2009 South Bay Standings
Olympian (Chula Vista, CA)600100%111092%
Montgomery (San Diego, CA)42067%55050%
Mar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)42067%56045%
Sweetwater (National City, CA)42067%46040%
Castle Park (Chula Vista, CA)24033%37030%
Southwest (San Diego, CA)15017%19010%
San Ysidro (San Diego, CA)0600%19010%
Recent Scores
Fri 11/27  Santa Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA) 40 Olympian (Chula Vista, CA) 14
IV Playoffs
Fri 11/20  St. Augustine (San Diego, CA) 42 Mar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA) 20
III Playoffs
Fri 11/13  Sweetwater (National City, CA) 49 San Ysidro (San Diego, CA) 6
Fri 11/13  Montgomery (San Diego, CA) 49 Castle Park (Chula Vista, CA) 0
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
 South BaySeason
Olympian (Chula Vista, CA)11-120.938.89.329.43614.221.8
Montgomery (San Diego, CA)5-5-2.130.615.115.526.420.46
Sweetwater (National City, CA)4-6-
Mar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)5-6-1.22812.815.22020.3-0.3
Castle Park (Chula Vista, CA)3-7-13.512.826.5-13.71028.7-18.7
Southwest (San Diego, CA)1-9-
San Ysidro (San Diego, CA)1-9-30.25.639.5-33.98.334.1-25.8

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Castle Park (Chula Vista, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 1967, Coach: Russell Moore, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Black/White, Nickname: Trojans, Address: 1395 Hilltop Dr)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2008 Record2008 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/04RoadChula Vista (CA)6-521.87-422.3MesaILost, 41-10
Fri 09/11HomeMater Dei (Chula Vista, CA)1-9-11.75-611.4MesaIVWon, 13-7
Fri 09/18RoadGrossmont (El Cajon, CA)6-616.75-716.4Grossmont - NorthIILost, 42-0
Fri 09/25Southwestern College (Chula Vista, CA)Bonita Vista (Chula Vista, CA)7-411.96-514.6MesaIILost, 38-0
Fri 10/02HomeSouthwest (San Diego, CA)*1-9-29.90-10-30.2South BayIIIWon, 35-7
Fri 10/16HomeOlympian (Chula Vista, CA)*11-120.96-4-9.2South BayIVLost, 46-7
Fri 10/23RoadSweetwater (National City, CA)*4-6-4.15-5-2.8South BayILost, 28-7
Fri 10/30HomeMar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)*5-6-1.22-8-19.8South BayIIILost, 23-0
Fri 11/06RoadSan Ysidro (San Diego, CA)*1-9-30.21-9-23.4South BayIIWon, 28-6
Fri 11/13RoadMontgomery (San Diego, CA)*5-5-2.15-5-2.1South BayIIILost, 49-0
Mar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2133, Coach: Brian Hay, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Forest Green/Gold, Nickname: Mariners, Address: 505 Elm St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2008 Record2008 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/05Granite Hills (El Cajon, CA)Christian (El Cajon, CA)7-513.310-221.7CoastalVLost, 21-0
Fri 09/11HomeClairemont (San Diego, CA)4-7-3.46-44.1CentralIVLost, 33-0
Fri 09/18RoadMorse (San Diego, CA)6-510.23-7-1.1CentralIILost, 32-0
Fri 09/25HomeBishop's (La Jolla, CA)8-516.87-79.6CoastalVWon, 33-19
Fri 10/02HomeOlympian (Chula Vista, CA)*11-120.96-4-9.2South BayIVLost, 35-14
Fri 10/09RoadSweetwater (National City, CA)*4-6-4.15-5-2.8South BayILost, 14-10
Fri 10/23RoadSan Ysidro (San Diego, CA)*1-9-30.21-9-23.4South BayIIWon, 48-8
Fri 10/30RoadCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)*3-7-13.57-46.9South BayIIIWon, 23-0
Fri 11/06HomeMontgomery (San Diego, CA)*5-5-2.15-5-2.1South BayIIIWon, 28-20
Fri 11/13HomeSouthwest (San Diego, CA)*1-9-29.90-10-30.2South BayIIIWon, 45-0
Fri 11/20San Diego (CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)
III Playoffs
9-432.37-530.1EasternIIILost, 42-20
Montgomery (San Diego, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2044, Coach: Julio Alcala, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Navy/Red/White, Nickname: Aztecs, Address: 3250 Palm Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2008 Record2008 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/04San Ysidro (San Diego, CA)El Cajon Valley (El Cajon, CA)2-6-12.34-63.3Grossmont - NorthIILost, 40-24
Fri 09/11Otay Ranch (Chula Vista, CA)Kearny (San Diego, CA)2-8-18.25-50CentralIIIWon, 36-21
Fri 09/18RoadValhalla (El Cajon, CA)8-33411-239.6Grossmont - SouthIILost, 28-3
Fri 09/25HomeOrange Glen (Escondido, CA)4-74.92-80.6ValleyIILost, 24-17
Fri 10/02RoadSweetwater (National City, CA)*4-6-4.15-5-2.8South BayIWon, 39-30
Fri 10/09RoadSouthwest (San Diego, CA)*1-9-29.90-10-30.2South BayIIIWon, 34-0
Fri 10/16HomeSan Ysidro (San Diego, CA)*1-9-30.21-9-23.4South BayIIWon, 28-6
Fri 10/23RoadOlympian (Chula Vista, CA)*11-120.96-4-9.2South BayIVLost, 27-14
Fri 11/06RoadMar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)*5-6-1.22-8-19.8South BayIIILost, 28-20
Fri 11/13HomeCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)*3-7-13.57-46.9South BayIIIWon, 49-0
Olympian (Chula Vista, CA)
(Division: IV, Enrollment: 1354, Coach: Gil Warren, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Black/Vegas Gold/Turquoise, Nickname: Eagles, Address: 1925 Magdalena Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2008 Record2008 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/11HomeGranite Hills (El Cajon, CA)3-78.31-90Grossmont - SouthIWon, 41-21
Fri 09/18HomeChristian (El Cajon, CA)7-513.310-221.7CoastalVWon, 21-17
Fri 09/25RoadCoronado (CA)7-515.79-322.1CentralIVWon, 28-14
Fri 10/02RoadMar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)*5-6-1.22-8-19.8South BayIIIWon, 35-14
Fri 10/09HomeSan Ysidro (San Diego, CA)*1-9-30.21-9-23.4South BayIIWon, 49-0
Fri 10/16RoadCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)*3-7-13.57-46.9South BayIIIWon, 46-7
Fri 10/23HomeMontgomery (San Diego, CA)*5-5-2.15-5-2.1South BayIIIWon, 27-14
Fri 10/30RoadSweetwater (National City, CA)*4-6-4.15-5-2.8South BayIWon, 41-14
Fri 11/06HomeSouthwest (San Diego, CA)*1-9-29.90-10-30.2South BayIIIWon, 35-7
Fri 11/13HomeHorizon (San Diego, CA)3-90.95-5-15.8CoastalVWon, 47-16
Fri 11/20HomeSantana (Santee, CA)
IV Playoffs
2-9-34-67.2Grossmont - NorthIVWon, 48-7
Fri 11/27Torrey Pines (San Diego, CA)Santa Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA)
IV Playoffs
10-236.26-516.6CoastalIVLost, 40-14
San Ysidro (San Diego, CA)
(Division: II, Enrollment: 2501, Coach: Gary Pugh, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Sky Blue/Gold, Nickname: Cougars, Address: 5353 Airway Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2008 Record2008 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/04RoadGranite Hills (El Cajon, CA)3-78.31-90Grossmont - SouthILost, 31-0
Fri 09/11HomeHoover [Herbert] (San Diego, CA)6-55.65-67.8WesternIIILost, 33-14
Fri 09/18HomeRock Academy (San Diego, CA)3-6-36.6  FreelanceVWon, 27-12
Fri 10/02RoadMater Dei (Chula Vista, CA)1-9-11.75-611.4MesaIVLost, 28-8
Fri 10/09RoadOlympian (Chula Vista, CA)*11-120.96-4-9.2South BayIVLost, 49-0
Fri 10/16RoadMontgomery (San Diego, CA)*5-5-2.15-5-2.1South BayIIILost, 28-6
Fri 10/23HomeMar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)*5-6-1.22-8-19.8South BayIIILost, 48-8
Fri 10/30RoadSouthwest (San Diego, CA)*1-9-29.90-10-30.2South BayIIILost, 35-8
Fri 11/06HomeCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)*3-7-13.57-46.9South BayIIILost, 28-6
Fri 11/13HomeSweetwater (National City, CA)*4-6-4.15-5-2.8South BayILost, 49-6
Southwest (San Diego, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2109, Coach: Mike Esposito, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Maroon/Gold, Nickname: Raiders, Address: 1685 Hollister St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2008 Record2008 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/04RoadSan Diego (CA)3-7-5.11-9-14.5CentralILost, 42-6
Fri 09/11HomeMountain Empire (Pine Valley, CA)6-5-13.53-8-24.7PacificVLost, 22-15
Fri 09/18HomeSan Marcos (CA)4-711.12-8-2ValleyIIILost, 41-7
Fri 09/25Mesa College (San Diego, CA)Kearny (San Diego, CA)2-8-18.25-50CentralIIILost, 35-7
Fri 10/02RoadCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)*3-7-13.57-46.9South BayIIILost, 35-7
Fri 10/09HomeMontgomery (San Diego, CA)*5-5-2.15-5-2.1South BayIIILost, 34-0
Fri 10/16HomeSweetwater (National City, CA)*4-6-4.15-5-2.8South BayILost, 28-0
Fri 10/30HomeSan Ysidro (San Diego, CA)*1-9-30.21-9-23.4South BayIIWon, 35-8
Fri 11/06RoadOlympian (Chula Vista, CA)*11-120.96-4-9.2South BayIVLost, 35-7
Fri 11/13RoadMar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)*5-6-1.22-8-19.8South BayIIILost, 45-0
Sweetwater (National City, CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 2888, Coach: Anthony Garcia, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Gray/White/Black, Nickname: Red Devils, Address: 2900 Highland Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2008 Record2008 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/04RoadOrange Glen (Escondido, CA)4-74.92-80.6ValleyIILost, 27-20
Fri 09/11RoadChula Vista (CA)6-521.87-422.3MesaILost, 49-14
Fri 09/18HomeHilltop (Chula Vista, CA)4-60.31-9-7.9MesaIILost, 14-13
Fri 09/25Granite Hills (El Cajon, CA)Christian (El Cajon, CA)7-513.310-221.7CoastalVLost, 29-14
Fri 10/02HomeMontgomery (San Diego, CA)*5-5-2.15-5-2.1South BayIIILost, 39-30
Fri 10/09HomeMar Vista (Imperial Beach, CA)*5-6-1.22-8-19.8South BayIIIWon, 14-10
Fri 10/16RoadSouthwest (San Diego, CA)*1-9-29.90-10-30.2South BayIIIWon, 28-0
Fri 10/23HomeCastle Park (Chula Vista, CA)*3-7-13.57-46.9South BayIIIWon, 28-7
Fri 10/30HomeOlympian (Chula Vista, CA)*11-120.96-4-9.2South BayIVLost, 41-14
Fri 11/13RoadSan Ysidro (San Diego, CA)*1-9-30.21-9-23.4South BayIIWon, 49-6
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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