2006 Western Standings
Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)41080%102083%
Point Loma (San Diego, CA)41080%103077%
Hoover (San Diego, CA)41080%93075%
La Jolla (CA)14020%48033%
San Diego (CA)14020%28020%
Serra (San Diego, CA)14020%19010%
Recent Scores
Mon 12/04  St. Augustine (San Diego, CA) 17 Point Loma (San Diego, CA) 7
III Championship
Mon 12/04  Santa Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA) 34 Mission Bay (San Diego, CA) 21
IV Championship
Fri 11/24  Mission Hills (San Marcos, CA) 29 Hoover (San Diego, CA) 8
II Playoffs
Thu 11/09  Westview (San Diego, CA) 34 Serra (San Diego, CA) 33
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
Point Loma (San Diego, CA)10-327.535.812.423.43116.614.4
Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)10-225.129.21514.230.11614.1
Hoover (San Diego, CA)9-315.925.4169.326.81610.8
La Jolla (CA)4-86.716.217.2-114.919.7-4.7
San Diego (CA)2-8-11.812.634.6-2213.530.2-16.7
Serra (San Diego, CA)1-9-10.510.634.6-241238.7-26.7

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Hoover (San Diego, CA)
(Division: II, Enrollment: 2288, Coach: Michael Wright, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Red/White, Nickname: Cardinals, Address: 4474 El Cajon Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/01HomeHilltop (Chula Vista, CA)3-7-11.25-66.6South BayIIWon, 51-14
Fri 09/08HomeMorse (San Diego, CA)0-10-16.13-7-12.7EasternIWon, 36-0
Fri 09/15RoadMontgomery (San Diego, CA)5-50.72-9-20.5South BayIIWon, 26-23
Fri 09/22HomeMission Hills (San Marcos, CA)9-328.84-630ValleyIILost, 23-12
Fri 09/29HomeSouthwest (San Diego, CA)5-6-7.60-10-27.1South BayIIIWon, 34-7
Fri 10/06RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*10-225.17-59.7WesternIVWon, 27-13
Fri 10/13RoadSan Diego (CA)*2-8-11.81-9-18WesternIWon, 27-6
Fri 10/27RoadPoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*10-327.512-127.8WesternIIILost, 48-21
Fri 11/03HomeSerra (San Diego, CA)*1-9-10.52-8-6.6WesternIIIWon, 39-6
Thu 11/09HomeLa Jolla (CA)*4-86.76-613.8WesternIVWon, 13-7
Fri 11/17Mesa College (San Diego, CA)Mt. Carmel (San Diego, CA)
II Playoffs
5-671-94PalomarIIWon, 28-16
Fri 11/24RoadMission Hills (San Marcos, CA)
II Playoffs
9-328.84-630ValleyIILost, 29-8
La Jolla (CA)
(Division: IV, Enrollment: 1711, Coach: Dave Ponsford, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Red/Black, Nickname: Vikings, Address: 750 Nautilus St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/02RoadSanta Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA)11-231.710-323.6CoastalIVLost, 34-14
Fri 09/08RoadValley Center (CA)4-75.39-426.1ValleyIVWon, 13-10
Fri 09/15HomeUniversity City (San Diego, CA)6-503-7-5.3CentralIIIWon, 24-14
Fri 09/22RoadCentral (El Centro, CA)9-2238-412.7Imperial ValleyIIILost, 35-0
Fri 09/29HomePoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*10-327.512-127.8WesternIIILost, 21-10
Fri 10/06HomeBrawley (CA)8-316.810-224Imperial ValleyIIILost, 9-0
Fri 10/13RoadSerra (San Diego, CA)*1-9-10.52-8-6.6WesternIIILost, 21-17
Fri 10/20HomeMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*10-225.17-59.7WesternIVLost, 17-9
Fri 10/27HomeSan Diego (CA)*2-8-11.81-9-18WesternIWon, 38-14
Thu 11/09RoadHoover (San Diego, CA)*9-315.96-55.5WesternIILost, 13-7
Fri 11/17HomeClairemont (San Diego, CA)
IV Playoffs
5-6-72-8-10.8CentralIVWon, 19-7
Fri 11/24RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)
IV Playoffs
10-225.17-59.7WesternIVLost, 42-28
Mission Bay (San Diego, CA)
(Division: IV, Enrollment: 1676, Coach: Willie Matson, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Black/Gold, Nickname: Buccaneers, Address: 2475 Grand Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/01HomeMadison (San Diego, CA)0-1029-210.7CentralIVWon, 34-14
Sat 09/09RoadClairemont (San Diego, CA)5-6-72-8-10.8CentralIVWon, 37-7
Fri 09/15HomeSanta Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA)11-231.710-323.6CoastalIVWon, 28-21
Thu 09/21RoadWestview (San Diego, CA)1-9-3.13-99.9PalomarIIWon, 33-13
Fri 09/29RoadSan Diego (CA)*2-8-11.81-9-18WesternIWon, 47-19
Fri 10/06HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)*9-315.96-55.5WesternIILost, 27-13
Fri 10/20RoadLa Jolla (CA)*4-86.76-613.8WesternIVWon, 17-9
Fri 10/27HomeSerra (San Diego, CA)*1-9-10.52-8-6.6WesternIIIWon, 45-0
Thu 11/09HomePoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*10-327.512-127.8WesternIIIWon, 24-20
Fri 11/24HomeLa Jolla (CA)
IV Playoffs
4-86.76-613.8WesternIVWon, 42-28
Thu 11/30Mesa College (San Diego, CA)Santana (Santee, CA)
IV Playoffs
6-512.65-60.2Grossmont - NorthIVWon, 21-0
Mon 12/04Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)Santa Fe Christian (Solana Beach, CA)
IV Championship
11-231.710-323.6CoastalIVLost, 34-21
Point Loma (San Diego, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2025, Coach: Mike Hastings, On Campus Stadium: no lights, Colors: Maroon/Gold, Nickname: Pointers, Address: 2335 Chatsworth Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/02HomeMorse (San Diego, CA)0-10-16.13-7-12.7EasternIWon, 49-0
Sat 09/09HomeFallbrook (CA)0-109.55-621.4AvocadoIWon, 35-27
Sat 09/16HomeCulver City (CA)9-2-125.37-3-115.4Ocean (Southern)Western (III)Lost, 40-13
Fri 09/22RoadOtay Ranch (Chula Vista, CA)8-426.99-219.6MesaIWon, 20-11
Fri 09/29RoadLa Jolla (CA)*4-86.76-613.8WesternIVWon, 21-10
Fri 10/06HomeCrawford (San Diego, CA)2-7-0.12-8-13.5CentralIVWon, 42-21
Fri 10/20HomeSerra (San Diego, CA)*1-9-10.52-8-6.6WesternIIIWon, 48-7
Fri 10/27HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)*9-315.96-55.5WesternIIWon, 48-21
Fri 11/03RoadSan Diego (CA)*2-8-11.81-9-18WesternIWon, 42-0
Thu 11/09RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*10-225.17-59.7WesternIVLost, 24-20
Fri 11/24HomeValhalla (El Cajon, CA)
III Playoffs
6-617.99-1-221.5Grossmont - SouthIIIWon, 30-17
Thu 11/30Cathedral (San Diego, CA)Steele Canyon (Spring Valley, CA)
III Playoffs
9-424.26-4-114.3Grossmont - SouthIIIWon, 28-21
Mon 12/04Qualcomm Stadium (San Diego, CA)St. Augustine (San Diego, CA)
III Championship
10-336.610-336.5EasternIIILost, 17-7
San Diego (CA)
(Division: I, Enrollment: 2988, Coach: Glenn Goings, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Royal Blue/White, Nickname: Cavers, Address: 1405 Park Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/01HomeCrawford (San Diego, CA)2-7-0.12-8-13.5CentralIVLost, 16-14
Fri 09/08RoadCalexico (CA)2-8-12.33-7-6.5Imperial ValleyILost, 33-21
Fri 09/15RoadGranite Hills (El Cajon, CA)6-5104-6-3Grossmont - SouthILost, 38-0
Fri 09/22HomeH-Town Christian (San Diego, CA)6-5-16.72-8-19.3PacificVWon, 23-21
Fri 09/29HomeMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*10-225.17-59.7WesternIVLost, 47-19
Fri 10/06RoadSerra (San Diego, CA)*1-9-10.52-8-6.6WesternIIIWon, 24-19
Fri 10/13HomeHoover (San Diego, CA)*9-315.96-55.5WesternIILost, 27-6
Fri 10/20HomeSouthwest (El Centro, CA)4-6-2.73-7-12.7Imperial ValleyIIILost, 21-14
Fri 10/27RoadLa Jolla (CA)*4-86.76-613.8WesternIVLost, 38-14
Fri 11/03HomePoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*10-327.512-127.8WesternIIILost, 42-0
Serra (San Diego, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2113, Coach: Brian Basteyns, On Campus Stadium: lighted, Colors: Gold/Brown, Nickname: Conquistadores, Address: 5156 Santo Rd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2005 Record2005 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/01RoadEl Capitan (Lakeside, CA)11-136.23-7-17.5Grossmont - NorthIIILost, 42-14
Fri 09/08RoadMt. Carmel (San Diego, CA)5-671-94PalomarIILost, 27-14
Fri 09/15HomeCoronado (CA)9-35.87-48.2CentralIVLost, 48-6
Fri 09/29HomeVista Murrieta (Murrieta, CA)11-1429-327.7Southwestern (Southern)Inland (II)Lost, 63-0
Fri 10/06HomeSan Diego (CA)*2-8-11.81-9-18WesternILost, 24-19
Fri 10/13HomeLa Jolla (CA)*4-86.76-613.8WesternIVWon, 21-17
Fri 10/20RoadPoint Loma (San Diego, CA)*10-327.512-127.8WesternIIILost, 48-7
Fri 10/27RoadMission Bay (San Diego, CA)*10-225.17-59.7WesternIVLost, 45-0
Fri 11/03RoadHoover (San Diego, CA)*9-315.96-55.5WesternIILost, 39-6
Thu 11/09HomeWestview (San Diego, CA)1-9-3.13-99.9PalomarIILost, 34-33
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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