2003 Empire Standings
Lutheran (Orange, CA)500100%121092%
Valencia (Placentia, CA)41080%74064%
Kennedy (La Palma, CA)32060%74064%
Katella (Anaheim, CA)23040%55050%
Loara (Anaheim, CA)14020%37030%
Cypress (CA)0500%19010%
Recent Scores
Sat 12/13  Los Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA) 21 Lutheran (Orange, CA) 17
VI Championship
Fri 11/21  Tustin (CA) 35 Valencia (Placentia, CA) 34
VI Playoffs
Fri 11/21  Irvine (CA) 44 Kennedy (La Palma, CA) 27
VI Playoffs
Upcoming Games

Per Game Averages
Lutheran (Orange, CA)12-140.643.25.23840.99.331.6
Valencia (Placentia, CA)7-416.43113.817.223.717.36.3
Kennedy (La Palma, CA)7-41321.819.42.425.720.84.8
Katella (Anaheim, CA)5-57.423.427.4-423.522.21.3
Loara (Anaheim, CA)3-7-
Cypress (CA)1-9-12.54.633.8-29.18.227-18.8

Team Game-By-Game Logs
Cypress (CA)
(Division: VI, Enrollment: 1547, Colors: Orange/Navy, Nickname: Centurions, Address: 9801 Valley View St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12Valencia (Placentia, CA)El Dorado (Placentia, CA)5-55.70-016.4CenturyVILost, 35-3
Thu 09/18Garden GroveGarden Grove (CA)4-5-1-9.60-022.3Garden GroveIXWon, 17-7
Fri 09/26Western (Anaheim, CA)Savanna (Anaheim, CA)3-7-9.90-04.1OrangeIXLost, 10-9
Fri 10/03Western (Anaheim, CA)Corona del Mar (Newport Beach, CA)5-4-15.60-0-2.1Pacific CoastIXLost, 28-14
Fri 10/10Buena Park (CA)Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)6-56.90-0-4.1FreewayIXLost, 21-16
Fri 10/17Western (Anaheim, CA)Kennedy (La Palma, CA)*7-4130-016.5EmpireVILost, 31-0
Thu 10/23RoadValencia (Placentia, CA)*7-416.40-05.2EmpireVILost, 52-0
Fri 10/31Western (Anaheim, CA)Loara (Anaheim, CA)*3-7-3.30-0-1.3EmpireVILost, 17-13
Thu 11/06Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Katella (Anaheim, CA)*5-57.40-0-8.3EmpireVILost, 41-7
Thu 11/13Western (Anaheim, CA)Lutheran (Orange, CA)*12-140.60-035.1EmpireVILost, 28-3
Katella (Anaheim, CA)
(Division: VI, Enrollment: 1659, Colors: Red/Black, Nickname: Knights, Address: 2200 E Wagner St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Garden Grove (CA)4-5-1-9.60-022.3Garden GroveIXWon, 41-3
Sat 09/20El ModenaVilla Park (CA)11-120.30-019.6CenturyVILost, 35-19
Fri 09/26Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Estancia (Costa Mesa, CA)3-7-12.20-0-10.4Golden WestVIIWon, 27-6
Thu 10/02Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Sunny Hills (Fullerton, CA)6-56.90-0-4.1FreewayIXWon, 24-20
Fri 10/10Valencia (Placentia, CA)El Dorado (Placentia, CA)5-55.70-016.4CenturyVILost, 21-7
Fri 10/17Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Loara (Anaheim, CA)*3-7-3.30-0-1.3EmpireVIWon, 49-7
Thu 10/23Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Lutheran (Orange, CA)*12-140.60-035.1EmpireVILost, 55-0
Fri 10/31RoadValencia (Placentia, CA)*7-416.40-05.2EmpireVILost, 47-14
Thu 11/06Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Cypress (CA)*1-9-12.50-034.4EmpireVIWon, 41-7
Fri 11/14Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Kennedy (La Palma, CA)*7-4130-016.5EmpireVILost, 21-13
Kennedy (La Palma, CA)
(Division: VI, Enrollment: 1568, Colors: Kelly Green/Gold/White, Nickname: Fighting Irish, Address: 8281 Walker St)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Thu 09/11Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Savanna (Anaheim, CA)3-7-9.90-04.1OrangeIXWon, 30-7
Fri 09/19Western (Anaheim, CA)Canyon (Anaheim, CA)3-7-3.90-02CenturyVILost, 34-23
Fri 09/26Bolsa GrandePacifica (Garden Grove, CA)8-411.30-023.7Garden GroveIXWon, 42-31
Fri 10/03Santa Ana BowlCentury (Santa Ana, CA)5-6-5.70-0-29.8OrangeIXWon, 24-3
Thu 10/09Western (Anaheim, CA)Tesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)7-4-110.10-030.8Pacific CoastIXWon, 28-13
Fri 10/17Western (Anaheim, CA)Cypress (CA)*1-9-12.50-034.4EmpireVIWon, 31-0
Thu 10/23Western (Anaheim, CA)Loara (Anaheim, CA)*3-7-3.30-0-1.3EmpireVIWon, 26-0
Fri 10/31Brea OlindaLutheran (Orange, CA)*12-140.60-035.1EmpireVILost, 63-17
Thu 11/06Western (Anaheim, CA)Valencia (Placentia, CA)*7-416.40-05.2EmpireVILost, 21-14 (ot)
Fri 11/14Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Katella (Anaheim, CA)*5-57.40-0-8.3EmpireVIWon, 21-13
Fri 11/21RoadIrvine (CA)
VI Playoffs
9-322.40-09.4Sea ViewVILost, 44-27
Loara (Anaheim, CA)
(Division: VI, Enrollment: 1643, Colors: Red/Gold/White, Nickname: Saxons, Address: 1765 W Cerritos Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12RoadWestern (Anaheim, CA)11-324.30-0-4.3OrangeIXLost, 33-0
Fri 09/19Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Savanna (Anaheim, CA)3-7-9.90-04.1OrangeIXWon, 17-14
Sat 09/27Glover Stadium (Anaheim)El Modena (Orange, CA)0-10-120-02.7CenturyVIWon, 21-7
Fri 10/03Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Villa Park (CA)11-120.30-019.6CenturyVILost, 30-14
Thu 10/09Santa Ana BowlMater Dei (Santa Ana, CA)8-534.70-057.1SerraILost, 35-3
Fri 10/17Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Katella (Anaheim, CA)*5-57.40-0-8.3EmpireVILost, 49-7
Thu 10/23Western (Anaheim, CA)Kennedy (La Palma, CA)*7-4130-016.5EmpireVILost, 26-0
Fri 10/31Western (Anaheim, CA)Cypress (CA)*1-9-12.50-034.4EmpireVIWon, 17-13
Fri 11/07Western (Anaheim, CA)Lutheran (Orange, CA)*12-140.60-035.1EmpireVILost, 35-6
Fri 11/14RoadValencia (Placentia, CA)*7-416.40-05.2EmpireVILost, 35-6
Lutheran (Orange, CA)
(Division: VI, Enrollment: 713, Colors: Red/White/Gold, Nickname: Lancers, Address: 2222 N Santiago Blvd)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Sat 09/13Santa Ana BowlMater Dei (Santa Ana, CA)8-534.70-057.1SerraIWon, 35-14
Fri 09/19Brea OlindaMillikan (Long Beach, CA)3-75.40-025.9MooreIWon, 51-6
Fri 09/26Brea OlindaSanta Paula (CA)2-7-11.70-0-6.3Tri-ValleyXIWon, 56-7
Fri 10/03Westminster (CA)Marina (Huntington Beach, CA)3-75.30-0-6.8SunsetIWon, 34-14
Thu 10/16Brea OlindaValencia (Placentia, CA)*7-416.40-05.2EmpireVIWon, 35-0
Thu 10/23Glover Stadium (Anaheim)Katella (Anaheim, CA)*5-57.40-0-8.3EmpireVIWon, 55-0
Fri 10/31Brea OlindaKennedy (La Palma, CA)*7-4130-016.5EmpireVIWon, 63-17
Fri 11/07Western (Anaheim, CA)Loara (Anaheim, CA)*3-7-3.30-0-1.3EmpireVIWon, 35-6
Thu 11/13Western (Anaheim, CA)Cypress (CA)*1-9-12.50-034.4EmpireVIWon, 28-3
Fri 11/21RoadBrea Olinda (Brea, CA)
VI Playoffs
4-78.50-0-5CenturyVIWon, 40-6
Fri 11/28Brea Olinda (Brea, CA)La Mirada (CA)
VI Playoffs
9-324.30-046.3SuburbanVIWon, 35-7
Sat 12/06WalnutWilson (Hacienda Heights, CA)
VI Playoffs
10-322.50-00MiramonteVIWon, 48-20
Sat 12/13Cal State Dominguez HillsLos Altos (Hacienda Heights, CA)
VI Championship
14-045.80-04.1MiramonteVILost, 21-17
Valencia (Placentia, CA)
(Division: VI, Enrollment: 1542, Colors: Blue/Gold, Nickname: Tigers, Address: 500 N Bradford Ave)
DateLocationOpponentRecordRating2002 Record2002 RatingLeagueDivisionResult (Time)
Fri 09/12El ModenaVilla Park (CA)11-120.30-019.6CenturyVILost, 21-0
Fri 09/19HomeLos Amigos (Fountain Valley, CA)10-323.70-0-22.5Garden GroveIXWon, 20-18
Fri 09/26HomeEl Dorado (Placentia, CA)5-55.70-016.4CenturyVIWon, 20-18
Thu 10/02HomeTesoro (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)7-4-110.10-030.8Pacific CoastIXWon, 25-13
Fri 10/10IrvineIrvine (CA)9-322.40-09.4Sea ViewVILost, 17-7
Thu 10/16Brea OlindaLutheran (Orange, CA)*12-140.60-035.1EmpireVILost, 35-0
Thu 10/23HomeCypress (CA)*1-9-12.50-034.4EmpireVIWon, 52-0
Fri 10/31HomeKatella (Anaheim, CA)*5-57.40-0-8.3EmpireVIWon, 47-14
Thu 11/06Western (Anaheim, CA)Kennedy (La Palma, CA)*7-4130-016.5EmpireVIWon, 21-14 (ot)
Fri 11/14HomeLoara (Anaheim, CA)*3-7-3.30-0-1.3EmpireVIWon, 35-6
Fri 11/21HomeTustin (CA)
VI Playoffs
7-517.40-022.8CenturyVILost, 35-34
*Denotes League Game

Note: "Good wins" (wins against a higher-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in blue; "bad losses" (losses to a lower-rated opponent) have the opponents' power rating listed in red.

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