2006 Monticello Empire Standings
Vacaville (CA)500100%131093%
Napa (CA)41080%93075%
Armijo (Fairfield, CA)32060%55050%
Vintage (Napa, CA)23040%46040%
Fairfield (CA)14020%28020%
Wood (Vacaville, CA)0500%37030%
Recent Scores
Sat 12/09  Vacaville (CA) 37 Merced (CA) 36
I Championship
Fri 11/24  Elk Grove (CA) 25 Napa (CA) 20
I Playoffs
Thu 11/09  Armijo (Fairfield, CA) 42 Fairfield (CA) 27
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Per Game Averages
 Monticello EmpireSeason
Vacaville (CA)13-14750.615.63540.218.721.5
Napa (CA)9-333.94629.216.840.62713.6
Armijo (Fairfield, CA)5-511.832.233.8-1.528.8280.8
Vintage (Napa, CA)4-613.127.842.8-14.92733.2-6.2
Wood (Vacaville, CA)3-7330.853.8-22.925.237.1-11.9
Fairfield (CA)2-83.83446.2-12.224.438.6-14.2

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Armijo (Fairfield, CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 2406, Coach: Mike Singer, Colors: Purple/Gold/White, Nickname: Indians, Address: 824 Washington St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/08HomeVanden (Fairfield, CA)2-8-6.55-60.8Solano CountyIIIWon, 30-7
Fri 09/15Vallejo (CA)Hogan (Vallejo, CA)2-6-10.20-10-19.2Solano CountyIIIWon, 49-36
Fri 09/22HomeBenicia (CA)7-310.19-118.6Solano CountyIIILost, 10-9
Fri 09/29RoadDavis (CA)4-617.33-71.2Delta ValleyILost, 20-17
Fri 10/06HomeRodriguez (Fairfield, CA)7-415.54-61.7Solano CountyIIILost, 38-22
Fri 10/13RoadVacaville (CA)*13-1477-326.3Monticello EmpireILost, 58-21
Fri 10/20Vacaville (CA)Wood (Vacaville, CA)*3-733-71.8Monticello EmpireIWon, 46-28
Fri 10/27HomeVintage (Napa, CA)*4-613.16-523.8Monticello EmpireIWon, 42-20
Fri 11/03HomeNapa (CA)*9-333.910-233.2Monticello EmpireILost, 36-10
Thu 11/09RoadFairfield (CA)*2-83.81-9-3.6Monticello EmpireIWon, 42-27
Fairfield (CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 2248, Coach: Carlos Goni, Colors: Red/Black/White, Nickname: Falcons, Address: 205 E Atlantic Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/08HomeLincoln (Stockton, CA)8-423.89-221.9San Joaquin AAILost, 42-6
Fri 09/15Merced College (Merced, CA)Golden Valley (Merced, CA)8-319.48-2-120.5Central CaliforniaILost, 49-21
Fri 09/22HomeRodriguez (Fairfield, CA)7-415.54-61.7Solano CountyIIILost, 23-0
Fri 09/29HomeBeyer (Modesto, CA)7-312.86-411.4Modesto MetroILost, 21-20
Fri 10/06RoadBenicia (CA)7-310.19-118.6Solano CountyIIIWon, 27-20
Fri 10/13HomeVintage (Napa, CA)*4-613.16-523.8Monticello EmpireILost, 46-34
Fri 10/20HomeNapa (CA)*9-333.910-233.2Monticello EmpireILost, 65-48
Fri 10/27Vacaville (CA)Wood (Vacaville, CA)*3-733-71.8Monticello EmpireIWon, 47-36
Fri 11/03RoadVacaville (CA)*13-1477-326.3Monticello EmpireILost, 42-14
Thu 11/09HomeArmijo (Fairfield, CA)*5-511.86-415.3Monticello EmpireILost, 42-27
Napa (CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 2428, Coach: Troy Mott, Colors: Navy/Gold, Nickname: Indians, Address: 2475 Jefferson St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/09RoadDel Campo (Fair Oaks, CA)11-233.98-319.5CapitalIIIWon, 30-29
Fri 09/15HomeGranite Bay (CA)9-3348-432.5Sierra FoothillIILost, 28-21
Fri 09/22RoadVallejo (CA)1-9-9.95-510.2Solano CountyIIIWon, 49-28
Fri 09/29HomeWoodcreek (Roseville, CA)5-520.95-514.3Sierra FoothillIIWon, 51-20
Fri 10/06RoadSkyline (Oakland, CA)5-7144-6-18.6Oakland (Oakland)OALWon, 31-13
Fri 10/13HomeWood (Vacaville, CA)*3-733-71.8Monticello EmpireIWon, 63-32
Fri 10/20RoadFairfield (CA)*2-83.81-9-3.6Monticello EmpireIWon, 65-48
Fri 10/27HomeVacaville (CA)*13-1477-326.3Monticello EmpireILost, 36-21
Fri 11/03RoadArmijo (Fairfield, CA)*5-511.86-415.3Monticello EmpireIWon, 36-10
Thu 11/09HomeVintage (Napa, CA)*4-613.16-523.8Monticello EmpireIWon, 45-20
Fri 11/17HomeJesuit (Carmichael, CA)
I Playoffs
8-3236-3-125Delta RiverIWon, 56-35
Fri 11/24RoadElk Grove (CA)
I Playoffs
11-239.27-429.8Delta ValleyILost, 25-20
Vacaville (CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 2017, Coach: Mike Papadopoulos, Colors: Black/Orange/White, Nickname: Bulldogs, Address: 100 W Monte Vista)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/08Woodland (CA)Pioneer (Woodland, CA)9-428.110-119.5Tri-CountyIIIWon, 34-7
Fri 09/15HomeLaguna Creek (Elk Grove, CA)7-329.16-523.5Delta ValleyIWon, 21-20 (ot)
Fri 09/22RoadGranite Bay (CA)9-3348-432.5Sierra FoothillIILost, 36-22
Fri 09/29HomeVallejo (CA)1-9-9.95-510.2Solano CountyIIIWon, 70-14
Fri 10/06RoadDavis (CA)4-617.33-71.2Delta ValleyIWon, 49-27
Fri 10/13HomeArmijo (Fairfield, CA)*5-511.86-415.3Monticello EmpireIWon, 58-21
Fri 10/20Napa (CA)Vintage (Napa, CA)*4-613.16-523.8Monticello EmpireIWon, 49-8
Fri 10/27RoadNapa (CA)*9-333.910-233.2Monticello EmpireIWon, 36-21
Fri 11/03HomeFairfield (CA)*2-83.81-9-3.6Monticello EmpireIWon, 42-14
Thu 11/09HomeWood (Vacaville, CA)*3-733-71.8Monticello EmpireIWon, 68-14
Fri 11/17HomeNevada Union (Grass Valley, CA)
I Playoffs
7-430.812-154.4Delta ValleyIWon, 28-16
Fri 11/24HomeSheldon (Sacramento, CA)
I Playoffs
9-3346-3-228.5Delta RiverIWon, 33-22
Fri 12/01RoadElk Grove (CA)
I Playoffs
11-239.27-429.8Delta ValleyIWon, 16-7
Sat 12/09U. of Pacific (Stockton, CA)Merced (CA)
I Championship
12-236.58-226.7Central CaliforniaIWon, 37-36
Vintage (Napa, CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 2487, Coach: Les Franco, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Burgundy/Gold, Nickname: Crushers, Address: 1375 Trower Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/08Napa (CA)Montgomery (Santa Rosa, CA)11-233.38-319.5North Bay (North Coast)3ALost, 22-21
Fri 09/15RoadNevada Union (Grass Valley, CA)7-430.812-154.4Delta ValleyILost, 35-28
Fri 09/22Napa (CA)Antioch (CA)6-424.10-10-0.9Bay Valley (North Coast)4A East BayLost, 42-19
Sat 09/30Napa (CA)San Marin (Novato, CA)6-56.66-59.6Marin County (North Coast)2AWon, 28-13
Fri 10/06Napa (CA)Hogan (Vallejo, CA)2-6-10.20-10-19.2Solano CountyIIIWon, 35-6
Fri 10/13RoadFairfield (CA)*2-83.81-9-3.6Monticello EmpireIWon, 46-34
Fri 10/20Napa (CA)Vacaville (CA)*13-1477-326.3Monticello EmpireILost, 49-8
Fri 10/27RoadArmijo (Fairfield, CA)*5-511.86-415.3Monticello EmpireILost, 42-20
Fri 11/03Napa (CA)Wood (Vacaville, CA)*3-733-71.8Monticello EmpireIWon, 45-44
Thu 11/09RoadNapa (CA)*9-333.910-233.2Monticello EmpireILost, 45-20
Wood (Vacaville, CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 1988, Coach: Mike Boles, On Campus Stadium: none, Colors: Royal Blue/Gold, Nickname: Wildcats, Address: 998 Marshall Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/08Vacaville (CA)Elk Grove (CA)11-239.27-429.8Delta ValleyILost, 35-0
Fri 09/15RoadRosemont (Sacramento, CA)3-6-11.20-10-24.8MetropolitanIIWon, 39-20
Fri 09/22Vacaville (CA)Davis (CA)4-617.33-71.2Delta ValleyILost, 19-14
Sat 09/30Vacaville (CA)Rodriguez (Fairfield, CA)7-415.54-61.7Solano CountyIIIWon, 25-14
Sat 10/07RoadVallejo (CA)1-9-9.95-510.2Solano CountyIIIWon, 20-14
Fri 10/13RoadNapa (CA)*9-333.910-233.2Monticello EmpireILost, 63-32
Fri 10/20Vacaville (CA)Armijo (Fairfield, CA)*5-511.86-415.3Monticello EmpireILost, 46-28
Fri 10/27Vacaville (CA)Fairfield (CA)*2-83.81-9-3.6Monticello EmpireILost, 47-36
Fri 11/03Napa (CA)Vintage (Napa, CA)*4-613.16-523.8Monticello EmpireILost, 45-44
Thu 11/09RoadVacaville (CA)*13-1477-326.3Monticello EmpireILost, 68-14
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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