Cajon Valley (El Cajon, CA)1-9-19.82-6-12.3Grossmont - ValleyIIWon, 34-13
Fri 10/01HomeWest Hills (Santee, CA)3-74.64-5-110Grossmont - HillsIIILost, 17-8
Fri 10/08RoadMar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)7-412.65-6-1.2Metro - South BayIIILost, 21-7
Fri 10/15HomeSt. Augustine (San Diego, CA)*9-327.59-432.3EasternIIILost, 49-14
Fri 10/22RoadMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)*7-638.27-532.4EasternILost, 51-0
Fri 10/29HomeScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*6-5-124.87-627.8EasternIILost, 35-0
Fri 11/05RoadCathedral (San Diego, CA)*8-53912-150.8EasternIIILost, 41-14
Fri 11/12RoadLincoln (San Diego, CA)*7-728.46-4-128.9EasternIIILost, 54-13
Lincoln (San Diego, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2176, Coach: Ron Hamamoto, Colors: Kelly Green/White, Nickname: Hornets, Address: 150 S 49th St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/04HomeCabrillo (Long Beach, CA)3-76.30-101.5Moore (Southern)Pac-5 (I)Won, 61-14
Fri 09/10HomeEastlake (Chula Vista, CA)11-140.911-1-154Metro - MesaILost, 42-21
Fri 09/17RoadPoway (CA)7-529.41-96.2PalomarILost, 20-7
Fri 09/24RoadMonte Vista (Spring Valley, CA)2-8-6.32-813.4Grossmont - ValleyIIIWon, 49-0
Fri 10/08RoadCarson (CA)11-339.610-339.9Marine (Los Angeles)ILost, 17-9
Fri 10/15RoadMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)*7-638.27-532.4EasternILost, 45-14
Fri 10/22RoadCathedral (San Diego, CA)*8-53912-150.8EasternIIILost, 31-15
Fri 10/29HomeSt. Augustine (San Diego, CA)*9-327.59-432.3EasternIIIWon, 27-3
Fri 11/05RoadScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*6-5-124.87-627.8EasternIILost, 21-20
Fri 11/12HomeHenry (San Diego, CA)*1-9-4.61-92.2EasternIIWon, 54-13
Fri 11/19HomeCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)
III Playoffs
6-54.43-7-13.5Metro - PacificIIIWon, 66-0
Fri 11/26RoadRamona (CA)
III Playoffs
5-621.68-330PalomarIIIWon, 41-28
Thu 12/02Mesa College (San Diego, CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)
III Playoffs
9-327.59-432.3EasternIIIWon, 29-26
Mon 12/06Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)Cathedral (San Diego, CA)
III Championship
8-53912-150.8EasternIIILost, 24-7
Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 2647, Coach: Gary Blevins, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Marauders, Address: 10510 Reagan Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/03RoadVista (CA)12-151.110-345.6Avocado - EastILost, 21-14
Fri 09/10RoadRancho Buena Vista (Vista, CA)2-815.32-7-112.2Avocado - WestIWon, 28-6
Fri 09/17El Camino (Oceanside, CA)Oceanside (CA)10-355.614-057.4Avocado - WestIILost, 17-14
Fri 10/01HomeChula Vista (CA)3-7-0.16-521.8Metro - MesaIWon, 49-7
Fri 10/08Rancho Cienega Park (Los Angeles, CA)Dorsey (Los Angeles, CA)10-231.99-432.4Coliseum (Los Angeles)ILost, 22-21
Fri 10/15HomeLincoln (San Diego, CA)*7-728.46-4-128.9EasternIIIWon, 45-14
Fri 10/22HomeHenry (San Diego, CA)*1-9-4.61-92.2EasternIIWon, 51-0
Fri 10/29HomeCathedral (San Diego, CA)*8-53912-150.8EasternIIILost, 24-14
Fri 11/05Mater Dei (Chula Vista, CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)*9-327.59-432.3EasternIIILost, 29-21
Fri 11/12RoadScripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*6-5-124.87-627.8EasternIIWon, 14-10
Fri 11/26HomeGrossmont (El Cajon, CA)
I Playoffs
9-325.76-616.7Grossmont - HillsIWon, 24-17 (2ot)
Thu 12/02RoadEastlake (Chula Vista, CA)
I Playoffs
11-140.911-1-154Metro - MesaIWon, 20-0
Mon 12/06Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)Vista (CA)
I Championship
12-151.110-345.6Avocado - EastILost, 33-21
Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)
(Division: II, Enrollment: 2395, Coach: Joe Meyer, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Cardinal/Navy/White, Nickname: Falcons, Address: 10410 Treena St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/03HomePoway (CA)7-529.41-96.2PalomarIWon, 17-14
Fri 09/17RoadEscondido (CA)1-8-19.98-3-141Avocado - EastIWon, 28-25
Fri 09/24RoadPoint Loma (San Diego, CA)9-423.59-436.5WesternIIILost, 21-14
Fri 10/01HomeFountain Valley (CA)3-6-117.18-342.9Sunset (Southern)Pac-5 (I)Tied, 10-10
Fri 10/08HomeMission Bay (San Diego, CA)3-95.613-052.8WesternIVWon, 36-0
Fri 10/15HomeCathedral (San Diego, CA)*8-53912-150.8EasternIIILost, 17-0
Fri 10/22Southwestern College (Chula Vista, CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)*9-327.59-432.3EasternIIILost, 48-27
Fri 10/29RoadHenry (San Diego, CA)*1-9-4.61-92.2EasternIIWon, 35-0
Fri 11/05HomeLincoln (San Diego, CA)*7-728.46-4-128.9EasternIIIWon, 21-20
Fri 11/12HomeMira Mesa (San Diego, CA)*7-638.27-532.4EasternILost, 14-10
Fri 11/19HomeMorse (San Diego, CA)
II Playoffs
6-58.66-510.2CentralIIWon, 30-0
Fri 11/26RoadSteele Canyon (Spring Valley, CA)
II Playoffs
9-339.38-4-133.7Grossmont - HillsIILost, 23-0
St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 1440 doubled-- all boys school, Coach: Richard Sanchez, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Purple/Gold, Nickname: Saints, Address: 3266 Nutmeg St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2009 Record2009 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/03RoadCarlsbad (CA)6-631.53-821.4Avocado - WestILost, 21-12
Fri 09/10Mesa College (San Diego, CA)Clairemont (San Diego, CA)1-9-16.54-7-3.4CentralIVWon, 45-14
Fri 09/17RoadMater Dei (Chula Vista, CA)1-9-91-9-11.7Metro - MesaIVWon, 56-7
Fri 09/24RoadLa Jolla (CA)2-915-713.5WesternIVWon, 55-21
Fri 10/01RoadSerra (San Diego, CA)2-81.56-520.2WesternIIIWon, 45-14
Fri 10/15RoadHenry (San Diego, CA)*1-9-4.61-92.2EasternIIWon, 49-14
Fri 10/22Southwestern College (Chula Vista, CA)Scripps Ranch (San Diego, CA)*6-5-124.87-627.8EasternIIWon, 48-27
Fri 10/29RoadLincoln (San Diego, CA)*7-728.46-4-128.9EasternIIILost, 27-3
Fri 11/05Mater Dei (Chula Vista, CA)Mira Mesa (San Diego, CA)*7-638.27-532.4EasternIWon, 29-21
Fri 11/12Mesa College (San Diego, CA)Cathedral (San Diego, CA)*8-53912-150.8EasternIIIWon, 28-21
Fri 11/26Mesa College (San Diego, CA)Montgomery (San Diego, CA)
III Playoffs
8-417.85-5-2.1Metro - PacificIIIWon, 34-18
Thu 12/02Mesa College (San Diego, CA)Lincoln (San Diego, CA)
III Playoffs
7-728.46-4-128.9EasternIIILost, 29-26
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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