2003 San Gabriel Valley Standings
Lynwood (CA)400100%101188%
Warren (Downey, CA)31075%93075%
Dominguez (Compton, CA)13025%19010%
Downey (CA)13025%28020%
Paramount (CA)13025%29018%
Recent Scores
Fri 11/28  Palmdale (CA) 30 Warren (Downey, CA) 7
III Playoffs
Fri 11/28  Notre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA) 48 Lynwood (CA) 45 (4ot)
III Playoffs
Fri 11/21  Mira Costa (Manhattan Beach, CA) 49 Paramount (CA) 6
III Playoffs
Fri 11/14  Dominguez (Compton, CA) 61 Downey (CA) 0
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
 San Gabriel ValleySeason
Dominguez (Compton, CA)1-930.26106161061
Lynwood (CA)10-1-125.4337.325.736.412.224.2
Warren (Downey, CA)9-318.521.61110.620.816.14.6
Paramount (CA)2-9-3.3825-1711.624.6-13
Downey (CA)2-8-11039.7-29.711.636.6-25

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Dominguez (Compton, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 1537, Colors: Crimson/Gold/Black, Nickname: Dons, Address: 15301 San Jose Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12HomeEsperanza (Anaheim, CA)5-614.10-022.6SunsetIWon, 26-14 (forfeit loss)
Thu 09/18TustinTustin (CA)7-517.40-022.8CenturyVIWon, 39-12 (forfeit loss)
Fri 09/26HomeManual Arts (Los Angeles, CA)1-8-13.10-0-8.7Coliseum (Los Angeles) Won, 77-6 (forfeit loss)
Fri 10/03RoadGarfield (Los Angeles, CA)4-6-10.60-05.1Eastern (Los Angeles) Won, 47-0 (forfeit loss)
Fri 10/10HomeCompton (CA)3-73.30-024.6MooreIWon, 28-14 (forfeit loss)
Fri 10/17RoadParamount (CA)*2-9-3.30-02.8San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 42-19 (forfeit loss)
Fri 10/24Lynwood Middle SchoolLynwood (CA)*10-1-125.40-017San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 30-27 (forfeit loss)
Fri 10/31HomeWarren (Downey, CA)*9-318.50-037.8San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 27-20 (forfeit loss)
Fri 11/07HomeJordan (Long Beach, CA)3-72.70-07.9MooreIWon, 46-21 (forfeit loss)
Fri 11/14HomeDowney (CA)*2-8-10-015.4San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 61-0
Downey (CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2391, Colors: Cardinal/White, Nickname: Vikings, Address: 11040 Brookshire Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12RoadLa Habra (CA)11-333.70-049.8FreewayIXLost, 40-13
Fri 09/19RoadSchurr (Montebello, CA)7-550-019.9AlmontVIIWon, 29-19
Thu 09/25Warren (Downey, CA)Millikan (Long Beach, CA)3-75.40-025.9MooreILost, 39-7
Fri 10/03RoadSt. John Bosco (Bellflower, CA)7-426.10-027.9SerraILost, 38-0
Thu 10/09Warren (Downey, CA)Santa Fe (Santa Fe Springs, CA)11-216.20-017Del RioVIILost, 28-20
Fri 10/17Warren (Downey, CA)Lynwood (CA)*10-1-125.40-017San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 41-16
Sat 10/25RoadWarren (Downey, CA)*9-318.50-037.8San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 43-3
Fri 10/31Warren (Downey, CA)Wilson (Long Beach, CA)7-515.40-032.5MooreILost, 43-7
Fri 11/07Warren (Downey, CA)Paramount (CA)*2-9-3.30-02.8San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 21-14
Fri 11/14RoadDominguez (Compton, CA)*1-930.20-038.8San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 61-0
Lynwood (CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 3129, Colors: Purple/Gold, Nickname: Knights, Address: 4050 Imperial Hwy)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12RoadPalos Verdes Peninsula (Rolling Hills Estates, CA)5-3-314.90-04BayIIITied, 17-17
Fri 09/19Lynwood Middle SchoolNogales (La Puente, CA)0-10-23.80-0-6.8San AntonioVIIWon, 50-0
Fri 09/26RoadCompton (CA)3-73.30-024.6MooreIWon, 44-0
Sat 10/04Lynwood Middle SchoolHenry (San Diego, CA)2-700-03.6Eastern (San Diego)IIWon, 49-0
Fri 10/10Lynwood Middle SchoolMuir (Pasadena, CA)5-650-020.8PacificIIIWon, 36-0
Fri 10/17Warren (Downey, CA)Downey (CA)*2-8-10-015.4San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 41-16
Fri 10/24Lynwood Middle SchoolDominguez (Compton, CA)*1-930.20-038.8San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 30-27 (forfeit win)
Fri 10/31Lynwood Middle SchoolParamount (CA)*2-9-3.30-02.8San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 38-0
Thu 11/06RoadWarren (Downey, CA)*9-318.50-037.8San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 20-6
Fri 11/14RoadCabrillo (Long Beach, CA)5-5-111.90-012.2MooreIWon, 23-20
Fri 11/21Lynwood Middle SchoolPalos Verdes Peninsula (Rolling Hills Estates, CA)
III Playoffs
5-3-314.90-04BayIIIWon, 38-28
Fri 11/28Lynwood Middle SchoolNotre Dame (Sherman Oaks, CA)
III Playoffs
12-242.20-029.1MissionIIILost, 48-45 (4ot)
Paramount (CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2851, Colors: Maroon/White, Nickname: Pirates, Address: 14429 S Downey Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12HomeMarina (Huntington Beach, CA)3-75.30-0-6.8SunsetILost, 12-0
Fri 09/19Wilson (Long Beach)Wilson (Long Beach, CA)7-515.40-032.5MooreILost, 38-13
Fri 09/26HomeLakewood (CA)8-319.60-055.5MooreILost, 10-6
Fri 10/03HomeBell (CA)6-4-14.90-0-1.3Eastern (Los Angeles) Won, 44-13
Fri 10/10HomeNewport Harbor (Newport Beach, CA)7-413.10-039.1Sea ViewVILost, 28-10
Fri 10/17HomeDominguez (Compton, CA)*1-930.20-038.8San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 42-19 (forfeit win)
Fri 10/24RoadMillikan (Long Beach, CA)3-75.40-025.9MooreILost, 21-13
Fri 10/31Lynwood Middle SchoolLynwood (CA)*10-1-125.40-017San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 38-0
Fri 11/07Warren (Downey, CA)Downey (CA)*2-8-10-015.4San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 21-14
Fri 11/14RoadWarren (Downey, CA)*9-318.50-037.8San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 16-10
Fri 11/21RoadMira Costa (Manhattan Beach, CA)
III Playoffs
12-131.30-034.1BayIIILost, 49-6
Warren (Downey, CA)
(Division: III, Enrollment: 2075, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Bears, Address: 8141 DePalma St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12RoadMillikan (Long Beach, CA)3-75.40-025.9MooreIWon, 31-28
Fri 09/19RoadMira Costa (Manhattan Beach, CA)12-131.30-034.1BayIIILost, 23-0
Fri 09/26HomeWest Covina (CA)4-7-3.20-024.8San AntonioVIIWon, 14-10
Fri 10/03RoadSchurr (Montebello, CA)7-550-019.9AlmontVIIWon, 56-23
Fri 10/10HomeBell (CA)6-4-14.90-0-1.3Eastern (Los Angeles) Won, 28-7
Fri 10/17RoadLakewood (CA)8-319.60-055.5MooreIWon, 13-10
Sat 10/25HomeDowney (CA)*2-8-10-015.4San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 43-3
Fri 10/31RoadDominguez (Compton, CA)*1-930.20-038.8San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 27-20 (forfeit win)
Thu 11/06HomeLynwood (CA)*10-1-125.40-017San Gabriel ValleyIIILost, 20-6
Fri 11/14HomeParamount (CA)*2-9-3.30-02.8San Gabriel ValleyIIIWon, 16-10
Fri 11/21HomeMuir (Pasadena, CA)
III Playoffs
5-650-020.8PacificIIIWon, 15-14
Fri 11/28RoadPalmdale (CA)
III Playoffs
12-233.60-030.1GoldenIIILost, 30-7
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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